There are some decent dudes to go after this week so go get it!

Matt Moore: Will he bite you in the arse and not in the good way? Yes, yes and maybe not. Wait, I only asked you one question. Anyways, Moore has looked good lately and flashed some real ability at times. The Bills are just a putrid excuse for a pass defense right now and Moore will have trouble against stronger pass defenses but if you take a look at week 15 and 16 you’ll see the Bills again along with the New England Patriots. Much will depend on the weather since these will be in the arctic but if it is non-blizzardy he could have value.

Andy Dalton: I underestimated the Red Rifle. He threw some picks but jeez Louise he sure took it to a good Ravens defense and without A.J. Green. Right there’s good enough for me to want him around as a backup. Oh and St. Louis and Arizona are nice matchups to end the fake season!

Jake Locker: The guy has an arm and some wheels and maybe an extra toe for all I know and he may get another shot this week if Matt Hasselbeck is deemed old. He’s a long shot to be of value in 12 team, 1 QB leagues, but in 2 QB or deeper leagues he needs to be owned in case he takes over because he can make things happen that Hass just can’t anymore.

Kevin Smith: Hopefully you grabbed him for free last week but if you didn’t there’s good reason to grab him at peak prices as well. He’s for sure beat out Mo Morris and there is still no timetable for Jahvid Best’s return. He’ll have one helluva time coming up with 200 yards and 3 touchdowns again but on a high scoring team like Detroit’s he’s going to get his, especially in PPR leagues. Carolina is unbearably bad against the run but Smith is in a good position to succeed. Don’t expect greatness but expect him to help your team. He’s your #1 waiver wire claim this week and at this point in the season you should know how badly you need him in comparison to how much free agent cash you have lying around. You can’t take it to your fake football grave.

Toby Gerhart: Are there any elite running backs that haven’t been severely mangled this season? Oh Chris Johnson, oh, nevermind. So our man Adrian Peterson is out at least a week and there is a chance for longer. Gerhart didn’t really put on a clinic after All Day went part of the day, but he’s still a decent back and a good pickup this week. His schedule isn’t a cakewalk with Atlanta and then Denver, but he will catch passes out of the backfield and get the bulk of the carries. That smells flexy to me.

Ryan Grant: Grant looks like he has one foot in the tomb but if Jimmy Starks can’t play on Turkey Day Grant would be getting the majority of the work. Running backs in Green Bay aren’t going to get into the end zone it seems. Lineman and receivers are the preferred vehicles for scoring touchdowns. Doesn’t seem like he is too hurt but it’s a quick turnaround and they may play it safe.

Joe McKnight: Shonn Greene is a bit hobbled as well as Old Man Tomlinson and McKnight ran strong against Denver last week. His opportunities will be iffy going forward but he has shown ability and his running mates are hurting. He’s worth a grab.

Donald Brown: This one is based on the premise that the Panthers are so bad that a I could average 3 yards a carry against them. Brown would be a no brainer this week if Joseph Addai and Delone Carter didn’t exist but unfortunately they do.  Brown has been the guy of late so I’m going to defer to him but see if any noise from Manningville gives us more insight into this as well.

C.J. Spiller: Fred Jackson is yet another running back to be nursing an injury. He has a very sore calf and may or may not play this weekend against the Jets. Spiller would get the majority of the work and just might break one or go for negative yards. I think those are the two choices. If Spiller isn’t on the waiver wire I would laugh at the person who kept him even though you may want to pick him up. He’s been that worthless.

Santana Moss: He will try to practice this week and if he can go will automatically be the best wide receiver target for Grossman. He’s not going to blow anyone away with huge games but he could be valuable down the stretch.

Torrey Smith: He’s probably not available but make sure you snag him up if he is. He’s going to be inconsistent but there’s no way you can doubt his big play ability with Joe Flacco’s strong arm on his side.

Jerome Simpson: With no A.J. Green around Jerome Simpson went all Wes Welker on us (when Wes Welker used to have passes thrown his way). Hard to know Green’s prognosis for this week and Simpson has been off and on useful this season so it’s not the end of the world if you drop a scrub for him just in case Green is a no go.

Jacoby Ford: There’s a chance his injury coupled with Denarius Moore’s big game had some throwing Ford into the junk heap. Grab him if they did.

Nate Burleson: He’s back. Just like Jerome Simpson Burleson has had value this season but just not as consistent as you would like. It’s starting to get a little consistent again. Stafford looks like he is back in the groove and he’s not fixating on Megatron (sorry CJ owners) which is giving Burleson more looks.

St. Louis Rams: This depends a little on who is starting for the Cardinals but if it isn’t Kolb I’m spot starting them.

