Here are my possible player pickups for week 13. It’s not bursting at the seams with greatness but you never know what might be just under that next rock. There’s gold in them thar hills!


There’s a pretty good crop of quarterbacks here that can help your team. You don’t want to go into the fantasy playoffs without a good backup And Dalton, Moore, Grossy and Orton have some good matchups come playoff time.

Vince Young: With a Thursday night game coming up against Seattle there is a good chance we won’t see Michael Vick back. Young will face a Seattle team that just gave up a big game to Rex Grossman and Young showed that he can take advantage of a good matchup when he threw for 400 yards against the Patriots.

Andy Dalton: Dalton continues to put up steady numbers even against good defenses. I really don’t know how widely owned he is so I’ll prepare myself for the “what’s this shit? Are you in a 2 team league? Come on you son of a polecat!” crowd. In the next two weeks he faces two tough defenses in the Steelers and Texans but weeks 15 and 16 he gets the juggernauts known as the Rams and the Cardinals. I’ll take those games with the Red Rifle at my side.

Matt Moore: He continues to get the ball to his best receiver which is good for his fantasy prospects and he also faces the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots weeks 15 and 16. He’s a great stash for those games in case your starter has a tough matchup, horrible weather or hurts his thumb plucking out a plum.

Rex Grossman: Grossman gets New England week 14 and Minnesota week 16 and just threw for 300 yards and a TD against the Seachickens. He can put up Grossmanesque games at anytime but with his free wheelin’ ways he also has good upside in plus matchups.

Kyle Orton: The Chiefs aren’t going to air it out a ton but with the ThreeBees, Bowe, Breaston and Baldwin, Orton will have some nice targets to work with. Orton isn’t afraid to throw a pick so he should open up the offense enough to have some value and he also gets the Packers and Raiders at home week’s 15 and 16. They have allowed the 6th and 4th most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season.

Caleb Hanie: Hanie is no savior but he showed an ability to get down the field using his legs and targeting Johnny Knox. In 2 QB leagues a starting quarterback of any skill level has value. See below.

T.J. Yates: Y.A. Tittle Jones Yates was rushed into duty (insert poo joke) and looked ok kinda sorda. There’s a decent chance that Yates might prove to be better than Leinart and if he can get on the same page as AJ could keep from having negative points. Watch out for them going after another QB but the Dolphins aren’t letting Sage Rosenfals go and Brett Favor is still retired.

Running Backs:

Kevin Smith and Roy Helu are my only must grabs this week. Of course Smith probably isn’t there but make sure you check. The other guys are a little scarier but running backs are always worth hoarding.

Kevin Smith: There is a chance that all the 2-4 week talk about Smith’s high ankle sprain made an owner drop him. If so you should pick him up. The news is that the sprain is milder than first rumored. We won’t know much until later this week but even if he doesn’t play this week (which there’s a good chance he won’t) he can still have value in the fake playoffs. And in those fake playoffs they get the Raiders and the Chargers who both have had trouble against the rush this season.

Roy Helu: It’s true, Shanahan is a moron, we know this, but we’ve got to move on. Helu had to beat it down his throat but I think he’s finally got it. Oh, and they have nobody else to go to. Yes Shanny might start a half-blind toad next week but I at least think he wants to win games so I’m going to say Helu will be the guy this time around. The Redskins don’t have an easy schedule against the run but it’s not a stone wall. Helu is my #1 pick up this week. Spit on Superman’s cape. Nick Novak into the wind.

Peyton Hillis: If he’s out there he is worth a pickup. He wants to prove himself and he was running very hard against Cincinnati but of course he is on a poor offense and has a brutal schedule coming up against Baltimore, Pittsburgh, ARIZONA!, Baltimore and Pittsburgh again! You want him for that Arizona game.

Maurice Morris: Morris’ value depends on Kevin Smith’s ankle but there’s a good chance Smith won’t be able to go against New Orleans and he could grab a bunch of dump offs like last week. He could be a nice PPR play.

Donald Brown: He’s proven he’s not a total scrub but his schedule and Joseph Addai make it hard for me to have much faith in him.

