My injury report will cover both offensive and defensive players. I will focus only on those players relevant to fantasy football. If you have a player on your fantasy roster that you know to be hurt, but they do not show up on this list, then you should probably consider making a move. I will go team-by-team and do my best to make sure you have the most accurate injury information each week so you know who to start and who to bench. For injury information right up to kick-off, follow me on Twitter at @thefantasydick or visit

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Probable: 75% chance of playing

Questionable: 50% chance of playing

Doubtful: 25% chance of playing

Out: 0% chance of playing

San Francisco 49ers

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Chicago Bears

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Cincinnati Bengals

Jermaine Gresham (TE) – Questionable (personal) – Gresham has missed practice all week after the death of his grandmother. He may play on Sunday, but his role will be decreased after missing all the practices.

Jonathan Joseph (DB) – Doubtful (ankle) – Joseph has not practiced this week and it looks like the Bengals secondary will be very vulnerable again this week.

Buffalo Bills

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Denver Broncos

Matt Prater (K) – Questionable (groin) – The Broncos have not signed another kicker which means Prater should be good to go in Week 14.

Cleveland Browns

Colt McCoy (QB) – Doubtful (ankle) – Jake Delhomme will continue to start for the Browns.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Williams (WR) – Probable (knee) – Mike was back at practice and the fact that he is probable means he is nearly a lock to play in Week 14.

Arizona Cardinals

Derek Anderson (QB) – Doubtful (concussion) – Anderson has practiced all week. John Skelton should get the start in Week 14.

Max Hall (QB) – Injured Reserve (shoulder) – Hall is done for the year.

San Diego Chargers

Vincent Jackson (WR) – Questionable (calf) – Jackson practiced on Friday and should play in Week 14. He has a lot of upside, but there is some risk of re-injury here.

Antonio Gates (TE) – Questionable (foot) – Gates did not practice on Friday, but he is confident he will play in Week 14. Start him if you got him.

Legedu Naanee (WR) – Doubtful (hamstring) – Naanee is being held out of practice and probably won’t play in Week 14.

Darren Sproles (RB) – Questionable (concussion) – Sproles has been able to participate a bit in practice and will probably be active Week 14.

Patrick Crayton (WR) – Out (wrist) – Crayton is tentatively scheduled to return in Week 16.

Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel (QB) – Doubtful (appendix) – It doesn’t look like Cassel will play in Week 14, Brodie Croyle will fill in and shouldn’t hurt Dwayne Bowe too badly. Cassel should be back Week 15.

Brandon Flowers (DB) – Questionable (hamstring) – Flowers is expected to be active in Week 14 but may not be that effective.

Indianapolis Colts

They already played so who cares.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant (WR) – Injured Reserve (ankle) – He’s done, what are you waiting for, drop him.

Marion Barber (RB) – Out (calf) – Barber will be out again and Tashard Choice’s value is skyrocketing, if you don’t have him, try to get him, he’s still out there in some leagues.

Miami Dolphins

Brian Hartline (WR) – Out (finger) – Hartline will be out Sunday and could miss the rest of the season.

Brandon Marshall (WR) – Questionable (hamstring) – Marshall has been practicing and should be good to go in Week 14.

Philadelphia Eagles

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Atlanta Falcons

Jason Snelling (RB) – Questionable (hamstring) – Snelling is not practicing and most likely will not play Week 14.

New York Giants

Hakeem Nicks (WR) – Questionable (leg) – Nicks had a limited practice on Friday and probably will play in Week 14, but he could be used sparingly.

Steve Smith (WR) – Questionable (pectorals) – Smith is also expected to play in Week 14, but may also be limited. Both Nicks and Smith would make decent WR3, but don’t expect too much.

Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) – Probable (wrist) – Bradshaw will be good to go in Week 14.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Sims-Walker (WR) – Probable (ankle) – MSW has been practicing and will play against the Raiders in Week 14. However, he will be going against Nnamdi Asomugha.

