There isn’t a windfall of waiver wire gems out there this week, but we have to make due.  I tried to look to the matchups I thought would be useful for next week’s fantasy playoff games.  Take a gander.

Owen Daniels: OD looked very rusty, but he still was targeted a ton and had a much better game than most of the scrubs we’ve been throwing out there at tight end.  He’s a must pickup for the TE deprived going into a nice matchup against Tennessee who has been poor against TEs.

Louis Murphy: He had 11 targets against the Jags and got into the end zone. Oakland gets a Denver team at home that has taken a sabbatical from actual football.

Kenny Britt: Kenneth has a game under his belt and now gets the Texans coming off a Monday night game.  He had 8 targets last week and Collins is the guy that got him that crazy huge game earlier in the season.  He’s risky, but has a sky high ceiling.

Arrelious Benn: He’s not a no doubt start, but he has a lot of upside as the Lions come into Tampa Bay.  It will be tough to start him in a playoff game, but if you are hurting for receivers or are in a deep league, do what you do.

Kerry Collins: He’s a founding member of the AARP, but he still can get shizz done once in a while.  Last week was one of those whiles and this week it might be another while with Britt back against the Texans secondary.

Tim Hightower: After a big game against the Broncos he gets another easy matchup against the Panthers who just gave up 3 TDs to Mike Turner.  I don’t love his ability, but I love his opportunity and matchup.

Mike Goodson: It looked like Stewart was going to take all of the work away from him and he has taken a lot of it, but Goodson keeps doing his thing and they get the Cards poor rush defense next week.

Vincent Jackson: His numbers weren’t great in his first full game back, but if he is available I liked what I saw and I think he’ll get more targets next week against the Niners.

Javarris James: The Colts get the Jags in a big, real football game and we just saw Darren McFadden go bonzo bonkers on the Jags.  James had 17 carries last week and continues to find the endzone with 6 in his last 6 games.

Ryan Torain: It’s hard for me to foresee another effort like last week’s out of Torain, but he has earned himself the bulk of the carries and Dallas isn’t the Steel Curtain.

Lance Moore: He is consistently getting more targets than Meachem and gets a Ravens team that just had an overtime game on Monday night and who have trouble in their secondary.

Jon Kitna: I noticed that some people were still listing Kitna in their possible pickup questions.  He gets the Redskins this week and if you lost Rodgers (and Rodgers can’t go) he’s a decent fill in.

Kevin Ogletree: It would be nice to see him string some good games together, but he was getting a lot of targets from Kitna before he hurt his foot.  The x-rays were negative so if you feel like being risky choose Ogletree.

  1. Mike F says:

    Should I grab Gronkowski? Or roll with Winslow?

  2. Penguin says:

    Hey Doc,

    Just wanna say thank you for introducing me to FanDuel. The payoffs I’ve received from it so far this season have more than made up for my small losses in Pick ‘Em and Survival leagues.

    – iltat

  3. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Didn’t realize how many were available. I think I read in the comments of the last post that you’re not liking ARI or CAR. TB I’m not sure of because I’ve heard of so many injuries. I could lean DAL or MIA for wk16 if I make it. I really hope McCoy plays since I have Hillis.

    TB vs DET
    CAR vs ARI
    ARI @ CAR
    MIA vs BUF
    DAL vs WAS
    MIN vs CHI
    WAS @ DAL
    OAK vs DEN
    ATL @ SEA
    BAL vs NO
    IND vs JAC
    CIN vs CLE
    BUF @ MIA

  4. Bumblin' n' Stumblin' says:

    Need help with my flex spot, LeGarrett Blount or J-Stew? I REALLY like J-Stew’s matchup. But then again the Bucs are playing for a playoff spot against the Lions, which means they will probably go up big and roll Blount (hehe). I can’t decide!

  5. Mateo says:

    Do you like Tamme or OD this week?

  6. Matt says:

    Doc, I’m not sure if I can trust the steelers offense anymore (I have big ben, mike wallace, and mendy). I would’ve added ‘especially against the jets defense’ but that doesn’t mean too much after the past couple weeks.

    I was thinking about dropping big ben and picking up, perhaps, jon kitna, matt cassel, hasselback, or campbell (if I do it, I think I’d lean more towards kitna vs. the skins)


  7. 24hourjack says:

    doc……..non PPR,I have Watson at TE right now,but I dont have a ton of confidence in him,even against the Bungles….anyway,should I drop him and grab A-Her,or Heap if he goes this week?….

