Here are the pass defensive matchups for this week.  These stats are gathered from the last 5 weeks of games.

Tell me what you think of the new format.  I’m liking it.  Also grab a spot in one of our FanDuel leagues here — League 1, League 2, League 3.

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Each number is the ranking that the teams have in that particular statistic over the last 5 weeks.  For example, Green Bay has given up the least amount of passing yards per game so they have a “1” under the “Yds/Gm” column.  The ranking on the left coincides with the average on the right.  The higher the number the worse their pass defense stats are.

Rank: Overall ranking of each team.

Team: The team that is being evaluated for their defensive strength

Opp: The team with your fantasy players

Yds/Gm: Total passing yards given up per game

QB FPA: Fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks

Comp%: Completion Percentage against

WR FPA: Fantasy points allowed to wide receivers

TE FPA: Fantasy points allowed to tight ends

DVOA: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average

Yds/c: Yards Per Catch

TDs: Passing touchdowns allowed

Average: The average of each each individual ranking (this makes up the overall ranking)

  1. zack neugut says:

    8 person league so its shallow. I need to start 2 qb 2 rb 3 wr and te. i have a lot of options since there are so many solid guys on waivers. also, do you recommend me picking up any of these guys.

    QB: Rivers, Kitna; waivers: Garrard, Bradford
    RB: McCoy, McFadden, Jamaal Charles, Keiland Williams; Waivers: Jonathan Steward, Lagarette Blount, Felix Jones, Brandon Jacobs, Tashard Choice
    WR: Desean Jackson, Maclin, Colston, Mike Williams TB, Austin Collie (obviously not), Vincent Jackson, Michael Crabtree; waivers: Deon Branch, Mike Williams Seattle, Jabar Gaffney
    TE: Tamme; waivers: Celek, Gronkowski, Moeaki

    Anyway, what do you think?

  2. pedro says:

    I’M NOT UNDERSTANDING IT ( sorry for caps). so this would be the best defense to have vs the pass top to bottom? so GB would be ideal to play this week vs the lions even though woodson’s groin injury?

    so play denver WR VS ARIZONA…haha no brainer

  3. pedro says:

    so according to this… I should sit b.white this league and pick up ajirotutu?? KC is ranked 28th WR FPA. But JETS 10? do I play Brandon Marshall this week?!?!?! he had his best game vs them….

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @zack neugut: Rivers/McCoy/JC/DJax/Colston/Williams/Tamme, but check his health.

    @pedro: These aren’t set in stone by any means, but they can be a useful tool. I would play tutu over White. I don’t think Marshall had Revis on him in that game. I would sit him.

  5. pedro says:

    haha thanks. trying to play upset in the playoffs. weather has me scared to play bennett so seyiiiii AIIIIR-it-to-you- please.

  6. zack neugut says:

    anyone i should pick up?

  7. DSimms says:

    Hey Doc, do you like Kitna or Schaub better this week? My gut says Kitna… thanks

    also any reason to play Randy Moss or Britt in my flex over A. Dixon?

  8. Christopher says:

    Like the new, sortable format!
    Here’s my dilemma for a non-PPR league, 2 RB, 1 Flex.
    My RBs:
    JC @ SD
    AP v NYG
    Javarris James @ TEN
    Felix Jones v PHI
    James Starks @ DET

    My first inclination:
    JC, AP, Starks

    Is it Starks @ DET over James @ TEN?

  9. wallin says:

    so i somehow made the playoffs in my league despite my horrible WR play. I have Desean Jackson as my only semi-reliable wideout and as of now I am still going over the matchups for this weekend.

    Who do you think are the best 2 options:
    Crabtree vs SEA
    Harvin vs NYG
    Seyi Ajiotutu vs KC
    Jacoby Ford vs JAX
    Blair White vs TEN
    Kenny Britt vs IND
    Ben Obamanu vs SF

    I know it is an ugly bunch but I have to choose two. Also, it is a PPR league, any thoughts would be great.

  10. barker says:

    would u start any of these guys on my bench for any of these guys
    .5 ppr

    QB rivers WR roddy WR jennings RB MJD RB tolbert TE tamme W/T lloyd
    W/R bradshaw

    on bench jacobs ronnie brown mike wallace shiancoe flacco z miller keiland williams gaffney

    thank you doc

  11. Lubey says:

    I have one flex and 2 receiver spots to fill.

