Here they blow!!! Hey buddy! Don’t say my rankings blow! Jerk.

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  1. Peter says:

    Kevin Smith over Marshawn Lynch? That’s just a joke, right?!

  2. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Doc,

    Would you drop Reggie Wayne for Santana Moss? Who do you like more going forward? Thanks!

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Peter: Cool your jets there. Just a little glitch.

  4. Peter says:

    Cool my jets??? You don’t like Shonne Green either?!?!

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    Fantasy Pros takes a little bit to get my latest saved changes on here. Lynch is my 7th overall RB.

  6. Billy says:

    How is Skelton ranked 10th amongst QBs? He can’t throw a spiral! And what does ECR stand for?

  7. Salty Balty says:

    I picked up Skelton before these rankings came out. I thought I was high on him, but geez, you have him in the top-10. What makes you so confident? Fitzgerald? The fact that San Fran hasn’t allowed a rush TD? I picked up Leinart in a 2 qb leagaue for week 12 as damage control for Vick’s ribs and Skelton for this week only. Should I be thinking about Skelton over Leinart week 12? Kind of a stream of thought there, my b.

  8. Ted says:

    Hey Doc … just a note … LT is out this week

  9. The G says:


    Cam Newton at Lions or Tom Brady vs Chiefs?


  10. Dough. Boy says:

    Where does a Johnson rank rest of season. With Schaub’s injury?

  11. EK says:

    Pls rank for this week (non-PPR):

    Laurent Robinson
    Steve Breaston
    Mike Williams (TB)

  12. Chibbs says:

    what up DOC!

    Tebow or Alex Smith for this week? Thanks

  13. Tom says:

    What does “ECR” stand for?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tom: Those are the consensus rankings from all the experts at Fantasy Pros.

    @Chibbs: Dang, I’d go with the safer Smith.

    @EK: LRob, Mike, Breast

    @Dough. Boy: He loses a little, but he should still be top 10 once he returns.

    @The G: Brady

    @Ted: gotcha

    @Salty Balty: There’s a good chance Kolb will take over for Skelton for the rest of the season.

  15. Rags says:

    Isn’t that kinda high on Battle? Doesn’t he sit when KC is behind? New England is going to wipe the floor with KC. Stewart, Starks, Helu and Obie at least are going to get carries.

  16. schlitzy says:

    what are your thoughts on giving up Lynch to get Lloyd? I was looking forward to getting Andre Johnson back in my lineup but now with Schaub out…not so much. I’m 6 and 4 with a good matchup this week. We start 2 RB and 2 WR, no flex. Team is:

    DeMarco, Lynch, McGahee, Stewart, Tolbert, Kendall Hunter
    Mike Wallace, Andre, Manningham, Antonio Brown, Earl Bennett

  17. schlitzy says:

    @schlitzy: also should mention that I LOVE Lynch’s sked for the ROS. STL twice, redskins, eagles and cards.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Rags: They’re not going to get poor Palko killed in his first game. I don’t like him, but there’s not much out there.

    @schlitzy: It’s fair.

  19. B-Real says:


    What about kicker rankings?


  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @schlitzy: Yeah, not easy to give him up. But I do think Lloyd can be a top 5 receiver the rest of the way if things fall right for him.

    @B-Real: Whoops. Soonish.

  21. Megatron Lives says:

    Should I dump Maurice Morris and get Kevin Smith? Or just wait and see what happens?

  22. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Please answer question #2

  23. paulzone says:

    would you offer this trade?

    i give: cam, gore, finley
    i get: forte, graham

    current team:
    qb: cam, stafford, vick
    rb: gore, murray, bradshaw, battle, helu
    wr: megatron, welker, antonio brown, vincent brown
    te: finley
    dst: jags (at moment, might switch to pats)
    k: bailey

  24. TD's n Beer says:

    Hey Doc, I think I’ve read too much Fantasy opinions and now I need some help with my lineup. I need to start 3 of these WR’s for Week 11.

    H. Nicks
    B. Marshall
    D. Moore
    L. Robinson

    Im struggling with LRob and Nicks since Nicks will be covered by Asomugha while Cruz and Manningham have been stealing catches, not to mention the nagging hamstring issue.

    Also thanks for all your hard work on Razzball. This is the first year Ive used your site and I’m 8-2 which ties me for first place in my 12 team league. Im playing the other first place guy this week and would love to come out on top! Keep up the great work!

  25. Randy says:

    I’m starting Mathews. Which other RB should I start?
    Tolbert or Morris?

  26. Wilsonian says:

    Jacksonville is available, do I play them over Dallas or Baltimore? I don’t like what B-More has done lately, and Cincy has an above average offense, so I’m torn.

    Would you really play VJax over DJax? It’s a toss up right now for me. I think DJax gets a lot of looks with Maclin hurting, but it might also be tough for him with Young throwing the ball. I also don’t trust VJax (especially against my Bears) when he’s so up and down every week.

