Tony Romo is possibly dunzo for the season, which is the opposite of good news for a lot of fake football teams.  Jon Kitna will take over and should be a decent option if you are a Romowner.  He’s no Romo, but if you can pair him up with one of the following you can get through this.  Kitna also gets the Jaguars next week if you are thinking short term and nice matchups weeks 15/16.  He has been handed one of the best offenses in the league and if his schedule was just a little bit better I would be picking him up as a non Romowner.  Well, come to think of it, I might just do that.  Suck it Cutler.  If Romo is your sole qube I’d make room for 2 quarterbacks.  There is nobody on the waiver wire who can really be counted on by himself.

All of the quarterbacks mentioned here have already had their BYE which is just odd, but helpful.

Matthew Stafford: If Stafford is on your waiver wire, I would target him with about the same vigor as Kitna.  His schedule looks the best out of the possible waiver finds and he has Megatron, Best, Burleson, and two good tight ends to throw to.  He’s risky and I would still like a backup to play matchups, but his ceiling is pretty high.

Matt Cassel: Like Stafford, Cassel has a nice schedule, especially the next 5 games.  I don’t love his ability, but he has been playing ok against weak opponents and has a nice running game to keep the defense off balance.

Josh Freeman: For being so young, Freeman knows how to finish games and Mike Williams ability to make great catches should keep him from throwing up huge clunkers.  I really like him paired with Stafford.

Chad Henne: Chad has a killer schedule coming up, but a great one for the last 5 games.  I’m sure you can pick him up later since he shouldn’t be setting the world on fire the next 4 weeks.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: He has upped his game no doubt and he’s worth a look in deep and 2QB leagues of course, but I’m not starting him when there are QBs like Stafford, Cassel, Freeman, Kitna, etc… on the wire.

Donald Brown: If you are in a shallow league he may be available, but of course your starters may be too valuable to drop.  Joseph Addai has a shoulder injury that isn’t going away anytime soon, and Brown should be back from his injury for week 8.  Since this was the Colts bye week it’s hard to know how cautious they will be with Addai, but there is a chance he doesn’t play and a very good chance he splits carries if he does.

LaGarrette Blount: The guy is a hard runner and should continue to get the majority of the carries with Caddy sprinkled in there enough to keep him from taking over the world.  He’s gone in all of my leagues so I can’t pick him up anyway so I’ll have to live vicariously through ya’ll.

Reggie Bush: He is worthwhile in PPR leagues and with Pierre Thomas’ status still up in the air he is worth a grab in non PPR.  He should be back next week which hurts Lance Moore as well.

Kenny Britt: You know what he did and that he won’t do it again, but he has the ability to do that and that is a lot to do.  Huh?  So I think he is a startable receiver in 3 receiver leagues.

Davone Bess: The guy is just good.  Of course he’s probably owned in PPR leagues, but he’s worth looking at in non-PPR with his playoff schedule.

Patrick Crayton: With Malcolm Floyd probably out again next week, Crayton should be serviceable once again, especially in PPR leagues.

Buster Davis: Same as above, but just a little suckier, with more TD upside.

Steve Johnson: Yes, TDs rule in fantasy, but don’t fall all over yourself rushing to the waiver wire.

Lee Evans: I just can’t get too invested in Evans.  He’s had games like this before just to crap out afterward.

Jordan Shipley: His value comes in PPR leagues.  Sunday’s long touchdown was nice, but you can’t expect that kind of catch and run from him too often.

Mike Williams (SEA): I still am not a fan, but as long as he is getting 15+ targets he is a must add in PPR leagues.

Davis Gettis: Steve Smith should put a damper on his targets once he is fully back.  Keep him on your radar, but don’t scramble your jets just yet.

Anthony Gonzalez: It looked like AGonz reinjured his ankle, which isn’t unheard of with his ability to go down in a stiff breeze, but now he is saying he will play.  I want to see if he practices this week before I go crazy, but this clouds the Indy receiver picture.

Blair White: The Blair White Project has yet to be green lit due to Gonzalez’s antics so hold off for now.

Todd Heap: Heap is getting a mini-heap of red zone looks, but isn’t exactly Flacco’s first read.  He’s fine for a matchup play or bye week filler, but don’t sell the farm for him.

Owen Daniels: There’s a chance he’s still available since he was on a bye.  He has a legit shot to be a top 10 tight end as long as his knee holds up.

