Here are the week 13 Rankings. Look thrilled!

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  1. Jeff says:


    12 team PPR who you rolling the dice with?

    A. Brown or M. Morris

    Must win!

  2. Jeff says:

    I mean choose from these 3

    A. Brown / M. Morris / M. Ingram


  3. Rags says:

    That’s a lot of love for the Jags this week. Was deciding between them and WAS. In a league that counts tackles for a loss, yards allowed (as well as points), and return yardage, you still think the Jags?

    Rivers has been cutting down on the INTs a bit the last few games, and Chargers still have big play ability to pick up yards in a way the Jets don’t.

    You think the Jags are just going to play their hearts out for the new staff? Or is there something else?

  4. Derrick says:

    Need to play two from these three. Who do you think between A. Johnson, M. Morris and L. Robinson?

    .8 ppr.

  5. BAM says:


    I’m in a bind man. This is a must win week for me…not only that but I need to outscore another team by 31 or so points to ensure I get into the postseason. I need a BIG week so I’m trying to go with the highest upside possible at ALL positions

    .5PPR league that counts return yardage (1pt for every 10 punt return yds/1pt for every 30 kr return yards).

    I’m planning on playing the following:
    Newton, Gore, S.Smith (Car), H.Nicks, B.Lloyd, V.Davis, Kasay and NE DEF

    I have to decide on my other starters and the remainder of my roster is:
    Julio Jones, CJ Spiller, B.Jacobs

    Here’s my issue:
    If i play Spiller and Jacobs, with Gore, I can’t play Julio. If I insert Julio, Jacobs or Spiller has to sit. It’s PPR so it seems that Spiller would be the better option…especially with the Giants likely playing from behind for a good part of the game and Jacobs not being a pass catcher.



  6. BAM says:

    P.S…I have a feeling about Julio though…

  7. Rocky says:

    Hey Doc, just traded Gates and A Brown for Wallace. Good deal? I have Gronk as my starting TE.

  8. Tim says:

    .5 PPR League with return yardage, I need to pick 2 RBs from:

    CJ Spiller, Brandon Jacobs, Donald Brown, Mark Ingram, James Starks.

    Thanks as always.

  9. principal blackman says:


    I am in a 14 team PPR return Yardage league. I have to start 3:

    A. Brown, H. Nicks, R. White, B. Marshall

    It’s an embarrassment of riches, I know. But I’m stumped as to who to sit.


  10. elwood blues says:

    So Doc,
    I should start Rivers over Fitzpatrick or Sanchez?
    And DeSean at WR3 over Damian Williams (vs BUF seems tempting)?

  11. elwood blues says:

    I guess I should mention .05 ppr

  12. Ted says:

    Hi Doc … I play in a 1 pt ppr – I have Maurice Morris and Donald Brown to choose between for a second running back … or I could pick up Shane Vereen on the waiver wire?

    Thanks Ted!

  13. Rags says:

    Also Jax D is super-injured, aren’t they?

  14. JD says:

    12 team, non-PPR, QB, WR (x4), RB (x3), TE (x2), QB/WR/RB/TE

    My trade deadline is coming up and I want to trade for some solid keepers. Im thinking of offering Antonio brown, Matt forte, and Joe Flacco for Brandon Marshall and DeMarco Murray. That would make my possible keepers Jennings, C. Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Marshall, Demarco Murray, McFadden, and Graham. (we can only keep 6). Should I stay where I’m at or try to make the trade? I’m in a very tight race for a playoff spot also

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ted: Mo Mo

    @elwood blues: Rivers/Jackson

    @principal blackman: I’d sit Nicks reluctantly.

    @Tim: Spiller, Jacobs

    @Rocky: I don’t love it but hopefully Wallace will get back into his groove.

    @BAM: Agreed, I’d sit Jacobs

    @Derrick: Robinson as long as Austin doesn’t go

    @Jeff: Brown

    @Rags: Just don’t like the Chargers traveling cross country and Rivers o-line.