  1. ringo says:

    I was just wondering who would be a better handcuff at this point in the season out of these names: CIN-Bernard Scott, DEN-Lance Ball, SF-Anthony Dixon, ATL-Jacquizz Rodgers, ATL-Jason Snelling, IND-Delone Carter, PHI-Ronnie Brown… I got an open spot in my 16 teamer and figure I should take one of those lottery ticket RBs. Thank You

  2. Howard says:

    @Doc Who would you rather have as a backup QB: Bradford, Moore or Palmer?

  3. ringo says:

    @ringo: You could also add DET-Maurice Morris to that list above, I currently have him on my roster, but am leaning towards dropping him with Silent Bob’s re-emergence this week.

  4. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:10 team ppr,who do you want ROS….Julio Jones or Torrey Smith?….

  5. Salty Balty says:

    Hey Doc, 2 questions for you for this upcoming week:

    (1) Pick 2: Dez Bryant, Brandon Lloyd, or Percy Harvin.

    (2) Pick 1 for flex spot: Chris Johnson, Kevin Smith, or Percy Harvin.

    Leaning toward Bryant and Lloyd for (1) and Smith for (2). Harvin looked great last week though.

    As always thanks! and enjoy your thanksgiving, I can’t remember a better lineup of games for bird day . . . Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

  6. Wilsonian says:

    I would just like to say that I f***ing hate fantasy football. If I played A-Her over Finley, I win. If I didn’t get pissed at VJax and bench him in favor of Denarius, I win by a landslide. If I play Benson or Blount over CJ, I win. As it stands, I didn’t do any of those things, and I lost by 0.7!!!

    Now I HAVE to win the last three weeks and get some gifts to make the playoffs. If I won last week, I’m in 5th, playing the 4th place team for a playoff spot…guh…

  7. Willis says:


    Must win this week in PPR.

    Who do you play?

    Addai or Kevin Smith?

  8. Trevor says:

    SF – I think it’s Hunter (not Dixon); PHI – I think it’s Dion Lewis (not Ronnie).

  9. Robert says:

    QB Question. Traded for Rodgers, have Fitzpatrick (yeah, I know) for backup because of his schedule at the end of the season. I don’t trust Fitzpatrick anymore.

    Pick up Flynn in case Rodgers sits or grab Dalton or Moore? My fear is that Rodgers might only play a quarter or two end of season.

  10. Smelly Sal says:

    Sorry in advance (pissed Bills fan) but Spiller worthless? Really? Lest you forget how handcuffs work and also that Fred Jackson is 30 years old and that he is/was due to come back to earth…not to mention the Bills spent a top 10 pick on the young lad, outside of Lawrence Phillips and Ki-Jana top 10 RB just dont bust

  11. stumanji says:

    Trade Eli & Stevie Johnson for Roddy White? I have regular season wrapped up so I’m trying to consolidate my roster for playoffs. Roddy’s schedule looks tough but the Bills have been just dreadful.

  12. atcdav says:

    I have room for 1 maybe 2 flyers. S Moss, McKnight, Burleson, Crabtree, Donald Brown.

    I have Big Ben and FitzP who is worthless. I was thinking get Alex Smith or Moore to back up Big Ben or roll with Big Ben, take 2 flex flyer and if Ben goes down I can risk the waivers.

    So which 1 or 2 is your favorite rest of season producer for flex? and would you start DBrown over KevSmith for week 12 if Addai out

  13. atcdav says:

    i forgot about Batch. I have Big Ben, do you like Batch over Moore or ASmith is Ben loses time?

  14. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Doc. Who do you like better for the rest of the season in a PPR, Jordy Nelson or Percy Harvin? Thanks in advance.

  15. robert says:

    Doc- I have M. Bush and F. Jackson for this week. Do you see Kevin Smith being better than Jackson this week, or was Smith’s big game just a result of a great math up vs Carolina? Would D. Brown be a better pick up vs Carolina?

  16. exactly says:

    i have romo, would you rather have kitna or locker?

  17. Mgeezy says:

    Hey I Have Percy, VJack, CHris johnson, Steven jax, Nate wash, Jake Ballard. Should I trade VJax, Steven jax, and Ballard for Michael turner, colston and burleson?

  18. Wiley says:

    Do you grab Kevin Smith over Jahvid Best or Peyton Hillis for a flex play going forward?

  19. Gringo Jones says:

    Better keeper, Bradford or Locker?

  20. exactly says:

    hey doc, i have shonn greene and these are my WRs in a 12-team PPR: steve johnson, holmes, lance moore, burleson, breaston, damien williams

    If you can add only one guy who would you choose between:
    mcknight and riley cooper?

