Tony Romo is possibly dunzo for the season, which is the opposite of good news for a lot of fake football teams.  Jon Kitna will take over and should be a decent option if you are a Romowner.  He’s no Romo, but if you can pair him up with one of the following you can get through this.  Kitna also gets the Jaguars next week if you are thinking short term and nice matchups weeks 15/16.  He has been handed one of the best offenses in the league and if his schedule was just a little bit better I would be picking him up as a non Romowner.  Well, come to think of it, I might just do that.  Suck it Cutler.  If Romo is your sole qube I’d make room for 2 quarterbacks.  There is nobody on the waiver wire who can really be counted on by himself.

All of the quarterbacks mentioned here have already had their BYE which is just odd, but helpful.

Matthew Stafford: If Stafford is on your waiver wire, I would target him with about the same vigor as Kitna.  His schedule looks the best out of the possible waiver finds and he has Megatron, Best, Burleson, and two good tight ends to throw to.  He’s risky and I would still like a backup to play matchups, but his ceiling is pretty high.

Matt Cassel: Like Stafford, Cassel has a nice schedule, especially the next 5 games.  I don’t love his ability, but he has been playing ok against weak opponents and has a nice running game to keep the defense off balance.

Josh Freeman: For being so young, Freeman knows how to finish games and Mike Williams ability to make great catches should keep him from throwing up huge clunkers.  I really like him paired with Stafford.

Chad Henne: Chad has a killer schedule coming up, but a great one for the last 5 games.  I’m sure you can pick him up later since he shouldn’t be setting the world on fire the next 4 weeks.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: He has upped his game no doubt and he’s worth a look in deep and 2QB leagues of course, but I’m not starting him when there are QBs like Stafford, Cassel, Freeman, Kitna, etc… on the wire.

Donald Brown: If you are in a shallow league he may be available, but of course your starters may be too valuable to drop.  Joseph Addai has a shoulder injury that isn’t going away anytime soon, and Brown should be back from his injury for week 8.  Since this was the Colts bye week it’s hard to know how cautious they will be with Addai, but there is a chance he doesn’t play and a very good chance he splits carries if he does.

LaGarrette Blount: The guy is a hard runner and should continue to get the majority of the carries with Caddy sprinkled in there enough to keep him from taking over the world.  He’s gone in all of my leagues so I can’t pick him up anyway so I’ll have to live vicariously through ya’ll.

Reggie Bush: He is worthwhile in PPR leagues and with Pierre Thomas’ status still up in the air he is worth a grab in non PPR.  He should be back next week which hurts Lance Moore as well.

Kenny Britt: You know what he did and that he won’t do it again, but he has the ability to do that and that is a lot to do.  Huh?  So I think he is a startable receiver in 3 receiver leagues.

Davone Bess: The guy is just good.  Of course he’s probably owned in PPR leagues, but he’s worth looking at in non-PPR with his playoff schedule.

Patrick Crayton: With Malcolm Floyd probably out again next week, Crayton should be serviceable once again, especially in PPR leagues.

Buster Davis: Same as above, but just a little suckier, with more TD upside.

Steve Johnson: Yes, TDs rule in fantasy, but don’t fall all over yourself rushing to the waiver wire.

Lee Evans: I just can’t get too invested in Evans.  He’s had games like this before just to crap out afterward.

Jordan Shipley: His value comes in PPR leagues.  Sunday’s long touchdown was nice, but you can’t expect that kind of catch and run from him too often.

Mike Williams (SEA): I still am not a fan, but as long as he is getting 15+ targets he is a must add in PPR leagues.

Davis Gettis: Steve Smith should put a damper on his targets once he is fully back.  Keep him on your radar, but don’t scramble your jets just yet.

Anthony Gonzalez: It looked like AGonz reinjured his ankle, which isn’t unheard of with his ability to go down in a stiff breeze, but now he is saying he will play.  I want to see if he practices this week before I go crazy, but this clouds the Indy receiver picture.

Blair White: The Blair White Project has yet to be green lit due to Gonzalez’s antics so hold off for now.

Todd Heap: Heap is getting a mini-heap of red zone looks, but isn’t exactly Flacco’s first read.  He’s fine for a matchup play or bye week filler, but don’t sell the farm for him.

Owen Daniels: There’s a chance he’s still available since he was on a bye.  He has a legit shot to be a top 10 tight end as long as his knee holds up.