  16. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…For a flex option, would you start Gerhart over Green-Ellis?

  17. Ted says:

    Thanks Doc!

  18. principal blackman says:

    Thanks, Doc!

  19. Stinkfinger says:

    PPR – Pick 1 in the flex: M. Bush, R. Bush, Laurent Robinson or Jordy?

  20. OhForPetesSake says:

    Heya Doc,
    Wondering who you like between Philip Rivers and Vince Young this week. Also, Boldin vs. Burleson vs. DWilliams vs. JFinley in PPR, who do you like best?


  21. Bobby says:

    In 12 team PPR,

    If Kevin Smith plays this week where do you rank him?

    Do you start him over Toby Gerhart and/or A. Brown?

    We also get points for rushing attempts and return yards but it seems A. Brown is not the PR/KR anymore which sucks.

  22. atcdav says:

    If McCoy is out conundrum.

    I have McCoy, Lewis, Rice, RWilliams, KevSmith. I could start Lewis but consensus is do not. If I use KSmith it is a big gamble since he doesnt play until Sunday Night. I could hit waiver wire and get Reece or Ware or Vereen, Redman, etc. If KSmith ends up playing I can decide Sunday a.m. to flex him, I can also drop Santana Moss for Titus Young and flex one or the other either way.

    So I need to decide tonite start Lewis or start no one tonite and see what Sunday brings, but If I do not start Lewis I should drop him before game-time for Young or one of the other mentioned RBs

  23. okerix says:

    Have to ask why Bryant over Robinson? I have both and will be playing Robinson and Bowe and sitting Bryant so I can have Lawfirm as my flex. Curious if I am missing something here.

  24. lucas says:

    Hey Doc, ppr league flex, need 2 of these 4: Spiller, Willams (TB), Crabtree, D. Moore. Thanks!

  25. Dan G says:

    Which WR would you start?

    Denarious Moore
    Riley Cooper
    Johnny Knox

  26. KIRK says:

    @ Doc

    I have a two tier dilemma for this weekend. Need some advice.

    1.) In PPR League, what 3 WRs should I start?
    – Laurent Robinson
    – Hakeem Nicks
    – Andre Johnson
    – Antonio Brown

    2.) In Non-PPR League, need advice on which RB to Start
    – C.J. Spiller
    – Peyton Hillis

    Thanks for the help

  27. Zobmie says:

    Hey, Doc any advice on which RB to start? Donald Brown or Maurice Morris?

  28. The Situation says:

    @Doc: Pierre Thomas (vs. Det) or Plaxico (@ Wash) in a .5 PPR league for FLEX?

    Pierre (not listed on any of your rankings above) has averaged about 13.5 per game the past 4 weeks and Plax has averaged 10 per game over his last 4 weeks.

    Always worried that these guys will lay a goose egg for me on a given week, but I guess you gotta go with the RB when its this tight, right?

  29. The Situation says:

    My bad, Pierre is way down there at 48. But below Kuhn, Grant, Ball and Barber is a little harsh, isn’t it?

  30. robert says:

    I am curious: why is Lloyd ranked so high?

  31. Dollabill says:

    Hey Chet,
    I’ve been struggling with my TE position all year. I’ve been riding VDavis (for better or worse), and recently picked up DKeller. Keller is coming off a big week (first td since week 2 tho), and Davis is playing against the best TE defense in the league. In my opinion, Davis is definitely the better talent, but Keller has been a favorite of Sanchez’s as of late.

    Do I ride my hopes on Sanchez’s ability to get Keller the ball, or do I run with the better talent (and better team) via Davis?



  32. DeepDowntheMiddle says:

    With AP out this week, would Harvin be a better flex play than AHer in a PPR?

  33. Kevin says:

    PPR Michael Bush or Bradshaw, thanks

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