Good afternoon Razzballers.  Here are the Rankings for this week.


  1. Peyton Manning (IND vs. JAC)
  2. Michael Vick (PHI @ NYG)
  3. Philip Rivers (SD vs. SF)
  4. Tom Brady (NE vs. GB)
  5. Drew Brees (NO @ BAL)
  6. Jon Kitna (DAL vs. WAS)
  7. Matt Schaub (HOU @ TEN)
  8. Matt Ryan (ATL @ SEA)
  9. Kerry Collins (TEN vs. HOU)
  10. Joe Flacco (BAL vs. NO)
  11. Josh Freeman (TB vs. DET)
  12. Jay Cutler (CHI @ MIN)
  13. David Garrard (JAC @ IND)
  14. Eli Manning (NYG vs. PHI)
  15. Jason Campbell (OAK vs. DEN)
  16. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT vs. NYJ)
  17. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA vs. ATL)
  18. Carson Palmer (CIN vs. CLE)
  19. Sam Bradford (STL vs. KC)
  20. Alex Smith (SF @ SD)
  21. Matt Cassel (KC @ STL)
  22. Rex Grossman (WAS @ DAL)
  23. Chad Henne (MIA vs. BUF)
  24. Mark Sanchez (NYJ @ PIT)
  25. Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF @ MIA)
  26. Colt McCoy (CLE @ CIN)
  27. Jimmy Clausen (CAR vs. ARI)
  28. John Skelton (ARI @ CAR)
  29. Tim Tebow (DEN @ OAK)
  30. Matt Flynn (GB @ NE)
  31. Joe Webb (MIN vs. CHI)


  1. Darren McFadden (OAK vs. DEN)
  2. Peyton Hillis (CLE @ CIN)
  3. Arian Foster (HOU @ TEN)
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC @ IND)
  5. Chris Johnson (TEN vs. HOU)
  6. Michael Turner (ATL @ SEA)
  7. Knowshon Moreno (DEN @ OAK)
  8. Steven Jackson (STL vs. KC)
  9. LeSean McCoy (PHI @ NYG)
  10. Jonathan Stewart (CAR vs. ARI)
  11. Jamaal Charles (KC @ STL)
  12. Ray Rice (BAL vs. NO)
  13. LeGarrette Blount (TB vs. DET)
  14. Adrian Peterson (MIN vs. CHI)
  15. Felix Jones (DAL vs. WAS)
  16. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT vs. NYJ)
  17. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE vs. GB)
  18. Fred Jackson (BUF @ MIA)
  19. Brandon Jacobs (NYG vs. PHI)
  20. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG vs. PHI)
  21. Tim Hightower (ARI @ CAR)
  22. Ronnie Brown (MIA vs. BUF)
  23. Matt Forte (CHI @ MIN)
  24. Ryan Torain (WAS @ DAL)
  25. Jahvid Best (DET @ TB)
  26. Pierre Thomas (NO @ BAL)
  27. Brian Westbrook (SF @ SD)
  28. Javarris James (IND vs. JAC)
  29. Mike Tolbert (SD vs. SF)
  30. Cedric Benson (CIN vs. CLE)
  31. Mike Goodson (CAR vs. ARI)
  32. Tashard Choice (DAL vs. WAS)
  33. Thomas Jones (KC @ STL)
  34. Ryan Mathews (SD vs. SF)
  35. Ricky Williams (MIA vs. BUF)
  36. James Starks (GB @ NE)
  37. Danny Woodhead (NE vs. GB)
  38. Marshawn Lynch (SEA vs. ATL)
  39. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ @ PIT)
  40. Rashad Jennings (JAC @ IND)
  41. Michael Bush (OAK vs. DEN)
  42. Brandon Jackson (GB @ NE)
  43. Maurice Morris (DET @ TB)
  44. Donald Brown (IND vs. JAC)
  45. Anthony Dixon (SF @ SD)
  46. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams (TB vs. DET)
  47. Keiland Williams (WAS @ DAL)
  48. Reggie Bush (NO @ BAL)
  49. Darren Sproles (SD vs. SF)
  50. Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI @ CAR)


