With news coming out of camps, injury updates, and position battles becoming clearer, I’ve updated my top 50 defensive line rankings.  Here are some highlights of the changes.  With opening day just a few weeks away, I don’t expect these to change unless there is some major injury news before that. 

The biggest mover up is Chase Young. I’m always hesitant on ranking rookies so highly, but after watching some film it looks like he can have an instant impact. 

 Everson Griffen makes an appearance at number 52 after his signing with the Cowboys although I think he is a bench player for your squad with week to week upside. 

Jadaveon Clowney is still unsigned and drops down the board. I think he is still draftable, but not as one of your top 2 linemen.  He has the chance to make an impact, but it looks like it won’t be for 16 games.  

Yannick Ngakoue is supposedly on the verge of being traded from the Jaguars. His stock may change once we find out where’s he’s going.  Vegas has it to the Jets who are in desperate need of a pass rusher.

Ifeadi Odenigbo moves up a few spots as there were some rumors that Griffen could resign a few weeks ago. Now that he’s firmly entrenched opposite Danielle Hunter, a potential double-digit sack season could be had.

Those are some highlights. Remember to adjust the rankings based on your scoring system for those new to IDP leagues.  High sack/low tackle guys are better in big play leagues where sacks are worth more than 3x a solo tackle. In leagues that are tackle heavy take a look at guys like Grady Jarrett and Kenny Clark

Here are my top 50 plus one for good luck.  

Rank Name Team Position
1 Danielle Hunter MIN DE
2 Aaron Donald LAR DT
3 Joey Bosa LAC DE
4 Myles Garrett CLE DE
5 Nick Bosa SF DE
6 Cameron Jordan NO DE
7 J.J. Watt HOU DE
8 Sam Hubbard CIN DE
9 Cameron Heyward PIT DE
10 DeForest Buckner IND DT
11 Chase Young WAS DE
12 Carlos Dunlap CIN DE
13 DeMarcus Lawrence DAL DE
14 Melvin Ingram III LAC DE
15 Justin Houston IND DE
16 Grady Jarrett ATL DT
17 Frank Clark KC DE
18 Trey Flowers DET DE
19 Calais Campbell BAL DE
20 Maxx Crosby LV DE
21 Yannick Ngakoue JAC DE
22 Arik Armstead SF DE
23 Chris Jones KC DT
24 Kenny Clark GB DT
25 Jason Pierre-Paul TB DE
26 Akiem Hicks CHI DE
27 Olivier Vernon CLE DE
28 Dee Ford SF DE
29 Brandon Graham PHI DE
30 Brian Burns CAR DE
31 Josh Allen JAC DE
32 Ifeadi Odenigbo MIN DE
33 Dante Fowler Jr. ATL DE
34 Jonathan Allen WAS DE
35 Stephon Tuitt PIT DE
36 Geno Atkins CIN DT
37 Clelin Ferrell LV DE
38 Jarran Reed SEA DT
39 Marcus Davenport NO DE
40 Fletcher Cox PHI DT
41 Jurrell Casey DEN DE
42 Ndamukong Suh TB DE
43 Jadeveon Clowney FA DE
44 Ed Oliver BUF DT
45 Robert Quinn CHI LB
46 Matt Ioannidis WAS DE
47 Emmanuel Ogbah MIA DE
48 Derek Barnett PHI DE
49 Kemoko Turay IND LB
50 Derek Wolfe BAL DE
51 Everson Griffen DAL DE

  1. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    20 team dynasty with full IDP starters (3 LB, 2 DE, 2 DT, 2 S, 2 CB). clearly i’m keeping:

    LB: l.david, r.evans, kwon A
    DE: houston, campbell, ford
    DT: AAron, j.allen
    S: baker, simmons, r.harrison
    this league used to have us need min 10 players from real life team of our name (I was WAS)
    question is (esp on the CB’s) do i keep any of these:
    LB: burgess, vigil, compton. it appears burgess is str up backup at NYJ now though. probably do better drafting new guys here.
    CB: bunting (TB), j.joseph, d.johnson (WAS, but he’s a backup now too)

    from the league change i always had a lot of crap players i can now just drop and draft at least 7 times (reed, richardson, d.johnson, sprinkle, guice (if he’s really out of football), good news is CB are (like you mentioned) the easiest spot to fill, and you WANT the rookies getting thrown at even if they suck (they’ll get PD, tackles at least from that, picks too)

