I thought I would take a quick look at my top 10 from last season and see how they ended up doing.  I didn’t do great, but even Jordan missed a shot once in a while!

  1. Chris Johnson: Projection: 1550/14 — 50/550/3, Actual Numbers: 1364/11 — 44/245/1 — CJ2K didn’t quite have the numbers we wanted out of the #1 pick, but he wasn’t a total bust. As you can see I thought his average yardage per reception would be a lot more, but them’s the breaks. CJ was hurt by poor quarterback play and helped by Kenny Britt stepping up.  He’s still a top 3 pick in my book, especially since he stays relatively healthy even for a guy with a slim frame.
  2. Adrian Peterson: Projection: 1400/17 — 40/375/2, Actual Numbers: 1298/12 — 36/341/1 — All Day may not have had a year to remember, but his stats were worth the price of admission.  He ended up as the 2nd best fantasy running back even though Favre was hurt and sucked.  My touchdown prediction for him was way off and that’s because I thought they would be a good team.  I was mistaken.
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew: Projection: 1250/14 — 55/500/2, Actual Numbers: 1324/5 — 34/317/2 — MJD was one of the more consistent yardage compilers all season, but had a ton of trouble getting into the endzone. After taking a look at Marcedes Lewis’ TD numbers you can see where a lot of them went. I expected more receiving numbers from him, but he also missed a couple games due to his knee.  I am worried about him for next season.
  4. Ray Rice: Projection: 1300/10 — 70/675/2, Actual Numbers: 1223/5 — 63/556/1 — His yards were a little down from what I thought, but his TDs were even more so.  I had high hopes for Ray and he just never seemed to get it going.  McGahee hurt him around the goal line again, but thankfully Willis might be gone this off season. I still like him as a top 5 pick next season.
  5. Frank Gore: Projection: 1275/11 — 55/450/2, Actual Numbers: 853/3 — 46/452/2 — He missed 5 games and still hit my receiving numbers.  That’s in large part to Alex Smith being a check down crazed lunatic.  Reports are that Gore is healing quickly, and he will be worth grabbing next season, but his risk factor continues to go up.
  6. Michael Turner: Projection: 1350/15 — 8/60/0, Actual Numbers: 1371/12 — 12/85/0 — Turner was about right, but once again over on the TDs.  I think Arian Foster stole them all. He did slow down toward the end of the season, which is a concern for next season.  Having his handcuff will be imperative if you draft him next season.
  7. Andre Johnson: Projection: 100/1450/10, Actual Numbers: 86/1216/8 — These numbers would have been pretty close if not for the ankle injury and three missed games.  He’s a beast and he’ll be my #1 receiver once again.
  8. Steven Jackson: Projection: 1325/7 — 45/350/1, Actual Numbers: 1241/6 — 46/383/0 — I’m officially giving in on my SJax fantasy love.  He had a decent season, but he also had 330 carries.  He stayed relatively healthy, but also dropped in yards per carry.  Josh McDaniels should help that offense and if they get a WR I could see SJax being more productive with less touches, but I’m wary right now.
  9. Rashard Mendenhall: Projection: 1250/10 — 40/300/1, Actual Numbers: 1273/13 — 23/167/0 — Mendy exceeded expectations by a little in the run game, but not in the passing game.  I really expected more out of him there.  He slowed down a little statistically toward the end of the season, but showed he still had his legs in the AFC Championship game.  He should be a solid starter once again.
  10. Jamaal Charles: Projection: 1175/7 — 60/475/2, Actual Numbers: 1467/5 — 45/468/3 — We’ve already read about the amazing exploits of JC Superstar right here on this blog that I am standing on.  That can’t be good for my MacBook. JC exceeded my projections and I had some pretty high expectations.  He is easily a top 5 back in drafts next season.