Atlanta vs. MIN

Things couldn’t get much worse for Minnesota after they are in jeopardy of playing without their only consistent offensive weapon, Adrian Peterson. Even if Peterson gets in the game, Atlanta has evolved into one of the better run defenses in the league. It will be tough going for Ponder against Grimes and the Falcons’ secondary as they’ve snagged 11 interceptions while forcing 7 fumbles this season. If the Vikings are going to move the ball at all in this game, it will have to be through the air.

Carolina vs. IND

Although coming off their bye week, there isn’t much that could fix the Indianapolis Colts offense besides the return of their veteran QB. Carolina has been very weak against the run this year after losing many key players, but the Colts have struggles mightily on all aspects of offense, especially running the ball. The Colts have only averaged just over 13 points a game this season and only the Jags have put up less total yards.

Oakland vs. CHI

Now that the Bears have lost Cutler, their only hope is to put the ball in Forte’s hands and hope for the best. Although that sounds similar to their previous gameplan, it is going to be even more obvious to opposing teams. The Raiders’ main goal this week will be to shut down Forte as much as possible and create turn overs when they decide to go through the air.

Surprise Streamer of the Week

Seattle vs. WAS

Seattle has been surprising good on defense this year, especially against the run. Only the Bengals and Ravens have allowed more yards on the ground than the Seahawks this season. We may see the return of Santana Moss this week, but if not, Fred Davis will be Washington’s only threat through the air. The QB question in WAS is questionable to say the least, and you never know which Rex will show up to one of the more ferocious home fields in the NFL, Seattle.

  1. The Big Ole TDs says:

    “Only the Bengals and Ravens have allowed more yards on the ground than the Seahawks this season.”

    Don’t you mean that only the Bengals and Raves have allowed LESS yards on the ground than the Seahawks this season?

  2. Nick says:

    So I Have Best and K Smith. They just announced that Best will be sent to the IR next week. Do you drop him for Keiland Williams (someone has Maurrice Morris in my 10 team league…). Or go for Burleson, Breaston, Baldwin, DeAngelo Williams, Torain (I have Helu), Addai or Simpson?

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