  1. Andre Johnson (HOU @ TEN)
  2. Reggie Wayne (IND vs. JAC)
  3. DeSean Jackson (PHI @ NYG)
  4. Roddy White (ATL @ SEA)
  5. Hakeem Nicks (NYG vs. PHI)
  6. Marques Colston (NO @ BAL)
  7. Calvin Johnson (DET @ TB)
  8. Wes Welker (NE vs. GB)
  9. Dwayne Bowe (KC @ STL)
  10. Greg Jennings (GB @ NE)
  11. Miles Austin (DAL vs. WAS)
  12. Terrell Owens (CIN vs. CLE)
  13. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI @ CAR)
  14. Santonio Holmes (NYJ @ PIT)
  15. Pierre Garcon (IND vs. JAC)
  16. Kenny Britt (TEN vs. HOU)
  17. Deion Branch (NE vs. GB)
  18. Jeremy Maclin (PHI @ NYG)
  19. Brandon Lloyd (DEN @ OAK)
  20. Malcom Floyd (SD vs. SF)
  21. Vincent Jackson (SD vs. SF)
  22. Stevie Johnson (BUF @ MIA)
  23. Mike Wallace (PIT vs. NYJ)
  24. Mike Williams (TB vs. DET)
  25. Anquan Boldin (BAL vs. NO)
  26. Joe Webb (MIN vs. CHI)
  27. Austin Collie (IND vs. JAC)
  28. Brandon Marshall (MIA vs. BUF)
  29. Derrick Mason (BAL vs. NO)
  30. Sidney Rice (MIN vs. CHI)
  31. Chad Ochocinco (CIN vs. CLE)
  32. Hines Ward (PIT vs. NYJ)
  33. Mike Williams (SEA vs. ATL)
  34. Johnny Knox (CHI @ MIN)
  35. Santana Moss (WAS @ DAL)
  36. Lance Moore (NO @ BAL)
  37. Davone Bess (MIA vs. BUF)
  38. Mike Sims-Walker (JAC @ IND)
  39. Michael Crabtree (SF @ SD)
  40. Earl Bennett (CHI @ MIN)
  41. Mario Manningham (NYG vs. PHI)
  42. Nate Washington (TEN vs. HOU)
  43. Ben Obomanu (SEA vs. ATL)
  44. Anthony Armstrong (WAS @ DAL)
  45. Louis Murphy (OAK vs. DEN)
  46. Roy Williams (DAL vs. WAS)
  47. Braylon Edwards (NYJ @ PIT)
  48. Mike Thomas (JAC @ IND)
  49. Percy Harvin (MIN vs. CHI)
  50. Danny Amendola (STL vs. KC)
  51. Steve Smith (CAR vs. ARI)
  52. Donald Driver (GB @ NE)
  53. Jacoby Ford (OAK vs. DEN)
  54. David Nelson (BUF @ MIA)
  55. Brandon Gibson (STL vs. KC)


  1. Vernon Davis (SF @ SD)
  2. Jason Witten (DAL vs. WAS)
  3. Jacob Tamme (IND vs. JAC)
  4. Tony Gonzalez (ATL @ SEA)
  5. Zach Miller (OAK vs. DEN)
  6. Owen Daniels (HOU @ TEN)
  7. Kellen Winslow (TB vs. DET)
  8. Kevin Boss (NYG vs. PHI)
  9. Brandon Pettigrew (DET @ TB)
  10. Rob Gronkowski (NE vs. GB)
  11. Chris Cooley (WAS @ DAL)
  12. Marcedes Lewis (JAC @ IND)
  13. Bo Scaife (TEN vs. HOU)
  14. Randy McMichael (SD vs. SF)
  15. Benjamin Watson (CLE @ CIN)
  16. Aaron Hernandez (NE vs. GB)
  17. Todd Heap (BAL vs. NO)
  18. Brent Celek (PHI @ NYG)
  19. Anthony Fasano (MIA vs. BUF)
  20. Jimmy Graham (NO @ BAL)
  21. Greg Olsen (CHI @ MIN)
  22. Dustin Keller (NYJ @ PIT)


