LeSean McCoy is #1 in scoring for PPR leagues and #2 in non-PPR.  And he is deserving of those numbers.  He doesn’t seem to have any good backs vulturing from him and he is exhibiting all the skills of Brian Westbrook non-Niner version.  Like Westy it is hard for McCoy to get shut out in a game because he will get you points via the ground or air.  In PPR leagues I would give up a lot for him and since there are still a few people out there who see him as a RB2 you might be able to get a good deal.

Michael Vick: Most reports have Vick still being out for week 6 against the Falcons.  Kevin Kolb should once again be their starter.  He doesn’t have a ton of upside, but the offense keeps him throwing and makes him a low-end starter.

Jermichael Finley: You’ve already heard the horrifying news, but Finley is out 3-6 weeks.  You have to hold onto him because he is elite, which kinda sucks.  There are plenty of decent options on most waiver wires thankfully.

Aaron Rodgers: His concussion may keep him out of next week’s game, but we just don’t know yet.  The league makes an outside doctor clear players now so it makes it tougher to get back on the field, so even if we hear good news it doesn’t mean he is clear. Matt Flynn would get the start which would hurt the few fantasy players left standing on the Packers team.

Beanie Wells: I know, I know.  It’s tough to have any faith in him, but he was given 20 carries last week, and averaged a putrid 1.8 yards per carry.  Defenses will make Max Hall beat them, but as long as Beanie keeps getting the carries he will become useful this season.  I’d still try to buy low.

Brett Favre: He pulled a decent game out of his arse in the second half on Monday night, which bodes well for his post-Moss numbers.  His body is slowly falling apart, but he usually toughs it out on game day.  Moss makes him a starter until further notice, but I wouldn’t trade away a more stable QB and rely on the Dongslinger.

Marion Barber: It is pretty evident that Barber is getting his carries shaved.  Felix Jones is likely going to continue getting more carries until he is injured and then I wouldn’t be surprised if Tashard Choice got a shot at the lead role.  Don’t buy low on Barber.

Marshawn Lynch: All indications are that he is the main back in Seattle.  hard to see him having a big game in Chicago, but he is a flex starter at the very least and has RB2 upside in better matchups.

Calvin Johnson: Still no definitive news on Megatron right now.  The good news (maybe) is that they aren’t just shutting him down with the bye week on the horizon.  If he practices he’ll play.

Jay Cutler: It looks like he has been cleared to play and he gets the Seahawks at home which is a pretty good team to play when trying to get your mojo back.

Clinton Portis: Just in case you were stashing him for his triumphant return, don’t.  Most of the newspeculation is that he’s done for the season and even if he’s not, there’s really no reason to waste a spot on him, even in deep leagues.  Grab Keiland Williams again since he is Torain’s backup if you are jonesing for an indigenous running back.

Dwayne Bowe: I had mildly high hopes for him this season, but his hands and Cassel’s arm are making those hopes give me the mopes.  If you can get anything for him I’d go for it.

Devin Hester: It looks like his snaps are being scaled back to keep him fresh for returns.  Unless you are in a return yardage league I think he is droppable.

Arian Foster: He seems to be healthy and most of his craptastic week 5 was due to the quick deficit.  I could see making an offer for him with the slight perception of him being injured and having a poor game.

Matthew Stafford: It’s looking like his best chance for a return in in week 8, but by then he should be ready to go unless he has a setback.

  1. Trevor

    Trevor4 says:

    Ryan Matthews or Peyton Hillis for this week?

    Hillis seems like he is banged up and he has to run against the Steelers D which could be bad. With Colt McCoy in at QB, it could be a total diaster for Cleveland offense. Ryan Matthews didn’t do much last week and I’m thinking he is still roughed up as well… decisions decisions….

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Please say a prayer that I don’t lose another player this week. Just when I thought I hit rock bottom, the patella was ripped off my flex WR Clayton. I now have more than half my team injured and one injured reserve spot. Tim Hightower needs to find his legs quick!

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Any word on whether any of these horses will be healthy?

    Pierre Thomas

  4. timSTi says:

    What type of running back could i get for Jennings in a 12 team .5PPR?

  5. Rob says:

    I hope you are correct on Beanie Wells. I keep hoping he will have a solid game at some point.

