There were lots of big games on Sunday and here are a few of them, well, except the first couple!

LeGarrette Blount: I am pretty much amazed, saddened and frankly a little scared at how poor Blount played. It took him 6 carries to get into positive fantasy points so I guess it’s good he didn’t end with negative points. After averaging 130+ total yards his last 2 games and then facing the Panthers who were getting gashed at will by running backs it sure seemed like a great matchup. The addition of Josh Johnson must have keyed the Panthers defense on Blount and then Newton put them ahead and ran away with it. My FanDuel teams don’t thank you.

Matt Forte: Forte led a lot of teams to the fantasy playoffs this year but is now hurting with a MCL sprain. The early news is that he could be out 2-6 weeks. That doesn’t help you in your fantasy playoffs. Marion the Barbarian is next in line.

Cam Newton: As I write this he leads all players in standard scoring this week with his 204 yards passing, 1 passing TD, 54 yards rushing and 3 rushing TDs along with a 27 yard reception. His 3 touchdown runs put him at 13 for the season which breaks the all time record of 12 by Steve Grogan. Newton was on a lot of waiver wires after his week 1 outburst in Arizona and if you grabbed him it’s been steady going all season long.

Aaron Rodgers: He’s on pace for 49 touchdown passes and 5,125 yards and a 16-0 record. Really if the Packers receivers hadn’t dropped some passes his 369 yards and 4 touchdowns today could have been higher. He’s pretty much unstoppable.

Rob Gronkowski: Bobby Gronk scored 3 touchdowns and at one point had broken Antonio Gates’ record of 12 touchdown receptions for a tight end in a season but his 3rd TD was correctly changed to a rushing TD since the “pass” was a lateral. He’ll just have to wait until he scores three more next game I guess.

Shonn Greene: His three touchdowns came as a bit of a shock. He hadn’t topped 10 fantasy points since week 7 and only had 2 touchdowns on the season. He had 22 carries which is his high for the season and his fantasy playoff schedule isn’t bad so hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Percy Harvin: The loss of Adrian Peterson has been a boon to Percy Harvin’s fantasy production. He finished this game against Denver with 8 receptions for 156 yards and a touchdown along with 5 carries for 17 yards. He still isn’t on the field as often as some of the other receivers but Leslie Frazier isn’t all that good of a coach from what I can tell.

Chris Johnson: It looks like Mr. Johnson may be back for reals now. He had 153 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns and has actually done his owners and those that bought low on him some good 3 out of the last 4 weeks.  With New Orleans and Indianapolis up next he should continue.

Ray Rice: Rice had his best rushing game of his career with 204 yards and a touchdown. He’s set up for a very nice fantasy playoff run as he goes against Indianapolis, San Diego and Cleveland in the next three.

Tim Tebow: His 4 rushing attempts weren’t what we are used to and neither were his 202 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. As a fantasy player I’d rather see the 50 yards rushing and a rushing TD since they are usually worth more fantasy points.  As a pure passer he’s not going to get you top 10 QB fantasy points even against poor pass defenses like the Vikings. Right now he sits at 11th overall which is right on the edge of startable.

Demaryius Thomas: Tim Tebow switched his allegiances from Eric Decker to Demaryius Thomas and it helped him to 144 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. The Vikings pass defense had a lot to do with that of course.

Dan Orlovsky: The Patriots and garbage passing yards are a beautiful couple. Old man Orlovsky went all Vince Young on the Pats after getting way behind and finished with 353 yards and 2 touchdowns both to Pierre Garcon who had quite a garbage-y day himself.

Christian Ponder: The Denver pass defense went back to their oldish ways this week giving up 381 yards passing and 3 touchdowns to Ponder. The absence of Von Miller hurts

Roy Helu: Shanahan was true to his word amazingly and Helu once again saw the bulk of the carries and receptions. He finished with 142 total yards and a touchdown on 27 touches. This was in a non-optimal matchup so keep running him out there!

  1. Tom says:

    CJ Spiller gonna help me during the playoffs?

  2. Bass To Mouth says:

    I have Cam, CJ, Gronk, Harvin, Helu and get to keep 3 for next season. Who would you keep? Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Mike says:

    How do you feel about Roy Helu as a keeper? I know it depends on what the Redskins do in the offseason. However aside from the Redskins drafting a RB in the first round I see no reason why he shouldnt remain the starter going into next season. I think he is talented but Im not sure if he has elite talent. Thanks

  4. Good move: As soon as I heard Miller was out, I dropped Denver and picked up Atlanta.
    Bad move: Blount and DeMarco Murray (vs. 19th ranked Arizona) combined for a whopping 3.0 points on my fantasy teams. Thankfully, I’m still in a position to finish 6-2 with my eight teams, and place five of them in the playoffs. C’mon, MJD!

  5. Megatron Lives says:

    Do you mind if I look ahead to the playoffs (weeks 14,15,16)? Now is the time to pick the Defs from the WW. I have Tenn. I like them for Weeks 15 (@Ind) and 16 (Jac), but not 14 (NO). Do you like any of these other Defs for Week 14? Thanks!

    Phi @Mia, StL @Sea, Jax vTB, Atl @Car, SD vBuff, KC @NYJ, AZ vSF, Cle @Pit, Ind @Bal.

  6. Nick says:

    @Doc: Do you like Garcon, McCluster, Gerhart, D Brown, D Thomas, R Cooper, Driver, for ROS in 10 team over my T. Smith, Knox, or Sanchez (I have Tebow starting ROS, so can I dump Sanchez?)

    I want to strengthen my bench with Forte going down today. That leaves me with Murray, Helu, K Smith & Starks. (Once Forte is removed from the no-cut list would you lose him since week 16 is the end of fantasy?)

  7. Nick says:

    @Doc: scratch Garcon from that list…

  8. Matt B says:

    Ugh, feeling uneasy. Went with Tolbert per your suggestion over Maurice Morris and then he goes and scores a TD…Down 5.5 in a non-ppr and I have Tolbert going tonight.

  9. Gavin says:

    Who do you think will be most valuable to pick up for the playoffs?
    Khalil Bell
    Ricky Williams
    Brandon Saine

  10. ringo says:

    With Brandon Saines upside being James Starks, is he even worth a waiver claim at this point? I have got 2 guys targeted this week. Those two being Matt Moore or Brandon Saine. Normally I would go RB over QB for sure, but its hard to get excited over a RB whose upside is 6-7 points a game, wheras Moore has been quite effective lately and his sched is prime. Thanks for all the insight throughout the REG Season, helped me make the playoffs no doubt.

  11. NEEDlastminuteHELP says:

    Alright, so down by 16.5 points (non PPR league), and I have to choose 1 player – either: Vincent Brown or Mike Tolbert. Now i know you would always want to typically play the running back…but…given that I NEED a big game to win, and with Ryan Mathews around, its hard pressed to think Tobert would have that…so…should I gamble with Vincent Brown?

  12. Satan says:

    I realize this probably isn’t the best space for this, but this is the most recent Doc post I could find…

    non-ppr, no flex, 1st round of the playoffs (I’m a 20-point dog by ESPN projections), pick 2 RB’s and 2 WR’s:

    LeGs Blount, Bradshaw, J-Stew
    Brandon Marshall, Antonio Brown, Miles Austin

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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