Here are a few of my knee-jerk reactions to Sunday.  Just a few guys you might want to pick up if you of the right humour.

Chris Ivory: He totaled 175 yards and that is good no matter who you are playing.  He left the game limping, but it didn’t look too bad. And I am a “doctor.”  This game should keep him in the picture even when Pierre Thomas returns, which is not the best news Thomas owners could ever hear.  Pierre could still miss next week against Cleveland and Ivory would be the lead back again.  He should be owned.

Donald Brown: Joseph Addai aggravated his injury and probably added a few more after taking a big hit from London Fletcher. Indianapolis has a BYE next week which will give Brown plenty of time to recover from his hamstring injury.  That will also give Addai some time, but Brown needs to be owned with Addai hurting and the Colts always in the red zone. In deeper leagues grab Mike Hart.

Danny Woodhead: Woodhead had a great all around game by accumulating over 100 total yards, but his real value will come in PPR leagues where he looks like he has taken over Faulk’s role in the offense.

Deion Branch: Brady found his old pal for some big catches and a TD while targeting him 12 times.  If only the two had been fighting at some point we could have seen about a thousand “olive branch” references, but alas.  If those targets keep up, Branch should continue to be useful in fantasy circles.  He’s worth a pick up.

Robert Meachem: Well, Bobby has done it in back to back games so I’m going to hope this is a trend and say grab him and grab him some more.  He had 5 games in a row last season with TDs and now he’s on 2.  Let’s see if he can relive some of that magic.

Nate Burleson: He got his second touchdown in as many weeks and as long as Burls is healthy he belongs on rosters, but he does have a BYE next week, so don’t screw yourself.

Patrick Crayton: Antonio Gates was in a walking boot after the game and Malcolm Floyd left the game with a hamstring injury.  Crayton benefited by going over 100 yards and if both can’t make it back for week 7 he should benefit again.

Buster Davis: See above.  Davis isn’t as reliable as Crayton, but will continue to see targets with Gates and Floyd hurting.

Owen Daniels: He finally looks like he is as close to 100% as he can be with multiple knee surgeries.  Schaub targeted him a lot during crunch time.  I’d finally feel good about having on my team.

Ben Watson: He’s topped 5 receptions in each of the last 4 games and grabbed 2 touchdowns in that span.  Colt McCoy showed some real presence and all that poise crap against a murderous Steelers defense and targeted Watson 9 times.  He’s worth a look if you lost Gates/Finley/Cooley, etc…

Danario Alexander: The Rams keep winning at home, but with Clayton gone they are still trying to find their go to guy.  The top targets in their win over San Diego were Alexander, Gibson, Amendola and Bajema (yeah, Bajema) who all had 5 targets. Alexander did the most with those 5 targets catching 4 of them for 72 yards and a TD.  Bradford is good enough to make a decent fantasy player out of someone, but figuring out who that will be week to week is tough.  Alexander showed good speed and nice hands and has as good a shot as anyone.

Jordy Nelson: James Jones looked like he could be the beneficiary of Finley’s departure, but he didn’t take advantage, but Nelson at least tried to take advantage.  He caught 4 of 7 targets for 64 yards.  Someone needs to fill that Finley void.

  1. Hennessey says:

    Sell high on Bowe after his big game against a poopy defense?

  2. Bob from Germany says:

    hey guys,

    whats your thoughts on this trade:

    Brees, Colston, douchebag RB – Big Ben, Lloyd, Ahmad Bradshaw

    I would give up Ben, Lloyd and Bradshaw. The thing is, I can afford to give up bradshaw, cause I have All Day, McCoy, Beanie and Peyton Hillis. Need to start three and I would be fine with Beanie and Hillis as third string RB, Ivory is on Free Agents too… How much of an upgrade would be Brees and Colston over Big Ben and Lloyd?

  3. Al-D says:

    Can i drop shaun hill in a 14 team 2 QB league where every starter is taken? Have Schaub, Stafford and Claussen.