Marcel Reece: Reece is a very good receiver and has the skills to make things happen when he gets the ball. When/if Darren McFadden gets back he’ll lose value but until that day Reece is worth a filler flex play based on his upside alone.

Marion Barber: The Barbarian took waaaay too many touches away from my man Matt Forte and I sure hope this isn’t a trend but he’s getting goal line caries and it looks like they want him in there more with Hanie at the helm.

Joseph Addai: Addai looked rusty/old last week and Brown ran much better but you never know if Addai will get the nod once he gets up to speed.

Stash for lottery hopes:

Shane Vereen: Vereen has a ton of ability but will be hard pressed to get opportunities. But there is a decent chance depending on the playoff scenarios that he could be in line for a lot of work come week’s 16 and 17. And if you have a playoff game week 17 that makes guys like Vereen and the following guy worth a whole lot.

Brandon Saine: Saine has a lot of talent and of course he is the third running back (was the fourth before Green got hurt) for the Packers. I’m thinking the Pack may win the next 50 Super Bowls. There is a decent chance with Ryan Grant not playing well and James Starks hurting that we could see a lot of Saine toward the end of the season.

Johnny White: C.J. Spiller had a lot of trouble running between the tackles last week and there is a good chance we will see White at least get a tryout for that job. If he can be successful he could have some value late.

Da’rel Scott: This s a pipe dream but Scott is much more explosive than Brandon Jacobs or Danny Ware and Ahmad Bradshaw is MIA. No he’s not in Miami. Well, he may be. If Scott is available in a deep league and you have room to throw him on the bench and prepare to keep him there, do it.

Wide Receivers:

Johnny Knox has the most upside out of this group and Santana Moss the highest floor. After that it is a bit of a crapshoot. None of these guys are “spend all your free agent money” adds in my estimation.

Johnny Knox: Caleb Hanie targeted Knox 10 times which led to 4 receptions for 145 yards and a touchdown. There’s a good chance that Hanie ends up helping Knox to a big fat goose egg next week but if the targets are even close to 10 again he has a ton of upside.

Santana Moss: He’s old/seasoned. Grossman likes to chuck the rock. Gaffney and he both had 7 targets but Gaffney had a better game. I think Moss ends up on the good side of that comparison soon.

Lance Moore: I was high on Mr. Moore coming into the season but Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles destroyed his value. But he does seem to find the end zone still and especially tonight while I’m writing this! I’m a little biased because I think he could be huge in this offense if he had a chance but he’ll remain inconsistent.

Doug Baldwin: With Sidney Rice getting his second concussion there s a chance we’ll see more of Doug E. Doug.

Riley Cooper: Cooper’s value depends on Maclin’s injury status but they play Thursday and it may still be too early for Maclin to return.

Jason Avant: Avant got a ton of garbage time looks but they were looks none the less.

Steve Breaston: This pickup is a preemptive Orton strike. Jon Baldwin may also see some Orton love but Breaston is most likely going to see an uptick in looks.

Deion Branch: He has had 4 games of 10 or more fantasy points which means he’s had 7 games of less. I’m staying away.

Tight Ends:

I kind of doubt these tight ends are available in your league except for Scott Chandler but if they are they are very good options.

Jermaine Gresham In Gresham’s three games since returning from injury he has 2 touchdowns and you saw that fake football playoff schedule Andy Dalton has. Yeah, that’s also Mr. Gresham’s.

Brent Celek: Celek has had a nice revival this season. His numbers don’t look great but his 75 yards led all tight ends this week until Jimbo Graham beats that total tonight. Remember, not all tight ends are Robbie Grahamkowski.

Kellen Winslow: Winslow has a nice schedule since he gets to face the Panthers twice. They aren’t good against, well, anything.

Scott Chandler: Most of the season he’s only had the ability to catch touchdowns but thankfully now he’s not! Oh wait. I mean thankfully he is now catching more than one pass which means he’s getting more than one target!


This chart here takes a look at D/ST matchups the rest of the season. It may help. It may not.

New England Patriots: Next week they get the Indianapolis Colts at home. The Colts still aren’t good.

Tennessee Titans: They get the Jaguars and Colts in week’s 15 and 16. I like them fantasy apples.

