The Miles Sanders hype train has lost the brakes and is full speed ahead going into the 2020 season. But the train seems to be staying on the tracks after Doug Pederson told Miles Sanders, “You’re the guy this season.” Coach speak should be taken with a grain of salt, but this is exactly what Miles Sanders truthers like myself want to hear. The hype is so rampant that if you Google “Miles Sanders shirtless” the 2nd picture in the results is actually Saquon Barkley shirtless. I mean, if Google is confusing Miles Sanders and Saquon Barkley in August, imagine what Sanders will do for his investors during the season. 

I now have Sanders as my RB7 for the 2020 season and there is potential for him to end up even higher than that. I moved him ahead of Austin Ekeler and Josh Jacobs who I think he is more talented than, I just needed assurance that the volume is going to be there. I’m not saying that the recent Pederson comments have eased all of my anxieties. After all, running back by committee is in Pederson’s nature as a coach. Sanders needs to hit the ground running early to keep Boston Scott off of the field. If Sanders does end up starting slow and Philly falls back into a heavy committee approach, it isn’t necessarily all doom and gloom for Sanders, but your chances of getting return on investment drops dramatically. But the players with the lowest risk are off of the board by pick 4 and risk is what makes this all fun. 

Quick hitters

Bryan Edwards is running with the first team in 3 WR sets during camp. A healthy Bryan Edwards is going to be a stud in the NFL and he is still a value in dynasty rookie drafts. Just last week, I was able to acquire him in the middle of the second round in our Ditka Sausage Dynasty rookie draft. There are analysts that think Edwards’ ceiling is actually higher than Ruggs’. 

Laviska Shenault has been reportedly running with the first team at Jaguars practices. Shenault has a lot of athleticism and the Jags have previously stated that they plan to use him in a lot of different ways. Without any preseason games this secret stash might be easier to hide from your league mates. 

Jalen Hurd, who was a 3rd round pick out of Baylor in 2019 will have to wait another season to make a splash after tearing his ACL. A lot of people close to the 49ers believed he could make a big splash early with Deebo Samuel starting the season on the sidelines. With Hurd going down, the only really interesting 49ers wide receivers to me are Kendrick Bourne and Brandon Aiyuk. Aiyuk has reportedly been impressive so far in camp. 

J.K. Dobbins has reportedly looked very explosive in camp so far. I don’t see a scenario where he doesn’t carve out a nice role for himself in the Ravens’ offense. He has a ton of upside and seems worth the risk being drafted outside of the top 30 RBs although that ADP might not last all the way through August. 

T.J. Hockenson says his ankle still isn’t 100% and that means that I’ll be 100% avoiding him in drafts. There is already so much upside in the middle of the pack when it comes to tight ends so taking a shot on Hockenson doesn’t seem necessary. 

– The A.J. Dillon truthers are loud after a training camp picture of him looking like The Hulk came out on twitter. This backfield has screamed “AVOID!” to me ever since they added Dillon to the mix in April. I’m certainly not drafting Aaron Jones this year.

– A quick update on the dumpster fire that will be catching passes for the Jets in 2020: Denzel Mims hurt his hamstring and it will cost him the chance to be WR3 on the Jets’ depth chart. It has been reported that Jamison Crowder has by far looked like the best Jets receiver so far in camp. Adam Gase also said that Chris Herndon will be the starting TE in 2020. The Herndon news is obvious, but important nonetheless. Jamison Crowder is always on my radar because he always seems to fly under other drafters’ radars.

–  Justin Watson could start in the slot for the Buccaneers in 2020. Tom Brady loved hitting Edelman and Gronk out of the slot so it’s something to really keep in mind. 

– I don’t know what to make of the Washington Football Team’s running back room after Derrius Guice was let go. It sounds like Bryce Love has looked good. Maybe Antonio Gibson could be part of a committee backfield? Maybe Adrian Peterson holds them both off. I doubt that I draft anyone in this backfield but I think Peterson has the best shot at volume. 

