Like most of my ramblings there is no rhyme or reason to my awards, but hopefully I’ll be able to off-rhyme a couple times. I was going to recap this weekend’s games, but I bet you saw them.  We’ve got two good championship games with the Jets flying into Pittsburgh and the Packers packing into Chicago.  There will be plenty of fantasy analysis on the playoffs this week, but lets take a look back on this year in fantasy. This is the first installment.  There will be more.

The Razzball Player of the Year

Arian Foster: Michael Vick won a lot of fantasy leagues this season, but Foster only had 2 games all season under 10 fantasy points and 10 over 15.  His consistency was amazing on a team with the passing duo of AJ and Schaub.  Why did the Texans suck so bad?  Oh yeah, I could throw for a 250 yards on them and I have three extra gnarly pinkies.  Foster put himself over the top with his work in the passing game.  He ended with 1614 rushing yards, 16 rushing TDs, 66 receptions, 604 yards receiving and 2 receiving TDs.  Good lord that’s a lot of good footballing. Chris Johnson’s huge 2009 was only 16 fantasy points ahead of Arian Foster and in PPR they were nearly even.  Can he repeat?  With Kubiak’s zone blocking still in place he shouldn’t have much trouble having a good season, but it is hard to repeat and 18 TDs is very hard to repeat.  I haven’t decided on my top 3 for next season yet, but he’s in the running.

Best Fantasy QB Not Named Vick, Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Rivers, or Brees

Josh Freeman: He finished as the 7th best fantasy quarterback for the season.  Yeah, that surprised me as well.  He showed that he has a ton of potential, but beating out Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, Eli Manning and company in fantasy points is an accomplishment.  He did it with great consistency week in and week out.  He only had one game under 10 fantasy points.  The Buccaneers are young and talented and Freeman’s future is pointed in the right direction.  East?

The Randy Moss Award

Randy Moss: How do you go from Hall of Fameness to whatever it is we saw this season? I guess I should ask the Raiders before I answer that question.  I have no clue what happened, but I think he got his knickers in a bunch and just quit on this season.  He was drafted as a top 5 receiver, but played like a not top 50 receiver for most of the season.  Could he be fantasy worthy next season? Of course.  He had a good 2009 season and in the right place could be much better, but it will be hard to trust his dumb ass.

Best Fantasy Rookie With The Same Name As An Old Matt Millen receiver

Mike Williams: He is one of the reasons the guy above here ended up as the 7th best QB while Mr. Williams ended up as the 12th best fantasy receiver.  He missed the 1,000 yard mark by a few yards, but did cobble together 11 touchdowns and was great while doing so.  He made some amazing grabs and showed great route running skills for a rookie. Arrellious Benn should take some pressure off of him and as Freeman matures the Bucs passing game should just continue to get better.

The Running Back Prince of PPR

Lesean McCoy: Andy Reid’s offense is a PPR running back’s dream. Arian Foster was the #1 PPR running back, but he was the #1 everything fantasy player.  McCoy goes from the 7th best fantasy RB in standard scoring to the #2 RB in PPR scoring with his big fat 78 receptions.  He’s never going to be a big TD producer, but he’s so versatile that he’ll always be a fantasy producer like his predecessor Brian Westbrook. He will continue to be the main guy in Philly and that’s what you want to be.

The Rookie With The Most Points In His First Two Games To Then Drop Off The Face Of The Planet

Jahvid Best: You were feeling pretty good when your rookie star running back went off for 55 fantasy points in his first two games weren’t you? WEREN’T YOU!? Yeah, I was too.  That would have been a good time to trade him for a bag of used cashews because in the next 14 games he totaled 72 points.  Yes he had turf toe which makes me ask, why in the hell don’t you just sit him for a month or two?!  He should be good to go next season and I don’t see any reason to not draft him fairly high once again.

That Guy Who You Thought Was Doing Well, But Wasn’t

Anquan Boldin: He’s friggin Anquan Boldin! He’s gotta be doing ok doesn’t he? He just had 142 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Browns! Wait, he finished as the 26th best receiver and take out that one huge game and, well, my poetry degree only allows me to count to 32.  Boldin’s not the fastest guy in the county and he doesn’t have Kurt Warner throwing to him anymore.  It’ll be hard drafting him too high next season, but I’m sure he’ll have plenty of bounce back posts written about him.  I’ll be wary.