Check out our top 1-30 here, but also take a look see at these guys as long as you’re up for it.

31. Desean Jackson: Jeremy Maclin is good enough to take some targets away from DJax and much of Jackson’s numbers depend on big plays, which are hard to count on. Projection: 60/1150/9

32: Greg Jennings: He didn’t break out like he should have last year, but he’s too good and Rodgers is also too good for them not to be good.  Is that good?  Finley will take some work away, but the Packers’ offense will continue to put up points and Jennings will get his. Projection: 75/1175/8

33. Ronnie Brown: If his ankle heals the way it should, he is in a great position to pick up where he left off last season.  I can’t say I’m as high on him as I was last season, but he is worth a little risk in the Dolphins run first offense. Projection: 1100/7 — 30/250/1

34. Sidney Rice: I just don’t see Favre not coming back for another year to stroke his Louisiana sized ego.  That makes Rice a steal just about anywhere in the draft. But this is where I’d look for him.  And there’s no reason to steal rice, it’s actually pretty cheap. Projection: 80/1225/7

35. Felix Jones: I hate to put Jones this high, but he is on a high scoring team and IF he can stay healthy, will get a chance to be the main man in Big D.  He looked very good toward the end of last season and Barber looked old. He’s one of those high risk, high reward type of dudes.  Projection: 950/6 — 45/425/2

36. Marques Colston: It is hard for me to trust individual Saints’ receivers, but Colston is the best of the bunch by far.  You know he’s in an offense that will score, you just have to hope he’ll be the one scoring. Projection: 70/1050/8

37. Tom Brady: It will be interesting to see how Brady is valued in drafts this season.  His name carries a lot of weight, but he also didn’t live up to his usual crazy stats last season.  Add to that Welker’s injury and Moss’ perceived laziness/oldness and you might be able to grab Brady for some value. Projection: 4550/31/13

38. Jahvid Best: Best is high risk, high reward at it’s high riskrewardiest.  In college he never ran the ball over 200 times and he got dinged up a bit, and now he’s supposed to be the every down back for a team that, even though is on the rise, is still weak.  So that’s the risk part, but the reward part is very rewarding.  Every time he touched the ball in college he did something spectacular. He actually weighs more than Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson and his injuries haven’t been of the repetitive variety.  Projection: 1050/7 — 45/325/1

39. Jonathan Stewart: Him and DeAngelo Williams are tough to figure out. The Daily Show could be in top 4 overall range without DWilly, but so could DWilly.  As it is, Williams is the starter, but Stewart has made it know through his play that he deserves more work. If all things are even, I think JStew gets a lot of goal line looks which could move him even closer to Williams. Projection: 1125/9 — 15/125/0

40. Matt Forte: Last season Forte was a bag full of crap, but not as useful.  He somehow managed 1400 total yards since he stayed active in the passing game, but couldn’t get into the endzone unless he was playing the Lions, Rams, or Browns.  He was injured much of the season which could be behind some of his suckiness, but it’s hard to get by his lack of explosiveness and 3.6 yards a carry.  Then in comes Mike Martz followed by Chester Taylor.  The former was great news for Forte, the latter, horrid news.  In the best case scenario Taylor will become the 3rd down back and in the worst, Taylor wins the job out right.  I expect it to be somewhere in between.   Projection: 10oo/6 — 45/275/2

  1. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    I think DeSean Jackson is going to be overrated for this year. Still great talent, but he will go far too early in drafts.

    You had LeSean McCoy in the top 30 (at 28) right now… Thank god the Eagles only added Mike Bell, but do you see this affecting his value at all?

  2. Matthole says:

    Sorry, was under the impression that you’re the app guy. Of course on a football site football should be discussed. Just seems a bit premature to have rankings, etc

    you have leinart as a sleeper but that was before boldin was traded and before he’s officially the starting QB

    the eagles qb situation isn’t settled either. where’s mcnabb playing next year??

    Seems like a lot of material will have to be re-written/revised post draft

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheese: Bell was probably the best possible RB they could have signed. I don’t think he is going to hurt him anymore than Weaver.

  4. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Doc: When you say “best” I assume you mean best in terms of not hurting McCoys value haha. Because he clearly wasn’t the “best” RB they could have signed!

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheese: Exactly

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