Week 13 had a little bit of everything for everyone: A 35-7 Bengals’ annihilation, 38-35 Packers’/Giants’ slugfest, a 49ers’ shutout of the Rams’, more Tebow magic, Orlovsky doing his best Tebow impression, the ‘Boys icing their own kicker setting up an eventual OT loss, the Bears’ early holiday gift to the Chiefs’, and the Lions’ shooting themselves in the foot…again.  Now that the week is over, here is a set of 10 numbers and facts that will prepare you for a hopefully just as interesting week 14:

The 49ers’ have not allowed a rushing TD on the season:
They are the straight A, suck-up student who you can’t help but root against.  Sorry Jim, as legendary as a job you have done with the 49ers’, I will be the world’s biggest Beanie Wells fan come week 14.

Tim Tebow is RIDICULOUS!!!!
How can Elway hate this kid, seriously?  Since taking the helm, he is 6-1 with a current 5 game winning streak and a 10:1 TD to INT ratio.  Last game versus Minnesota he had a ridiculous scramble and completion avoiding going out of bounds, a clutch two point conversion, a perfectly thrown ball in crunch time that Demaryius Thomas JUST missed.  If you would rather look at statistics than intangibles, he also completed 66% of his passes and threw for over 200 yards and 2 scores.  Unfortunately, Tebow was an arrogant prick during his post-game interview…Wait; he was the nicest kid alive and said all the right things?  My mistake.  GO TEBOW!!!

Congratulations to Cam Newton.
Newton broke the record for rushing touchdowns by a QB in a single season with 13 and counting.  The previous record was held by Steve Grogan with 12 rushing touchdowns for the Patriots.  If that wasn’t enough, Newton also leads the league in rushing touchdowns – leapfrogging McCoy and Peterson with a 3 rushing touchdown performance in week 13.

The Packers are on an 18 game winning streak.
Every team with a 15 game winning streak in the NFL has reached at least the conference championship in that season.

Are the (4-8) Miami Dolphins one of the most feared teams in the NFL?
In the past five games they’ve outscored opponents 139-54, with the lone loss a one-point defeat at Dallas on Thanksgiving.  Matt Moore has a 108.0 QBR in that span.

Jimmy Graham is a nice surprise.
Tight end Jimmy Graham is on pace for 1,395 yards receiving, which is on pace to break Kellen Winslow’s (Sr.) record of 1,290.  Amazingly enough, Graham was only a late 3rd round pick in the 2010 draft.  As far as bargains go, this has to be one of the better ones.

The Titans have 17 passing touchdowns and 6 rushing touchdowns on the season.
The Titans have also allowed 17 passing touchdowns and 6 rushing touchdowns on the season.  How perfectly average.

Could the Jaguars’ be any more lopsided?
Defense: The Jaguars are one of four teams allowing fewer than 20 points a game and fewer than 5 yards a play.  The other 3: Steelers, Ravens and Texans are all playoff bound.
Offense: The Jaguars have yet to score more than 20 points in a game all season, despite having the league’s leading rusher. 

Joe Flacco threw 489 passes last year and 499 passes in 2009

This year, he’s on pace to throw 579 times.

The Lions accumulated over 100 penalty yards against the Saints
The “undisciplined” Lions are 2nd in the league in penalty yards against with 771.  What you may not know is that the The Baltimore Ravens, who are famous for their disciplined defense, have earned almost 100 penalty yards more (852).

  1. Chris says:

    Really enjoy this column. Lots of interesting nuggets weekly, most notably the Cam Newton and Miami Dolphins blurbs this time.

    Sit/Start questions for you for this upcoming playoff opener…..

    12 team, +1 PPR, +5 bonus at 100 rushing/receiving yards:

    Pick 2 more @ RB/FLEX (starting McCoy for sure): Mathews vs BUF, Helu vs NE, Spiller @ SD, and J-Stewart vs ATL.
    Pick 2 @ WR: Wallace vs CLE, Fitzgerald vs SF, Maclin @ MIA (if he’s good to go), and Floyd vs BUF.
    Pick 1 @ DEF: PIT vs CLE or SEA vs STL (looked absolutely pitiful last week).

  2. Frank Rizzo says:

    Should I go after Malcom flyod or Marion barber?

    I have Matthews, McGhaee, helu at rb.

    Harvin, Cruz, plaxico, Andre Johnson, and miles Austin at wr

    Also it is a ppr league


  3. jonnycat says:

    The playoffs begin this week and I am terrified to start Michael Vick. What if the Eagles have quit? What if Vick gets hurt and doesn’t finish the game? It’s not like the Eagles have anything to play for. I own the Dolphins D/ST and they’re better than my other option, the Giants. I don’t like starting my QB against my DEF.

    I will pick up Rex Grossman and consider starting him instead. The Patriots have given up some big games to bad QBs.

    Is this totally crazy?

    Also, I am considering, less seriously, starting Maurice Morris instead of Michael Turner – more so if Morris gets the start. Is THIS totally crazy?

  4. bshock says:

    Need a QB… going up against Brees in the playoffs:

    Big Ben, Tebow or Matt Moore???

  5. Jim says:

    Which would you play this week of Little, Burleson, and Knox? No ppr.

  6. Mason says:

    playoffs are starting and i’m facing the team i traded cam newton and gronk earlier to in the year. f my universe. and he’s the biggest mouth this side of my division. anyway, helu is looking matchup proof, definitely going to pick him high next year. him or reggie bush vs. the eagles this week?

  7. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Thank you, I’m glad you like the facts!