  21. Ian says:

    Better rest of season in a PPR league:

    Jordy Nelson or Antonio Brown

  22. Benny says:

    Trade deadline is Thanksgiving. Would you trade Eli, Miles Austin, and Earl Bennett for Stafford and Maclin?

  23. Dann says:

    Flacco or Dalton this week?

  24. Dann says:

    Also in 12 team standard league, would you roll the dice with brandon jacobs, kevin smith, or joseph addai?

    thanks ~

  25. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…12 team PPR league. Blount, Wells, Matthews, Murray. I have to sit one, which should it be?

  26. Jim Parkey says:

    Have Stafford w/ Fitzpatrick as backup QB. Best available QBs on wire: Flacco, Tebow, Moore, Bradford. Who would you want as backup ROY, and would S. Hill be better option than that QB?

  27. Francis Scott Key says:

    Trade Lloyd and Hunter for DeMarco Murray or M. Wallace and Bowe for Murray?
    I would almost prefer to trade Wallace and Bowe because of PIT’s ROS schedule and because Palko is terrible.

  28. Francis Scott Key says:

    @Doc: Trade Lloyd and Hunter for DeMarco Murray or M. Wallace and Bowe for Murray?

    I would almost prefer to trade Wallace and Bowe because of PIT’s ROS schedule and because Palko is terrible.

  29. Francis Scott Key says:

    @Doc: Trade Lloyd and Hunter for DeMarco Murray or M. Wallace and Bowe for Murray?

    I would almost prefer to trade Wallace and Bowe because of PIT’s ROS schedule and because Palko is terrible.

    Thanks for all your help.

  30. Francis Scott says:

    @Doc: Trade Lloyd and Hunter for DeMarco Murray or Wallace and Bowe for Murray?

    I would almost prefer to trade Wallace and Bowe because of PIT’s ROS schedule and because Palko is terrible.

    Thanks for all your help.

  31. Jon says:

    Doc – I lost Schaub which leaves me with Tebow and a now injured Hasselbeck. Available on the wire to replace Hass are Dalton, Flacco, McCoy, Ponder, Moore and Leinart. Am I ok with one of these and Tebow the rest of the way, or should I trade my injured F-Jax to the owner of the injured Vick? Thanks for your help!

  32. Dann says:


    Flacco, Dalton, or Vince Young??

  33. Suck for Luck says:

    Seriously? I’m 11th in one league and 12th in another. I was 1st and 2nd last year. How did this happen? What happened to my fake managing skills?

  34. Jeff says:

    Should I trade Bowe for Lloyd?

  35. Spliff says:

    Who should I drop for Kevin Smith (12 team, ppr)?
    F. Jones
    D. Williams
    C. Ogbonnaya

    My team is pretty much worthless at this point. I start McGahee alongside Ogbonnaya. Really who the heck is Ogbonnaya?

    Thanks as always.

  36. zandercage says:

    Hey Doc –

    Stocking up on high upside guys for next year.

    We can keep two players and give up compensatory draft pick based on where they were drafted the previous year. If they come off waivers they only cost me a 13th and 14th rounder.

    Can you rank who you like next year (and beyond) – Damian Williams, L. Hankerson or J. Baldwin? I may scoop them all up if possible, just to have on my roster…


  37. blueblazzer says:

    Somebody help me here. Do you trade the Steelers def for Michael Turner? I could be left with only the Seahawks defense. I know Turner is big time but does that expose me at D? I have Blount, Ingram and Mendenhall at RB.

  38. the macho man says:

    Here is my roster, 10 team PPR

    Brees (NYG)

    Rice (SF)
    McFadden (CHI)
    Tate (JAX)
    Ingram (NYG)
    Grant (DET)
    McKnight (BUF)

    Fitzgerald (STL)
    Jordy N. (DET)
    Laurent R. (MIA)
    D. Williams (TB)
    S. Moss (SEA)

    You start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX…

    Two questions for you…
    1. Who would you start this week?
    2. What do you think of my team overall?

  39. cLow says:

    Need one of these guys for my flex in a half point ppr – Ben Tate or Earl Bennett. Thanks!

  40. Randy04 says:

    I appreciate the advice you’ve provided me and others this season! I’ve elevated myself barely into playoff contention after a brutal start, and I’d love to get your thoughts on how I could strengthen my roster at this point, if you see any obvious moves.