  4. Pepe Silvia says:

    @Bob from Germany: I’m not sure you’re getting much of an upgrade there at all. I’d rather have Brees than Ben, sure, but I think at this point Lloyd is more reliable than Colston considering how the Saints spread it around. Even yesterday, when Denver struggled a lot more throwing the ball than New Orleans, Lloyd still outproduced Colston.

    Also, I know you say you’re fine with Beanie/Hillis as your #3 RB, and those are good options, but they’re still a downgrade from Bradshaw, so you have to factor that in as well.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    8 team league, need some help with bye week fill-ins…

    Colston, Crabtree, Meachem, MSW, Branch, Knox, Britt?

    Forsett, Lynch, T. Jones?

    A-Her, Miller?

    0.5 PPR…pick one of each. Thanks, Doc.

  6. Pepe Silvia says:

    meanwhile, I have a strategery question:

    I’m almost definitely about to be 4-1-1, and I have a HUGE bye week coming up – no Peyton, Foster, Johnson, Garcon or Holmes. In order for me to even have enough guys to field a full team, I’d have to cut my 2nd TE (Celek, also have Miller) as well as VJax. Even if I make those cuts, my lineup next week is going to look something like Cassel-J Stewart-Bradshaw-B Marshall-B Tate-(random waiver WR)-Miller. In other words, pretty ugly.

    So my question is, should I drop Celek and VJax and give it my best shot this week (even though I’m sitting well in the standings), or should I just hold onto those guys and take my lumps?

  7. Pepe Silvia says:

    oh, and fwiw, the guy I’d probably be picking up if I drop VJax is Crayton.

  8. 24hourjack says:

    so yesterday I talked myself out of dropping McGahee and picking up Woodhead,and now every 2-4 yahoo in my league will be all over him…….

    but anyway,should I use a fairly high waiver pick,and drop McGahee,or Hightower to try and grab him?……..

    its a non PPR league.

  9. Bob from germany says:

    Ok, honestly, i’m a saints fan, the guy knows that… For me it looks the way like you said, but i’ve got two things in my mind, why i keep thinking over this:

    colston will catch some tds. I often take an underproducing proven player for an – in my opinion – overproducing risky player. And for what its worth, i still dont trust kyle orton. My best guess would be, that from now on colston will produce more than lloyd, not that much more at all, but a little bit. Same goes for brees and big ben. Also i dont like bradshaws week 14 (i’m pretty sure i’ll make the playoffs) matchup and the welcome back show of brandon jacobs. I ask myself, if its that much downgrade from bradshaw to wells/hillis…

    Ok, after reading all that stuff i wrote, maybe i’m just trying to make this deal look ok, so i can take the both saints…

    Anyway, thanks for your (upcoming) advice.

  10. 24hourjack says:

    which WR is more likely to keep up the good work….

    Meachem or Branch?

  11. Pepe Silvia says:

    @Bob from germany: I still just think there are too many mouths to feed in NO. Don’t forget they’ll probably be getting back Bush and Thomas fairly soon. Also don’t forget that Denver’s playoff schedule is really nice — in fact I’ve been thinking pretty hard about trying to trade for Lloyd in a league.

    @24hourjack: I say Branch. Looks like he’s going to get a lot of catches there.

  12. CL says:

    lost Cooley… Heath Miller or Ben Watson best moving forward?

  13. Wilsonian says:

    @24hourjack: @Pepe Silvia: I asked Doc a very similar question yesterday afternoon and he said to go with Meachem.

  14. QB says:


    Who do you like better next week?

    Kolb vs TEN or Cassel vs JAC

  15. D'up says:

    STL Def against TB or KC Def against JAC for Week 7 ?

  16. stumanji says:

    “In deeper leagues gab Mike Hart.”

    Even if Addai and Brown are healthy, Hart is always available for a good conversation.

  17. Harley says:

    @ Doc: 10 team, .5 ppr, I am in 1st place, but need help at RB.