  1. Jeff says:


    Do or Die this week:

    Who should I start A. Dalton or V. Young with .25 points per pass attempts?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jeff: I think VY passes more which may help lean over to his side.

  3. stumanji says:

    Looking ahead to weeks 15/16 since I have reg season wrapped up. I own the Lions and Texans D/ST. Packers were just dropped.

    Planning to play Texans D/ST @ Indy week 16 (for all the marbles).

    For week 15, are the Packers (@ KC) an upgrade over the Lions (@ Oak) or Texans (vs Carolina)?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: Tough call there. All have a decent chance at a good game. I’m going to lean the Texans at home.

  5. Rocky says:

    Hey Doc really contemplating a risky trade here. I was thinking of offering Forte and Gates for A Pete. I have Gronk as my starting TE, with Mendy and Murray as other rbs. I am not liking Barber’s split involvement in the offense and don’t really need Gates. I don’t need to win next week, and the guy I am dealing with will get a chance to knock out the 2nd seed giving me the bye in the playoffs. Should I do it?

  6. Fernando says:

    10 team standard league: qb, wr, rb, te, w/r, w/r, w/r, k, def and six bench

    My team: QB Romo; WR welker, moss; TE Gates; RB peterson + gerhart, gore+hunter, s. jackson, d. murray, a. bradshaw, c.j. spiller; K hanson; DEF patriots

    Doc, it looks like I’ll end up with fourth place and make the playoffs weeks 14-16. Well, I need some advise on what to make of my def. I own N.E (ind, was, den, mia). However, Tennessee (buf, n.o, ind, jac) and Philadelphia (sea, mia, nyj, dal) are available on waiver. If I have to add tenn or phi I have to drop a player.
    > Which player would you drop for tenn? (maybe D. Thomas, Hunter, Moss)
    > I like 15-16 Ten, but which Def would you go with for 14? Because it may help make my decision of the two def I’ll hold on my team for the rest of the season. Phi vs. Mia or Pats vs. was?

  7. Adam says:

    Would u play Denver defense over pack defense this week?

  8. Nick says:

    @doc: would you rather have any of the QBs listed on your post over Sanchez? Tebow is my starter heading towards playoffs in 10-team, yikes!! But I am in 1st place, @ 10-2

  9. Van Haggard says:

    When making your list, did you assume Spiller was probably gone in everyone’s league? Because he’s available in mine….. where does he fit on your list of pickups?

  10. EK says:

    For week 15 at QB, I have Rivers vs. BAL.
    Which if any should I grab/start any instead?

    Orton vs GB
    Grossman @ NYG
    Hanie vs SEA
    Moore @ BUF


  11. Nate says:

    Out of all your lottery hope backs, which do you most recommend to add?

  12. EK says:

    At TE for non-PPR:
    Owen Daniels or Pettigrew for the ROS?

  13. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Props on calling Beanie over Blount & McGahee. The latter didn’t have bad weeks at all but it was so enjoyable to watch Beanie rack up the points in my lineup vs on my bench!

    Who do you like this week out of those 3? My other 2 RB’s are Lynch & McCoy..

  14. Mungfisher says:

    So I drafted Helu, dropped him, picked him up, dropped again, picked up again, dropped again and will pick him back up again.

    The question is, who do I drop? We start 2RB, 3WR and FLEX. My squadron:

    Vick, Tebow
    Rice, Mathews, Dan Thomas, Kevin Smith
    Wallace, Marshall, S. Johnson, Manningham, Moore, Moss
    Fred Davis

    Keep in mind, this is a keeper league and Dan Thomas will cost me $0 at next year’s auction.

    Postscript: Vince Young over Tebow this week?

  15. EK says:

    V. Young or P. Rivers for this week?

  16. Lubey says:

    Yo Chet

    What is your take on Hardesty for the rest of the season? I picked him up as a lotto but it seems like Hillis is back and their schedule is brutal. Would you drop Hardesty for Ridley/Vereen, Ingram, Felix, Donald Brown, Ringer, Karim or any other lottos? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mikey says:

    I have only Jacobs and Tolbert healthy in my backfield.
    Who do you like better to fill in for one of them this week: Gerhart (assuming no AP), Donald Brown, or Reece?
    Yes, my RB situation is *that* bad but I still have a shot at the playoffs after a hot start. Thanks!