  1. New England Patriots (NE vs. GB)
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT vs. NYJ)
  3. Chicago Bears (CHI @ MIN)
  4. Dallas Cowboys (DAL vs. WAS)
  5. San Diego Chargers (SD vs. SF)
  6. Atlanta Falcons (ATL @ SEA)
  7. Miami Dolphins (MIA vs. BUF)
  8. Oakland Raiders (OAK vs. DEN)
  9. Cleveland Browns (CLE @ CIN)
  10. Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. ARI)
  11. Arizona Cardinals (ARI @ CAR)
  12. New York Jets (NYJ @ PIT)
  13. New York Giants (NYG vs. PHI)
  14. Philadelphia Eagles (PHI @ NYG)
  15. Minnesota Vikings (MIN vs. CHI)
  16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB vs. DET)
  17. Baltimore Ravens (BAL vs. NO)
  18. St. Louis Rams (STL vs. KC)
  19. New Orleans Saints (NO @ BAL)
  20. Buffalo Bills (BUF @ MIA)
  21. Indianapolis Colts (IND vs. JAC)
  22. Cincinnati Bengals (CIN vs. CLE)


  1. David Akers (PHI @ NYG)
  2. Dan Carpenter (MIA vs. BUF)
  3. Nate Kaeding (SD vs. SF)
  4. Matt Bryant (ATL @ SEA)
  5. Neil Rackers (HOU @ TEN)
  6. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK vs. DEN)
  7. Rob Bironas (TEN vs. HOU)
  8. John Kasay (CAR vs. ARI)
  9. Adam Vinatieri (IND vs. JAC)
  10. David Buehler (DAL vs. WAS)
  11. Billy Cundiff (BAL vs. NO)
  12. Josh Brown (STL vs. KC)
  13. Jay Feely (ARI @ CAR)
  14. Shayne Graham (NE vs. GB)
  15. Josh Scobee (JAC @ IND)
  16. Garrett Hartley (NO @ BAL)
  17. Lawrence Tynes (NYG vs. PHI)
  18. Shaun Suisham (PIT vs. NYJ)
  19. Robbie Gould (CHI @ MIN)
  20. Mason Crosby (GB @ NE)

  1. TheTinDoor

    JTin says:

    Any particular reason you’re so high on Cutler? I’ve been rotating Cutler, Freeman, and Fitzpatrick all year, and Freeman seems the clear favorite this week.

    Freeman’s outscored Cutler 147 to 97 in the past 10 weeks (discounting byes). Freeman outscored Cutler head-to-head in 6 of the past 10 weeks. Over the past 5 weeks, they’re closer, 70-67 in favor of Freeman.

    Freeman’s scored between 11 & 19 all 10 weeks, averaging 14.7. Extremely consistent; basement seems to be 11.
    Cutler had a week with 26 points, but also weeks with -3, 0, 2, 5, and 6. Much greater chance for a “bomb” week, and only a 10% chance for a great week.

    Finally, the matchups this week – Freeman @ home against Detroit (yes please), Cutler on the road against Minn at the freezing, outdoor Gopher field. He didn’t do so well in the cold/wind/snow last week.

  2. T-Lo says:


    PPR league – Pick 3:
    K Britt, V Jax, D Mason, H Ward, M Williams (SEA)

    Semi-final, my opponent has Rivers, if that makes a difference. I might be overthinking this one.

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Whats your reason on Owen Daniels being so low?

  4. batman the horse says:

    0.5 ppr. L. Fitz. or Blount at Flex?

    Fitz wasn’t hurt too much with Skeletor @ QB, and that trend will likely continue v. Carolina.

    Detroit’s been stingy against the run lately.

  5. DSimms says:

    I kinda want to get Britt off my bench this week, could you see starting him over Ronnie B at flex?

    Also are Schaub~Kitna pretty much a toss up this week or do you see one a clear favorite.

  6. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I am totally going to get sonofabenched this week.
    NonPPR one needs to sit. Hillis – SJax – JStew – Charles
    I am sitting Charles right now but it’s scary.

  7. nick m. says:

    VJax, Ryan Matthews, or Owen Daniels in the OP position in PPR?

  8. DSimms says:

    Also is it stupid of me for thinking Joe Webb might be a good play at flex because of his WR eligibility? in my my league passing TD’s are 6 points as well.

