There aren’t a ton of must pick ups, but I feel pretty good about the guys that are on this list.

Roy Helu: He’s the Redskins starting running back for today and in fantasy football that’s all we can really ask for. Against the 49ers Helu was on the field for 65 plays and Ryan Torain was there for 4. Shanahan is a cliche when it comes to switching running backs, but you can’t just ignore that kind of playing time for any back. He won’t catch 14 balls again, but he is an every down player and Shanny is also starting rookie receiver Hankerson to evaluate his talent. They know Torain isn’t as talented as Helu and want to see what he can do with the bulk of the work. You need to as well.

Laurent Robinson: With Miles Austin out 2-4 weeks with some reports speculating 5 Robinson is a must grab. He’s had two 100 yard games and one of those came with Austin in the lineup. The Cowboys have a good schedule against some poor pass defenses. And Robinson hasn’t just looked like another body to throw out there. He’s shown improvement since becoming a Cowboy.

Jacoby Ford: The Raiders have a ton of potential and that’s why there are so many of them on this list. Darrius Heyward-Bey was playing well and playing well consistently which is quite amazing. But against Denver DHB only was on the field 12 plays while Ford took his place and had a touchdown and over 100 yards. There has been plenty of speculation as to why Heyward-Bey was demoted, but I’m going with two reasons. #1: Moore and Ford are just better. DHB is no slouch, but these two have the ability to be elite if given the chance. We’ve seen what DHB can do and he just isn’t a #1 receiver. I applaud Hue Jackson for defying Al Davis by sitting Bey, oh wait, that’s my #2 reason. Now that Al Davis is gone Jackson and the coaches have less oversight on personnel decisions and don’t have to worry about getting the axe.

Earl Bennett: He’s been injured for a long while now and finally he’s back on the field as I type. He’s been a favorite PPR stash for me for a while now, but when he was in there early in the season the Bears couldn’t protect Cutler to save his life which made it tough to get the ball to any receiver and then when the o-line starts playing better Bennett gets hurt. And now he’s back and his QB has a little time and he’s the only sure handed receiver on the team. He’s a must pickup in PPR leagues and worth a look in non.

Denarius Moore: I like Ford a little more than Moore, but I think Palmer can make both startable in the right matchups. We’ve gone through this already this season and I can’t assure you that Ford and Moore are going to take over the world, but they are just too good not to own if there is a chance they’ll start getting the targets they deserve.

Brent Celek: He was targeted 9 times and caught 7 of them for 60 yards. He’s finally getting targets from Vick and the way Maclin and Jackson were handling passes makes me think that should keep up.

Jake Ballard: The dude just makes catches. He seems like he is playing over his head, but as long as he’s getting the job done you have to grab him.

Austin Pettis: Here’s another PPR’er. With Greg Salas breaking his fibula (that’s a funny word) Pettis will take over that cursed slot position and Sam Bradford is a fan of dumping it off often. I would only want him in full PPR leagues though.

Vincent Brown: Brown finally beat out Patrick Crayton for that third receiver spot. With Gates, VJax and Floyd in the way it will be hard for him to be of much value, but Gates is running on one foot and Floyd can’t stay healthy. Keep an eye on Brown.

Marion Barber: Well, I can’t stand the guy but he keeps getting into the end zone. I would only use him as a desperation play or in TD heavy leagues.

Tim Tebow: After his horrid Week 8 game he may have been dropped. He has value as long as he’s playing.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags get to face the Colts who are giving up fake football points like crazy to defenses. In their last 4 games the Colts opposing D/ST’s have scored 18, 18, 16 and 12 in ESPN standard scoring. They’re my Streaming D of the week!!

Droppage: Greg Little, Demaryius Thomas, Ryan Torain, Kevin Faulk

  1. David says:

    Is it worth it to keep Nate Burleson in non-ppr, heavy TD (6pts per TD) league? Titus Young is on the wire, but I don’t enjoy having to choose between the two. Is it going to be a crapshoot the rest of the way?