    Options-Brandon Marshall, James Starks, Santana Moss, Anthony Armstrong, Earl Bennett, Dwayne Bowe.

    I was leaning towards Bowe, Moss, Bennett but could see Starks possibly getting a start this week to. What do you think o powerful fantasy guru???

  12. nick m. says:

    I need to pick 2 of these 4 in a PPR (with bonus points for 40+ and 50+ TD’s): Seyi Tutu, James Jones, James Starks, Blair White?

    And in another PPR league I gotta take 2 out of: Blount, Sid Rice, Mike Williams (south)? Thanks

  13. 24hourjack says:

    doc….would you start Garcon tonight ahead of Jacobs,Knox or Woodhead at flex-PPR?

  14. bartaksu says:

    I need 1 WR and 1 Flex (not PPR) from Britt, Harvin, Starks, Beanie and Seyi, ugh.

    Any comments appreciated, thanks guys, love these new sortable spreadsheets by the way!

  15. The Vaporizers says:

    Doc, wildcard playoff round question

    Which D you play this week?

    Giants (@Minn)
    Denver (@Ari)
    Cleveland (@Buf)

  16. Joel says:

    Doc: my RBs currently are Bradshaw, Blount, Arian, Torain and Choice. WRs are Nicks, Boldin, Buc Williams. TD heavy, non-ppr. 2 Q’s: 1) if Nicks plays, is he starting for me? next question, assuming I start Arian, Blount, Nicks and Boldin, who in the flex, Buc Williams or Bradshaw?

  17. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    Hey Doc,

    When are the rankings coming out?

  18. Chris says:

    Doc & everyone else –

    Tamme @ TEN or Witten @ PHI?

    Apparently both DEFs are in the bottom 5 FPA vs TEs….I’m leaning towards Witten but I’m not necessarily sure he’s the better choice even without the threat of targets lost due to excessive blitz pickup. Tamme being questionable is not helping the matter either, though I expect him to play.

  19. Freddy 4 Fingers says:


    Marshall (vs. NYJ) or Crabtree (vs. SEA)?

  20. Big Nate says:

    Hey Doc – Which WR to start out of NYG Smith, Bess, White and Anthony Amstrong?

    I’m fighting for a wildcard spot so I need a homerun guy. So, between Davone Bess, Blair White (IND @ HOU tonite), and Anthony Armstrong, I’m leaning toward Anthony Armstrong. Season-high 6/97/1 last week.
    Steve Smith NYG is back but should I expect him to play the whole game or be effective.

    What do you think?

  21. Black Beard says:

    Which D this week: Seahawks, Chiefs, Raiders, or Pats?

  22. Hennessey says:

    If Nicks plays this week should I start him or Bowe?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hennessey: I wouldn’t. He is worth a start, but I think Bowe still gets plenty of looks.

    @Black Beard: Pats

    @Big Nate: I’m leaning Armstrong as well

    @Freddy 4 Fingers: Crabs

    @Chris: Yeah, that’s a close one, but I’m leaning Tamme.

    @Broadstreetbrawler: They’re up now

    @Joel: Yeah, I’d start Nicks. Williams might be more injured than first thought. We’ll have to see. I’d lean Bradshaw now.

    @The Vaporizers: Giants

    @bartaksu: I’m leaning Starks and Seyi right now.

    @24hourjack: In PPR yes.

    @nick m.: Starks/Jones Blount/Williams

    @Lubey: I’m leaning Starks over Bennett.

    @barker: I’d stick with your initial thoughts

    @wallin: I’d go with Crabs and Seyi. If Harvin goes, go harvin.

    @Christopher: Not an easy call since we don’t know the usage of any of those guys for sure, but I like Starks.

    @DSimms: I have them pretty close. I’m leaning Kitna.

    @zack neugut: I’d switch Williams and Blount

  24. Black Beard says:

    Need some LM advice. So a guy is out of playoff contention and decides to drop everyone on his roster, except two keepers. The players he picks up are scrubs. What do you?

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: I’d lock them all. Nobody should be able to pick any of them up.

  26. Black Beard says:

    @Doc: Lock the roster as was or lock the players?

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: Either way works as far as your functionality. Just make sure nobody can grab them.

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