Week 1 is always full of breakout receivers.  Some keep it up, most crap out.  But, there are also some guys who you own that you won’t be able to stand on your team anymore.  I can understand that.  It’s cleansing to boot them to the curb.  Here are a few guys that might possibly be worth picking up after you chuck a few numbskulls, maybe.

Brandon Jackson: Ryan Grant got an ankle boo boo.  Word was he was going to come back in the game, but it never happened and now it looks like he will be questionable for next week. I doubt they will risk him against the horrible, horrible Buffalo Bills, so I expect Jackson will get the start and be set up for a pretty big day.

Jordan Shipley: The Bengals receiving numbers are pretty skewed since they were playing from behind, but Shipley is the real deal.  He is going to help Palmer’s numbers this season.  He was targeted 7 times, catching 5 for 82 yards.  I could see that number rounding out to 4-5 receptions, 50-70 yards a game.  If that is helpful to your team, pick him up.

Brandon Lloyd: Where did this guy come from?  He’s always looked like he had the skill, but just was never consistent.  I wish I wish I could say this was the start of something big, but the Broncos have too many receivers and 2 good rookies that will soon be on the scene. He had 8 targets, and caught 5 of them for 117 yards.  He’s worth a flier in deep leagues, but I’m not too bullish on him.

Mark Clayton: Bradford was all over Clayton, targeting 16 times.  He caught 10 of them for 119 yards.  He didn’t look all that great, but you can’t dispute 16 targets.  That number should level out, but Laurent Robinson did injure himself once again.  I wouldn’t expect huge games from him, but as long as his targets remain high he should be worthwhile in PPR leagues.

Eddie Royal: The Bronco’s wide receivers are not going to be clear cut anytime soon, but Eddie Royal showed he had a good connection with Orton, being targeted 10 times and catching 8 of those for 98 yards.  I’d rather have him than Lloyd.

Austin Collie: The Colts had trouble keeping Peyton unmolested so Collie and Clark were getting a ton of quick passes.  He ended up with 11 targets, 10 receptions, 131 yards and a TD.  Anthony Gonzalez tweaked something again so it’s time to give up on him and focus on Collie, especially in PPR leagues.

Michael Vick: Don’t give up on Kolb yet.  I kind of think Johnny Knoxville was filming Jackass 3 and replaced Kolb, but I could be wrong. Vick is not accurate, but he easily gives you fantasy points with his legs.  He looks like the Vick of old who was a pretty good fantasy option, so he’s worth a speculative grab, especially if you are a Kolb owner.

Peyton Hillis: He split time with Jerome Harrison equally and then got looks near the end zone resulting in a touchdown. Mandingus is giving me the itis. Hillis is worth a pickup in most leagues, especially in deep leagues where you are scrambling to find warm bodies.  I am starting Larry Johnson in a big league and it hurts me.  It hurts me bad.

Jimmy Clausen: Matt Moore had/has a concussion and there is a chance he won’t play next week. Clausen will get his shot after a pretty poor game by Moore.  If you are in a deep 2 QB league you should make a speculative pick up.

Danny Amendola: He was targeted 9 times and made 6 receptions for 67 yards.  I think he will be the most consistent Rams receiver and is worth owning in most PPR leagues.  Bradford made plenty of mistakes, but also looked good enough to keep drives moving and receivers in targets.

Jermaine Gresham: Targeted 10 times, Gresham ended up with 6 receptions, 25 yards and a TD.  The targets won’t always be so high since they won’t always be getting blown out so badly, but he was targeted near the end zone and almost got a 2nd TD.  That’s good news and makes him a high end TE 2.

Steve Breaston: Derek Anderson is not accurate by any means, so he had to get some shorter completions and YAC from Breaston, and he did.  Breaston was targeted 7 times and caught each one for 132 yards.  I was down on Breaston and I don’t think this will be the normal occurrence, but I did like what I saw, especially after the catch.  He’s probably not on the waiver wire, but if he is, you know what to do.