  1. Jim Parkey says:

    Blount and Fred Jackson are available on waivers. Who do you like more?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim Parkey: Hmm, in PPR Jackson for sure, in non it’s closer and I’d go with Blount’s upside.

  3. Mike says:

    Is Romo droppable now? Should I get waiver QB now or package some of these backs for in a trade for one. LT, Torain, Hillis, B Jackson, J stew. I already have AP

  4. Black Beard says:

    Hey Doc…I’m going to target Kitna first on waivers (2QB league), Blount then Bush. I’m pretty deep at WR (3WR league) with Crabtree, Calvin Johnson, Nicks, and Reggie Wayne.

    My question is who would you recommend dropping and in what order: Roy Williams, Garrard, Cutler, Mason, or Gaffney? Thanks.

  5. DSimms says:

    Doc whats your thoughts on how I should approach my QB situation. I had Romo and Stafford. Now do I pick up Henne and have Stafford go for 5 weeks then let Henne carry me thru the rest or do I try to trade. Flacco and Eli have been dangled but not sure if I wanna hurt the rest of my team.

    TE’s-Z.Miller, Owen Daniels

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: Roy, Gaffney, Mason, Garrard, Cutler

    @DSimms: I’d try for Kitna and not worry about Henne yet.

    @Mike: Depends on who is available, but I’d look at both options. And prepare to pick up someone and also send out some offers.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: I would like to hear a little more, but it’s certain that he’ll be out at least 6 weeks, but probably more like 8 and by then the fantasy season is done. If you have to choose right now and don’t have room just drop him. If you have a little time you might as well wait to hear a little more news.

  8. Mike says:

    I have Josh Freeman on my bench. Fitpatrick, sanchez, bradford, and stafford are the top available

  9. wallin says:

    What WR’s would you consider a buy right now? I may try to grab Larry fitz, but his QB situation scares the hell out of me. Anyone else to target for a buy low price?

  10. Rookie Season says:

    Doc, I am in trouble! I guess we’ll have to try even harder for the season. Here’s my lineup:
    QB-Sam Bradford, WR-Reggie Wayne, WR-David Gettis, RB-Knowshon Moreno, TE-Vernon Davis, W/R/T-LeGarrette Blount, BN-Santonio Holmes, Patrick Crayton, Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Addai, Tony Romo.

    I’ve heard Romo could be out 4-6 weeks or 8-12 weeks. I have 6 more weeks of the regular season left. Most likely, I’m going to drop Romo. The cupboard is bare for QBs: Jason Campbell, Gradkowski, Matt Moore, Colt McCoy, Derrick Anderson, Kerry Collins. Someone snatched Kitna already. Does it look like Bradford is the best out of the lot going forward? Drop Romo for another position player, like Shipley, James Jones, etc?

  11. Matt B says:

    PPR: 2RB/2WR/1Flex

    My Run DMC + Rivers
    for his Chris Johnson + Eli

    I have Orton on my bench for QB as well

  12. Gambler says:

    Is it crazy to start Stafford over Phillip Rivers this week? Stafford just has so many options and I like his matchup.. He will probably get pressured and sacked a lot, but I like him to put up big numbers this week. Rivers has a tough matchup and still doesn’t have Floyd back..

  13. Black Beard says:

    Please rank for the rest of the year: Garrard, Fitzpatrick and Kitna.

  14. 24hourjack says:

    non ppr WR p/u….

    I have Macklin,Boldin,and White all on bye this wk,so I need to p/u at least two WR’s,maybe three….

    so can you pick three out of these five available on waivers

    thnks doc….

    Jacoby Jones

    Patrick Crayton

    Nate Burleson

    Steve Johnson

    Lee Evans

  15. GB says:

    Received trade offer of Deangelo Williams for Britt. Current rbs are JC, both fins, Fred Jackson, Jacobs.wr’s are Andre, calvin, britt, tb Williams, mason. Start 2 rb and 3 wr. Thanks!

  16. Joel says:

    Doc, well, I guess my Romo and CJ for ARod and Gore trade will have to wait 8 weeks…thank God we never officially did it. Anyway, this week: Dallas D home vs Jags or Seattle at Oakland?

  17. 24hourjack says:


    do y’think Dez Bryant’s big performance last night was more of a fluke,or the big game many of us have been waiting for that signals the start of a consistent,productive run?……..