    And, does Orlovsky help/hurt Reggie Wayne at all? He’s been riding my bench because I have hope he might turn it around… hopes deleted.

  2. James says:

    @Doc: Would you do this?

    I give Stafford and F. Jones for Hasselbeck and Mathews.

    QB’s: Stafford & Tebow
    RB’s: Mendenhall, F. Jones, Ogbonnaya, & M. Morris

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @James: No, I’d stick with Stafford.

    @David: It’s going to be a crapshoot with those guys. Young and Burls will continue to hurt each others ceiling. Painter gets the start again, but who knows after that. Either way Wayne has no upside.

  4. Rocky says:

    Would you trade Mendenhall, A. Brown, and Gates for Fred Jackson? With Forte, Murray, D. thomas as other rb’s, A. Johnson, Julio Jones, Crabtree as other wr’s, and Gronkowski as other TE, is it worth the upgrade at rb?

  5. @Doc I have Colston with a bye week coming up. Would you drop him for either Ford or Demarius Moore?

  6. Matt says:

    Bennett over Crabtree?

  7. JT says:


    Would you drop Daniel Thomas for either Helu or Ryan Matthews? Should I drop Brandon Jacobs and Thomas for both Helu and Matthews?

  8. Scott says:

    Laurent Robinson,j Baldwin or or jacoby ford?
    Need one in waiver pickup
    Standard league

  9. EK says:

    Pls rank these receivers for the ROS (12 team non-ppr)

    J. Ford
    E. Bennett
    N. Washington
    J. Gaffney
    L. Robinson

  10. Gavin says:


    Tebow finishes the year as the Broncos QB?

  11. cam says:

    i have helu, blount, jacobs, and battle. who do i start this week? would you drop any of these guys for lynch?

  12. @Doc:

    In a big keeper league, one of the contenders just traded:

    Vick (11th round keeper)
    David Nelson
    Doug Baldwin
    Kevin Kolb
    Ricky Williams
    Kregg Lumpkin


    Dez Bryant
    DeSean Jackson
    Steven Jackson (Can’t be kept)
    Shonn Greene
    MJD (Can’t be kept)
    Christian Ponder

    I understand that teams out of the running in keeper leagues make some lopsided deals, but this is out of control, no?

  13. Van Haggard says:

    Use #4 waiver on Robinson? We start 3 receivers in my 12-team league. My other WR are Wallace, Marshall, Decker, and Little. Or just keep my waiver until something better comes along?

  14. stumanji says:

    No love for Chris Ivory? I know the Saints have 7 RBs but the dude had 15 carries last week. I think he’s worth a grab in most 12 teamers.

  15. zoe says:

    Hey Doc,

    I own Hillis, and since his playoff schedule is horrid, and his return this season is looking bleak I’m thinking about dropping him for Helu or Ben Tate. I have Michael Bush in for him now, but Bush is only good while DMC is out, so I need to pick up someone now. What do you think?

    I can drop Cincinnati D for either Helu or Tate, but I’d like to grab both if possible, and the only way I can do that is by dropping Hillis. I’m also tempted to keep Cincinnati D for playoffs and dropping the Jets after week 14 because Cincinnati plays StL and Arizona in weeks 15 and 16.

    Since people in my league have started hording Defenses I’m hesitant to drop Cincinnati because I need them for playoffs.

    My team:
    QB: Big Ben
    RB: Rice
    RB: M. Bush (only until DMC returns)
    WR: Fitzgerald
    WR: Brandon Marshal
    TE: Finley
    W/R: Antonio Brown
    Def: Jets
    Bench: Jordy Nelson, Tim Tebow, Hernandez, Hillis, Cincinnati D

  16. Anal_yst says:

    In PPR league, should I drop Hillis (just traded Torain for him last Friday) or Best FOR TE Ballard of WR Bennett?

    Current TE: Owen Daniels (has Wk 11 Bye)

    Current RBs: DMC, Bush, MJD, Benson, Hillis, Best.

    Current WRs: Steve Smith, Roddy White, DJax, Marshall, Decker, Branch, Crabtree.


