Hello Razzballers! Ol’ Doc is in a bit of a time crunch this week but I wanted to get you the prime pickups for week 15. It’s down to the wire and hopefully your team is good enough to compete since it got you to the playoffs but there are a few guys out there that could put you over the hump.

Felix Jones: Yeah, you finally decided this guy was toast and you needed some freshly baked players (no, not Fred Davis) so you dropped his arse and well, you know what happened next. But I need to write something here so I’ll tell you; DeMarco Murray went and broke his ankle. Jones faces the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are just getting torched by the run on an overly consistent basis (can something be overly consistent?). He is your number 1 pickup this week. Spend all your money and will into getting him if he was dropped.

Demaryius Thomas: He gets the Patriots next week and is getting a lot of targets, 20 in his last 2 games to be exact. That spells yardage against the poor Pats’ pass defense.

Ryan Grant: He won’t score 2 touchdowns in a game again. Well, he might but the chances are slim. But he did look fresh and like he was running with a purpose. He only got 10 carries and the chances that he gets more than that aren’t that great so be ready for a Starks like game from him which usually doesn’t contain TDs.

Chris Ivory: Turf toe is a painful ailment according to people who have it. It sounds like something you’d get from not washing your feet but I think it’s a little more serious. If Ingram stays out Ivory has value.

James Jones: With Jennings out Jones should see a few more targets and with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball that could mean three touchdowns. I do think Driver, Cobb, Finley and Nelson take looks away from him but his upside is still high.

Randall Cobb: What I said above but without as many targets and switch out James for Cobb and oh I should have just copy and pasted.

Jabar Gaffney: I wanted to throw Donte Stallworth in here but Gaffney is going to be much safer and still has some upside.

Jake Locker: If he gets the start at Indianapolis he’ll very much be worth a spot start. He isn’t going to thread needles like Rodgers but his arm is like really big. Kind of like he did that blood brothers thing with Ryan Braun in his throwing hand. The good thing about Indy’s pass defense is they allow 70+ percent of passes to be completed. They don’t like getting too close to receivers. Some weird phobia.

D/ST: Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons

  1. AdamH says:

    D’s in that order? And NYG over any of them this week?

  2. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Ditto on those D’s. I picked up SEA over TEN but it looks like rankings have TEN higher so I am wavering now. SEA D is hot!

  3. Earl says:

    I have the 49ers D… Tennessee or Atlanta better matchup this week?


  4. TheHighlander says:

    Here we go again 2rbs, 2wrs, and a flex from: Ryan Mathews, Beanie, Reggie Bush, Helu, Spiller, Cavin Johnson, Dez and Harvin?

  5. Nick says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, HUGE week coming up. I’m the #2seed in a 10-team league and face off against the #3. My lineup is a follows with a formidable bench to boot. this is where i run into line-up decisions at flex mainly…

    QB-Tebow (sanchez backup)
    RB- Helu & Felix (I was a Murray owner, now in Felix-i trust!
    WR-Calvin Johnson, Laruent Robinson, Antonio Brown.
    Gornk @ TE. Akers & Jet D for K & Defense respectively

    Leaves me with the flex decision of Holmes (who i have penciled in-reliable 7-14 pt. and Eagles might force Sanchez to throw)…or T Smith, K Smith (if he plays- I likey), Starks, Demaryius Thomas (intriguing flex with Tebow starting for me as well) & Golden Tate.

    Help me Doc, what is your advice? I’m leaning K Smith if he starts or D Thomas but I need every point I can get & Holmes might be able to deliver that! Also available are Ivory, Driver, Titus Young & R Colb, but I don’t think any of them are worthy of a roster spot, maybe for G Tate, but thats a bench player, not really relevant…

  6. Matt says:

    Demaryius Thomas or Decker against the Pats as a flex?
    Also, is Mendenhall against the Niners benchable for either Starks, Gerhart, McCluster, or Ricky Williams? I dont think he is but itll be tough to watch him against that defense. Thanks Doc!