New York Jets

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Detroit Lions

Jahvid Best (RB) – Probable (toes) – Week 13 showed that Best seems to be improving and he is starting to regain some of his value heading into Week 14.

Green Bay Packers

Charles Woodson (DB) – Questionable (ankle) – Woodson has been jogging around at practice but it seems unlikely he will play in Week 14.

Carolina Panthers

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

New England Patriots

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Oakland Raiders

Zach Miller (TE) – Questionable (foot) – Miller could play in Week 14, but there are probably better options at this point in fantasy leagues.

Chaz Schilens (WR) – Probable (foot) – The Raiders will try to get Schilens more involved in Week 14, but his chances of having fantasy value are slim.

St. Louis Rams

No fantasy-relevant injuries.

Baltimore Ravens

Todd Heap (TE) – Doubtful (hamstring) – Heap missed practiced Friday, which doesn’t mean he won’t play with the Monday game coming up, but it’s not a good sign.

Washington Indigenous People of North America

Ryan Torain (RB) – Probable (hamstring) – Torain should be ready for Week 14 and may even start. With a 5 week layoff it’s difficult to know if he will be effective, but neither Keiland Williams nor James Davis “ran” away with the job while he was out.

New Orleans Saints

Pierre Thomas (RB) – Probable (ankle) – Thomas has been practicing all week and will be eased back into the running back rotation. With Chris Ivory playing well, I don’t expect Thomas to have a lot of fantasy value going forward.

Seattle Seahawks

Mike Williams (WR) – Questionable (ankle) – Williams missed practice on Friday and will be a game-time decision. He is not worth waiting for.

Ben Obomanu (WR) – Questionable (hand) – Coach Carroll thinks Ben will play, but he will be a game-time decision and there is a good chance he could aggravate his injury.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Heath Miller (TE) – Out (concussion) – Miller has not practiced all week and will not play in Week 14.

Houston Texans

Owen Daniels (TE) – Questionable (knee) – Daniels has been practicing, but will probably be eased back into game action. He may be worth stashing if you have the room.

Andre Johnson (WR) – Questionable (ankle) – Johnson will play in Week 14.

Tennessee Titans

They already played so who cares.

Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson (RB) – Probable (ankle) – Peterson has been limited in practice but he should be good to go in Week 14.

Brett Favre (QB) – Questionable (shoulder) – Favre is tentatively scheduled to start in Week 14, but he could be pulled early.

Toby Gerhart (RB) – Questionable (hamstring) – Gerhart has been limited in practice. He will probably suit up in Week 14, but may lose some of his back-up carries to Lorenzo Booker.

Percy Harvin (WR) – Doubtful (ankle) – Harvin will be a game-time decision in Week 14, and the coaching staff is not optimistic about him playing.

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  1. grundies says:

    Doc, I’m having a tough time deciding who to start between J.Stewart, Choice, or Starks. Who do you like

  2. Mike says:

    So with Bradshaw looking good to go against the Vikings… who do you like more? Bradshaw or Jonathan Stewart?


  3. Howard says:

    I don’t feel too confident playing Larry Fitzgerald this week (not that it’s been a great year!). On the waiver wire:
    VJax vs KC
    Meacham vs StL
    Roy Williams vs Philly
    James Jones vs Det
    Bennett vs NE


  4. Jstew, Torain, Starks???? I dont really trust Was or GB, but these matchups could be gold, while Jstew runs against a stingy ATL defense

  5. DDT says:

    Dropped Carpenter @ NYJ for Josh Brown @ NO due to weather concerns. Over-reaction or stealthy move?

  6. Nickle says:

    grundies i have the same decision as you and ive been going crazy about it all week. i hate the matchup with stewart but hes the only one getting the bulk of carries. starks wont catch passes and looks like kuhns getting the goal line but its a dream matchup. I think im leaning towards choice right now cuz barber is still out and asante samuel also wont be playing….BUT I REALLY NEED SOME HELP!!!