  27. Cap says:

    Pick two to start and why.. Lance Ball, Kendall Hunter, Doug Baldwin, Jabar Gaffney

  28. KarlJ. says:

    Hey Doc,
    In one of my leagues, I have received the following offer: I give up Brady, Reggie Bush and Owen Daniels for Romo, Aaron Hernandez and Decker.
    Bush has been playing nicely lately but this is a non PPR and he is the 5th RB on my depth chart. I shopped him around the league to other teams and nobody was interested. Is the upgrade from Daniels to Hernandez worth the downgrade from Brady to Romo? FYI the other team also offered me Stafford as on option if I like him more than Romo. Leaning towards rejecting it, but I can’t decide.


  29. Steve Stevenson says:

    Eli and Steve Smith for Brees? Smith would be replaced in lineup by a Flex rotation of Beanie and Cruz, with Marshall moving up to WR2. Looking toward playoffs.

  30. RBless in nyc says:

    RB issues . . . Chris Johnson’s finally turning it around, but my RB2 is a huge mess. Thank you for the rankings. What do you think about the prospects of the below guys?
    Daniel Thomas, Kendall Hunter, Lance Ball, Kevin Smith – was thinking just go with Thomas, but depending on the status of Gore and Mcgahee, gamble on Hunter or Ball? Any thoughts on Smith getting extra carries this weekend? Thanks!

  31. Norx says:

    Hey Doc – Picked up Sanchez when I heard the news about Schaub and I can either start Sanchez or Freeman (he was my backup already) this week. I was going with Sanchez because I think Denver is a little suspect in the pass defense but Freeman has a chance to put up 20+ points due to the fact that he will be throwing a lot and getting junk yards but he could throw 3 picks again. If I go by your rankings, I start Sanchez. Would you agree that that is the best move?

  32. B.o.B. says:

    Vick – 2 broken ribs, Schaub – done for year, Stevie Johnson – shoulder, AJ Green – knee, Calvin – mild concussion (not to mention his QB has a broken finger), McGahee – hamstring, Felix – ankle, Mendenhall and Kasay – bye week

    Holy nightmare Batman! I have no clue what to do this week. My bench is a joke with Nate Washington, Steve Breaston, Lance Ball and Felix Jones available. With McGahee looking like he’s going, my 2 RB spots I guess are Steven Jackson and him. No clue if Stevie or A.J. are going to play on Sunday. Would you play Ball in the W/R flex spot? I might have to just in case Stevie and/or A.J. sit out and have to throw Nate and/or Breaston in there. What to do? Please help Doc!

  33. Chris says:

    Need a flex play
    M. Morris

  34. sal says:

    mcgahee or cedric benson?

  35. Stinkfinger says:

    Pick 2 (PPR) – B. Marshall, Roddy, Jordy or VJax?

  36. Random Collmenter says:

    Was offered Desean Jackson for Miles Austin and Hillis.

    I think I’m going to accept because I’m 4 – 6 and need to make it into the playoffs. Right now Percy is my WR2, which I’m incredibly frustrated with (last week even when he was “healthy” he only played 33 snaps? WTF?)

    Desean might be just as frustrating but at least he’ll have some upside.

    What you think? Should I risk it even though Vick might not play?


    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Hey all. I am on the road and won’t be able to answer questions in a timely manner. If you throw them into mike, Asher’s, and Jeff’s posts they’ll get to them quicker. Good luck all!

  37. barker says:

    12 team trade deadline tomorrow

    i give rice jstew harvin i get mathews wallace sid rice

    rbs rice jstew jacobs ingram felix
    wr fitz harvin manningham moss decker
    qb eli

    i made that trade from the other day — i really need to win this week

  38. TheHighlander says:

    Who to start at flex? Beanie, Helu, Battle, Harvin, Crabtree or Ogobonnya?

  39. Cracker Baggins says:

    How would you rank these DSTs for the rest of the year (I have to pick one since I messed up with my waiver wire budget)?

    Rams (SEA, ARI, @SF, @SEA, CIN, @PIT)
    Falcons (TEN, MIN, @HOU, @CAR, JAC, @NO)
    Seahawks (@STL, WAS, PHI, STL, @CHI, SF)

  40. DDT says:

    Doc, do I go Beanie, Tolbert, or Helu in my RB2 slot? Thanks~

  41. Frank Rizzo says:

    Qb Carson Palmer, Phillip rivers
    Rb Matt forte, Ryan Matthews, Mcgahee, Helu
    Wr Andre Johnson, miles Austin, decker, Cruz, plaxico buress, Sidney rice, percy harvin
    Te Owen Daniels
    D jaguars
    K Dan bailey

    Need to pick up TE for week and don’t know who to drop….

    Jermaine Gresham, Brent celek, Benj Watson, Ed Dickson, Chandler.

    Thinking about dropping Owen Daniels let me know what you think?

    Thanks Doc

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