  18. Alex says:


    Huge game this week (a win and I’m into the playoffs!)

    Do you recommend Vince Young (@SEA) or Carson Palmer (@MIA)


  19. Steve says:

    Playoffs ahead, but also looking forward to the next season in our dynasty league. Nothing “for sure” here, but, would you trade away Nicks for A.J.Green in a package with “…” (whoever he has, thinking about Helu or picks)? Or should I try to give Marshall first? Actually, yes, but, he has one heck of a playoff schedule!

    What do you think about Helu? Any chance he could run with the job into next season and many more? Difficult with Shanny?


  20. Cheeeeeeze says:

    is it time to think about starting antonio brown over mike wallace? or would that be foolish…?

  21. Scott says:

    Would u start aj green or Antonio brown over Michael turner in flex this week ?

  22. jack says:

    playoff tight end WINSLOW (jax,dal,car) or DANIELS (cin, car,indy)?

  23. JimParkey says:

    Which WR do you believe has the most value, ROY: Wayne, Decker, S. Moss, Manningham or L. Moore?

  24. Art Vandelay says:

    Have to drop Bennett for Knox this week, right? (And to think two short weeks ago I thought Earl might be a serviceable flex/low-end WR2. Sigh.)

    Also, would you drop Bennett or D. Nelson to add Little or Marion Barber?


  25. Helu or S Greene? Greene probably has the better matchup, but he gives me the willies and he’s let me down before.

  26. Nick says:

    @Doc: In addition to post #8 above, I have K Smith as flex this week if he plays. If not who do you start, Starks, T Smith, Holmes, Knox or Helu..(as a Jet fan I cant rout for Helu but do think he might score a decent amount of points, worthy of a flex start over K Smith?)

  27. Rags says:

    I’m starting Eli in an elimination game.

    I have the GB D/ST (in our league, D/STs get return yardage as well as TDs, but tackles for a loss count for a point, and yards allowed is counted along with pts allowed.)

    Do I stick with GB, limiting my upside but also limiting my downside, and hope they break a kick return TD?

    Or do I grab Denver against Minny (I have AP/Gerhart), Was against the Jets or Oakland against Miami?


  28. DKAS says:

    Do or die situation .75 PPR league.. Can’t decide between these for week 13, pick 2:

    DAvid Nelson, Greg Little, Steve Breaston, Dustin Keller, Vincent Brown, Santana Moss.


  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    Hi all. I’ll get to these tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

  30. Rocky says:

    No problem Doc, one more question, would you trade Andre Johnson for Miles Austin? I like Johnsons schedule just not sure about the offense, and Austin is always Romo’s favorite target, but there is a risk of him reinjuring himself.

  31. Anthony Hill says:

    Here’s what I need help with, so bear with me. I’m 11-1 in a 10 team PPR, with the playoffs starting I’m trying to fortify my bench or grab players who might be seeing a lot of PT come the playoff weeks. We have two teams in each round which are two weeks, i.e the first round is Weeks 14-15 Championship 16-17.
    Here’s my lineup

    QBs-Stafford, Big Ben
    RB- Ray Rice, Michael Bush, Roy Helu,Ben Tate,Kendal Hunter,Joe McKnight, and Rickey Williams (Handcuff)
    WR-Calvin Johnson,Welker, Brandon Marshall, VJax, Dez Bryant
    D-Cincy for now

    My questions are as follows:
    1)Should I drop Hunter or McKnight to pick up Brandon Saine of the Pack or Shane Vereen of the Pats? My thinking, if both are in the playoffs Starks and the law firm will be resting. Thoughts?
    2)Should I keep the Cincy D which plays The Texans & Rams, 14-15, Cards and Ravens 16-17 or pick up the Titans who have Saints n Colts; then Jags-Texans


  32. Margarita Mama says:

    Hi Doc – my team is as follows…
    RB: Forte, DeMarco Murray, Michael Bush AND CJohnson (who I have been benching as of late)
    WR: Wallace, RoddyWhite
    I’ve already clinched playoff spot but I need to trade RB before trade deadline as I can’t keep benching a value RB…but then again, McFadden should be back soon so then what use will be of Bush?

