Some of us Twitter nerds are doing a way too early mock draft for next season. So far I’m kind of just winging it and seeing how it plays out. I’m not loving my team but I’m starting to learn how things might shake out. So take a look see with my comments for each pick of the first round.

1 – @Chet_G: Arian Foster: After Foster blew up last season I couldn’t quite figure out how much of his success came from his skill versus the Texans’ offensive line and Kubiak’s zone blocking scheme but after spending more time watching him run this season I believe he truly is a special talent. When I watched him earlier it often felt like he could drive a couple trucks through the holes his line burrowed out but his vision and ability to cut and go at top speed is all him. His hamstring injury slowed him down this season or he would have easily been the top back again. I think he’s worth your #1 pick next season.

2 – @WideReceiving: Ray Rice: If I had to pick anyone first other than Foster it would be Rice. His receiving ability and goal line backism made him the #1 running back this year. I will be happy with the #2 pick next season.

3 – @RyanMc23: LeSean McCoy: I truly have no idea how he scored 20 touchdowns this season on an Eagles team that underperformed in almost every area possible. But he did and he’s pretty darn awesome. I don’t believe he’ll have as many touchdowns next season but I do think he’ll up his receptions and receiving yards which in PPR makes him worthy of this spot.

4 – @EyeoftheGator: Maurice Jones-Drew: This is an interesting pick. I have 3 options here in my brain cavity right now and they are Calvin Johnson, Matt Forte and MJD. Yes, many will say Aaron Rodgers but I believe it is still too early for him. Right now I’m leaning Megatron based on his total domination of the position this season. There really is nobody playing at his level right now and on a team that throws as much as Detroit. I am a little worried by MJD’s usage this season (386 touches) and the fact that he has no offense backing him up. He had a miraculous season and it will be hard to duplicate.

5 – @Ftblsickness: Darren McFadden: I could see Run DMC going all over the place in 2012 drafts. This does seem a bit early for him with Megatron and Forte still on the board but he has the upside to be the #1 overall pick so it will be tough to say this is a bad pick. He could go on to never miss another game for the rest of his career for all I know but he’s still a bit risky for me this early.

6 – @Ryan_Boser: Calvin Johnson: Here’s Mr. Big Tron and 6th overall seems like a decent value for him. Hard to say 6th overall is “value” but his domination at the WR position can really push your team out to a nice head start.

7 – @jrnall2: Aaron Rodgers: I’ve seen a lot of people that have always been anti drafting a QB in the first round saying they will change their tune in 2012 with Rodgers and Brees. I agree and disagree at the same time. It’s my right!! Rodgers is about as much of a lock as you can possibly find. He’s durable, puts up great passing numbers and consistently gets around 4 rushing TDs a year. You really can’t say no thanks to that. But I most likely will, at least to a point. The reason I may go with Rodgers in the first round next season is because there are a lot of injury concerns at other positions and the other guys going late in the first round are going to be pretty risky this year.

8 – @RyFo18: Jamaal Charles: J.C. is my home skillet. Or something much less dorky. Of course he lost me a whole boat load of games last season by getting hurt but hey, shizz happens. Thankfully his injury came extremely early in the season and he should be ready to go.

9 – @K_Schwaggs: Ryan Mathews: Mathews will be interesting to see where his ADP falls for next season. I am a huge fan of his but of course he likes to get nicked up often. He was relatively healthy this season but Tolbert and some nagging injuries hurt his overall numbers. The good news is that Tolbert will probably be gone this off season which should help Mathews. I like him in the first round.

10 – @Maury_Morris: Andre Johnson: A.J. is the equal of Calvin Johnson in ability but the Texans tremendous running game and Johnson’s injury woes of late have become troublesome. His potential is too great to pass up but he does have risk and is starting to get up there in NFL age.

11 – @PFF_MikeClay: Matt Forte: Forte was having a great first half of the season but started to trail off and then got hurt. The injury doesn’t seem to be much of a concern since he’s going to play in the Pro Bowl so I’m not worried about that. His upside is right up there with LeSean McCoy so I think Mike got a nice deal here at 11th overall.

12 – @PFF_Alex: Chris Johnson: What to do with Chris Johnson? He stayed healthy so injuries aren’t a concern but of course the fact that he was healthy and sucked for most of the season is disconcerting. I’m not going to risk him in the first round just because I never really saw his old ability on display this season.

  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Doc,
    Owner in our keeper league is looking to dump Ray Rice for a stud receiver. Would you trade Andre Johnson or Roddy White for Rice? If so, my PPR keepers next year would look something like the following.

    Matt Forte
    AJ or Roddy White
    Mike Vick
    Last spot would be one of the following :
    Romo or A. Bradshaw or S. Holmes or Crabtree

    Help is appreciated

  2. SOS says:

    Ive been offered one of nicks, dez Bryant, or Julio jones for McFadden. All are signed for 4 years and cost between 6-9 dollars. Half point ppr. Thoughts?

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mr2Bits: I’d do either actually. I’d lean toward dumping White for him.

    @SOS: It’s tempting with his injury history/present, but I’d rather keep him.

  4. Norx says:

    Hey doc. Extremely happy that I was just able to read about a mock draft this early. Can’t get enough of it even though I should be reading about baseball. Ahgghhhh. Is it me or after the 6th round I want to stop drafting players because this baseball pool is terrible this year? Anyways love the post and any thoughts on some mid rd qb’s? I like waiting on them…maybe cutler with a new OC? Andy dalton? Who do you see falling to the 8th – 11th rounds? Thanks!

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