    I have:
    Start 2: Brady, Flacco, Stafford and Max Hall

    Start 4: Megatron, Steve Smith (Car), Welker, Mike Williams (TB), Tony G. and Z. Miller

    Start 2: Best, McFadden, M. Bush and Ben Jarvis Green Ellis

    The combo of McFadden and Bush have been keeping me afloat, but I need help ASAP with McFadden due to come back and a likely platoon.

    What do you think of Brady and Welker for Vick and Shady McCoy? I am in the camp that Brady is still overvalued and now he is without Moss. Also, this isn’t quite a full PPR league, so Welker isn’t as valuable as he is viewed to be. In the event that Vick doesn’t come back for a little or he gets hurt again I have Stafford (who I think will put up good fantasy numbers).

    Would you do it? Should I ask for Rapelisberger instead of Vick?

    Please help, sorry for the long post, any detailed advice would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Isles Guru says:


    Does Woodhead have a high ceiling in (Dynasty) PPR leagues?

  19. batman the horse says:

    Will Turner get it together? A despondent owner is wants to get rid of him. What are your thoughts on:

    (he gets) Hines Ward + Torain = (i get) Turner + [Welker or Colston]


    (he gets) Ward + Mathews = (i get) Turner + [Moeaki or Britt]

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hennessey: I would, but they do get Jacksonville next week. You could wait until after that game.

    @Bob from Germany: It’s pretty close and I still am all for buying low on Colston, but it feels too even to worry about right now.

    @Al-D: Yeah

    @Wilsonian: Colston/Lynch/AHer

    @Pepe Silvia: I wouldn’t destroy your roster for one week, but I’d do my best to fill it out. Was VJax tough for you to get or was he sitting there because nobody else grabbed him?

    @24hourjack: I could see Hightower, but I’m thinking McGahee might be on the trade block. Might keep him around.

    @24hourjack: I like Meachem more in non-ppr, but would lean Branch in ppr

    @CL: Miller

    @QB: Kolb

    @D’up: KC

    @stumanji: He has a gift for it.

    @Isles Guru: Hard to tell with guys like him. His skill ceiling is low, but scrap ceiling is high. So I think it puts him in the middle as far as ceiling height.

    @Harley: Brady. Flacco, BJGE, Bush, Welker, Mike Williams, Megatron, Tony G (Best is on a BYE)

    I could see doing that trade with Ben. I’m just a little worried that Kolb could win the job back.

  21. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks Doc!

    Reading through your responses, do you think I should pick up Branch for Meachem in a 0.5 PPR?

    Also, better TE for next week: Watson, Pettigrew, Heap, Moeaki, Greshem, Daniels?

  22. batman the horse says:

    @Doc: thanks Doc. would you rather have colston or welker in a 0.5-ppr league?

  23. Rookie Season says:

    If you were to pick up one WR2, who would you pick? 0.5PPR, 1pt per return yd.
    Patrick Crayton, Steve Johnson, Nate Burleson, Anthony Armstrong, Michael Jenkins, Devin Hester, Dexter McCluster. I think Johnson has a bye. If he’s the best pick, then I’ll pick him up and worry about this week.

    If you were to pick up one RB2, who would you pick? My RB1 for Week 7 is Brandon Jacobs, maybe Moreno. :)
    Chris Ivory, Derrick Ward, Ricky Williams

    I have a nasty week 7 with a lot of byes. Thanks, Doc!

  24. Randy says:

    I just dropped Moeaki for Benjamin Watson. KC is just too unreliable. I have my eye on Fred Jackson and Randy McMichael. Do you think either are worth an add if Gates or Cooley are out?

  25. Harley says:

    @ Doc: Thanks, but you really think Kolb can win the job back? I don’t see it happening unless Vick gets hurt again. I know Kolb looked good, but no way Reid is going to start this controversy back up again.

    Would you make the trade if its Roethlisberger instead of Vick then?

  26. Randy says:

    Obviously I met Fred Davis.

  27. DSimms says:

    So I have little faith in Forte putting up top RB points going forward and have been trying to sell high but no one is biting.