    In other words,should I hurry up and sell high and try to get back a replacement for Dallas Clark-like a Zach Miller,Aaron Hernandez type TE?….

    or I was thinking of offering Bryant straight up for Brandon Jacobs….

    am i misjudging Bryant’s value completely?

  18. Jordan73 says:

    Byes are hitting my team hard. In a PPR league, currently starting Austin, Britt, and Crabtree this week. Both Bess and Crayton are available in the FA pool. Would you drop Crabtree for either one?


  19. Child Please says:

    .5 PPR League.
    With Eli and Maclin on their byes, I need a QB/WR for this week. Who would you drop and and who would you start out of these 3: Crayton, Meachem, or Dez Bryant

  20. dingbat says:

    So if I’m rolling with 2 QBs — Kitna and Stafford over Kitna and Cutler?

  21. Joel says:

    one more Q: in a non-ppr with 1 point for every 20 yds, would you rather have Gore or SJax for the rest of the season?

  22. Wilsonian says:

    Just picked up Fitzpatrick for Cutler’s bye this week. Obviously Kitna is available. Do you take Kitna over Fitz? Cassell is available, too, and Hass is on waivers until tomorrow. How would you rank them for this week out of Fitz, Kitna, Cass, Hass? Thanks, Doc.

  23. TheTinDoor

    JTin says:

    Drafted Kolb (dumped) and Favre (yikes). Traded for Cutler after week 3 (ouch). How would you play QB over the rest of the season?
    Own: Cutler, Favre
    WW: Fitz, Freeman, Stafford, Kitna, Hasselbeck

    The rest of my team is stacked, but nobody will trade me a sure-thing (top 7-8) QB.

  24. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: or hell, would you keep Fitz and drop Cutler for Kitna or another of Hass or Cass?

  25. chris says:

    I am looking into upgrading my WR corps. Just wondering who you would consider a good buy low? I was thinking Fitz but his QB play scares the hell out of me, anyone else you can think of to target?

  26. The Vaporizers says:

    Who is a better play this bye heavy weekend? Blount or Ivory? I currently have Ivory but have been thinking about dropping him for Blount. What do you think?

  27. dingbat says:

    Another WW question: If Britt, Blount, Wells, Bess, and Steve Johnson are available, who if any of them are worth dropping Ricky Williams, Mike Bush, or Crabtree for?

  28. AdamH says:

    Stafford, Kitna or VY this week?

  29. genghis chone says:

    I have Daniels and V-Jax on the end of my bench. Is either of them worth dropping for Blount, Jonathan Stewart or Britt? PPR. I already have Zach Miller at TE, AJ, Nicks, Harvin, Knox, Mike Williams TB at WR, and CJ2K, Best, Forte, Charles and Torain at RB. Thanks!

  30. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Who would you grab this week for a QB bye week filler? Crazy that all three of my QB’s are on a bye this week…here is whats available.

    Fitzpatrick, Ryan
    McNabb, Donovan
    Freeman, Josh
    Hasselbeck, Matt
    Bradford, Sam
    Collins, Kerry
    Garrard, David
    Stafford, Matthew


  31. Omnificent says:

    Donald Brown or Blount for bench warmer/occassional start for the stretch run?

  32. RonWashington'sStache says:

    I’m sitting on 3 QB’s (Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Flacco) and have been offered Davone Bess in exchange for Ryan. Should I accept?
    I think Ryan has more value in standard leagues, but, for whatever reason, QB’s don’t hold much trade value in this league. For example, McNabb hit waivers over the weekend.

  33. Harley says:

    @ Doc: Thoughts on Felix Jones and Mathews for rest of year? Who would you rather have and are either top 20 rest of the way? Are either better than McFadden? .5 ppr league

  34. romosahomo says:

    Would you trade llyod for bensen if my recievers are stacked and Charles and forte are my only backs..Charles has been killing me and llyod might never play with Wayne and Andre my starters

  35. batman the horse says:

    10-team 0.5 ppr, would you trade away SJax for Forte, straight up?

  36. herschel says:

    @Doc: i know its early in the week, but who do you like at flex in PPR leagues?

    cedric benson vs mia
    davone bess @ cin
    michael crabtree vs den


  37. stumanji says:

    After losing Romo, was just offered Vick & Cassell for Garcon & Celek. I was pretty pumped about Garcon with Collie and Clark out, and this screws me for week 9 when all my other WRs are on bye, but there is no way I can turn this down, right?