Dez Bryant is scheduled to work out for the Ravens this week. I don’t think that there is much here and I don’t plan on evaluating him unless he has a team. But you never know. It sounds like the Ravens will no longer be pursuing Antonio Brown

Preston Williams doesn’t have any health restrictions as of today. Buy, buy, buy!

– KJ Hamler has reportedly been a stand out at Broncos camp. You have to love those Penn State receivers once they get into the NFL. I’ve been excited about Hamler But the landing spot in Denver left him with a lot of competition for targets. Even if he doesn’t pop in his rookie season, I definitely like him for the future. 

  1. Fizz says:

    Keeper .5 ppr 12 team

    Need to pick 1. And why?

    M. Andrews – Round 8
    DK Metkalf – Round 14

    • MB

      MB says:

      Mandrews. More snaps and more volume this year compared to last. WR is deep and there are a lot of Metcalfs

  2. dlite101 says:

    Sanders is going to be good. Do you keep him in 4th or Ekeler in 6th in ppr 10 team league? I have pick 9 in first round

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d keep Sanders in the 4th. It’d be awesome to keep both haha

  3. Water boy says:

    Hey MB! Hope all is well! We haven’t drafted yet, it’ll be right before week 1 I want to make sure week 1 is going to happen as scheduled.

    Full ppr it’s a keeper league, we can keep max 2 players . I was originally thinking of keeping Dalvin Cook & Tyreek Hill. However thoughts of pulling off a pre keeper lock date trade?

    Here are options I was debating:

    1.) deal Dalvin cook to get kamara?

    2.) deal tyreek hill to get miles sanders + a draft pick or two?

    3.) deal tyreek hill to get josh Jacobs + a draft pick (or two?)

    4.) deal tyreek hill to get mixon?

    Am I over thinking things a tad & should just keep cook & tyreek ?

    So rounds 1 & 2 are dedicated for keepers, round 3 begins snake.

    Thanks man!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Good call on waiting, that’s what I’m doing as well.

      I doubt that Hill will get Sanders realistically. I think Hill for Mixon is the only one that’s realistic and I am on the Hill side.

      I could go either way on Cook or Kamara but that one is close enough that it’s up to personal preference.

      • Water boy says:

        Thanks man! I may go for hill for mixon swap. Then I could pair cook + mixon. See you concerned at all with mixon & cook potentially holding out?

        Reason I mentioned was because last year Jacobs owner wanted my tyreek straight up. Josh Jacobs owner can only keep 2 he has zeke , he’s been keeping zeke since 2018. In addition he has fournette, Jacobs, DeAndre Hopkins.

        Miles sanders owner can only keep 2 he has Michael Thomas as of course he’s keeping. Also he has James white , Mark Ingram , miles sanders , Deshaun Watson ,

        Mixon owner only can keep 2, he has mixon, Sony Michel, OBJ, Kittle.

        – mixon owner is a pats homer , so I see him taking pats players & bucs players
        I have Edelman & gronk. No way am I keeping them. I was thinking Edelman for mixon , or just a late round pick.

        What about my Edelman + Gronk + tyreek hill for
        Mixon + his round 5 pick #1 & his round 12 pick 12?

        Technically it’s not a true round 5, as snake starts round 3

        Lol if I’m not keeping I’ll take any value

        • Water boy says:

          If I ask for that round 5 pick here are players who were drafted in round 5 last year :
          James white, josh Gordon, brandin cooks, Godwin, diggs, Robert woods, TY Hilton, David Montgomery, golladay, duke Johnson in that order

          If I ask for a round 4:
          Bigger names:
          This is who went round 4 in ‘19:

          Amari Cooper, Melvin Gordon, Kittle, Chris Carson , Josh Jacobs , ertz, damien Williams, Derrick henry , thielen & Mark Ingram .

        • MB

          MB says:

          Maybe the Miles Sanders thing is worth a shot if it’s explained that way. I really don’t have any concerns about a Mixon or Cook hold out.

          You can try that for Mixon, he would be crazy to take it though!

          Keep in mind that ADPs will be a lot different this year, but there should be plenty of good value in rounds 4&5

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