The Shall We Football? Podcast: Adult Children with Mic’s, Talking NFL.

Guest Zareh Kantzabedian, @ZKantzFF of @FootballGuys, joins host AJ to help co-host Colt unveil his 2023 QB and TE Redraft Fantasy Rankings. Plus, NFL QB middle names, the merits of sitting to pee, and a big thank you to Razzball for their hospitality.

If you don’t know us, that makes sense. It’s our first episode under the Razzball banner. Here’s a quick bio:

Hosts – AJ, former player; Colt, fantasy writer; Ryan, former TV sports anchor; sometimes AJ’s fictional yinzer cousin Douglas joins.

We talk NFL Draft, mock drafts, free agency, fantasy, previews, reactions, analysis, predictions, etc. Every week, we subject someone to “The Pronunciation Game: Words Evan Can’t Say,” named for Evan Carmusin, our former roommate and current star of Netflix’s Jewish Matchmaking (seriously, go to episode 8), in which a person must attempt to pronounce the names of various NFL players. Also every week, we give out the “McCorkle Award,” for episode MVP, named for the middle name of New England QB Michael McCorkle “Mac” Jones and his heavenly dad bod. NSFW: shenanigans and bad words abound.