  9. dja says:

    you really like cutler as high as #10? tcf field has no heating coils and there is currently about 2″ of ice on the field.

    my only other option is bradford though, unless i pick up shaun hill or colt mccoy. what would you do?

    also, no moeaki? i could grab boss or owen daniels from waivers. how do you rank those 3?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @T-Lo: Britt/VJax/that third guy is tough. Leaning Williams.

    @JTin: Freeman is the safer choice. Cutler has a better shot at 20+ points, but I’ll be watching the weather.

    @Mr2Bits: I’ve got 5-9 as very close really, but I am going to move him up. He shouldn’t be quite that low.

    @batman the horse: I like Blount, but it’s close.

    @DSimms: I could in PPR, but I do like Brown. I like Kitna. Schaub has upside, but I think Kitna has upside and stability.

  11. The Vaporizers says:

    I’m thinking the same thing as DSimms.

    WR3 I got Knox and Flex I got Bradshaw. I think I might play Webb over Knox?

  12. Lubey says:

    Hey Chet. You da man.

    Pick 2:
    Tolbert, Santana Moss or Torain??


  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah, tough one. I agree. Don’t trust Cassel.

    @DSimms: Not stupid. His legs could get him some yards as well.

    @dja: Yeah, he’ll probably fall on my list as we get a better grasp on the situation. The teams are grumbling about it right now. I’d go with Cutler if the weather and field aren’t horrible, then Hill if he continues to practice, then Bradford. I like OD, Boss, Moeaki. Moeaki just hasn’t done much of anything. His one TD since week 3 was his only catch that game. Hasn’t topped 6 points since week 3 either.

    @The Vaporizers: Yeah, I would do that.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lubey: Torain and Tolbert

  15. Wilsonian says:

    Couple/Few Questions here.

    1) In a league where I don’t really care what happens, I’m in Round 2 of the ‘offs. Who do I play:

    Rodgers, Big Ben, Collins, Kitna, Freeman (would have to drop Ben for one of the last three)?

    Welker, Branch, Garcon, Wallace, Maclin, Holmes (pick 3)?

    CJ, Hillis, Foster (pick 2)?

    Yep teeny tiiiiny league.

    2) Would you start VJax over Buc Williams (0.5 PPR)?

    3) Also, Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Collins, Garrard, Campbell, Freeman (Matty Ice is on waivers and I’ve made a claim for him, but in case it falls through)?

  16. trick dad says:

    Hey Doc, PPR League, pick two to start this week please:

    S Rice
    M Williams SEA

  17. nick m. says:

    VJax, Ryan Matthews, or Owen Daniels in the Flex/OP position in PPR?

  18. Dominic says:

    I have a sticky QB situation…. I have Matt Cassell and Ryan Fitzpatrick and both are iffy starts, should I drop Fitzpatrick and pick up Kerry Collins since everyone and their mom can throw for 250 and 2tds against HOU?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trick dad: Collie, Floyd

    @Wilsonian: Kitna, Welker, Maclin, Holmes, Foster, Hillis, VJax, Collins

  20. spike says:

    Having the hardest time picking my lineup for my playoff battle this week – 12 team PPR and somehow ended up with:

    WR: AJ, welker, colston, wallace, floyd
    RB: charles, moreno, mcfadden, bradshaw

    It’s 2WR/2RB/1flex — I’m thinking AJ/Welker/Charles/Moreno/McFadden at the moment, with Charles most likely to give way to Colston if I do make a move (mainly if Cassel is out). Thoughts?

  21. Dizzle says:

    Hey Doc,

    Please pick 2 of the following to start in a ppr league:

    S. Holmes
    S. Rice
    K. Britt
    V. Jackson
    M. Crabtree


  22. reggie92 says:


    1) In a PPR league, who do you like for my third receiver: Fitz, Mason, VJax, or Joe Webb (WR eligible, QB scoring: 4 points/QB TD, 1 point/QB compl., -1 point/QB incompl.)?

    2) In .5 PPR league: Choice, Best, or Mathews?

    3) In a .5 PPR league with return yardage, third WR: Amendola, Joe Webb, Harvin, Ocho, Crabtree, BMW, Bess? (short bench, long wire)


  23. WR says:


    Can you tell me the reasoning behind putting Megatron ahead of Nicks?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @WR: No Talib and Hill possibly back. Manning was shut down last time by the Eagles.

