So as the season winds down I slowly lose my mind.  Nowhere is this more evident than in me referencing a Grease song.  I haven’t even seen the dang thing and, no, I don’t have to.  There are only two musicals I’ll subject myself to.  One is Rocky Horror Picture Show and the other is Little Shop of Horrors.  Steve Martin as a rebellious, jet black-haired, sadistic dentist who talks like Elvis and rides a motorcycle…ok, that looks weird in type but I swear it’s good…or maybe you just had to be there.  Now bear with me as I try and get you revved up about a guy who has 7 carries and 31 yards on the season who, coincidentally, just got all those numbers in week 14.  Of course I’m talking about none other than DuJuan Harris, the recent signee of the Green Bay Packers.  First off, this is not a call that Alex Green will lose his starting job.  As my Bilal Powell pick a couple of weeks ago proved, you don’t have to be the starter to rack up the fantasy points you just have to have the right matchup and the right set up.  Secondly, to all those who say this could very well be a all for Ryan Grant, I’m not going to argue with you.  I’ll simply say he had 1 carry last week to Harris’ 7.  Grant might be relied on in the playoffs but I think they’re going to see what they have in their younger tandem first to round out the year and a matchup against the Titans in week 16 should give Harris a great chance to to be flex-worthy during a week in which plenty of good RBs have some tough matchups.  As always, a thinking forward piece is all about needs and I’m presenting you a potential upside play who – if he gets 10 or more carries vs the Bears in the coming weekend – might get on the radar of more people than you’d like.  Moreover, if Green Bay wins week 15, they’ll be in the driver’s seat for their division which could lead to more open shot for backups to get in.  To quote Morpheus, Harris is DuJuan.  In other 2012 fantasy football pickups for week 16…

Louis Murphy – I would be typing about Brandon LaFell here if he weren’t hurt (how’s that for a hedge?) but instead I’ll point out Murphy’s line against a tough Falcons secondary in week 14: 9 targets for 5 receptions and 36 yards…hrm, that’s not all too exciting.  But what IS exciting is Cam and company facing off against a Raiders team that has given up less than 20 points only once this season and that was to a team just as sad as they are in the Chiefs.  Again, I have no idea what injuries you’re dealing with or how deep your league is but since Louis is virtually unowned everywhere, he’s worth pointing out for a week 16 matchup if LaFell is a no go.

Clay Harbor – First things first, am I the only one who thinks Clay’s name sounds like it’s a part of Super Mario World?  After you take out Lemmy Koopa in Vanilla Dome, head through Twin Bridges to reach Clay Harbor.  But enough about my childhood, with Brent Celek officially declared out for the Thursday Night matchup this week, Clay is going to get a chance to shine against the Bengals, a team that gives up the 9th most fantasy points to opposing TEs.  Given the state of concussions on the Eagles and how long guys are being held out of the lineup because of them, you might just stash Clay on your bench for now and see how he performs.  If he performs well, a matchup against the worst team at defending opposing TEs – the Redskins – awaits him in week 16.  I can hear you drooling.  Could you stop, we’re talking about Tight Ends here and deep league call tight ends to boot.  You’re making me feel weird.

Kevin Elliott – This suggestion has all to do with whether or not the Jaguars are short Cecil Shorts for the remainder of the season and it’s really about volume moreso than it is about skill set.  The Jaguars face the Patriots in week 16 and their defense – though stout and playing at a very high level of late – is still a team that gets passed on throughout the game because how else are you going to keep up with Tom Brady and that offense?  Considering he received 10 targets against a good pass defense in the Jets, it’s clear Henne is willing to throw it his way.  This is a deep league call but you just never know what your week 16 lineup might look like if injuries occur.  Put him on your bench like Coughlin did to David Wilson after crying about football to begin the year and decide if you need him later when the time comes.