Mike Thomas: Champ Bailey took Mike Sims-Walker out of the game, which opened up some real estate for Thomas. He was targeted 7 times, catching 6 of those for 89 yards. Sims-Walker had 2 targets and no receptions, so there is a good chance Thomas won’t be the leading receiver too often.  It is good to know Thomas got the looks he did, but don’t drop anyone with upside for him.

Marcedes Lewis: He was only targeted twice, but both times resulted in touchdowns.  It’s good to see him getting the looks in the red zone, but he’s probably already owned in leagues deep enough to own him in.  Or something.  This happens all the time with TEs.  There is always some TE who grabs a couple TDs in week 1 and gets picked up and never repeats.

Brandon Tate: With Edelman out, Tate got some work on offense, but his real value is in return yardage leagues.  I doubt he is available in return yardage leagues, but he looks like the real deal and will continue racking up yardage and possible TDs on returns.

Shaun Hill: He’s not so good, but he did figure out that tossing it up to Calvin Johnson is better than trying to use what limited skill he has and Matthew Stafford may be out 4-6 weeks. I’m in some deep, dynasty type leagues that any pulse at QB gets picked up quickly, so if you need to, grab him.

  1. Austin says:

    Already put a claim in for Breaston in 1 league & picked up Royal in another (I had Berrian in both leagues & just wasn’t feeling him at ALL Thursday), so love the list!

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    liked breastons game to,clayton looks like the guy here that can help a bit,dallas looks terrible,and wont give the ball to jones?

  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Austin: saddly i already had royal and breaston,

  4. Griff says:

    FYI: Shipley caught a hail mary for 50 yards at the end of the first half. So take his 82 total for the day with a grain of salt.

  5. The Peoples Champ

    The Peoples Champ says:

    1/2 PPR, 1 pt per 10 rec yards and 25 return yards.

    Tate, Nelson, Clayton, and Lloyd are all on waivers. Dropping Louis Murphy, that is the order i have them in my waiver priority. I expect Tate to be taken by someone with a higher waiver than me. Judging by today, i’d expect Nelson to keep getting KR duties, but don’t follow the team much at all. Is that a reasonable assumption and good order for those 4 players?

  6. genghis chone says:

    PPR point-per-25 punt/kick return yard league. How would you rank these guys: Leon Washington, Danny Amendola Dexter McCluster, Brandon Jackson, Brandon Tate, Jabar Gaffney? Thanks!

  7. barker says:

    trade im thinking of offering in a ten team league
    i give bradshaw maclin mike williams sea
    i get reggie wayne sidney rice mcgahee

    kid needs a RB i can handcuff rice
    my WR roddy white welker maclin gaffney mason mike williams
    my RB rice ronnie brown bradshaw hightower felix jones cadillac williams

    should i offer any other combo like with felix instead of bradshaw
    would like to have rice in the playoffs also

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @The Peoples Champ: Yeah, I think that is reasonable.

    @genghis chone: Amendola, Jackson, Tate, Washington, Gaffney, McCluster

    @barker: I’d do that trade. I’m not a fan of Rice, just because of the drag on your bench though.

  9. Black Beard says:

    I’ve got Hester, D. Brown, L. Johnson, Slaton and M. Lynch riding the bench.

    Who would recommend dropping/targeting? Non PPR league, ten team, 2QB league (currently have Ryan, Garrard, and B. Ben). Thanks.

  10. Howie says:

    @Doc: I currently have Z. Miller (Oakland variety) as my TE… do you like any of the following to replace him, and if so– who is the best in a non-PPR league?:

    Evan Moore
    H. Miller


  11. @Griff Says: FYI: Shipley caught a hail mary for 50 yards at the end of the first half. So take his 82 total for the day with a grain of salt.

    BUT how many wide recievers actually catch a Hail Mary Pass ?

  12. I thought Kevin Kolb was playing with a concussion the whole game

  13. Pepe Silvia says:

    If you were #1 on a waiver wire priority list, would you use that top spot to pick up Brandon Jackson, or hold onto it for another week?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: I could see dropping Slaton for Jackson.

    @Howie: That’s a pretty good list. I am still high on Miller though. I’d hold for now.

