Michael Vick – News out of Iggles camp is QB?/WR?/RB?/Felon will play in the first 3 quarters of the Eagles’ next preseason game. Earlier, Andy Reid claimed he’d play Vick at quarterback in the 4th quarter, so it appears we’ll get to see Vick lining up somewhere other than at QB. Fantasy impact? Dunno. Should you take flier in your drafts? Dunno. Will I? Yes. Unless you have some moral qualms with having Vick on your fantasy team, the truth is he’s probably a better athlete than 40-50% of the league if not more. I’d take the same approach the Eagles did in signing him: hope to be the fantasy team that gets to brag about taking a chance on the fallen star and is responsible for facilitating a triumphant return. Someone in your league is going to draft him, and you don’t want to listen to them incessantly rub it in if the experiment pays off and,if you end up dropping him, the pick will quickly be forgotten like any other flier. The important thing to remember here is “flier”, there’s no need to be burning a 10th round pick on him. Play it cool, and if he’s there when some schmuck takes a backup defense: pounce.

Cadillac Williams – Big Caddy gets a surprise start for the Bucs’ 3rd preseason game. It appears rookie coach Rahim Morris is taking Cadillac for a test drive. Fantasy owners should remain aware of Cadillac’s progress and probably look at him as a handcuff/waiver wire option for Ernest Graham and Derrick Ward.

Terrell Owens – T.O.’s T-O-E still hurts. Your team will hurt if you draft T.O. expecting #1 receiver production.

Shaun Hill – Wins the starting QB job in San Francisco. This just means you can add Hill to your list of bye-week replacements. Personally I only draft one QB and use my other picks for high upside fliers at the RB and WR positions, which means I’ll keep tabs on Hill for a possible fill in.

Glen Coffee – The Niners are lookin’ to keep starting RB Frank Gore fresh with a decent helping of Coffee. Reportedly, the duo will be looking at a 17:6 carry ratio during the upcoming season. Coffee has been hot this preseason with 2 impressive games under his belt, but remember these are preseason games and one was against the Raiders. Look for Coffee to be a solid handcuff for Gore.

Robert Meachem – Returnin’ kicks isn’t something Meachem has done in a long time, but it looks like the Saints are looking to have him give it a try. If he takes over the full time returnman job, Meachem’s value will definitely receive a boost. I liked him as a sleeper at WR in the Saints’ offense, but with potential for return yards the 2007 first rounder could be a real contributor.

Reggie Bush – Will play Saturday and will probably get hurt. If (and that’s a big if) Reggie plays a full season, I think he can provide significant value over his current draft position 66.3, especially in PPR leagues. I’d be comfortable with Bush in my 3rd RB slot (<—unintentional euphemism) and I know, I know, many owners out there aren’t, but like our baseball brethren say: “when they’re ziggin, be zaggin!”.

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