    • GasDoc

      GasDoc says:

      I agree that I wouldn’t keep any of those guys and see what you can get in the draft. I like your safeties. Calais Campbell is on the downside of his career so see what’s there at DE early. As you said, corners are a dime a dozen and just play matchups each week. Check on Jalen Mills. If he is CB eligible in your league grab him as he’ll play safety and give you those numbers from the CB spot

      • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

        i dropped ford too and all the CB’s. i’m doing rankings for who’s left and i can improve on him easily. using who i wanted for years to be the guy doing what you are doing here (not that you aren’t doing a good job at all, i had this thought for years before now) the idp guru (who ranks very deeply, as per what i need here). i’m sure you’ve heard of him

        so far 5 DE guys in his top DL’s are available, including j.allen (not kept for some stupid reason), down to odenigbo (37th, but that includes DT’s). just TONS of top 70 or more LB’s out there for me to nab 2 with my 9 picks. probably be going
        2 LB
        1 DE
        maybe 1 DT (but that is worst scoring position outside of top end guys, and i have 2 of those already so just no here)
        – 2 CB

        that would leave me with 1 kicker, and 3 offensive guys (mostly rookies, but j.cook was dropped for improving in the short term on my irv smith at starter, albeit my guess is somebody else drafts j.cook while i’m drafting long term upside guys. also hines was dropped). it’s a shame i already am good at S since some quite good ones out there not kept. on j.mills he’s only a S here but not owned (IDP guru has him 36 for DB’s but if he gets CB that would be nice, albeit if he’s actually playing S he won’t here and i’m already quite good at S already (i dropped a.phillips LAC last year too))

        • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

          that’s josh allen JAX not kept, i already have j.allen WAS for my DT 2, which is insanely good to have a DT that highly ranked at your DT 2 for a 20 teamer (IDP guru’s 27th overall DL guy). j.allen he has 8th

          • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

            ended up with this: went by DT’s dynasty PPR rankings for the offensive players, IDP guru for the defensive ones. if no round number that’s who i already had. at 1.18 (i have 18th in all rounds), figured k.vaughn might be around at 2.18 and another guy ranked close at 3.18 so when akers was gone i went queen (no worse than a top 3 LB rookie in best situation out of all 3, simmons/murray the others). did get lucky that i got the 2 RB i wanted anyway at 2.18 and 3.18

            QB: (1) goff, haskins (max QB rule as many as you want from ONE real life team and UP TO 1 from a 2nd active. IR’s don’t count against this)
            RB: (1): DJ (HOU), ekeler, b.love, vaughn (2), aj dillon (3)
            WR (2): aj brown, t-will (LV), m-will (LAC), patterson (return yardage scores huge here), mims (4th, didn’t miss out on anybody i had higher ranked by going him here rather than 3.18)
            TE: (1) irv smith, everett (7, did miss out on herndon/cook/jarwin/oj howard earlier back in the 3rd)
            K: mclaughlin (rudy’s kicker 8, 10th round)
            LB (3): l.david, kwon A, r.evans, queen (1), pratt (5, IDP guru VERY high on this guy),
            DE: (2): campbell, houston, burns (6th, he’s only LB in yahoo, i read at IDP guru that he might get DE, but kerrigan was next ranked guy anyway, i’ll drop burns for CB 2 later), kerrigan (LB/DE, 9th). missed young (1.19) and j.allen JAX (4.13). funny how j.allen JAX went lower than he did in his rookie year and wasn’t kept.
            DT: (2): AAron, j.allen (WAS)
            S: (2): baker, simmons (DEN), r.harrison
            CB (2): b.murphy (8th)

            • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

              1 flex on offense here.

              • GasDoc

                GasDoc says:

                It looks good. Not sure I’d be so quck to drop Burns. A lot of people on him this year and being a dynasty, he may be someone to keep over Campbell next year.
                Queen over Young? I prob would have gone Young just because of how much harder it is to get the DE, but Queen is a great pick.
                With so many teams it’s hard to be good at all positions but it’s obvious you need help at WR. TE may be ok if Smith emerges and I think Everett is someone people are sleeping on. Good luck!

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