  6. Nick says:

    @Doc: I have Torain & McCoy as RB next week and a decision to make at flex..options are Greene in Denver (I think he’ll get more snaps with a short week and high elevation in Denver…where half the team is hurt) or R Brown in GB (not liking that). Others are Michael Bush in SF & Britt in Jax…

  7. MJD Took A Knee says:

    You would trade Lynch or Torain for Beanie? I doubt I will ever use Lynch and the guy has Forsett already. NonPPR

  8. Nick says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Who would agree to Lynch for Beanie? Beanie was drafted beginning of 3rd rd in my league. Even Torain for Beanie might be a stretch…maybe I should look to offer Torain, R Brown or M Bush for him though…

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Trevor4: Mathews

    @Mr2Bits: Hah, We should know more tomorrow.

    @timSTi: The coaches are saying they want to get him more involved. I would at least wait until he has a big game.

    @Rob: Me too!

    @Nick: I could see going with Greene, but I would probably lean Brown.

    @MJD Took A Knee: I would trade Lynch for him. Beanie has a higher upside.

    @Nick: Beanie’s value is very low right now. And if the guy is a Forsett owner he might want to hedge his bets.

  10. Calogero says:

    @Nick: I offered the owner of an 0-5 team my Torain for his Beanie. It makes some sense in that context, since Beanie is on a bye and Torain plays a bad run D and that owner needs to win immediately. Plus Beanie hasn’t lived up to his billing so far, thus the trade is at least facially fair.

  11. Calogero says:


    I have Greene, so I’ve given some thought to this…I think this game is going to be a bloodbath and the Jets are going to destroy the Broncos.

    The Broncos have a mediocre defense to start with, and the reports are that they’ll be missing 5-6 players. When you lose that many in a week, not only does it suck because you’re playing primarily with less talented backups, but the group will probably lack cohesion and allow some big plays.

    Then Orton will need to air it out more than he normally does, but against the Jets pass D this won’t go as swimmingly as it has so far this year. A couple turnovers, a couple touchdowns, mass hysteria.

    I’d say a nice portion of the second half will be Shonn Greene ripping of 5-6 yards and killing clock. I could see 80+ yards and a TD. Remember his Week 4 game against the Bills? That’s how this game will look.

  12. Damion says:

    whats up Doc? I need to pick up a Defense this week….out of these who seems to be the best to score most points.

    Dallas Kansas City Seattle New England Oakland San Fransisco or Atlanta??
    Minnesota or Indy?

  13. Wilsonian says:

    Doc, this is in response to the offer I received of Brady/Jennings/AP for Rivers/White/Best. What do you think I should counter with? Maybe try Ben/Wayne or Marshall/Best for Brady/Jennings/AP? I agree that I really like AP, but I’m really having trouble parting with Rivers and White.

  14. Matt P says:

    Hey Doc, should i hold on to MJD and hope he turns it around and stays healthy or should i trade him for LT/Bradshaw or Mathews/Moreno ?

  15. weird fishes says:

    amendola or britt with the #1 waiver? non ppr. thanks

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @weird fishes: Britt

    @Matt P: I could see doing the LT/Bradshaw, but it would hurt me. I would lean no, but I try not to let possible or nagging injuries cloud my judgment too much. Bradshaw is banged up and LT is old. It’s too tough to know for sure. I would say hold.

    @Wilsonian: I’d try Ben/Marshall/Best

    @Damion: Not in love with any of them, but I would lean SF

  17. Black Beard says:

    Try and trade Nicks or Megatron for McCoy?

  18. bartaksu says:

    Just dealt McFadden FOR Beanie and Britt (18 teamer, cut a bye week IDP replacement), yay or nay?

  19. TheEvilEmpire says:

    PPR league Doc. Got offered Gaffney and Santonio Holmes for my Felix Jones.

    Here’s my lineup and bench. Should I do this?

    QB Romo
    RB Turner
    RB Torain
    FLEX BJax
    WR White
    WR Mike Thomas
    TE Cooley
    K Kaeding
    BE Sims-Walker
    BE Felix Jones
    BE Hightower
    BE Naanee
    BE Blount
    BE Alex Smith
    BE Heyward-Bey
    BE Marcedes Lewis

    I have some flexibility at RB with my wire pickups. Not so much at WR. Should I do this deal (I could care less about Holmes) or hold onto Felix and try to package someone else to land a better WR?

  20. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Titans D vs. Jax or Atl D vs. Phi?

  21. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Sorry two more.

    Who are you starting, Ryan or Cutler

    Also which Jackson would you lose Hightower for, Fred or Brandon as both are on the FA wire

  22. ScottyMac says:

    QB Controversy

    I have both Vick and Kolb as a handcuff situation. Reports are that Vick will miss another game.

