Free agency keeps on keeping on, with some interesting fantasy relevant moves being made.  Well, interesting to me and other people who sit on twitter waiting for Adam Schefter to tweet something.

Chester Taylor: He is now officially a Monster of the Midway.  His role with the team is still difficult to decipher.  It may end up being difficult to decipher even around week 12.  Forte is seven years younger than him, but this won’t be a case of trying to keep their franchise running back happy.  Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith want to keep their jobs and they must win this season to do that.  If Chester Taylor is the back to do that, he will get the work.

Matt Forte: Didn’t I just talk about this guy? Well, let’s see his side of the argument.  He was injured last season and had a bad o-line.  If he comes into camp healthy and determined to keep his job, I think he will.  Taylor will play, no doubt, but Forte can hold him off and if he does he will still be worthwhile in a Martz run offense, but not top 20 worthwhile.

Greg Olsen: Still with the Bears? Boring! Ok, Olsen was poised to do big things last year with Cutler coming to town, but ended up blocking more often than not so Cutler could keep his head attached to his body.  Now he has the tight end killer Mike Martz leading the offense and a newly acquired blocking TE in Manumaleuna in his way.  Martz will have to get creative if he wants to use him.

Anquan Boldin: He is now a Raven.  He finally gets his wish! He’s been traded! But to a run first, run second and pass to the RB third, team.  Boldin is good.  If healthy, there really is no way to keep him from getting 80 receptions and a thousand yards even with the Ravens.  But health has been his problem.  He is a tough player and isn’t afraid to get hit, which is good, but not great for the ribs, grill, knees, etc…

Derrick Mason: With Boldin signed, the Ravens are saying Mason isn’t a priority.  It could be a way to sign him for less because I believe they need him, especially with Boldin’s injury history.  If he does stay with the Ravens he would take the #2 spot and not be as valuable in fantasy as he has been.

Brandon Marshall: He has been having fun with Paul Allen’s hover cars and robot maids, but still hasn’t signed with the Seahawks. There are rumors of him going to Cincinnati, but supposedly those are just to jack up the Seahawks’ bid.  With Burleson gone and Carroll coming in with a aerial attack, they really need him.

Thomas Jones: He is meeting with the Chiefs which means they don’t trust Jamaal Charles to be the every down back.  I don’t like this scenario as a Charles dynasty owner, but I’m also not going to chop off the head of my Todd Haley voodoo doll.  I also have a concern about JC’s durability.  Do I want someone taking away his goal line carries? Uh, no.  But I’m only omnipotent a quarter of the time.  I was fairly conservative in my JC projections and he was still 6th overall.  If Jones comes to town he will drop a little, but I still like him in the top 10.

Justin Fargas: Fargas was cut and will also meet with the Chiefs.  This, I like.  If the Chiefs are willing to sign Fargas over Jones it means they have a lot of faith in Charles.  Fargas is a hard runner and could take some goal line work away, but he’s not as skilled as Jones.  Both Fargas and Jones will have trouble having a respectable yards per carry average behind that Chiefs o-line.  Charles works in space and can make his own space, TJ and Huggy Jr. can’t.

Darren McFadden/Michael Bush: With Fargas gone it makes this backfield a little more fantasy friendly.  And I mean little.  I was high on McFadden last season, but he had trouble staying healthy and running between the tackles and holding onto the ball.  That’s not the best sign, but he has a ton of talent. He will get the shot to be the starter, but I could see Bush getting a lot of the between the tackle work.

Kevin Walter: After Boldin signed with the Ravens Walter lost leverage and just went back to his old team.  This hurts Jacoby Jones, but I still believe Jones can beat Walter out and have a good season.

David Carr: He signed with the 49ers. This is somewhat interesting because Shaun Hill isn’t the worst QB of all time.  I believe SF likes what they have seen of Carr before his injury (don’t ask me why) and aren’t 100% sold on Alex Smith.  I still like Smith for next year, but this is just a little disconcerting.

Leon Washington: There are rumors that teams might go after him since he only got a 2nd round tender.  The chances are slim that he’ll go anywhere, but it would be a big blow to the Jets and possibly move Shonn Greene up even more.

Kassim Osgood: His size makes him intriguing since he is going to a team full of small receivers. Oh, that team is Jacksonville.  He is a special teams ace and will still be in Jax.  He will have to battle Mike Thomas for the #2 receiver position and that isn’t like the #2 receiver on the Colts or Saints, this is David Garrard we’re talking about.  He has Charger height which makes him interesting, but in reality he’ll probably be on the sidelines when the Jags have the ball.

Aaron Kampman: He also signed with the Jaguars.  If he is healthy, switching back to the 4-3 and defensive end should help him in IDP leagues.  And the Jags need him.  They had a sorry 14 sacks last season.

  1. Greg says:


    I thank GOD daily that you keep this site current. I just grabbed Bush in my keeper league. Would not have known to grab him as a backup if it wasn’t for your near daily posts. Look into your crystal ball. Who puts up better numbers M Bush or L Mccoy? I actually think it is closer then most think. I give a slight edge to Mccoy if the EAgles don’t pickup anyone else up.

    I need to know your HONEST opinion of Braylon Edwards. Do you think he will put up low WR1/high WR2 numbers?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    Glad you’re reading! Yeah, it could be close. McCoy has the upper hand right now for sure.

    Braylon is going to continue to be inconsistent. When he holds onto the long TD he’ll have a great game, when he drops it, not so much. Sanchez will also be inconsistent, but should improve. I think his rep is going to drop him in redraft leagues and he could be had for value, but I wouldn’t count on him for WR 1 numbers. I would shoot for mid #2 numbers.

  3. Casey says:


    I found your site today and I’ve been enjoying keeping up with someone who thinks about this stuff around the calendar like I do.

    I’m in a Keep-4 league, so I’m holding on to Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner and Phillip Rivers, but my four spot just got interesting. I have the choice of Chester Taylor, Beanie Wells, Miles Austin, Greg Jennings and Randy Moss. I won the league in ’09, so I’ve got the 10th pick in the 1st round. I’m not sure how many of these guys will make it back to me at pick 10.

    What do you think?

    Nice site, man.

  4. Casey says:

    @Casey: I just read your RB dynasty rankings, and your thoughts on Taylor make sense to me. I’m leaning toward AP, Rivers, and Beanie…..then Turner? Is Turner worth more in a RB-crazy league than Austin, Moss, Jennings?

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    Yeah, that’s tough. I think you probably have to go with Turner as long as you can use 3 RB’s.

    Glad you like the site!

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