    I’m in a standard 12-team league; we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST, 1 DL, 1 LB, and 1 DB. On offense, my roster is currently:

    QBs – Romo, Palmer
    RBs – Foster, Murray, Felix, Jahvid Best, Jonathan Stewart
    WRs – Fitzgerald, Lloyd, Jacoby Ford, Earl Bennett
    TEs – Fred Davis, Celek
    Note, I’m also carrying 1 K, 3 starting and 1 backup IDP, and 2 DEF/STs (matchup based)
    I personally like the balance of my roster, but, have felt a void ever since losing Best to injury. Is Kevin Smith my next logical move? If so, who would you drop? Also, if I don’t land Smith, do you recommend standing pat, or getting Spiller, Gerhart, McKnight, or someone like that for depth? Also, in a prior post, you advised me that dropping Bennett for Miles Austin (who is available), is a wise move, so I’ll do that this evening. But what do you think of Ford? Is he worth stashing? There aren’t many other good WRs on the waiver wire, aside from maybe Santana Moss. I could trade for someone like Percy Harvin, but I don’t know if it’s a big need or what I’d give away. (sorry, something about Harvin still intrigues me, even though he let me down earlier in the year!).

    I apologize for the long post. But I am just hoping to paint the whole picture, so I can find out what someone who knows what they are doing would do in my shoes. : ) Thanks!

  41. Dane says:

    Rank these guys in PPR Dynasty: Collie, K Smith, McKnight, and Locker? Is there drop off from one to the other?

  42. B.o.B. says:

    Use my #1 waiver on Kevin Smith or hold for someone better? Been holding on to it for weeks now having not felt anybody has been worth using it yet. Currently have Mendy, SJax & McGahee

  43. Jeremy says:

    Would you pick up Jhavid Best and Drop Kendall Hunter? My other RB are Gore, Forte, and Wells.

    Also would you drop Earl Bennet? And pick-up Santana Moss.

  44. robert says:

    best D for the rest of the way: Cowboys, Jets, Packers?

  45. Nick says:

    @Doc: Im dropping Sanchez. Which QB do you pickup to either start next week over Tebow (my current QB) or pickup as backup…Flacco, Alex Smith, Ponder, Moore or Dalton? 10 team- non-ppr.

  46. Nick says:

    @Doc: Or keep Sanchez and start him against Buffalo over Tim Tebow against San Diego???

  47. Aaron says:

    Who should i start this week in a PPR league

    RB – Pierre Thomas, Ben Tate, Maurice Morris
    and then I need the best 2 for WR
    Steve Breaston
    James Jones
    Eric Decker
    Titus Young

  48. m says:

    Miles Austin or Chris Johnson?
    a. for next 2 weeks?
    b. for rest of season?

  49. Fernando says:

    What’s up Doc? How’s your fantasy week? Mine would be better if I didn’t loose A.P. I have Gerhart, but it doesn’t fill me with too much comfort. ‘Cause I may really have to start him. However, I switched my line up around for all sure players and leaving me what would be a flex position (w/r). I own Gerhart and D. Thomas. I can drop a def (Ne or Phi) and pick up one of these guys on waiver and start at flex: Grant, Brown or Addai (ind), Barber, N. Washington, J. Simpson, S. Rice, S. Moss.

    > Of the those names who would you flex?

  50. Singapore Dave says:

    Need 3: Breaston, Bennett, Cooper, Caldwell, Jenkins, or Douglas. 18-team league, I’m currently in 3rd place. I dropped Stevie on Monday.

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Singapore Dave: Douglas, Cooper if Maclin is out, Douglas if Jones is out

    @Fernando: I’d go with Gerhart

    @m: Austin

    @Aaron: Tate, Young, Jones

    @Nick: Man, that’s tough. I think you have to lean Tebow because of his rushing ability.

    @robert: I really like a combo of the Jets and the Pack based on schedule, but would lean Pack if you can only have one.

    @Jeremy: I’d get Moss there and probably risk it with Best.

    @Dane: Really depends on needs but I think all have upside long term. Collie has the clearest path for production next season. Locker has a ton of upside and QB can be tough in dynasty leagues. Smith is young enough to still have a lot of value and McKnight is probably my least favorite there, but could push Greene.

  52. Robert says:

    QB Question. Traded for Rodgers, have Fitzpatrick (yeah, I know) for backup because of his schedule at the end of the season. I don’t trust Fitzpatrick anymore.

    Pick up Flynn in case Rodgers sits or grab Dalton or Moore? My fear is that Rodgers might only play a quarter or two end of season.

  53. Singapore Dave says:

    @ Doc: You gave me Douglas twice.

  54. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Singapore Dave: Whoops, I’d probably lean Bennett.

    @Robert: Tough call. I’d probably grab Flynn as insurance.

  55. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: who do you like better as a flier (flex) for ROS .5ppr: ricky williams (handcuffs rice),ryan grant, MB3, E.Sanders or jacoby ford? thanks

  56. cjd says:

    should i trust michael bush and phillip rivers for the rest of the season if i have mark ingram and andy dalton. also, should i pick up somebody to replace dwayne bowe

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