I have to say that after all the quarterback carnage this past weekend a little part of me is surprised that Brett Favre hasn’t taken the bait.  The Texans and the Bears both seems like pretty decent fits with strong running games that wouldn’t require him to go wild wild west on opponents.  Or maybe it’s just my unhealthy fixation on the awkward drama he seems to create everywhere he goes.

In any case, there were once again plenty of limbs missing after the weekend’s festivities and that means value.  Besides if you’re really that worried you always call Brett and talk to him yourself.  He’d probably only be $5,000 for the first week.  Whatever you do though, make sure you don’t text him.

Value Town


Vince Young $5800:  After shaking the rust off, Young stepped in admirably and captained the Eagles to a hard fought victory.  He’s a former elite talent (evidenced by 2 Pro Bowls) and I fully expect him to be starting somewhere next season, making his limited action more audition than anything else.  I could see him putting up huge numbers against a New England team that has trouble with strong, physical talents.

Caleb Hanie $5200:  In the second half of the NFC Championship game, Hanie stepped in and showed off why the Bears have confidence in his ability to back up Jay Cutler.  He has great arm strength and athleticism but has struggled with accuracy and decision making.  Don’t let that psyche you out too much though, the Bears have been winning because Matt Forte has been supplying 50% of their offense, and Hanie has the checkdown option that most QB’s in the league can only dream of.  I think the upside is limited to 15-18 points, but at the price tag he’s worth the risk.


Marion Barber $5600:  The Barbarian has been a red zone wrecking ball this season, and he’ll be forced to take on an extended role as the Bears attempt to replicate and employ a Houston Texans type running game.  I’m not saying Barber will awaken his former glory, but I do think with 12-15 touches he can go for 75 total yards with a few catches and a touchdown.

CJ Spiller $5400/Johnny White $4500/Tashard Choice $4500:  In some of the most depressing news to come out of the NFL this season, Fred Jackson is done for the year.  Headed for a big payday and the breakout of his career, the reeling Buffalo Bills are now in complete freefall mode.  It’s tough to tell exactly which of these three options will end up being the one to own, but I can confidently say that Spiller and Choice have looked for the most part unimpressive.  With the offense tailor made to suit their strengths, they could end up becoming serviceable though.  In my opinion, Johnny White could become the real guy to own here should he get the chance.  Keep a close ear to the word coming out of Buffalo on which back will be assuming primary duties.

Toby Gerhart $4500:  He’s been in coach Leslie Frazier’s doghouse since a flurry of fumbles late last season, but with Adrian Peterson down the Vikings will have no choice but to give him a starter’s workload.  With good overall talent and a downhill mentality, Gerhart can certainly provide some value for your matchups this weekend.  Just beware of the coach player dynamic involved and the risks associated with it.



Percy Harvin $6600:  If last week’s contest was any indication, Harvin is set to become the focal point of the Vikings offense while Adrian Peterson is sidelined.  What impressed me the most is that Harvin, now back at full health for the first time in a while, displayed power and burst that has been missing all season.  The Falcons are surrendering copious amounts of points to opposing wideouts.

Vincent Brown $5000:  Don’t let last week’s game fool you, the Chargers are going to need to work their talented young receiver into the equation if they hope to correct their current debacle.  He went for 79 and 97 yards respectively the two weeks prior to posting a stinker and against a Broncos defense that is admittedly playing better, he should get right back on track.

Riley Cooper $4800:  Vince Young targeted him 12 times, including the game winning score.  Guess who’s starting at quarterback again this week?  There is an undeniable chemistry between the two second teamers and there is real huge game potential against a weak New England secondary.  It’s worth noting also that the Patriots have had trouble with tall, physical, redzone presences in the past.


Heath Miller $5600:  After watching what the Chiefs allowed over the middle to Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez on Monday night, it’s hard to imagine Miller not having a good game while playing a in a similarly pass heavy Steelers offense.  He’s also had big games in three of his last four starts so a he enters the contest on a mini hot streak.

Greg Olsen $5600:  The Colts really, really suck and I fully expect Cam Newton to go “ham” on their entire defense.  If this #notsoboldprediction pans out then Olsen should be in line for a big performance as Newton’s second favorite target in the passing game.


Broncos $5200:  The Broncos, led by phenom Von Miller, have been playing at an extremely high level as of late and the Chargers have been one of the more turnover prone teams in the NFL.

Bengals $5000:  This in state rivalry always turns bloody and bruised, with the difference this year being that one team actually decided to field a respectable unit.  With all the tectonic action in the AFC North the past two weeks this becomes a must win contest if the Bengals still hope to compete for a division title or even a wildcard berth.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Seacrest out.

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  1. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Anything going on this week in the world of Razzball FanDuel tournies? Not sure with the holiday week if anything got put together. Thanks!

  2. myheadphones says:

    I need to make room for another receiver since I just traded Nicks for Mendenhall. Who should I drop out of Beanie, McGahee, Benson and Kevin Smith?

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    Do I start McGahee or Matthews this week, week 12?

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