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  1. KBO says:

    Non PPR – Would you rather have D. Murray or W. McGahee the remainder of the season?

  2. atcdav says:

    trade offer in no TE non ppr league we start 1/2 RBs and 3/4 WR/TEs.

    have Wells, Battle and JStew. Mega, SSmiff, AndreJ, ABrown, Mannigham

    offered Starks and Witten for Andre. does this help? I need an RB but…

    Reggie for Manningham? Is Gore or Murray worth mega or Smiff?

  3. shippity says:

    Maurice Morris?

  4. James says:

    What are your thoughts on Maurice Morris? He’s not in the ranks and I am relying on him…

  5. atcdav says:

    i am grabbing kevin smith…just incase

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @shippity: @atcdav: @James: Just missed him. He’s in there now. Decent flex option.

  7. Sol says:

    Dynasty League:

    Was offered Rivers and Fitz for Cam…not sure if I should take it considering its a dynasty league.

  8. Sol says:

    that’s Larry Fitz not fitzpatrick

  9. Roddy says:

    Am I really sleep deprived, or is there no #46 and Marion Barber is listed twice? Also, how many weeks in a row do I start Roddy White only to have him outscored by the WRs on my bench?

  10. mike s says:

    Flacco at 20?! Really? Behind Cassel, Freeman, and Tebow?

    Man, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a more drastic boom to bust…

  11. AB says:

    Pick 1 in the Flex (PPR)…Larry Fitz, Antonio Brown or Tolbert?

  12. Stinkfinger says:

    Pick 1 (Flex PPR) – Chris Johnson or Brandon Marshall?

  13. herschel says:

    @Doc: ppr league, i was offered lloyd/d’angelo for my harvin/bjge. thoughts?

  14. Rocky says:

    Would you trade Gates and A. Brown for Nicks? I have Gronk as my backup TE.

  15. Tom says:

    Hey Doc,

    Would you trade Brandon Lloyd for Demarco Murray in a .5 PPR keeper league? I have RB depth, but tons of injuries with Jahvid, Beanie, Daniel Thomas, Chris Johnson, and Fred Jackson. My WR are Nicks, Maclin, Lloyd, Antonio Brown, and Branch. Thanks

  16. A.J. says:

    Would you trade away Andre Johnson and Mark Ingram for Shonn Greene and Cedric Benson? Thanks

  17. paulzone says:

    what to do with Vick & Stafford. Who should I aim for in a trade? I am 45 points back with 4 weeks left in a 10 team 0.5 ppr league. 6 pts for pass tds, 3 pt bonus for 100 yds

    qb: cam, vick, stafford
    rb: gore, murray, bradshaw, helu, battle
    wr: megatron, welker, a. brown
    te: finley
    dst: Jaguars (stream each week-3 points the last two weeks, ugh)

    thoughts? i dont want to give em away but think i have to move them for something. (rodgers, ap, jennings, steve smith, gronkowski, steelers are out since the league leader has them).


  18. Van Haggard says:

    Are the Jets a “must start” defense or would you still play only their juicy matchups?

  19. Eng says:

    Play Lynch or Sydney Rice in flex spot vs Bal?

  20. Wilsonian says:

    0.5 PPR. Who do I play?

    WR: VJax
    WR: Smiff
    WR: Green
    RB: Forte
    RB: CJ
    W/R: McGahee

    BN: DJax
    BN: Holmes
    BN: Blount
    BN: Beanie

    Not sure I’m trusting DJax right now, even though he plays ‘Zona. I love Green, but he’s up against Pitt. Also don’t trust any of CJ, McGahee, Blount, Wells, so I’m not sure who to play there. It’s a damn crapshoot. Thanks Doc.

  21. xlunited1 says:

    So I’m in a 20 team league (Non-PPR) and my WRs are weak (especially after losing Britt for the year). Who would you suggest me pick up, preferably for long term (I’m currently in 3rd place somehow by myself with 8 teams making the playoffs)… Austin Pettis or Leonard Hankerson


  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @xlunited1: I’d lean Hank in non-PPR

    @Wilsonian: DJax has sucked ass, but I really like him in this matchup. Green is the safer play though. Yes, crapshoot.

    @Eng: Rice

    @Van Haggard: They are pretty close to must start unless you have a better matchup play available. The Patriots are scary though.

    @paulzone: Dang, you’ve got a good team there. I really like Dez Bryant to turn things around. Maybe try for him and another for Stafford?

    @A.J.: I don’t like that Greene didn’t get goal line carries on Sunday. I’d probably hold if you can.

    @Tom: I think it’s fair.

    @Rocky: It looks like Nicks is practicing today. Seems a little high though. Gates for Nicks sounds fairer.

    @herschel: It’s close, I like both Lloyd and Harvin going forward and DWilly is waiver fodder. I’d lean no.

    @Stinkfinger: Marshall

    @AB: Fitz

    @Roddy: yeah, glitch.