    My other option is Sanchez.

    So, Kolb or Sanchez?

  23. nick m. says:

    Which side do you like in a 12-team PPR?

    Romo, A. Bradshaw, T.O., S. Holmes
    Rodgers, Moreno, Witten, Pittsburgh Def

  24. potus says:

    @ ScottyMac—Sanchez and Kolb are pretty close. I’d take Kolb over Sanchez. I think Rex has a game plan that will heavily rely on the run to keep Orton off the field. TOP baby!

    @ Nick M—interesting trade….I think I like the Romo,Bradshaw,WR side of it. Rodgers, concussed, 300+ brains being donated to science and all makes head injuries dicier than usual. It’s no longer smelling salts, get out there, and when you career is done you can watch the game cause you forgot about it. Plus Bradshaw top 10 RB TO top 20WR.

    What do you guys think about this deal(10 team NOT PPR):

    LT and B. Lloyd



    I am a playoff bound team. Already have Ray Rice, Foster, and D Williams as RB. Austin and A Johnson as WR. MJD has better playoff matchups than LT IMO. As crazy as it sounds Lloyd will probably not get off my bench. If MJD isn’t enough in this deal what RB do you think I should target for those 2 guys.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. brotha b says:

    roethlisburger or cutler

  26. Randy says:

    With Finley out maybe 8-10 weeks now I’m trying to figure out who’ll get more targets in the GB pass-happy offense? I’m thinking James Jones would see more than Lee or Quarless. Would you agree? Thanks

  27. batman the horse says:

    i got offered the following trade in a 10-team, 0.5 PPR league:

    i get larry fitz
    he gets peyton hillis

    is this pretty much the awesomest trade for me? my other rbs are jc superstar, torain, mathews & tolbert. other wr are AJ, ochostinko, santonio, hines, and roy williams.

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @brotha b: I’m leaning Roethlisberger

    @Randy: It should help Jones, but they do like throwing to the TE. Quarless looked decent last week, but we’ll have to see how Lee is doing.

    @batman the horse: It’s actually fair as things are, but I would want Fitz there.

  29. Randy says:

    Lee or Quarless for the season? Lee should be back in 2 weeks.

  30. Plainville says:

    Need to start 2 RBs, 2Wrs and a RB/WR Flex. I have :

    RB1 MJD
    RB2 McCoy
    WR1 Roddy White
    WR2 Nicks

    But who to start at Flex?

    Mike Williams (TB)
    Santana Moss

    I’m leaning Torain but I could see Williams having a big game – thoughts?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Randy: Quarless should be the guy

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Plainville: I would lean Torain since you know he’ll get his touches.

  33. Dakota says:

    Week 6: Cutler or Big Ben?

    Season: Cutler or Big Ben (trying to work some trades in a 14 team league)?

    Anyone have thoughts?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dakota: I’m leaning Big Ben.

  35. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: If you had to give one, which one would you rather let go?

  36. Dakota says:

    I just got two offers for Cutler, neither of which are too appealing:

    Jonathan Stewart or Ricky Williams.

    Ricky’s owner is trying to sell high and Stewart is on the worst offense I’ve ever seen behind a better back.

    Here’s who I’m targeting (all flex backs on teams with solid top two backs):

    Addai, Mathews and Wells. Injuries have limited productivity, but I like these three going forward especially because of matchups down the road.

  37. stumanji says:

    Jerome Harrison just traded to Eagles for Mike Bell.

    Probably doesn’t change either of their values, but do you think this boosts Hillis a bit? I’d say it cements him as the Browns starter, no?

  38. Craig says:

    Hey Doc,

    I agree on buying Beanie. However, would trading LT for Beanie be a good idea? Its a dynasty league, and I can more than likely survive without LT as I have Bradshaw, Best, Pierre Thomas, and Matthews on the bench.

    Good deal?

  39. Damion says:

    yo doc, Im a little worried aboiut Matt Ryan. Many are saying not a good start….if so, then out of these qbs should I pick up:

    kolb vince young garrard henne hasselbeck freeman

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Craig: As long as it is pure Dynasty I would do it. He has much more long term value.

    @Damion: I like VY a lot this week.

  41. MR says:

    Doc –

    Help! Brady v. The Raven D or Orton v The Jets D? Who do I start, so confused?


  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MR: Brady

  43. Damion says:

    moeaki or kellar this week?

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