    I have been offered Brees for DeMarco Murray and Ryan. Would you do it?

  33. nick m. says:

    Do you see any reason to hold on to Daniel Thomas in a 14 team PPR with the following RB’s? – I have Ray Rice, Shonn Greene, Peyton Hillis, Ricky Williams, Joe McKnight, and Maurice Morris and can only play 3 at any given time. D/ST can put up a good chunk of points, based on points and yardage allowed, in this league and I have the Jets (@Wash, vs.KC, @Phi, vs. NYG for the next 4 weeks) and could drop either them or Thomas for the GB defense (@NYG, vs. Oak, @KC, vs. Chi in the next 4 weeks). Thoughts for the playoffs?

  34. Doc:
    You’ve been great to read again this year. Thx for the continued insight.

    14 team ppr (full pt)…

    Need to choose 2 WR: David Nelson, Jason Avant, Damian Williams

    Need to choose 1 RB (brace yourself): Kendall Hunter, Javon Ringer, Marcell Reece or DJ Ware

    Appreciate the take…

  35. Heraldo says:

    You mentioned adding Kevin Smith, who should I drop.

    I have been debating between Gerhart and Barber.

  36. Art Vandelay says:

    @Doc: How dare you ignore my inane fantasy football question?!

  37. Frank Rizzo says:

    Hey Doc,

    Do I start Celek or Gresham at tight end this week, week 13?
    Do I start Phillip Rivers, Carson Pamler, or Ryan Fitzpatrick?
    Also, if you had to pick two players to start out of Ryan Matthews, McGhaee, Plaxico, and Andre Johnson who would u start? It can be any two…..

  38. Frank Rizzo says:

    Oh yeah and it’s a ppr league.

  39. TheHighlander says:

    Which 5 to start (2 rbs & 2 Wrs & 1 flex) from:
    Beanie, Reggie Bush, Ryan Mathews , Helu, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and Harvin?

  40. Frank Rizzo says:

    I also have Roy helu to choose from with Matthews, McGahee, plax, and Andre?

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheHighlander: I’d sit Helu and Mathews

    @Frank Rizzo: Celek, Rivers, Mathews, McGahee

    @Heraldo: Barber

    @El burro: Nelson, Williams, Reece

    @nick m.: I’d want DT over Ricky

    @Margarita Mama: I think Bush and DMC will split carries once he comes back. I’d probably make the trade.

    @Anthony Hill: Tough because all of those RBs could have value week 17. I would probably hold because Hunter and McKnight have a good chance to get work week 17 and I’d lean Tennessee.

    @Rocky: I’d probably lean AJ just because Robinson’s hot hand will be hard to sit completely.

    @DKAS: That’s tough! Going to lean Little and Brown

    @Rags: I’d go with Denver

    @Nick: I’d lean Helu just because I think he’ll get the touches.

    @CmhBuck: That’s close. Leaning Helu because of receptions.

    @Art Vandelay: I’d keep Nelson and get Knox for Bennett.

    @JimParkey: I’d lean Moss for safety.

    @jack: Winslow

    @Scott: PPR or not?

    @Cheeeeeeze: It’s very close but I’m still leaning Wallace because of his upside.

    @Steve: I do like Helu and I like Green long term over Nicks.

    @Alex: Young

    @Mikey: Gerhart

    @Lubey: I’d drop him for Ingram

    @EK: Young

    @Mungfisher: I’d drop Moss and start Tebow

    @timSTi: I like Blount a lot this week

    @EK: Pettigrew

    @Nate: White

    @EK: Moore

    @Van Haggard: He’s below Helu

    @Nick: I would rather have most of them with the right matchups.

    @Adam: Yes

    @Fernando: I’d drop DT for Tenn

    @Rocky: Go for it

  42. Thx, Chet

    1 more question – Flex spot, 14 team ppr (1 pt ppr)

    Greg Olsen, Jason Avant, Kendall Hunter or DJ Ware?


  43. Scott says:

    Standard league
    Do I bench turner for aj green or Antonio brown in flex???

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