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  1. quimmy says:

    Quick question, in a PPR league I already clinched a playoff spot and am looking at the playoffs. I have a chance to trade my Gore for his DMC and Decker. I have Michael Bush already so I have the handcuff. Gore’s playoff sched doesn’t look great and the idea of the 49’ers resting Gore looks large as well. Thoughts?

  2. atcdav says:

    trade offer in no TE non ppr league we start 1/2 RBs and 3/4 WR/TEs.

    have Wells, Battle and JStew. Mega, SSmiff, AndreJ, ABrown, Mannigham

    offered Starks and Witten for Andre. does this help? I was also offered OGbannaya? and Hillis for Manninham … like any of these? none?

  3. xlunited1 says:

    No Brandon Pettigrew?

  4. Jeff says:

    Hey Doc, I’ve got a pretty solid team, and I’m starting to look towards playoffs. I’ve got dominant RBs and I’m looking to trade for a high end WR1. What kind of package do you suggest I put together for a Welker, Wallace, Megatron, etc? What price would be worth it?

    Here’s my lineup:
    QB: Brees, Tebow
    RB: Foster, Forte, Gore, Murray, Stewart
    WR: White, Bowe, Steve Johnson, Manningham, A. Brown, Laurent Robinson
    TE: Fred Davis


  5. Jeff says:

    Oh, by the way, piggybacking on my question, we play essentially 3 WRs and 3 RBs, standard scoring, non-ppr.

  6. FDS says:

    Am I insane for considering benching Sidney Rice or Laurent Robinson for Ben Tate in a PPR league? Rice vs the Ravens scares me…

  7. schlitzy says:

    Pierre Thomas or Marshawn Lynch ROS?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @quimmy: I think it’s a good trade.

    @Jeff: I’d see if you can get one of the elite guys straight up for Gore.

    @xlunited1: Hmm, I’ll check on that

    @atcdav: I’d hold

    @quimmy: Go for it

  9. Random Collmenter says:

    hillis was just dropped in my .5 PPR league. pick him up off waivers or is he done at this point?

    my other RBs are CJ, Mathews, and F-Jax, so he’d just be a backup anyway…

  10. paulzone says:

    need some trade help.

    my team:
    qb: cam, vick, stafford
    rb: gore, murray, bradshaw, helu, battle
    wr: megatron, welker, antonio brown, ford
    te: finley

    i was just offered lloyd / wells for stafford / ford. He has Sanchez at qb and other wr’s are fitz, maclin, colston with jimmy graham as his TE. Would you just accept, counter for one of his other wr’s or another counter involving a wr and graham?


  11. Project_Badass says:

    .5 PPR

    How would you rank Maurice Morris, Chris Ogbonnaya, and Brent Celek for week 10?

  12. bert says:

    Hey doc

    Just made a trade last Wednesday
    I gave up nicks,bradshaw,crabtree,green
    And received mcfadden,b Lloyd, Austin, r mathews which is a fair trade
    Now on Thursday when the news broke out on Thursday about bradshaw I picked up Jacobs

    So now I’m being told I should give Jacobs to the other team I traded which is ridiculous ne ways so instead being that the other owner and myself r very good at fantasy we both agreed that I needed a qb he has romo on his bench cause he has eli and since I had Jacobs we would trade Jacobs and flacco for romo which gives him the guy he wants and a similar player to romo and I get romo but the keep makin this a big deal and saying that it is not a fair trade how do u feel about this because the numbers even match up and if bradshaw is out for a longer time then originally thought Jacobs value sky rockets even more.please let me know Wat u think or ne of ur loyal readers as well let me know how ya feel. I’m just sick of playing with cry babies

  13. Jeremy says:

    Hey Doc

    Given the fact that Mathews is coming back this week, would you consider subbing either Plax or Earl Bennet for Tolbert? If so, which one, cutty and Bennet looked pretty solid monday night

  14. Chris says:

    Got Mathews and Tolbert on a lot of teams apparently.