    A counter offer i got tho was Knowshon and Beanie for Forte. Should i accept or is this not enough for Forte?

  28. Now that the Pack has ended Finley’s season. Who would you rather have moving forward? Heath Miller or Owen Daniels?

  29. Joel says:

    Doc, I have Bradshaw, who is really starting to seem like a sell candidiate to me right now with the constant vulturing going on. For the rest of the season, would you rather have Bradshaw or Benson?

  30. jeff says:

    Drop Devrey Henderson for either of these guys; Mike Williams (Sea) or Crayton (SD)?

    I know Crayton is probably the guy for next week, but what about the rest of the season?

  31. DSimms says:

    nevermind — just got MGD for Forte and santana moss

  32. DSimms says:

    new question — would you rather have MGD or Gore?
    non-ppr, keeper league both would require next year rd. 1 pic.

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @DSimms: damn, you got a Miller Genuine Draft for Forte and Santana? I think you definitely got the better deal.

    But in all seriousness, that’s probably a decent trade…I would do it if I had Forte and Santana.

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d lean Branch and Heap against the Bills.

    @batman the horse: Colston

    @Rookie Season: Ivory and Crayton

    @Randy: I would lean Davis, but I doubt Cooley is out that long. I’d go with Watson for longer term.

    @Harley: I don’t think Kolb will get it back, but I never thought Vick would take over for Kolb. I like Vick’s upside more than Ben’s.

    @DSimms: It would be a real buy low sell high with a lot of risk, but I think one of the two can perform as well as Forte. I would be more wary in a PPR league.

    @Chicago Mike: Miller might be safer, but I would lean Daniels in that offense.

    @Rookie Season: I’d lean KC

    @Joel: Tough. i like Bradshaw but he is getting vultured and Benson won’t. I’d lean Benson.

    @jeff: I think I’d go with Crayton and see how it goes from there.

    @DSimms: Not a fan of MGD. I’ve been drinking Two Brothers recently.

    @DSimms: I’d prefer Gore.

  35. G.O.B. says:

    PPR, should I drop Brandon Jackson or Forsett fo Donald Brown?

  36. jeff says:

    Just looked a little further into who was available and Sidney Rice is out there. Should I grab and stash him?

    Currently have Jennings, Austin, Garcon, Breaston (and Devrey)

  37. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: damn, Branch just got picked up, so I guess I’ll ride the Meachem train. I do have a decent WR corps in Wayne, Austin, Ward, Williams (TB), DezB, Meachem, so it probably wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Which def. do you like for Week 7:

    NYG @ Dal; Sea v. Ari; Den v. Oak; Was @ Chi; Min @ GB; Ari @ Sea; STL @ TB; SF @ Car? (I currently have NYG)

  38. Swizz says:


    My WRs which was a weakness all year for me had a monster performance. Bowe, Garcon and Maclin killed it for me and I also have Moore and Welker on the bench.

    I am 5 – 1 in a non-PPR league and looking to add some studs for the 2nd half. Who do I need to trade away ASAP and which stud WR would be a perfect buy low candidate at this point?

  39. Joel says:

    I have a follow up to the Bradshaw for Benson trade Q. Right now, my rbs are Bradshaw, SJax, Best, Hillis, Felix Jones and Mcgahee. I’m considering packaging two of these guys, maybe Bradshaw and Felix Jones, for one true RB1, like Rice. Would you trade bradshaw and Felix for Rice with those rbs in the barn already?

  40. stumanji says:

    @Joel: I would think you’d have to give up more than that for Rice.

  41. Drew Crew says:

    Lance Moore or Mario Manningham for the rest of the year in a ppr league?

  42. Joel says:

    @stumanji: Really? if McGahee doesn’t get traded, he’s got to still be a vulture. Our league is non-ppr. Other than the one breakout game, Rice has been a huge dissapointment, no? I think Bradshaw is likely on a pace for significantly more yards, plus I’d be throwing in Felix. If you were me, though, it sounds like you’d do this in a heartbeat. How come?