  38. who do you like better for this week matt stafford @ was or kitna @ jac

  39. also non-ppr who would you start as a 3rd WR: Crayton, Jacoby Jones, Kenny Britt, or Robert Meachem

  40. Hennessey says:

    So remember when I traded Romo + Torain for Peyton Manning on Saturday? You get a lot of stuff on here so you probably don’t, but it happened!

    Anywho, I have a nice problem for this upcoming week. I can start 3 of these guys in a 1 PPR… Gore vs. DEN, Foster @IND, McFadden vs. SEA, Charles vs. BUF. I don’t see myself benching Gore or Foster, so who would you start between McFadden and Charles? Charles is playing Buffalo, but Thomas Jones and McFadden’s studliness on Sunday makes me wanna go with DMC.

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: I’d go with Stafford.

    @wallin: I like Garcon I’m going to do a buy sell article this week too.

    @Rookie Season: I’d drop him for Gradkowski and go with him and bradford.

    @Matt B: Do it.

    @Gambler: I would like to see Stafford back in game form first as long as you have Rivers.

    @Black Beard: Kitna, Fitz, garrard

    @24hourjack: Crayton, Burls, Evans

    @GB: Do it

    @24hourjack: I can see selling high with Kitna in there, but I think you could get a little more for him. I may be wrong though.

    @Joel: Dallas

  42. herschel says:

    @Doc: also, which def/st for this week only?

    wash @ det
    oak vs sea
    dal vs jac


  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jordan73: I wouldn’t. Hopefully Carr will be better with a week of practice.

    @Child Please: I would drop Crayton start Bryant

    @dingbat: I still have some hope for Cutler so I’ leaning his way

    @Joel: Tough, but I’m leaning Gore.

    @Wilsonian: I like Kitna, Cass, Fitz, Hass

    @JTin: I’d feel ok dropping Favre for Kitna

    @The Vaporizers: I’d play Blount this weekend.

    @dingbat: I’d drop Williams for Wells

    @AdamH: Kitna

    @genghis chone: Hmm, I’d grab Blount for OD.

    @Mr2Bits: McNabb

    @Omnificent: I’d lean Brown

    @RonWashington’sStache: If it’s full PPR I could see doing it.

    @Harley: As long as McFadden stays healthy they aren’t better. I like Jones a little better than Mathews. Both aren’t getting consistent work, but have decent upside.

    @romosahomo: Yes

    @batman the horse: I’d want the SJax side

    @herschel: Not in love with any of them, but probably Benson.

    @stumanji: It’s fairly even, but Vick has top 5 ability. Go for it.

    @Chicago Mike: Kitna

    @Hennessey: I remember. Glad it worked out! I can see going DMC since he is the #1. Don’t love the matchup and think it is very close, but probably safer.

    @herschel: I like Dallas

  44. Rookie Season says:

    Thanks, Doc. Picked up Gradkowski. Now that my period of mourning is over, let’s move on.

    I need a WR2 spot and a separate W/R/T spot:
    David Gettis @StL, Santonio Holmes vGB, Patrick Crayton vTenn, LeGarrette Blount @AZ, Addai (doubtful).

  45. Joel says:

    after this week, would you still take Charles over Bradshaw in non-ppr for ROS? also, for this week, would you play Charles or felix Jones (I have Jones in the flex, if I trade for JC I’d have the choice).

  46. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Is Miles Austin still a must start after two terrible weeks and Romo’s injury? I need to start 4(3WR 1 Flex) of these guys in a .5 ppr:

    Austin, Jennings, Bowe, M.Williams(SEA), D.Brown, & Beanie Wells.

  47. Matt Leinart says:

    Megatron +MJD for CJ2K? Which side would you want?


  48. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: well I missed out on the Kitna train. I couldn’t pull the trigger and I was kind of waiting to see what you had to say. Would you drop Fitzpatrick in favor of Cassell this week since you have him ranked ahead of Fitz?

  49. Jeff says:

    I know you hate SEA Mike Williams, but I’m hurting at WR (especially with byes) and have the #1 Waiver. Should I use it? PPR +1

  50. Sos says:

    Who gets better end of chris johnson/roddy white for wayne/arian?

  51. Dn says:

    Is Miles Austin any good after romo’s injury?

    Also, I replaced Bryant with Nick Folk. good move??

    I have Dustin Kellar….is he a solid start for the rest of the season after they bye or should I scoop up another TE for insurance?

  52. Damion says:

    Is Miles Austin any good after romo’s injury?

    Also, I replaced Bryant with Nick Folk. good move??

