Here are the most recent stats for team defenses against the pass and run.  These stats are from the last 6-7 games and I feel are fairly accurate. If you have any questions about these numbers throw them into the comments and see if they stick.

Rush Defense:

Pass Defense:

  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Which two of these 3 would you start this week?

    Law Firm, DMac and Forte

  2. Dirtdog says:

    Playoffs in my league this week, don’t ask me why but I need to win..
    Question: Which defense is the best start?

    “NO” at Cincy
    “Bal” Home vs Pitt
    “CHI” at Detroit

  3. dsf says:


    Tough decisions this week.

    -Cutler or Schaub?

    -Olsen or Boss?

    -Steve Johnson or Naanee?

    -2 of 5: Bradshaw, Stewart, Mendy, McFadden, LT?


  4. Plainville says:

    Who do you like better as a flex this week – Santana Moss or Mike Thomas?

  5. D Gross says:

    Which three RBs to start:
    R. Bush
    Ray Rice

  6. Regulator says:


    For Week 16 DEF matchup who do you like better?

    BAL vs cle or NE vs buf

  7. dirtyd says:

    Which D:

    Balt vs Pitt
    Mia vs Cle
    SD vs Oak

  8. The Vaporizers says:

    Hey Doc, got a quick one for you. I am starting 2 of the following 4 this weekend.

    A Bradshaw
    J Knox
    J Jones
    E Royal

    Right now I got Bradshaw and Jones in there. But I feel like Johny might deserve to be in there. Thoughts?

  9. timmy riggins says:

    Hi, need to score big pts….whod you start this week?: Cassel, freeman, flacco, cutler….thanks

    TD=4pts; 25 passing yds=1pt; 10 rushing yards=1pt

  10. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Have a problem now that somehow I was able to grab Westbrook. I’ve been holding ATL for W14 but now I will have to use them this week. I might be able to grab a BYE with a win this week and the #1 team loses (which is possible). Is it worth it to hold ATL or grab a DEF for this week and worry about W14 DEF later. Or I could drop someone.

    12Team NonPPR 2WR/2RB/Flex

    Ben – Cutler – Romo
    AJ – Colston – VJax
    Hillis – Charles – SJax – Stewart – Westbrook


    Thanks Garcon!

  11. Plainville says:

    I hesitate to mention it but, I could also play Marshawn Lynch as a flex – so, Santana Moss, Mike Thomas or Lynch?

  12. Wilsonian says:

    1. Would you drop Big Ben for any of these (all are/would be backups to Rivers):

    Freeman, Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Henne, Bradford, Garrard, Kitna (or Romo if he comes back)?

    2. Who do you play (0.5 ppr):

    WR: Wayne, Buc Williams, Dez, Ward, Austin, Blair (pick 3)
    RB: Bradshaw, Moreno, Blount, Westy (Pick 2)
    W/R: Best of the leftovers (pick one)

    Thank ya kindly!

  13. Max says:

    S Rice vs BUF or B White vs DAL?

  14. Andrew says:

    Just to clarify the charts so I kno Im reading them right

    Pit is ranked number one for the rushign defense chart. Is that because they have the best running defense, or are going against the worst rushing defense?

  15. dsf says:

    @Andrew: PIT has had the best rush defense over the past 7 weeks. ARI has had the worst, etc.

  16. Penguin says:

    Few sit/start questions for this week for ya, Doc.

    Pick 2: MJD, Knowshon, McFadden, JStew

    I’m leaning towards MJD and Knowshon, but I’m debating playing JStew instead of Knowshon since he’s facing the 2nd worst run DEF in the game, he showed last week that he’s back and ready to roll, and I would expect their game with SEA to be somewhat close and keep the run game moving. Knowshon’s turned it on lately, but I expect that game to be a blowout in a hurry and DEN to move away from the run, and while he’s been catching passes, I can’t imagine his receiving stats making up for it that much.

    Pick 1: Roethlisberger, Ryan Fitz, Bradford, or Freeman

    Roeth has been my starter for the last few weeks, but he hurt his ankle and is facing BAL, whose pass DEF hasn’t been nearly as good this year as previously, but it’s still not complete Swiss cheese. On the other hand, their running game will be shut down, so he would be depending on the pass (in theory, in reality his stats against them over the last few years have been 259/1/1, 255/1/0, and 246/1/0 [18, 21, and 15 pts in my league respectively]). Fitz is facing MIN, Bradford’s facing ARI, and Freeman’s facing ATL so all three seem primed for big games as those pass DEFs are pretty crappy. I’m leaning towards playing Freeman, whattaya think?

    Last but not least, would you take Santonio Holmes against NE or Steve Johnson against MIN this week? Holmes has the much better DEF matchup, but Johnson will probably be trying to make up for last week’s debacle. I’m leaning Holmes so far.

  17. DSimms says:

    Schaub or Kitna this week?

    Also I snagged Gebhart but if AD plays should i go with:
    1.Ronnie B
    2.Randy Moss (god forbid)
    4.any Raiders receiver

  18. DSimms says:

    Also with Hester getting involved last week is he gaining value or just too unpredictable?

