You ever go to the driving range? Not one of those fancy Top Golf ranges, I’m talking old school range. Like the one Kevin Costner owned in Tin Cup. Cheech Marin’s character would get sent out in a cart to pick up the range balls and all the crappy golfers would take aim. Nailing the cart boy with aline drive is the pinnacle of golf.  Actually I don’t think Cheech ever fetch range balls in the movie, but what else was doing there other than smoking the reefer? Dynasty rankings are like going after that range ball collection cart—a constantly moving target. And I’m the crappy golfer, blinded by Kerryon Johnson’s beautiful eyes and A.J. Dillon’s sexy legs, like Costner with the hots for Rene Russo. Man I need to add that movie to my pandemic watchlist. Anyway, here’s my top 10 dynasty players for 2020 PPR dynasty football:

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Alright, now here’s my top 10 dynasty players for 2020 PPR dynasty football:

Tier 1

1. Christian McCaffrey – What can I say about Christian McCaffrey that hasn’t already been said? I can tell you about when I smoked pot with him. It was me, C-Mac and Sloan Kettering, and we were blazing that shit up everyday. For fantasy football though, McCaffrey recently signed a big four-year extension ending any concerns about a potential 2021 holdout. He’s now in a new offense run by college guru Matt Rhule, but you’d have to be higher than Adam Gase not to run the offense thru McCaffrey, right?

2. Michael Thomas – Wide receivers carry a premium in dynasty leagues due to the longevity and stability they bring to the table. Thomas is an interesting case because much of his stability is linked to Drew Brees who may hang up the cleats after the 2021 season. On the plus side, the Saints have hedged their bets by landing likely the best back up in the league, Jameis Winston, on a four-year deal (edit: that’s a one-year deal, I can’t read. One year makes a lot more sense though and doesn’t add any long term assurance for Michael Thomas owners). But, MT could probably post high end WR1 numbers with Joe Exotic’s third husband at quarterback.

3. Saquon Barkley – With the Giants taking their offensive line seriously in the 2020 NFL Draft, Saquon could be the no-brainer #1 asset come this time next year. Remember he’s only 23 years old freak athlete with no weaknesses in his game. Gimme dat Quon!

Tier 2

4. Ezekiel Elliott – Zeke has enjoyed the health and workload over his first four NFL seasons that very few other running backs have experienced. At some point I’m afraid the bottom will fall out as all the hits start to add up, but will it be this year or in 2023 or even later? I’m starting to think he might follow the very rare Adrian Peterson career path.

5. Alvin Kamara – What does life after Drew Brees look like for Kamara? Probably something like that new Amazon show, Upload. It won’t be as good as life with Brees, but there’s all you can eat bacon donuts on the other side. In the short term though, Kamara’s a PPR beast and should see some positive regression in the touchdown department in 2020.

6. DeAndre Hopkins – Nuk is being significantly devalued with his relocation to Arizona. I agree he may take a little step back in his first season in a new system with a young quarterback at the helm. But long term, as a Kyler Murray fanboy, my view on Hopkins hasn’t changed much. Now might be one of the few dynasty buy-low windows you ever see on an elite receiver in their prime. 

7. Davante Adams – Speaking of buy-low windows on elite receivers, maybe that aren’t that rare. Adams struggled with turf toe all last season, resulting in a very underwhelming stat line. Fortunately he finally got all that turf removed from his toe. We know Rodgers likes the Lizardman Allen Lazard, but he’ll still be discount double checking Davante all over the field this year. See if you can poke your paw thru that buy window, it just might be cracked.

8. Tyreek Hill – At #7 in our father of the year rankings we have Tyreek Hill. *checks notes* My bad, wrong rankings. Reek won’t see the volume of targets and receptions that these other top dynasty receivers do, but we know he’s a threat to take it to the house anytime he touches the ball and shaft. Plus he has arguably the best quarterback in the league to connect with. In standard formats, there’s a good argument for the 26 year old Hill up in tier 1 as the #1 wide out.

Tier 3

9. Chris Godwin – I’m all in on Chris Godelman in 2020. Much of his long term value depends on whether he resigns in Tampa and who his quarterback of the future might be. For those reasons this may seem like an overly aggressive ranking, but my 2020 projections (will begin to release them next week!) for Godwin are very exciting. If he hit my lofty projections then he’ll be a consensus top 10 PPR dynasty asset next spring.

10. Miles Sanders – The Philly youngster was the big mover in my recent update of the top 20 dynasty running backs. So much so that I got a call from a jealous Kerryon Johnson when those rankings dropped. We’ve since made up, but it was an awkward couple days. I do think there’s a decent chance the Eagles bring in a boring vet like Lamar Miller, Devonta Freeman or Carlos Hyde, which would dash a little of my excitement. But the receiving work feels secure enough that Sanders sneaks into my top 10. Teaser for next weeks redraft rankings and projections: I have Miles down for 1,450 total yards, 9 touchdowns and 65 receptions. Mmmmm that’s some good chicken, Colonel Sanders!