The First Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast is in the books!  Or on the site if you wanna go all Generation X on me.

Nick & I discuss 20 players we have thoughts on, from first round picks all the way to sleepers that may even go undrafted.  Plus we have our own domestic violence, head-butting battle over DeSean Jackson, with JB threatening divorce.  Nick just hopes the Dolphins won’t cut him.

However, marriage counseling and mutual affection for Ryan Fitzpatrick as a high-end backup or #2 QB in two quarterback leagues kept us together, as we’ll be serving up the podcast every week of the regular season breaking down the previous week’s games and forecasting the upcoming match-ups.

Don’t forget you can tweet us questions, comments, or general insults @jbgilpin(me) or @nickcapozzi(not me) and we’ll get to your thoughts on the ‘cast.

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  1. Willy D. says:

    Good stuff! I wish you would do these more often. Hungry for more Fantasy Football news I listened to a bit of the ESPN one and it made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  2. JB Gilpin

    Jonathan Gilpin says:

    Haha I hear ya man! Nick’s doing two interview segments then we’ll be doing one a week every week of the regular season. Thanks for listening!

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