Happy Turkey Day Ya’ll! Check out the updated rankings after the fold.

  1. Matt P says:

    Dez or Blount at flex for this week?

  2. Andrew says:

    Who should I start in the TE & Flex Spot (standard score league- non ppr)

    Todd Heap
    Mercedes Lewis
    Derick Mason
    Shonn Green
    Eddie Royal

  3. LMack says:

    In a league where I can only roster two QBs, do you lose Mark Sanchez or Matt Ryan for Jon Kitna this week? How about long term?

  4. genghis chone says:

    SIT one: Forte, V-Jax, Harvin
    PPR, point per 25 return yards. Thanks! Also, strange as it may look, it’s “y’all.”

  5. Spliff says:

    Who should I plug in my Flex?
    LT, Welker or Wallace? PPR

    Hill(had Romo and Stafford), White, Lloyd, CJ, JC, Gates(?), Flex, NYG

  6. Abo says:

    Need a rb and a flex. Options are:

    Donald Brown
    Brandon Jackson

  7. Confused says:

    Who to start PPR League

    Pick 2: Favre, Kitna, Freeman (@BAL)
    Pick 3: Randy Moss, Steve Smith (CAR), Woodhead (WR/RB), Kevin Walter, Jenkins
    Pick 2: Blount (@BAL), Ivory, Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown

  8. SDPete says:

    You’ve got Knox ranked quite a bit higher than Ochocinco. I know neither is ideal for this week, but it seems to me Chad might have a much better change of success than Johnny. Cutler + CHI offensive line vs. NYJ defense = DISASTER in my opinion. If I have the hobbled Zach Miller in addition to those two for a flex spot, should I go with Miller and hope?

  9. SDPete says:

    Oops, I guess CHI is vs. PHI this week, not the J-E-T-S. I suppose that makes more sense. Still, same question – Knox, Ocho or Miller?

  10. Rookie Season says:

    Hey Doc, I read that Brandon Jacobs is going to start. Should I assume to switch Bradshaw and Jacobs in your Rankings List?

    Even so, he would still rank behind my Blount and Moreno. I’m going to start Moreno at RB. For the WRT, we can choose from Blount, Jacobs and Burleson. I guess the Blount @Bal scares me a little.

  11. Don Tom says:


    Pick 1

    Vincent Jackson @Ind
    Santanio Holmes vs Cincy

    I’m thinking VJax And then for my flex I’m gonna start Keliand Williams vs Minn over Holmes.

    Does this ok? Im afraid holmes is gonna have another big week

  12. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Considering Best may not play much if at all, who should I start at RB this week? Pickings are slim on my roster to say the least…


  13. SDPete says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    @Don Tom: Holmes is lighting it up now, and CIN can’t stop anyone right now. They’ve pretty much given up on the season. I’d roll with Holmes and Jackson.

    @Rookie Season: I’m sitting Bradshaw this week, but I have 3 other RB studs I can use. Just b/c Jacobs is starting doesn’t mean he’s going to see more than half of the carries.

    @Confused: I’d lean Kitna/Woodhead/Blount, though the last 2 are meh.

    @Abo: I’d go Jackson/Brown, though Felix over Brown is ok, too.

    @Spliff: Wallace

    @ghengis chone: Harvin

    @LMack: no, but weeks 15 and 16 are tough matchups for both Ryan and Sanchez. Playoffs for you could be a little scary.

  14. SDPete says:

    @Andrew: ew. Heap and Lewis??

    @Matt P: Dez.

    @Joe B: Yikes. Hightower just because he should see the most touches?

  15. DSimms says:

    Do i close my eyes and take another chance on Moss since he’s going against the vaunted Texans defense or do i put in Keiland Williams?

  16. Howbone says:

    Happy thanksgiving all.

    I have Gates, Keller and Fasano at TE. Should I go ahead and roll Keller out tomorrow, or wait for Sunday and see how Gates is looking. If he doesn’t look promising I could start Fasano.

  17. Damion says:

    Heres my lineup. Bench players are in parentheses.Do you recommend any changes??

    RB-RICE MCCOY(blount)
    WR-BOWE AUSTIN(floyd m.williams-tb)

  18. Trick dad says:

    @doc – bradshaw over Jacobs? Even with Jacobs getting the start?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DSimms: Williams is safer.

    @Howbone: I’d wait.

    @Damion: I think you are good.

    @Trick dad: I think it’s mostly an honorary kind of thing. This should motivate AB, we’ll C.

  20. nadaidea says:

    Doc: I’m rolling with S. Hill over Eli, right?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nadaidea: It’s close. Eli has a great matchup, but not many weapons. Hill will throw A LOT. I’m leaning Hill

  22. Nate says:

    Happy Thanksgiving doc, I’m thankful for your advice… So I really want to start Vincent Jackson over Fitzgerald, should I?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nate: I think it’s worth the risk. Much higher upside.

  24. MR says:

    No questions this week…want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiiving and also thank you for your insight throughout the season.


  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MR: Thanks! I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!

  26. I can use rb, and wr,s and am looking to start rivers,Mccoy from phil, jamal charles, fred jackson instead of sidney rice and hines ward what do you think?

  27. hitts1 says:

    Help….Vick or Roethlesberger? And Blount or N Washington in flex?

  28. SDPete says:

    I sat Ochostinko this week, so I’m down to Knox or Zach Attack at my flex spot. Thinking Knox because Miller is still not 100 percent. Thoughts?

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @SDPete: Agreed, Knox

  30. SDPete says:

    Thanks. You get the assist for my division title – I can wrap it up with a win today.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @SDPete: Good luck!

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