    @reggie92: VJax, Best, Harvin (practiced today)

    @Dizzle: How about 3? Holmes, Britt

    @spike: Agreed

  25. stumanji says:

    I just found out that Joe Webb is black, and it wrinkled my brain.

  26. So So says:

    What to do??
    Got Owen Daniels in over Tony G. Partly because I’ve got R. White in too many eggs in one basket with Gonzalez..
    And i guess i have to wait to see who is playing but Ive got to pick one out of Jennings and Bowe.
    What do you think?

  27. Dizzle says:


    Thanks for the reply. If you are suggesting a 3rd, who would it be and would you start him over Torain or Green-Ellis? Thanks again.

  28. emceeperiod says:

    Alright Doc, you answered PART of my question on Twitter but I don’t know if you got the 2nd tweet (damn 140 characters) so I’ll ask it in full here:

    Need to start 3: Bowe, VJax, Floyd, Britt.

    Problem is that we won’t find out about Cassel until Sa or Su, but gotta decide on these Chargers today.

    Thanks Doc.

  29. dja says:

    @Doc: fyi, i live in minneapolis and go to the U. with the weather we have here right now i would be extremely surprised if cutler scores more than 5 points. it’s possible, but i wouldn’t bet anything on it.

  30. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    Pick two

    Miles Austin
    Mike Williams (TB)

    I’m playing against Freeman…

  31. Matt P says:

    I know you ranked him lower, but with Steve Smith out should i start Boss over Daniels?

  32. Adam says:

    12-team, non-PPR

    Pick 2 of 3

    Rashard Mendenhall (PIT vs. NYJ)
    Cedric Benson (CIN vs. CLE)
    Mike Tolbert (SD vs. SF)

  33. beantownMP says:

    I have by far the worst team still left and am playing a probowl caliber team. I want this upset badly but I’m faced with some bad options. Its a .5 ppr.

    Need 2 : Tomlinson, J.James, Goodson, or Starks.

    Need 2 : Knox, Bennett, Burleson, or scour waivers for something better.

    Everyone else traded future draft picks to beef up their roster while i held off not knowing if I’d even make playoffs. Now I’m going for the 2001 Pats over Rams caliber upset.

  34. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc. Picked up Collins in one league for Fitz, then put in a waiver claim for Matty Ice. Good call?

    Do you trust Holmes more than Garcon, even against two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to defense?

  35. Ryan says:

    Hey i can start 2 running backs and i’ve got jonathon stewart, ray rice, legarette blount and ryan torain, who should i start? This is my first playoff game of the year and i need a win, also do you think the packers are good enough to get by this week or should i look for an upgrade?

  36. beantownMP says:

    Add Meachem and Bess to my schmows posted a post back.

  37. dja says:

    would you play the joe webb gambit over fred jackson at flex? i’m starting to wonder

  38. Probable Party Starter says:

    They’re saying both Willis and Spike (the cornerstones of the 49er run D) are both wearing casts but will play. Does that change Tolbert’s ranking at all? Or is he being rested/split with Matthews? Is there any way he leapfrogs J. James (IND)?

  39. nick m. says:

    Please pick 3 in a PPR: Torain, Blount, Megatron?

  40. nick m. says:

    *Sorry, that would be 2 in a PPR out of: Torain, Blount, Megatron? Thanks.

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @beantownMP: Goodson, James, Bennett, Burleson

    @Adam: Mendy, Benson

    @Matt P: I think they are both very close, but I’m still leaning OD.

    @Commish Cauda: Austin, Garcon

    @emceeperiod: I’m putting my eggs in the VJax basket and like Britt. I’d risk Bowe over Floyd.

    @dja: Yeah, it will be hard to start Cutler.

    @Dizzle: I like VJax quite a bit. hard to start him over those guys though.

    @So So: I think that’s fine. OD has a lot of upside. Yeah, I’d wait on Cassel/Rodgers news.

  42. BAS says:

    Any thoughts out there on SD DEF tonight or NE DEF on Sunday? Not sure if anyone has inside info on Rodgers’ status??