  17. Bernie Lomax says:

    14 team, PPR League, 2 WR and Flex. Looking to do 2 for 1.

    Would you deal Mcgahee and Nelson for Wallace? How about the same two for Roddy White?

    My team: Tebow, Bryant, Marshall, Manningham, Gore, McCoy, Graham.
    Bench: Cutler, A. Brown, Nelson, McGahee, Tate.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Willy D says:

    Who would you start this week

    Stafford or Big Ben?

    and at the flex…

    V. Cruz, Mendy, Antonio Brown or J. Ford?

  19. Willy D says:

    One more..

    Would you trade

    Stafford and Mendy for Gore

    My QB would be Big Ben, and i can get flacco on waivers

    RBS: McCoy, Sproles (PPR League), Mendy, Helu

  20. schlitzy says:

    3 of my 4 WR are on bye week 11. what do you think of trading Lynch for LLLLLoyd? My other RBs are Tolbert, Murray, McGahee and Stewart.

  21. JR says:

    Couple Q’s

    Start Tebow or Rivers, week 10?

    PPR league, rank the following:

    Greg Jennings
    Stevie Johnson
    Nate Washington
    Darrius Heyward Bay
    Eric Decker
    Torrey Smith

    Also who to start along side AP, Michael Bush or Pierre Thomas?

  22. Wilsonian says:

    Drop Lynch for McGahee?

    Drop Holmes for Robinson or T.Smith?

  23. topps says:

    I’ve locked up a playoff spot. I’m considering offering Lloyd (W15 Cinn, W16 @Pitt) or Julio for Andre Johnson. Is this a good or bad idea?

    nb: my WR1 is Wallace

  24. Wiley says:

    Do you drop Crabtree for Jacoby Ford in a PPR league? Is Peyton Hillis worth holding onto or do I jettison him at this point?

  25. Art Vandelay says:

    How would you rank B. Marshall, Manningham, and L. Robinson right now in non-PPR formats?

  26. Mike T. says:

    Hey Doc… what do you think about this trade in a 14tm ppr league:

    I get: Cam Newton, Dez Bryant & Daniel Thomas.
    I give: Andre Johnson, Willis McGahee & Jermichael Finley.

    My qb’s at the moment are Schaub & Tebow, rb’s are mcfadden, helu & OG and wr’s are Marshall, A. Brown & Little and my other TE is F. Davis.

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Art Vandelay: For the season or this week?

    @Wiley: I’d hold onto Crabs in PPR. I’d hold Hillis. Nobody there to tale his place.

    @topps: I’d do it.

    @Wilsonian: I’d keep Holmes and McGahee

    @JR: Rivers, Bush

    Greg Jennings
    Stevie Johnson
    Eric Decker
    Torrey Smith
    Nate Washington
    Darrius Heyward Bay

    @schlitzy: I’m on board

    @Willy D: It’s too much, but it does fit your team. I’d make sure Gore practices first. His ankle was hurting.

    @Willy D: Stafford, Depends on Nicks with Cruz. I’d lean Brown in PPR and Mendy in non.

    @Bernie Lomax: Would rather have Wallace there for sure.

    @Anal_yst: I think you have to hold for now

    @stumanji: YEah, he probably needs to be on there. Will depend on Ingram’s status.

    @zoe: I’d go for it.

    @Gavin: 75% True

    @Van Haggard: I’d use it

    @PureBwa: That’s very poor. I don’t usually veto trades, but that’s just bad.

    @cam: Blount

    J. Ford
    E. Bennett
    L. Robinson
    N. Washington
    J. Gaffney

    @JT: I’d for sure get Mathews and I’d probably drop Jacobs for Helu.

    @Matt: I’d lean Crabs

    @Howard: No

    @Rocky: I wouldn’t

  28. Mike T. says:

    Hey Doc… what do you think about this trade in a 14tm ppr league:

    I get: Cam Newton, Dez Bryant & Daniel Thomas.
    I give: Andre Johnson, Willis McGahee & Jermichael Finley.

