There’s not a ton of news to report unless you want to read correspondence between Roger Goodell and the players, but I figured we could do for a little news this Monday morning.  I’ve been working on drafting tiers and they should be out soon.  I know how all of you are chomping at the bit to start drafting! If you actually are you should get in on the Draftmasters on Twitter.  They are slow drafts so you don’t have to block out a few hours of your day and you don’t get stuck with some douche-hole who drafts Favre in the first round because he thinks it’s funny.

Matt Hasselbeck: There is a good chance that Mr. Hasselbeck will be with a new team next season. The Sea Chickens aren’t ready to give him what he wants and there are plenty of other crappy teams that need an old, injury riddled QB to lead them to mediocrity.

Kevin Kolb: The Eagles are willing to listen to offers for Kolb and since so many teams are desperate for an able bodied quarterback, we could see a bidding war. Arizona, Minnesota, Seattle, Tennessee, San Francisco, and a few more would be interested.  Do you think the Redskins want another Philly QB? Of course we are at a standstill right now, but don’t toss Kolb to the dogs just yet.

Blaine Gabbert: The Mizzou quarterback hasn’t endeared himself to teams on a personal level, but his pro day went so well he’s starting to look like a top 10 pick.  If you didn’t skip straight to this blurb, you’ll know that I’ve been harping on the lack of quarterbacks to go around to each team, which makes it plausible that teams will take a risk on a QB early.

A.J. Green: He reportedly received a 10 on the Wonderlic. He’s a bad ass player and he’ll still be a top 10 pick, but I could see him having some trouble with the complexity of the pro game, especially early on.  I’ve seen a couple sample Wonderlic tests and I don’t mean to be cruel, but you have to be just above amoeba to get that kind of score. I have no doubt of his long term prospects and he should be an early pick in any Dynasty draft.

Kyle Orton: The quarterback sitch in Denver looks like it’s Tim Tebow’s if the NFL can get their shizz together, but if Tebow and Fox and company don’t have much time to work together then there is a good chance we’ll see Orton to start the season.  There is also a decent chance that Orton gets traded if the owners and players do happen to locate their heads (look in your asses).

Reggie Bush: It looks like he will most likely restructure his contract from one of an elite player to one of a Reggie Bush type player. Paging Mario Williams.  This isn’t great news for the Saints backfield, but nothing ever is.

Peyton Hillis: It sounds likely that as long as Montario Hardesty is healthy and productive, Hillis will be sharing a large percentage of carries this season. After Hillis slowed down toward the end of the season it’s impossible not to see the logic in that idea, but it does hurt his draft value.

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