    I have Dustin Kellar….is he a solid start for the rest of the season after they bye or should I scoop up another TE for insurance?

  53. friar says:

    I need some trade advice. I’ve been looking to trade away some of my QB depth (Ben, Vick, Flacco) and have been approached by the unfortunate Romowner who doesn’t have a backup. I want to upgrade my RBs (I have DeAngelo, Addai, Torain, BGE). The other guy has McCoy, McFadden, and Hillis. I’d like to trade a QB (probably Vick or Flacco since I plan to start Ben every week) and a running back for one of his RBs. Problem is, I’m not sure how to rank my RBs, or his for that matter (0.5 PPR).

    How would you rank the running backs involved here and what do you think would be a good trade for me to propose? Thanks!

  54. stumanji says:

    What’s the deal with James Starks? Has anybody heard anything about this guy and whether he’s going to play or not?

  55. Pacman F. says:

    Blount a better play than BJax (GB) this weekend? Can’t be so…

    Also, Mike W. (TB) over Santonio? Must be, right?

  56. B.J. says:


    Better QB flier- Kitna, Freeman, Fitzpatrick. I’ve got a free roster spot after cutting Kolb loose and a messy QB situation of Cutler and M. Sanchez.

  57. Spliff says:

    Would you trade away R.White or A Gates for A Rogers?

    6 pts for a passing TD -3 for int

    My team is/was.
    Romo, R. White, Welker,CJ, LT, J.Charles, A. Gates
    Bench B.Lloyd, M. Wallace, R. Torrain, P.Thomas.

  58. Wilsonian says:

    Do you still like A-Her over Keller? I’d have to drop Keller to get him.

  59. DDT says:

    Better rest of year wire add: D. Brown, Dez Bryant, or Bess?

    I have Megatron, Bowe, Floyd, Knox and M. Williams (TB) @ WR and
    AP, Foster, Forte, PT, and Beanie at RB.

  60. Joel says:

    OK: here’s my #1 Q for the week: my backup qb is stafford, behind ARod. I think I can trade Stafford and Gore for CJ (who’s owner lostRomo and has no backup). Should I do it? How much better is CJ than Gore going forward in a TD heavy league?

  61. Howie says:

    @Doc: Marshawn or Beanie?…non-PPR…the rest of the way…

  62. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: Brown

    @Wilsonian: It’s very close. I would lean Keller because he’s getting more red zone looks.

    @Spliff: I wouldn’t. I think both are too important to your team.

    @B.J.: Kitna

    @Pacman F.: I like Blount, Williams

    @stumanji: Been trying to figure that out as well.

    @friar: I’d start off low and go with BJGE/Flacco for McCoy, then if no go there see if it’s the QB or RB that he’s against.

    @Damion: He loses some value for sure, but I’m waiting to see how him and Kitna do after a week of practice. Folk works. I’m ok with Keller as your starter.

    @Sos: White side

    @Jeff: Go for it. He’s getting his work in.

    @Wilsonian: I’m leaning Cassel since he’s at home.

    @Matt Leinart: That’s tough. I think a lot depends on who is replacing Megatron in the starting lineup. But for the most part it seems heavy on the MJD side.

    @timSTi: Austin, Jennings, Bowe, Beanie Wells. -Austin’s matchup is too good

  63. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I think it’s worth it.

    @Howie: Beanie

  64. Damion says:

    Picked up blount. which three do you think are the most poised to take over in the second half of the season

    rice, lynch, mccoy, blount, bush

  65. Damion says:

    whose a better pick up : Freeman or Fitzpatrick? Its a Bye Fill-In for week 8

  66. Howie says:

    @Doc: So Beanie > Lynch… how about Mathews? Where would he fit in? I could drop him for Beanie if he is also > Lynch.

    Irrespective of your advice about Mathews, note to self…don’t draft rookie RBs– especially in the early rounds.

  67. wallin says:

    is larry fitz a buy low or just stay away?

  68. sos says:

    I’m up against it a bit this week with bye weeks and was thinking of trading roddy white straight up for reggie wayne so that I have a player for the bye week. Are these two close enough in future value that this is an ok move in a ppr?

  69. Damion says:

    So my current roster is:
    QB-Freeman, Vick, Ryan
    RB-MCCOY, Rice, bush, lynch, blount
    wr-bowe, austin, floyd

    I was thinking about picking up Mike Williams from TB and Owen Daniels . But from my roster, who would be the best two to drop to make room?
    And is Floyd worth keeping?