  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAS: Yeah, hard to tell on Rodgers, but I don’t think he’ll play. I would risk waiting on NE.

    @nick m.: Megatron, Blount

    @Ryan: I would start about anyone instead of the Packers. Stewart and Rice

    @Probable Party Starter: I could see him moving ahead of James.

    @dja: It’s a risk. I’d still go with Fred.

    @Wilsonian: I like both. I just think Holmes will be pumped to play his old team.

  44. genghis chone says:

    Drop one of Choice, Knox, Orton for Collins? 2 QB league, my QBs are Orton, Eli, Big Ben. Thanks!

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    **** NFL Network is reporting that Malcolm Floyd will be inactive!****

    If you were on the fence about VJax, get him in your lineups

  46. Doog says:

    .5 PPR, heading into 1st round of the playoffs. 11-player keeper with no trade deadline. I can move Austin and Schaub for Roddy White and Campbell. Vick is my QB, so I’m trading a backup, but the bigger hit is the three years between Austin and White — I believe the gap between the two will decrease next year with Romo back. Do the deal?

  47. hunt2422 says:

    10 team non-PPR league I got Nicks, Britt, Branch & Stevie Johnson at WR and MJD, Bradshaw, Felix Jones & Hightower at RB. 3 WR spots, 2 RB spots and 1 WR/RB spot…who should I start???


  48. Brian says:

    VJax or Best in the flex? Also starting Floyd, if that makes a difference

  49. PepeSilvia says:

    How high would you bump VJax now? Above Holmes?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @PepeSilvia: Really tough to say, but he has a lot of upside with no Gates/Floyd. His upside is higher than Holmes’

  51. Matt B says:

    Doc- Need some help!

    Pick 2 to play this week in a .5PPR:
    Forte @ MIN,
    Bradshaw vs PHI,
    Torain @ DAL,
    M Williams (TB) vs DET,
    S Moss @ DAL

  52. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    where would you rank Seyi the kid now with Floyd out?

  53. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    where would you rank Seyi the kid now with Floyd and Gates out?

  54. Joel says:

    Doc: Joe webb over Boldin @WR2 (Yahoo scoring), non-ppr, td passes worth 6 pts?

  55. Steve Mc says:

    Would you play Crabtree tonight over Knox?

  56. Kurt G says:

    Who do you think is the best flex play in a ppr league. Westbrook tonight, Holmes, Bowe or Ochocinco

  57. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I am so anxious right now do I start VJax over Colston? I have AJ already. I have Hillis SJax at Rb and can use Colston Charles JStewart at Flex. 15mins …geez

  58. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Lol VJax locked in. Let’s roll.

  59. Helmet Head says:

    12 team Non-PPR:

    Need 3 RB’s out of 4: S Jackson, M Turner, J Stewart, Ben Jarvus GE

    Also Need 2 at WR, I have M Wallace, M Williams (Sea) Sid Rice, and K Britt is available but i’m willing to drop. Due to the mess at Minn, i’m benching Rice.

  60. Doc

    Doc says:

    Sorry guys, I’ve been on the road. Start VJax!

  61. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Start VJax!

    @Joel: I could see that. The 6 points for a TD are nice and no PPR.

    @Matt B: Bradshaw, Torain

  62. DANgerous says:

    cutler, cassel, or mcnabb?

    AP, rice, mendy or Jstew pick 3 please

    garcon or holmes?

    really need this win, i am playing the defending champ and the type that texts you daily talking crap….we have though created an award called the “cory award” goes to the player that has the fantasy player with the highest points scored on the bench

  63. Doog says:


    Can you help me out with #48, or do you need more info?

  64. Wilsonian says:

    I wanna pick up VJax for Week 16, who do I drop:

    Boldin or Buc Williams? 0.5 ppr

  65. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Doog: Sorry, missed it. I would want Austin/Schaub in that deal.

  66. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop Boldin

  67. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: nice, I like it when you agree with my intuition. Thanks man. Sure wish I played him this week, but I couldn’t play him over Wayne, White or Colston.

  68. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I am afeared my opponent will pick up Torain for this week and start him over his Forte. Should I block this move by dropping one of my 4 QBs. Ben – Cutler – Freeman – Collins. I am leaning start Collins this week.

