If you have been living under a rock for the past 3 months, the football regular season is starting tonight. If you joined Razzball’s Pick ‘Em and Survivor leagues (password 44razzball44) and you haven’t made your picks already, I would go on and do that. Go ahead, this will be here when you return, I promise. To join the leagues, just click on the links up above. Earlier this week, I collected all of the picks for week 1 from some of the best fake football fantasy writers from Razzball. Also, a survivor pick is in there too for you to giggle at. Week 1 seems to be the most difficult to judge who will win because, to me, the preseason is just way too inconsistent. Back in 2008, The Detroit Lions took preseason followers by surprise; they compiled a brilliant 4-0 record while holding their opponents to 34 points over the 4 games. That same season, the Lions would go on to become the first team in NFL history to compile a 0-16 regular season record. Any the hoo, the picks are from Doc, JB, Timmy B, and myself of course. Please use these picks with caution. They are there for entertainment purposes only which means to ridicule and use obscenities towards in the comment section (please don’t use obscenities in the comment section). I want to wish everyone that joined the leagues the best of luck. The winners will have a lot of beer to make and drink as a celebration.

  1. Furious says:

    Passwords for the Pick’Em and Survivor Leagues?

  2. Trevor

    Trevor Gallo says:

    @Furious: 44razzball44

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