  7. nick m. says:

    I didn’t expect to have Nicks or VJax this week and was planning to run with scrubs, now I’m torn… Need 2 of these players in PPR: Nicks, VJax, James Starks, James Jones, Seyi Tutu?

  8. Art Vandelay says:

    Which 2 WRs to start: Nicks, VJax, Obomanu, M. Thomas, Bennett?

    Who to start at flex: Knox, Crabtree, Hightower, Bennett?

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @grundies: I’m having a tough time answering you! Stewart is the safest but Starks and Choice have more upside. I’m leaning Starks for his upside.

    @Mike: Bradshaw

    @Howard: Yeah, Champ could Dwayne Bowe him. I’d probably go VJax because I’m all about the upside, but I still think Fitz is a little safer.

    @Charles Plat: It’s between Starks/JStew for me. Stew is safer, Starks has more upside. I’m leaning Starks.

    @DDT: Works for me. Brown has been good anyway.

    @Nickle: Yeah, it’s almost an impossible choice. I worry more about Felix Jones than I do Starks trio of RBs. If I was in a matchup I thought i could win fairly easily I’d probably go with JStew. Blount did gouge ATL last week. I just like Stark’s matchup and upside and am going with him for that reason.

    @nick m.: I’d go Starks/Nicks

    @Art Vandelay: Nicks/VJax if they go. Between Crabs and Hightower on the other. Leaning Hightower.

  10. Nick says:

    Heads going to explode…still like Choice over Westbrook or Ward…

  11. Joel says:

    Doc: Just read about the Giants travel woes. I was gonna start Bradshaw over Choice in the flex — does the travel thing affect that? who would you pick? also, I was starting the Giants D. Would you start them or Cleveland? In general, how much does the Giants travel stuff affect decisions about their players tomorrow?

  12. Joel says:

    with regard tot he last question, I can also go Torain. Bradshaw, Torain or Choice in the flex now?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Yeah

    @Joel: I’m not going to let it sway me too much and they might even move the game up. We’ll see. I’m leaning bradshaw.

  14. Hennessey says:

    Kicker question! In one corner…Garret Hartley…in the other…Billy Cundiff. Which one of these heavyweights is the safest, which one has more upside? Is it a draw?

  15. Hennessey says:

    I could go by rankings of course, but I kind of wanted to see how you might elaborate on either one’s upside/situation. Thanks, Doctor Gresham!

    p.s. When deciding on TE rankings, is there ever a bias toward Jermaine Gresham? Be honest…

  16. Wilsonian says:

    After finding out they’re moving the Giants game to Monday, would you play Choice over Bradshaw or would you play NE or SD over the Giants D?

  17. Zeke_m says:

    How risky is Nicks now, with the weather delay on top of his questionable status? I have WR3 choice of Nicks, V-Jax, or Smith (Car) in a non-PPR league.

    Also a flex spot with either leftovers from above, or Starks, Felix or Greene?

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hennessey: I like Cundiff, better leg, both have similar matchups. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Gresham’s scoring TDs!

    @Wilsonian: I’d stick with Bradshaw. I could see going with NE in the blizzard.

    @Zeke_m: I could see going with VJax if he is good to go. It’s close between Jones and Starks, but I’m leaning Starks.

  19. Demetrius says:

    Again, thanks for the help Doc….Got a conundrum…Anywho, I have:

    Roddy White, Wes Welker, Hakeem Nicks as starters. Harvin is my bench WR. (Standard League).

    Is it too cute to go with VJax and drop Harvin? I’m not sure if Nicks is going to get the full dose because of the weather, roof collapsing…Gotta make a roster decision. I’m just afraid next week a rival will snatch up Harvin and I’m done!

  20. johnn o says:

    Round 1 of the Playoffs:
    TE: Gronk, Moeaki, or John Carlson? I’m leaning Moeaki

    Flex spot: FJackson-Hakeem-Felix Jones?

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