    @Sol: I’d hold Cam

  23. Tom says:


    Should I drop Deon Branch for Jacoby Ford? I have solid WR with Maclin, Lloyd, Nicks, and Antonio Brown. I think I could sacrifice depth for upside… It’s a .5 PPR and 25 yards/point return yard league…

  24. Random Collmenter says:

    hillis was just dropped in my .5 PPR league. pick him up off waivers or is he a lost cause at this point?

    My other RBs are CJ, F-Jax, and Mathews.

  25. MCR says:


    Need to start 4: Fred Jackson, Chris Johnson, Wallace, Fitz, Jordy Nelson. Who sits?


  26. Spliff says:

    Who do you like better for a Flex(ppr)?
    R. Matthews or M. Crabtree


  27. Rocky says:

    Would you trade Forte, A. Johnson, and Gronk for A. Pete and Dez? I have Gates as my other TE, and I figure I can’t lose too much from using Dez instead of Andre, while there is no Marion Barber taking A. Pete’s td’s. Also, the guy was willing to trade Roddy White and A. Pete as well. My other rb’s are Mendenhall, Murray. D. thomas while other wr’s are Crabtree, A. Brown, Julio Jones, and D. Moore.

  28. Given the fact that Mathews is coming back this week, would you consider subbing either Plax or Earl Bennet for him? If so, which one, cutty and Bennet looked pretty solid monday night

  29. Matt says:

    Roster Advice:

    QB: Schaub, Sanchez
    RB: Steve Jackson, Michael Bush, D. Murray, Felix Jones, Helu
    WR: Megatron, Bowe, Nicks, Lance Moore, Jordy Nelson
    TE: Brent Celek, Vernon Davis
    D/ST: Texans
    K: Folk

    Earl Bennett is a FA. Should I snatch him up and if so, who do I drop?

    Lance Moore hasn’t been performing, is there a decent waiver wire add?

  30. alaugh says:

    @Doc – Pretty much out of my 1 player keeper league and I’m looking towards next year. I have MJD or Vick as potential keepers. I was thinking of trying to trade for a better keeper. Thoughts on trading for DMC, Calvin, Turner, Gore, CJ2K, Mendy, or Forte (outside chance on Rice, but that’s obvious if I can get him). Who (1 or more) would be an improvement over MJD/Vick for next year? League is TD heavy, 6 pts per TD, 1 pt per 25 yards. Thanks!

  31. paulzone says:

    @Doc: unfortunately, the dude with Bryant has Rodgers. The team’s that need QBs are:

    ryan at qb; nicks, nelson, manningham,
    sanchez at qb: fitz, maclin, colston, lloyd

  32. phorts says:

    Woodhead vs the Jets man! At least throw him up over Leon Washington for me!

  33. JB says:

    Detroit’s D has been pretty much match-up proof all year – relatively speaking. I picked up the Chargers to plug in when the Lions play the Packers and Saints in back-to-back weeks, but are you seriously suggesting starting the Chargers over the Lions for this week? I don’t see how they don’t rattle Cutler into some mistakes with that front 4 – even at Chicago. Enlighten me, if you will.

  34. Nehocstu says:

    Doc; loved you in baseball! First year following you in football. Really appreciate that you actually answer questions…

    Sending a trade proposal for a ppr league:
    Stafford/Foster/Nicks for Rogers/Murray(or Sproles or SJax).
    How’m I doing?


  35. Blain Train says:

    Hey Doc, I’m struggling with my RB2&3 this week. I’m choosing from Matthews, Tolbert, Blount, & Tate. The rankings say Matthews & Blount, but my gut says Tate has a big game spelling Foster once Texans are up big. I’m also worried about Tolbert retaining the lead back duties with Matthews just returning from injury. This is a big week for me against divisional rival with a playoff birth potentially on the line. Any insight? Thanks!

  36. MikeonaBike says:

    Should I trade Beanie and Julio for Greene and Antonio Brown? No PPR and return yds count (Brown is ranked 7 so far at WR). I have AP and Forte along with VJax and pretty much nobody at WR.

  37. m says:

    rest of season: vjax or mendenhall?

  38. elwood blues says:

    I think I’ll go with Helu over Blount as my RB#2.. (.05 ppr).. yeah?

  39. Anthony says:

    @DOC: My team – QB Rodgers, RB Mendenhall mathews, Mcgahee, WR Nelson Gaffney Miles Austin, TE Gates, K Cundiff D Packers – Currently I have MCgahee @ Flex and I have Lawfirm and Best on my bench for now.

    I was offered Steve Johnson for Mcgahee? Should i do this deal after the games played for this weekend? I think Best is coming back next week? hopefully – whats your thoughts

  40. swingkungfu says:

    vjax really kinda fucked me this past thursday. with that said, i have two WR slots still to play, and currently have decker and manningham starting, with cruz, james jones and laurent robinson on the bench. i’ve got vick, forte, mcgahee, owen daniels, jags defense and matt bryant rounding out the rest of my team. would you start cruz over decker?

  41. Benny says:

    Would you trade Eli and Finley for Stafford and Keller? It’s a .5pt ppr and 6pt per TD league. I also have Fred Davis to replace Finley with.

  42. Steven says:

    When will Week 11 rankings be posted? Thanks so much….You have gotten me a great record…thank you!

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