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @G.O.B.: I would for Brown

    @jeff: For now I’d drop Breaston for him and see how it goes.

    @Wilsonian: The Giants will probably be ok at home. But I would see if Boller plays for Oakland. If so I’d lean Denver.

    @Joel: I’d give it a shot.

    @Swizz: Well, Bowe, but you may not get much for him. I’d keep Maclin. You might be able to flip Bowe/Garcon for a better WR, but I don’t see any must have buy lows. I like Colston to get into the end zone, but he’s not a sure thing. Austin has had a couple down games, but doubt you could get him for them.

    @Drew Crew: Moore

  44. Damion says:

    Ok . I have alot to ask since I got whooped and now sit at 2-4.

    At QB, now I have 3 QBs….ryan, vick, and kolb. dropped VY…for now

    —-What do you think of these 3 QB’s future for the season??
    RB-I have mccoy, rice, bush, and lynch. same question?
    WR-Austin, Floyd, and Bowe….should I drop one of these guys and pick up VJax?
    TE-I have Kellar and Meoaki……but Im thinking about getting Owen Daniels…Is that a smart move??

  45. Joel says:

    Does anybody believe Harbaugh when he says that McGahee’s not going anywhere? That can’t be true, can it, after McGahee didn’t even sniff the field yesterday?

  46. Damion says:

    Should I scoop up Owen Daniels and drop kellar or meoaki??? If so, which one do I drop???

  47. DSimms says:

    Hey Doc, I’m thinking about trading my Romo for SJax after next week because I have Stafford coming back, what do you think?


  48. Hennessey says:

    1 PPR: Longterm – Woodhead or Crayton? I’d be dropping Brandon Tate. My other WRs are Wayne, Nicks, and Bowe…for the record, yes, I started Nicks over Bowe this week.

  49. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Does seem odd. I think he has to at least be available for the right price.

    @DSimms: I like the trade, but I worry about Stafford. I wouldn’t unless you are desperate.

    @Hennessey: I like Woodhead for more consistent production. Nicks has been too good to sit.

    @Damion: I’d keep Keller, but drop Moeaki

  50. Joel says:

    Would you rather have Turner or Bradshaw rest of season?

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Turner

  52. BearDown says:

    Aaron Hernandez or Owen Daniels for the rest of the season?

  53. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BearDown: I like AHer

  54. Steve Mc says:

    Trade Moss and Torain for A Johnson?

  55. Joe B says:

    @Doc: I know you mentioned Watson, but I was wondering which TE you recommend for the rest of the season in a PPR league…

    B Watson – QBs questionable, but producing
    B Pettigrew – Scheffler steals some thunder
    J Gresham – Rookie with upside

  56. Wilsonian says:

    Why is CJ out?! I missed it…

  57. Black Beard says:

    Watson or Scheffler in a non PPR?

  58. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Drop Tate looking for week 7 mainly then rest of season upside: NonPPR

    Patrick Crayton vs NE
    Mike Williams SEA vs ARI
    Jason Avant @ TEN
    Danny Woodhead @ SD
    Danario Alexander @ TB
    Robert Meachem vs CLE (Because I’d love to start 2 NO WRs)

    I have waiver order listed above.

  59. SIKWITIT says:


    Is Ryan Torain a sell high? Someone offered me R White for Torain and Forte in non ppr. Which side do you like better?

  60. Wilsonian says:

    What do you think of this trade offer:

    I get – Rice, Megatron, M. Ryan

    I give – Moreno, Wayne, Rivers?

    I still have Big Ben; my WRs after the trade would be Mega, White, Marshall, Boldin, Colston; my RBs after the trade would be CJ, Rice, Hillis, Best, DMC.

    It’s a 0.5 PPR.

  61. Damion says:

    dropped maoki…..picked up owen…..but hes on a bye…and so is kellar….