    @mrfootball: Looked like it

    @Pepe Silvia: Unless you have Grant I could see holding onto it. Really depends on your needs.

  15. Matt says:

    I’m in a 12 team league and drafted these sure to be Top 20 Receivers before they hit everyone’s radar screen:

    Nate Washington – will get loose with 8 in the box to stop CJ
    Danny Amendola – Bradford needs this Wes Welker like guy
    Legedu Naane – if you think Malcom Floyd is good just wait til tonight

  16. Sean says:

    1 PPR league…3 WR League

    Would you rather pickup Mark Clayton or Camarillo? I have Favre and love that QB/WR connection.

    Both players would be bye-week replacements to Marshall, Jennings and Nicks.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sean: It’s pretty close, but I like Minnesotas offense more.

  18. Scott says:

    Non-ppr league, 20 yards per point. Have RBs Gore, Stewart, Addai, Forte and Barber.

    Am 2nd priority, so I will likely not get Foster (who was put on waiver wire), though I have a claim in for him (dropping Barber).

    Stewart was a total bust last week.

    Does it make sense to add free agent Brandon Jackson for Barber and change my waiver claim to Foster for Addai (or Forte)? I likely wont get him anyway.

  19. addc says:

    I have andre johnson and randy moss starting and hines ward benched. Should I start hines ward instead of moss this week 9/19/10?
    Thank you

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Scott: I’d drop Stewart/Barber

    @addc: I’d stick with Moss

  21. MANCHILD says:

    is it a good idea to drop Shipley for Brandon Tate? I like Brady over Palmer.

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Only if you are in a return league. If Edelman is playing Tate loses even more looks.

  23. MANCHILD says:

    Cool, thanks Doc. would you take Bowe or M. Williams (Seattle) over Tate?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Bowe

  25. mark says:

    Should I trade Aaron Rodgers and Spiller for Brady, Colston, and Meddenhall?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: If you are getting the Brady side, yes, yes and yes.

  27. mark says:

    Would you start Brandon Jackson over Shonn Greene?

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: I would

  29. MANCHILD says:

    Yo Doc, who would u start Greene or Forte?

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Forty

  31. ballin says:

    start brandon jackson or rashard mendenhall?

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ballin: Going with Mendy

  33. MANCHILD says:

    Yo Doc, who do I start Harvin, Collie, or k. Walter?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Harvin

  35. MANCHILD says:

    Thanks, how about s.greene or walter?

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Greene

  37. MANCHILD says:

    Do you think S. Holmes is a good pk up?

  38. ballin says:

    will mendenhall do well against TB’s DEF?

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Yes

    @ballin: I think he’ll get plenty of chances.

  40. MANCHILD says:

    what’s up Doc, who should i start Harvin, S. Greene, or Beanie Wells?

    • Doc

      Doc says:


  41. MANCHILD says:

    or B. Llyod?

  42. MANCHILD says:

    thanks, beanie or b.llyod?

  43. MANCHILD says:

    so ur sold on, S. Jackson, T. Jones, Beanie Wells, K. Walter, M. Fllyod?

    with Harvin, B. llyod, and S. Greene on bench

  44. MANCHILD says:

    hey doc, so beanie over b. llyod or harvin or walter?

  45. MANCHILD says:

    should i trade b.llyod for m.forte?

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: Sorry, I’ve been missing your questions. I would trade him for Forte if it is a PPR league and if you feel good about your other WRs.

    Hit me up in the latest posts and I’ll find your questions easier.

  47. MANCHILD says:

    no worries doc, it is a ppr league. that would put me with s.jackson, gore, forte, B. marshall, m. fllyod with collie on the bench. should i?

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: I’d go for it

  49. MANCHILD says:

    whats up doc, who should i start Chiefs D at Houston or 49ers D at home vs. Raiders?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MANCHILD: niners

  51. MANCHILD says:


  52. MANCHILD says:

    whats up Doc, who should i start. Danny woodhead, hester, ronnie brown, roy williams or lance moore as my flex?

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