  7. Curtis says:

    Doc, a few questions for a couple leagues (standard scoring):
    1. Jacobs or Detroit RB (I own Smith and Morris).
    2. Falcons or Seattle D?
    3. Titans or Steelers D?
    4. Laurent Robinson or Stevie Johnson (or should I sit Megatron or Mike Wallace? – I think not)

    Thanks Doc,

  8. DKAS says:

    @ Doc, .75 PPR league, have Mccoy as RB1, need 2 out of the following for other spots: Shonne Greene, Helu, Felix jones, Mcgahee.

  9. Lambent Larry says:

    Help, Doc.

    I’ve got to sit one of the following WRs: Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant, or Marques Colston.

    Only way I can play all three is if I take Helu out of my FLEX spot.


  10. Dollabill says:

    Hey Chet,
    I have a couple big decisions this week, and I could really use your help. I have two, sub-elite, TE and I am not sure who to start this week. I could go with Vernon Davis (big let down this year), or Dustin Keller. Then, at my flex spot, I could go with Mednenhall, Manningham, or Santonio Holmes (FYI – I am playing Megatron and Moss at my WR, and Felix Jones and Lynch at RB).

    What would you do?


  11. Steve Stevenson says:

    Dynasty league, Ben is my starting QB. Would you drop either Schaub or Flacco for Rex, or just stick with Flacco vs SD as the backup if Ben can’t go?

  12. Plaxico Burress had had five straight games in the double digits. The last two weeks combined: 6.3 pts. Should I stick with him? I’m thinking of playing Jerome Simpson in his spot, as he has scored in the double digits every time Cincinnati has faced a poor defense (22 @ a week 2 Denver, 21 vs. Indy, 13 @ Tennessee, and coming off an 11 vs. Houston).
    Which one would you play? The veteran or the hot hand?

  13. The Burghler says:

    I need to pick 2 wrs out of this group, ppr league

    Crabtree, Wayne, Demaryius Thomas, Decker

  14. Fernando says:

    My starting line up for wk 15

    QB: Romo, Wr: Welker, Rb: Peterson or Gerhart, TE: Gates, W/R: ? , W/R: ? , W/R: ? , K: Hanson, Def: ?

    Normally, my choices of who to start would be simple, but the match ups, injuries, and recent performances has left me confused.
    Consequently, I need help filling three W/R slots. Please help and can you explain your choices. Thank you.

    Here are my options for the three W/R slots: S. Moss, C.J. Spiller, S. Jackson, F. Gore, A. Bradshaw, R. Grant.

    As for the DEF I can play one SEA, CINN, or TENN?

  15. daniel says:

    titans , cowboys, or falcons d? spiller or k. smith at rb2?

  16. daniel says:

    no ppr. standard scoring on the rb part. thanks again!

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @daniel: Tennessee and K Smith if he goes

    @Fernando: Cincinnati, SJax, Moss, Grant

    @The Burghler: Crabs, DT

    @CmhBuck: I could see going with Simpson. It’s pretty much a coin flip but I do think you’re right that Simpson has the upside.

    @Steve Stevenson: Tough call. Rex is risky but I could see dropping Flacco for him.

    @Dollabill: VD/Manny

    @Howard: I’d lean Grossy

    @Lambent Larry: Tough but I’d sit Dez

    @DKAS: That’s very close. I’m going with Jones and Helu

    @Curtis: Smith if he goes, Jacobs if he doesn’t. Seattle, Steelers, Stevie

    @Matt: DT and if AP doesn’t play I’d go Gerhart but I think AP plays

    @Nick: Agreed, I like K Smith if he goes for sure. Holmes if not. DT is high upside if you want to be risky.

    @TheHighlander: Beanie, Reggie Bush, Helu, Cavin Johnson, Harvin

    @Earl: I’d lean SF

    @AdamH: Yes and no

  18. Bluety says:

    Need help— Can only start two RB; F. Jones, W. Mcgahee or M. Bush.
    Need 3 WR; A. Boldin, J. Jones, A. Brown, D. Thomas. Thanks

  19. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…I know I’m reaching here but I need some major help at RB. Who do you view as a better option this week? Green-Ellis, Donald Brown or maybe Thomas Jones getting some action with the coaching change? Thanks homie.

  20. zandercage says:

    Hey Doc –

    If Big Ben doesn’t go who would you pick up and start –



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