  62. Damion says:

    Heres my team:
    qb-ryan, vick, and kolb
    rb-rice, mccoy, lynch, bush
    wr-austin, bowe, floyd
    te-kellar daniels
    def-san fran

    -who should I drop if I decide to pick up a TE that is starting this week?? and out of these, who would be best to pick up: heap, watson, fasano, fred davis, scaife, maeoki?

  63. MrR8DER says:

    To all – what do you think about this trade

    R Moss – R Wayne (I have Colie) – Best for Benson – Nicks- B Marshall

    I would be getting the Marshall deal.

  64. MrR8DER says:

    Or do you like this deal better –

    Wayne & Best for Jennings & Gore

    Standard Scoring

  65. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I’d drop OD

    @MrR8DER: I like the Gore side and trade

  66. Damion says:

    if i drop OD what TE do i scoop up?

  67. Nate says:

    I’m in a PPR league with a WR/TE flex spot. I’ve got Andre Johnson and Miles Austin as my primary receivers, and I’ve been slotting Danny Amendola into the WR/TE flex since Steve Smith (CAR) played like poo with Claussen at QB.

    Is it worth picking up Woodhead and dropping Louis Murphy to slot him in over Amendola at the WR/TE flex (Woodhead is listed as WR/RB) or should I just stick with Amendola for now since he’s on the field every play and hope that Smith will improve now that Moore is CAR’s QB again?

  68. bman says:


    Ok so here are my 2 quaterbacks… Mcnabb, and Vick. Vick seems like he will be out a couple more weeks and its tuff rolling the dice with Mcnabb in must win situations. Now in my league 3 people post that they are willing to trade there top notch quaterbacks rivers, rothlenburger, and brady for a top notch WR/RB. I have Johnson, Fitz, Colston, Collie, and Jaffney as WR. Now what im thinking would it be worth putting a trade out there like Mcnabb, and Collie for Rivers or should I just stick it out since I have Vick.


  69. bman says:

    Also while you are at it if you dont mind I have my team listed below. Other then Ryan Torain I could care less for any of my running backs. Would you drop any of them for any of the waiver wire running backs you have listed ?

    QB Donovan McNabb
    Michael Vick
    RB Ricky Williams
    Ryan Torain
    Tim Hightower
    Mike Tolbert
    C.J. Spiller
    WR Jabar Gaffney
    Andre Johnson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Marques Colston
    Austin Collie
    TE Vernon Davis
    K Robbie Gould
    Def/ST New Orleans Saints

    Thanks again for the great advice week in and week out.


  70. Spliff says:

    Thinking of picking up a security blanket for Gates. Who would you grab: Watson, Celek, Moeaki, Shiancoe. Looking for a guy to carry me thru the bye week too. I’ll be dropping V. Jax

  71. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Damion: I like Heap’s matchup

  72. Lon says:

    Hey doc,
    Need some help at the flex spot in a .5 ppr league. Pick 1 from this list: knowshon moreno, meachem, roy williams, mike williams(sea), or forsett?

  73. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lon: Leaning Moreno as long as he practice fully

  74. bman says:

    Doc what about my questions ?

  75. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bman: Sorry about that. I like Vick, but I could see grabbing Rivers. Collie’s value just went up with Clark’s injury. If you could get him for Colston and McNabb I’d do that, but I kind of doubt they’d do that.

    I would drop Hightower/Tolbert for Woodhead/Ivory. But I think I would look at trading for an RB more than a QB right now.

  76. Bluety says:

    I have been offered; Brees, Barber, R. Wayne and Tolbert for M. Ryan, Gore, Dixon and Mccluster would you trade.

    I current have Vick, Ryan, Gore, Best, Ricky, Wes, Djax, Mason, Dez

  77. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bluety: That’s pretty much Brees/Wayne for Ryan/Gore. It’s really close, but I really wouldn’t want to rely on Best/Ricky.

  78. Damion says:

    lynch bush or crayton at flex??

  79. Bluety says:

    what do you think about M. vick. Will he be the starter

  80. Lon says:

    Who would you start in a non-ppr league, torain or mike wallace?

  81. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bluety: I do

    @Lon: Wallace

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