    RB/flex – Stats: Mathews and Helu. Gut: Mathews and Spiller. Helu has been monstrous, but I see Fitzpatrick going to his receivers more against the Patriots’ terrible secondary. Plus I see the Pats’ defense stepping up in a big way after that terrible second half to Indy.

    WR – Stats and Gut: Wallace and Floyd. Fitzgerald was JUST edged out by Wallace…couldn’t have been any closer in my mind.

    Def – I’d still go Steelers’. Even though Seattle’s defense dominated the Rams last time they faced off, I see the Rams’ being a little more prepared this time around v. a division rival. The Steelers’ defense has been on fire as of late and even though they have played bad teams, it’s not like the Browns got to Packer level overnight.

  8. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    I would highly consider dropping Andre Johnson for Floyd. The question is, are you ballsy enough to do it?

  9. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Honestly, I don’t mind the Grossman start. Dolphins have been on fire, the Eagles are a team who has quit on themselves, Vick has been inconstant all year and just coming off and injury where he could be rusty… While I can’t in good faith tell you to bench Vick for Grossman based on upside alone, I can tell you that I am intrigued by the thought. Take that as you will.

    And stop it. Start Turner. Morris could have the better day, sure…but Turner is the better back and he is playing a worse run defense which adds up to a better fantasy day 8 or 9 times out of 10.

  10. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Tebow. Refer to the fact in the article.

    Big Ben playing the number 1 fantasy pass defense. And Tebow’s got the legs that Moore doesn’t.

  11. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Depends on what you want/ think you will need. Burleson is more consistant, but Knox has the Feast potential … along with the famine. Assess your matchup and decide if you would rather go for the big game or get the consistent 5-8 points.

  12. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Stats: Helu. Like you said, match up proof.

    Gut: Bush. I see Grossman going to his receivers more against the Patriots’ terrible secondary. Plus I see the Pats’ defense stepping up in a big way after that terrible second half to Indy. Plus, how bad do the Eagles look, skill AND effort wise.

  13. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I meant Grossman in place of Fitzpatrick. My bad…

  14. Steve Stevenson says:

    @Kevin Ray: Does your response to bshock mean you’d take Moore over Ben?

  15. Steve Stevenson says:

    1st round bye, looking to weeks 15-16. Would you pick up SEA DST for their week 15 CHI matchup and worry about week 16 later, or go with TEN’s two-week slate of IND and JAC?

    Also, backup QB for week 16 – you want Moore @NE or Grossman vs MIN? Moore is safer, but if you’re swinging for the fences, is Rexy a better option?

  16. Frank Rizzo says:

    I don’t need to drop Andre but u think I should go after Floyd rather barber? I was thinking of just going for Seahawks defense since I have the texans d vs the bengals. Neither barber nor flyod would start for me this week, week 1 of the playoffs.

  17. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Steve Stevenson:

    I didn’t intend it, but I think would take a chance on Moore over Benny… but it’s easier said than done, right?

  18. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Steve Stevenson:

    I’d take TEN. I think the match up vs. IND is a push at the least anyways. Plus the swing into the Jacksonville game couldn’t be sweeter.

    Depends on what you see this week, but I think I like Moore more (ha) as of right now.

  19. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    If Floyd is not starting for you this week, don’t bother picking him up. He’s hitting up the Ravens week 15. I would probably pick up Barber who gets a semi struggling as of late Seahawks’ run defense week 15.

  20. Mr2Bits says:

    The problem with Cam and his “recoord” is that he is stealing every running TD that would normally go to the backs. JStew and Deangelo have to punch it in from 15+ out in order to snag the TD or you damn well which ball hog is going to try and steal all the TD’s. Seems as though Carolina forgot there is no Heisman in pro and running up 1yard QB TD runs mean nothing except for the fact that your trying to conceal a really shitty passing TD to INT ratio(1:1 right now)

  21. Chris says:

    Thanks for the earlier response! I think I’m gonna struggle with my RB decision up until game time (though your advice help), but I think you’ve sold me on Floyd as a WR pick.

    1 more question for you…

    In a different +1 ppr league, I’ll be starting Mendenhall and Helu at RB. I currently have Steven Jackson slotted at 1 of my FLEX spots, but he’s been really bad these last 3 weeks. With a matchup @ SEA this week, would it be crazy for me to play someone like Floyd, Damian Williams, or even Vernon Davis instead? And if not, who would you likely go with?

    Jackson’s pts the last 3 week (even with +1 ppr) have been 9, 10, and 4….

  22. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Was there an undertone of resentment in that comment? You, my friend, must be a Williams and/or Stewart owner. Here are some facts you may have overlooked.
    -Newton has the highest QB rating of any rookie QB this season with at least 100 attempts.
    -Newton is throwing for the most yardage with the highest completion percentage of any rookie QB this year.
    -Steve Smith has his first 1000 yard season since 2008
    -Peyton Manning had worse than a 1:1 TD:INT ratio his rookie season
    -1 yard QB TD runs do mean something, they are worth just as much as a passing TD.

    But you are right, the word professional does not contain the word Heisman.

  23. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    In a 1 PPR, I like Williams and Floyd over SJax. Williams (1) Floyd (2).

    For the record, I have never seen a TE eligible flex spot. You may want to check to see if that what your league allows.

  24. Satan says:

    non-ppr, no flex, standard league

    start 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s outta this group:
    Bradshaw, Blount, Jon Stewart
    Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Ant Brown


  25. Mr2Bits says:

    @Kevin Ray:

    You are correct and I am a JStew owner. Just sick of the ball hog mentality. Also, per his “Im a lion speech”…….he is also a self-absorbed cocky asshole.

  26. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Bradshaw and Blount for the RBs and Marshall and Brown for the WRs,

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