  69. Starlin Castrated says:

    Hey Doc

    Semi finals week time, two different teams. Two RB, Two WR, and Two Flex in both leagues, both 0.5 PPR and team 2 is 0.1 pprush

    Team 1: Miles Austin vs Was, Andre Johnson @ Ten, Arian Foster @ Ten, Jahvid Best/Maurice Morris @Tam, Lance Moore @Bal, Joe Webb vs Chi (yay yahoo stat loophole), Brandon Jacobs vs Phi, Danny Amendola vs KC, and Hakeem Nicks vs Phi

    Team 2: Greg Jennings @NE, Pierre Garcon vs Jac, Chris Johnson vs Hou, Brandon Jacobs/Ahmad Bradshaw vs Phi, Mike Thomas @Ind, Joe Webb vs Chi, Danny Amendola vs KC, and Sidney Rice vs Chi

    For team 1, I’m thinking Foster, Jacobs, Moore, Webb (assuming he’s the QB), Johnson, and Austin or Nicks, probably Nicks as I trust Eli will need to throw more. Sound good?

    For team 2, Jennings, Garcon, Johnson, Jacobs, Bradshaw, and Webb. So basically, I need the entire Giants team to kill the Phillies. How stupid of a plan does this seem? Any recommendations instead of what I’m planning?

  70. beantownMP says:

    @Doc: with Eli as my QB should I drop Boss for Daniels or hold tight? I’m a rocky vs drago dog this week in the semifinals and need every possible point. Thanks.

  71. Howard says:

    Vjax going all postal tonight! Having him on my bench makes me cry!

  72. jaw says:

    0.5 PPR league/6pts per TD, joe webb or mike williams TB at WR3. Thanks

  73. batman the horse says:

    VJax in! Thanks for the points, Doc!

  74. Greg says:

    Need a little help. Trying to figure out flex position. Please rank the following: Miles Austin, Ryan Torain, Webb, Harvin, Ochocinco, Mike Williams.


    Overall, what do you think Webb puts up this weekend

  75. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: I could see going for it, but I don’t think it’s imperative.

  76. Mike F says:

    Should I bench Peterson for Torain?

  77. Harley says:

    @ Doc: .5ppr Blount or Hightower? I’m really torn and don’t have much of a gut feeling on it. Thanks.

  78. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Harley: @Harley: I’m leaning Blount

    @Mike F: No

    @Greg: I feel safe with Webb getting5-10 points with a much higher upside. I like Austin and Torain out of those guys. Torain does lose some upside with Grossman in.

  79. trick dad says:

    PPR league, which 2 should i start at WR this week:
    S Rice
    M Williams SEA

  80. trick dad says:

    Peyton Manning
    Darren Mcfadden
    Calvin Johnson

    MNF: 15

  81. DANgerous says:

    Doc..unsure on Cutler,cassel or should I pick up Collins?
    At RB my guys are so close in the rankings. I have AP, rice,, mendy and jstew…..I can start 3??? Also starting garcon over Holmes am I right

  82. Huckleberry says:

    PPR – need 1 for my flex

    Javarris James
    Joe Webb
    Thomas Jones
    Nasty Nate (Washington)
    Hines Ward

    Also, assume you like Garcon and Desean Jackson better than all those options?

  83. Hunt says:

    I have Nicks, Britt, Branch and Stevie Johnson at WR and MJD, Bradshaw, Felix Jones and Hightower at RB. Having a tough time figuring out who to play in my flex position! League format has 3 WR, 2 RB and 1 W/R spot. Who should I start?

    Thanks a lot!

  84. CL says:


    Flacco or Freeman? I feel like I gotta go with what got me here… Flacco. Do you agree? Or should I just flip a coin? Thanks…

  85. Starlin Castrated says:

    Doc, can you help me with #71, or am I overthinking this all too much? Thanks for the help as always!

  86. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Starlin Castrated: I think you are on the right track. I’d go with Nicks as well.

    @beantownMP: Tough call, but I like OD’s upside a little more.