    My qb’s at the moment are Schaub & Tebow, rb’s are mcfadden, helu & OG and wr’s are Marshall, A. Brown & Little and my other TE is F. Davis.

  29. Josh says:

    I’m in a non-PPR league, I have Cam Newton but haven’t been able to play him all year because I drafted Drew Brees in the first round. Does Wes Welker or Greg Jennings provide good value for Brees or should I be reaching higher in a trade?

  30. DWU BWEEES! says:

    Is Breaston worth a pickup ahead of E. Bennett or J. Ford?

  31. Art Vandelay says:

    @Doc: Sorry, I meant for the season, or at least the medium term (next few weeks), not this week.

  32. Eng says:

    2QB league. I’m going to hold Quinn as backup and drop Orton. Sound okay? Thx Doc

  33. Dan says:

    hey doc,
    would you drop peyton hillis for helu or ben tate? right now, in addition to hillis, ive got peterson, wells, demarco murray, and brandon jacobs

  34. paulzone says:

    what to do with Vick & Stafford. Who should I aim for in a trade? I am 45 points back with 4 weeks left in a 10 team 0.5 ppr league. 6 pts for pass tds, 3 pt bonus for 100 yds

    qb: cam, vick, stafford
    rb: gore, murray, bradshaw, helu, battle
    wr: megatron, welker, a. brown
    te: finley
    dst: stream each week (3 points the last two weeks, ugh)

    thoughts? i dont want to give em away but think i have to move them for something. (ap, jennings, steve smith, gronkowski, steelers are out).


  35. zandercage says:

    Hey Doc –

    Want to back up Jimmy Graham a week early for his bye week. Who you like best in Week 11?

    Dickson vs CIN
    Shiancoe vs OAK
    Celek vs NYG


  36. TheHighlander says:

    Which RB2 and flex to start: Helu, Wells, Reggie Bush, Battle and Harvin or
    Crabtree in flex mix? Thanks Doc

  37. Robert says:

    Hey Doc…Looking at Reggie Bush and Helu. How do you rank them RoS? Drop Ogbonnaya, Jacobs or both for either or both of them?

  38. Archibald says:


    Woud you swap Dez Bryant for Ryan Mathews straight up?

    I’m in need of a RB, and have an excellent trio of receivers.

  39. Matt says:

    Hey Doc,

    12 Team PPR League (Currently tied for lead in my division)
    Start QB,2RB,2WR,FLEX(RB/WR),TE,K,D/ST

    We run FAAB on Wednesdays at Midnight. Each team began w/ a $200 budget (No Zero Bids).

    My current starting lineup is as follows:

    Flex-Pierre T.

    Bench = Miles Austin,Ingram,M.Lynch,M.Thomas(cutting),Olsen

    I currently have $45 left (most teams have around $50-$60 left)

    As you can see I’m thin at WR due to Austins hammy issues.

    My question for you is, how much of that $45 would you bid on Laurent Robinson in my position?

    Robinson is my first priority, followed by E.Bennett,Ford,D.Moore,Pettis,V.Brown. I will only be adding one WR total and dropping mike thomas.

    How would you play this hand, would you target Robinson (at how much?) or would you shoot for a bargain on one of the lesser guys?

    Side question…of all the WRs i mentioned on the wire, which if any would you start in my flex spot over P.Thomas or Marshawn?

    Thanks a bunch. I’m in a bind here, bids due by midnight. You da man.

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt: Since you own Miles I’d do my best to get Robinson which will make for one starter each week out of the two. I’d go with 15-20 bucks. I’d probably skip on Pettis since Clayton was just activated. Hard to know what’s happening there right now.

    @Archibald: I really like Dez for the second half. I can see making the trade, but would rather give somebody else up.

    @Robert: I’d drop both.

    @TheHighlander: I’m leaning Wells and harvin right now.

    @zandercage: Celek

    @Dan: I wouldn’t, but it’s close

    @Eng: Yep

    @DWU BWEEES!: I’m leaning no

    @Josh: Jennings in Non-PPR is about fair.

    @Mike T.: I like it

    @Art Vandelay: I’d rank them in that order

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