There is no better time to root for the underdog than during the holiday season, and apparently the NFL took note.  It almost makes me regret how I Ebenezer Scrooged the early games in last week’s schedule.  Sure, none of the games were that close, but the Panthers, Chiefs and Colts all winning gave the early games a little added shock value.  That was a nice transition into the later games which were filled with both blow outs and close calls, and continued the trend of the underdog with the Chargers upsetting the Ravens.  Hopefully next week can produce similarly unexpected outcomes.  Either way, remember the majority of games are being played on Saturday this week folks!

It’s okay Tim, God and I still love you.

You have one quarter of greatness in you a game, and you went ahead and used it in the 1st?  You wanted to start the game off with a bang?  Damn it Timmy, stop trying new things.  Stick to the 4th quarter comebacks with legendary and heroic last second drives so you won’t look like an idiot taking a Madden-like 29 yard loss sacks when you are supposed to be leading your team to an improbable victory.  If I don’t see a humble yet amazing 4th quarter comeback next week, I may have to rethink a couple of things…

The 49ers…?

I’m writing this article on Monday, so I have no idea if the Steelers are going to get a rushing score or not.  If I were a betting man, which I am, I bet Roethlisberger punches it in.  They had to have seen the Ravens get absolutely routed by the Chargers on Sunday night, so if that doesn’t give Ben and the rest of the team that little extra bit of incentive, nothing will.  If by some stretch they don’t get a rushing score, it will not be from a lack of praying on my end.

The Rams’ offense is pathetic.

They are currently last in PPG (11.9), 30th in yards (285.3), 27th in pass yards (185.9) and 26th in rush yards (99.4).  It’s shockingly awful when the highlight of an offense is a 26th ranked rushing attack.

Six players have 10 or more rushing TDs.

Some names are obvious because I’ve said them before, but others may shock you: LeSean McCoy (17), Cam Newton (13), Marshawn Lynch (11), Adrian Peterson (11), Ray Rice (10) and Beanie Wells (10).

Since 2010, the Lions are 0-10 when they score fewer than 20 points, 15-5 when they score 20 or more. Thanks for the help, Lions’ defense.

Tony Romo added to the list of QBs with 100.0+ QBR (102.6).

He is still my least favorite QB in the league; I hate him as much as I love Tebow.  For every great game Romo has, I am convinced it is just setting him up for a bigger fall come playoff time.  On a different note, the gap between Rodgers and the other 100.0+ QBR quarterbacks lessened with Rodgers’ “off” game going 17/35 for 235 and a TD.

The two current number one seeds, Packers (397.8) and Patriots (414.4), are in the bottom two in yards allowed per game and tied for 18th in PPG (21.2).

Also, the Patriots have ranked better in points per game allowed than yards per game allowed in all of Belichick’s 11 seasons as head coach, and will again this year.

Three players have 10 or more reception TDs.

Obviously, Gronk (15) and Megatron (14) lead the pack, but Jordy Nelson flies under the radar with 10.  It’s nice to have Jennings and Finley take away some of the heat.

 Since Kurt Warner retired, the Cardinals have only won one game by more than 10 points.

Josh Freeman has the 10th most completions in the NFL, he has the 27th best QBR.

  1. Plainview says:

    Would you start Matt Moore over Big Ben in Week 16?

    Also, safe to drop Run DMC?

  2. brobocop says:

    Why would you be praying that niners d gets a rush td scored???

  3. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    For now I am saying yes, start Moore. Big Ben did not look 100% and felt the ill effects of a lack of practice. I am worried about Ben enough for me to lean towards Moore right now. Monitor Ben’s status though, because if both 100%, and taken match ups into account, Benny takes it.

    I’d probably keep him. I’m assuming you would be dropping him for a backup or backup’s backup who you wouldn’t be starting anyways. The Raiders are in contention still so if there is a way he can get on that field, he will. Unless someone nasty is out there who you can drop him for, just keep him.

  4. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    It’s one of those things that I can’t not mention if it keeps happening, but I’m really sick of talking about. Besides, I don’t really like the 49ers. I like Harbaugh and the underdog, improvement from last year story, but as far as the likability of the players go for me…Gore, Akers and Smith… and that’s all she wrote.

  5. brobocop says:

    Sounds like you a seahawk, cards or rams fan.

  6. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    I’m actually a Patriots fan. But I do like those 3 teams more than the 49ers.

  7. DANgerous says:

    Speaking of Seahawks, are they worth starting thus week??!!?? Or are redskins a better spot play?

  8. brobocop says:

    That defense is young and good, I think you will be hearing even more about them in coming years sorry bud!

  9. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    Go Seahawks. The difference between the skill of the Seahawks’ defense and the Redskins’ defense is bigger than the difference in the match ups they play this week. In other words, play the Seahawks despite the Skins having a better match up.

  10. Kevin Ray

    Kevin Ray says:


    It is nothing about their skill. As a collective unit, they are one of the best defenses (and well coached defenses) in the league. I just don’t like them.

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