    @jaw: Webb

    @trick dad: Collie/Williams

    @trick dad: Got this in the wrong post TD

    @DANgerous: I’d lean Collins, sit Mendy, I like Holmes with Collie back.

    @Huckleberry: Yeah, I’d go with Webb

    @Hunt: Nicks, Britt, Branch, MJD, Bradshaw, Felix Jones

    @CL: Yeah, Flacco is a little safer.

  87. Leroy says:

    Thankfully I started VJax (and Rivers).
    Now I need to choose 2 RB, 1 WR and 1 flex from: McFadden (no-brainer) , AP (no brainer?), Hightower, Torain, F. Jackson, G. Jennings, M. Williams (TB) and S. Rice (right now I’m DMC, AP, TH and GJ/MW with Rodgers in/out)
    Also, Tamme vs Boss and Flacco vs Roethlisberger (I’m leaning Boss/Flacco)

  88. Matt P says:

    With Grossman in, am i starting the Cowboys D or the Falcons D against the Seahawks?

  89. MN7 says:

    I need a win and my team is not very good, I shouldn’t be in the playoffs but luck is a part of the game, I guess…

    RB- C Benson vs Cle or Forte @Min (is Forte really going to have that terrible of a week? the game will be outside and cold against a bad vikes team)

    WR- Manningham vs Phi, L Moore @ BAl, or Obomanu vs Atl …(I have Brees also, could be huge, but what if not?)

    Thanks for the help

  90. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MN7: Forte, Moore

    @Matt P: Cowboys

    @Leroy: I’d go with what your thinking. No Rodgers I’d lean Williams.

  91. Mike says:

    Hightower or Torain in PPR? Pick 2 out of Bowe, Fitzgerald, and Mike Williams Tampa. Thanks!

  92. Overpaid Felons says:

    WR Issues….
    Pick 1 WR: D. Branch (opponent starting Brady), M.Austin, K.Britt

    Pick 2 (yahoo) WR/RB: Fitz, Ricky Williams, J.Webb, G.Jennings

  93. Overpaid Felons says:

    WR Issues….
    Pick 1 WR: D. Branch (opponent starting Brady), M.Austin, K.Britt
    Pick 2 (yahoo) WR/RB: Fitz, Ricky Williams, J.Webb, G.Jennings, and A.Collie

  94. swingkungfu says:

    is buc williams a better start than kevin boss?

  95. Wicked Witch says:

    How should I start Brtitt or Jennings?

    Starting RB: AP, McCoy, WR: Nicks, TE: Tamme

  96. paul g says:

    Hey Doc,
    Can you please help me pick two?
    Fred Jackson vs Miami
    Ronnie Brown vs Buffalo
    Ryan Torrain vs Dallas
    Tim Hightower vs Carolina


  97. Hitts1 says:

    Need last second help. First round of the playoffs. Playing team that scored the most points this year, so I have to shoot for the moon here. Have Vick, Foster, A Johnson, and R Wayne locked in. Need to start flex: Blount, F Jones, or K Britt. Also…at TE, I have O Daniels but worried about too many players from Houston. (And my opponent will be starting Schaub too). So I’m leaning towards Z Miller. What are your thoughts?

  98. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hitts1: I like Blount, Miller

  99. paul g says:

    Hey Doc,
    Can you please help me pick two?
    Fred Jackson vs Miami
    Ronnie Brown vs Buffalo
    Ryan Torrain vs Dallas
    Tim Hightower vs Carolina

    Thanks (I dont think my first post went through, I apologize if this shows up twice)

  100. Goodson or Marshall or Webb for a flex position? ppr


    also, Cutler, Collins, or Bradford? ppr

  101. Doc

    Doc says:

    @and1mcgee: Collins, Marshall

    @paul g: Brown, Hightower

  102. sorry, Schaub or Collins in non-ppr? I’ve got Schaub in. Thanks, Doc I also have Cassel, but I dont think you’ll recommend him. Thanks.

  103. your rankings have Schaub higher, so im rolling with him. danke.

  104. Doc

    Doc says:

    @and1mcgee: I like Schaubs upside more. Collins I think is safer.

  105. my opponent is going with Freeman. should I match him with Schaub or Collins?

  106. no mario williams for houston… hmm no elite pass rusher to rush collins

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