It’s the last week before the fantasy football playoffs! For some of us it already is a playoff week because you have to win to get in. There are two Monday games and a Tuesday game so mathematically, this week is probably a two-three day sweat for everyone. For functioning football addicts like ourselves, that’s probably not actually a bad thing. 

Recent news tells us that Tua Tagovailoa will start at QB against the Bengals. Miles Gaskin will take on a full workload with most of the Dolphin’s running back room out. Dalvin Cook is dealing with a sprained ankle but will likely see his normal workload with Mattison out. James Conner will likely not come off of the Covid list in time for the Pittsburgh game. And Lamar Jackson is expected to be back this week. If you have anything that you need to be worked out, I can help out in the comment section!