  19. Iceman says:

    Best D/ST play?

    MIN (v BUF)
    STL (v AZ)
    SEA (v Car)
    CLE (v MIA)

    thank ya

  20. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Who do you like for this week and the rest of the year: Beanie or J-Stew? Thanks buddy!

  21. Randy says:

    St Louis @ Arizona or Miami home VS Cleveland?
    I’m leaning Miami mainly because I might want to keep them for playoffs but I do need a win this week. Thanks

  22. Randy says:

    also Kitna or Freeman as a back-up going forward?

  23. Joel says:

    Doc: I have Boldin, and Baltimore plays Houston wk 14. However, let me ask you this: assuming that you had to play a BAL wr for ROS, would it be Boldin or Mason? Mason’s on the wire, and I’m shockingly (to me) considering trading him in for mason. what do you think?

  24. Joel says:

    OPn a different note, I’ve never asked you a survivor question before, so here goes: this week, would you pick Seattle home vs Car, or Miami home vs Cle?

  25. Double DwayneBowe says:

    I have MoJo and Bradshaw starting, with Beanie on the bench, and am looking for a backup, 3rd option for the 2nd RB slot.
    Available guys are:
    Westbrook, Woodhead, Pierre Thomas and Ivory, Goodson, Maurice Morris, Gerhart, and Forsett.
    Basically, would you start MoJo and Bradshaw every week or not?

  26. ArtVandelay says:

    I’m bleeding big time at WR. Would you drop R. Moss at this point for any or all of the following: D. Mason, Bess, Hartline, Royal, Burleson?

  27. luckysevens says:

    Two questions:

    Starting 3 WR’s this week. Which 3 of these 4 WR’s would you start in week 13: Santonio Holmes, Roddy White, Andre Johnson, Jeremy Maclin?

    Which QB: Eli Manning, Josh Freeman?


  28. Bluety says:

    Need a win this week what three Wr should i go with its a PPR after the fourth catch. 1. D. Jackson, 2. Wayne, 3. Dez and 4. Wes. Also what about def. Saints or Browns. Thanks

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Tough. I could see sticking with ATL because defenses are so tough to predict, but I would probably just drop them for either Seattle or Miami. Liking the Delhomme/Clausen duo. Would lean Seattle.

    @Plainville: He does have a decent matchup. I could see him getting a TD and MSW is back for JAX. Might be worth the shot.

    @Wilsonian: Not yet

    WR: Wayne, Buc Williams, Dez
    RB: Bradshaw, Moreno
    W/R: Westy

    @Max: Rice unless Collie is out.

    @Andrew: dsf has it right

    @Penguin: I’d go with Moreno. He had his biggest game of the season against KC a few weeks ago. I like Stewart as well, but Goodson will hurt him some, along with Clausen. I’m leaning Freeman as well. I like Johnson this week. i think he’ll redeem himself.

    @DSimms: Schaub/Brown

    @DSimms: He is gaining value, but is also unpredictable. I think Bennett will continue to see work.

    @Iceman: I like Seattle

    @Randy: Kitna

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Stew

    @Randy: Miami

    @Joel: I think it will go back and forth between the two and be hard to predict. I’d probably stick with Boldin.

    @Joel: Seattle

    @Double DwayneBowe: I’d probably stick with MoJo and Ahmad. PT could possibly play this week so I would grab him.

    @ArtVandelay: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but with Collins back this week I’d give it one more week.

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @luckysevens: Manning and can I defer? That is a tough choice. Roddy has a tough time with TB, but he’s Roddy! I’m going to go out on a limb and say Roddy. He has 2 TDs in 11 games vs. Tampa and has never topped 66 yards.

    @Bluety: Sit Wes and I like the Saints.

  31. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: after reading what you said about Roddy, would you play either Buc Williams, Boldin, Ford, Bess, Hester, ahead of him? We do count return yards in this league and it’s 0.5 PPR. I’m sure I couldn’t actually pull the trigger and sit him, but I want to know your thoughts.

  32. Joel says:

    Doc: if you had to bet, is AP playing this week?

  33. swingkungfu says:

    trade didn’t go through, so i’ve got what i got.

    would you take ray rice out against the steelers and put green-ellis in his place? i realize neither has the best of match-ups, but the firm at least made a dent when he faced pittsburgh. rice has the same amount of TD’s on the year that pittsburgh has given up all season, something the firm obviously hasn’t been worrying about. i’m just not sure.

  34. paul says:

    Doc, need some help setting the lineup for this week..

    For my 2 RB slots I got Blount and Bradshaw at the moment. Ronnie Brown a better option over one of them?

    Not sure who to play in my flex out of: James Jones, Naanee, Mason, or Brown (if I don’t end up using him as RB)

    And last question, Dreessen the best TE option over Celek and Miller?

    Thanks a lot!

  35. Wayne says:

    I’m in a 12 team prr league should I trade t.o, dez, and the real j.c jamaal charles for mcfadden and megatron ???? Let me know guys

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