  70. Dentist says:

    Doc, you advised me to start Torain over MBush last week and I didn’t listen. You were right by a point that thankfully didn’t matter, but your punishment for me not listening to you is another question from me…

    If you owned Beanie in a PPR would you trade F. Jackson for Hightower? Decent RB depth otherwise…Aryan Race, Torain, M Bush (trying to move him for Ward).

  71. TDaddy says:

    Drop Michael Bush for Bount? 12 team league and I already have SJax, McCoy and Torain

  72. Manamongst says:

    Shouldn’t Roy William’s stock go up a bit on Dallas as he and Kitna used to work together at Detroit?

  73. Matt says:

    @Doc What’s your take on Ray Rice? Is he just a great buy-low candidate right now? Would you give up Randy Moss & McCoy to get Rice & Blount?

  74. Gavin says:

    Since I lost Romo, I have Kitna and Cassel at QB. I’m being offered Peyton Manning for MJD. Would you do it with this (relative) roster?

    QB-Kitna, Cassel
    RB-Peyton Hillis
    RB/WR FLEX-Ryan Matthews

    BENCH RB’s-Blount, Woodhead, Green-Ellis.

    Not that MJD has been producing much, but I think the hit at RB would be too hard to make up. I think I’d be better off keeping MJD and could sustain QB production by playing matchups, with guys like Bradford, V-Young and Stafford also available weekly. Thoughts?

  75. Whiskey Diet says:


    I traded Romo/Greene for Jennings/Cutler/Forsett a few weeks ago. Looks kinda bad now, but I’m still fighting.

    Also just traded Felix for Fred Jackson out of pure frustration with D-Town’s ineptitude.

    Anyways, I picked up Stafford. Would you drop Romo for Kitna and keep two QBs? (Henne is there too)

    Would you pick up Cribbs, Demaryius, or Buster and drop Mike Thomas or Derrick Ward?

    Precciate it.

  76. Derrick says:

    Hernandez for Mike Williams (TB) a good deal? I already have Zack Miller.

  77. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Derrick: I like it.

    @Whiskey Diet: I’d stick with Cutler/Stafford and drop Thomas for Demaryius just for the upside.

    @Gavin: I agree. The trade isn’t horrible, but you don’t have enough RB depth.

    @Matt: I like McCoy and Moss a little more. Blount is retty speculative at this point.

    @Manamongst: It could, but they are in a different system and Dez should start taking away snaps.

    @TDaddy: I’d give it a shot.

    @Dentist: I’d rather have FJax

    @Damion: I’d drop Freeman for Williams. I’d hold Floyd.

    @sos: I like Roddy more, but the loss of Clark moves Wayne a little closer. I could see doing it if you need this week to stay in it, but otherwise I’d like to keep White.

    @wallin: I want to say he is a buy low, but that QB sitch is a bitch.

    @Howie: Man, that is tough. I like Beanie more, but like Philip Rivers more than whoever is QBing for the Cards. I’m sticking with Mathews because of his schedule. For now.

    @Damion: Fitz

    @Damion: I’d still have to say Rice, Lynch, McCoy

  78. Damion says:

    kellar or Daniels?

  79. Damion says:

    bush or blount??? long term

  80. elwood blues says:

    hmm.. someone just dropped Steve Smith(CAR)…
    I don’t know, should I trust Moore enough to pick him up or grab Jacoby Jones also in FA pool..

    I’ll need a WR need week for the bye.

    Also DEF Question for this week: Wash (D) vs DET.. or KC (D) vs. BUF (Fitzp can’t keep carving up D’s can he?)

  81. Brian says:

    thinking of dropping roy williams since romo is out, can pick up steve johnson, knox, evans, manningham, tb willams, any of these a better option ?

  82. james says:

    10 team keeper league.

    I’ve been offered a trade where I give up Mendenhall (last round keeper) for Turner (1st rounder) and Miles Austin (last round keeper).

    I have Roddy White this year as a 5th round keeper, so instead of keeping White/Mendenhall next year, I keep White+Austin for same value and get Turner to help me out for the balance of the year..

    Is this a no-brainer or am I missing something?


  83. Lofty says:

    Please pick two RB’s and one RB/WR out of the following:

    Fred Jackson
    K Moreno
    L Blount
    P Crayton
    Dez Bryant


  84. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lofty: FJax/Moreno/Dez

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