    Who’s the better play tonight, Mathews or Tolbert? (+0 PPR)

    Mathews or Helu? (+1 PPR)
    Tolbert, Jacobs, or Battle? (+.5 PPR)

  15. trick dad says:

    should I trade away forte for mathews and nicks?

    current roster:
    RB: Forte
    RB: Greene
    RB/WR: Battle
    WR: Wallace
    WR: Maclin
    BN: J Ford, Torry Smith, K Hunter, Redman, B Scott

  16. Djbooyah20 says:

    Hey doc need some trade advice. Ppr league and also a keeper league. Thinking about trading away an always hurt DMC and Owen Daniels for Sproles and Jason Witten.
    My squad currently:
    Vick – 10th round keeper next year
    Forte, DMC(7th round kpr), Mendenhall, Peyton Hillis(10th), JBest, Battle
    Roddy, Miles Austin, Stevie Johnson(9th), Victor Cruz(12th), Antonio Brown(13th)

    I’m trying to make the playoffs and set up some nice keepers for next year. McFadden is a beast if healthy, but he always seems to be banged up and oak scares me. I’m concerned he’ll be limpy from here on out and probably just get nicked up again next year. His missing of games has killed me.

  17. alaugh says:

    Should I trade Vick and Felix Jones for Mendenhall and Flacco?

    Currently have Vick, Tebow, MJD, F Jones, Helu, D Thomas, VJax, Maclin, Manningham, Crabtree, and Harvin.

    10 team TD heavy league; 6 pts per TD (3 pts per passing TD) & 1 pt per 25 yds.

  18. Jeremy says:

    sorry to add onto my earlier post :

    “Hey Doc

    Given the fact that Mathews is coming back this week, would you consider subbing either Plax or Earl Bennet for Tolbert? If so, which one, cutty and Bennet looked pretty solid monday night”

    I also have Benson in my lineup and I keep on holding out for him to produce something but it seems unlikely he’ll do that against pitt. I’ve got plax and bennet sitting on the bench with Benson and Tolbert in. Not sure if the rb over wr rule still applies this week.

  19. herschel says:

    @Doc: 12 team ppr league, who would you start this week?

    bjge @ nyj
    battle vs den
    tate @ tb

    safe bet seems like bjge but i kind of like tate at tampa. they have been pretty horrid against the run plus they are missing mccoy. could be in for another 10-12 carry, 100 yard game or am i dreaming?


  20. Colin says:

    Hey Doc,

    Appreciate the help:

    Jackie Battle against Den or Blount against Hou


    Breaston against Den or Moore against SD


  21. Hey Doc…the Rest of Year Chart is down, do you know when it will be back up?

    Also, who do you start this week along side Demarco Murray in standard league?

    Also rank these for this week if you don’t mind in PPR format?
    M Bush
    S Greene

  22. I’ve been offered Benson for Victor Cruz, does this make sense….here is my starters:

    P Thomas

    R White
    Antonio Brown


  23. Quiggles says:


    Desperate need of RB help. Would you trade Calvin Johnson for MJD & Bowe?

  24. Jim Parkey says:

    Doc, Wells or Tolbert this week? txs

  25. Ken Plane says:

    I start four, non-ppr. Lloyd, Wallace, Manningham, Stewart S. Greene or L. Robinson? Thanks.

  26. mGEEZYY says:


  27. mGEEZYY says:


  28. Kevin says:

    ppr: Denarius Moore or Reggie Wayne

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kevin: Tough call. Moore for upside.

    @mGEEZYY: Percy, Ford, Ballard

    @Ken Plane: I’d sit Stew and Robinson

    @Jim Parkey: Wells

    @Quiggles: If desperate yes

    @kR Express: I’d do it

    @kR Express: http://football.razzball.com/rest-of-season-pass-and-rush-d-strategery

    Blount, Bush-Greene-Tate

    @Colin: Blount and Moore for upside/Breaston to be safer

    @herschel: I like Tate as well, but he is risky. I’d lean Battle to be safe, but Tate for upside

    @Jeremy: Tough call on Benson, but I’d probably lean Tolbert over the receivers and give Benson a shot at a TD.

    @alaugh: I wouldn’t

    @Djbooyah20: I just don’t trust Sproles long term enough.

    @trick dad: I’m too worried about them being banged up

    @Chris: Mathews, Mathews, Battle

    @bert: That’s dumb. No reason to give him anything.

    @Project_Badass: Morris, Celek, Og

    @paulzone: I’d do it for Maclin for sure, but I’d probably go for Lloyd as well.

    @Random Collmenter: I’d grab him

  30. TRADE says:

    I was offered FJax and Antonio Brown for my Fitz and DMC in 12 team standard league.

    What do you think?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TRADE: I’m kinda liking it. A little worried about DMC.

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