  8. Giacomo says:

    Thomas Jones vs STL or Mike Goodson vs ARZ or Donald Brown vs JAC? I also have Addai but I doubt he will be playing this week.

  9. barker says:

    who to start in my RB W/R/T W/R/T and TE slots

    felix vs WAS ronnie brown vs BUF goodson vs ARI hightower @ CAR choice vs WAS

    lloyd @ OAK welker vs GB gaffney @ OAK mason vs NO

    celek @ NYG boss vs PHI gronkowski vs GB

    was thinking felix welker brown or hightower and boss

    but there is a lot of good matchups in there and wanted an experts opinion
    i know its early in the week but it is much appreciated as this is my only money league

  10. Wilsonian says:

    Thanks for the advice, Doc.

    If A-Rod is a GO, which Defense do you play:


    Thanks a bajillion times. It’s me vs. my Pops this week in Round 1 of the ‘offs…he’s beaten me twice this year, if it happens a third time, it’s gonna be a real cold Christmas.

  11. 24hourjack says:

    doc……..non PPR,would you drop Roy Williams to p/u Mike Williams(SEA),Louis Murphy,or Robert Meachem?

  12. Potus says:

    Orton & Kitna are on my roster. Collins and Freeman are available via FA. Who’s the best play week 15 and week 16.

    I am thinking Freeman week 15 & Orton or Freeman week 16. Thoughts?

  13. The Vaporizers says:

    Good Morning Doc. Quick TE Semi Finals Question

    Who you like best at TE this week?

    Boss vs Philly
    Shockey @ Bal
    Mercedes Lewis @ Ind

    And it is a 1 PPR league. I was thinking Boss. Thoughts?

  14. Max says:

    DEF for this week (my only 2 options):

    SF @ SD on a short week or MIN vs CHI?

    Wish I could start SF’s DEF with confidence, but it just seems like such a bad matchup…the guy I’m playing has Rivers so it’d be nice to get the double bonus if SD gets shut down, but I have a hard time seeing it…

  15. Max says:

    Also… Vincent Jackson vs SF or Sidney Rice vs CHI at flex this week? (different league)

  16. Nick says:

    @Doc: for flex do you like Choice, Ronnie Brown, vJax, Westbrook or Ward? Also do you start any of those bench WR’s in place of T.o. or should I expect a better game against Cleveland…

  17. Probable Party Starter says:

    Can I just vent about how much I hate “run by committee”? Trying to decide my flex position in a non-PPR league. Tolbert has been automatic in that slot, but I don’t like the fact that Matthews is seeing more action and he faces an on-paper decent run D in SF. Option 2 would be another committee member in J. James. I’m loving the commentary above, but will he out-perform Tolbert? I’m also wondering which 2 WR deserve the start? Williams (TB), Nicks, Rice (MIN). Leaning on keeping Rice benched. Thoughts?

  18. AdamH says:

    Stupid question, but stupider not to ask at this point. League semis- consider benching Cutler @ Minny in lieu of Campbell v Den or Collins v Hou?

  19. Nick says:

    Also, is Buffalo a sneaky defensive move…7 TO last 2 games, limiting teams in scores… or would you rather one of the D’s listed in everyones posts above

  20. Jake says:

    Kenny Britt or Mike Williams (SEA)? +1 PPR

  21. russ99 says:

    So in a PPR LMoore, LMurphy, or JFord? They’d be on my bench but I own Jennings. Would any of these start over him if Rodgers is out?

  22. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, drop Gronk or Celek for OD?


  23. Nick says:

    Scratch Buffalo & ignore posts above…stay with Atlanta against an injured Seattle team or go with Arizona against Carolina or Miami…

  24. Wilsonian says:

    In response to my post about defenses above (#10), you could also include New Orleans into that mix, just noticed they were available. What’s your take on them against Baltimore in a short week?

  25. Urs says:


    Two part question – Better D this week, New England or Miami? Drop Boss for Daniels or Z. Miller?


  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike F: Tough, I like Gronk, but I think Winslow might be a little safer.

    @Penguin: Cool, I like it quite a bit!

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah, i’m having a hard time with Ds this week. I think the Panthers will run all over the Cardinals, but Clausen should still suck pretty badly. Same is true for Arizona, but with more passing. I might actually lean Carolina there.

    @Bumblin’ n’ Stumblin’: I like both quite a bit. I’m leaning Blount, but I think it’s a toss up.

    @Mateo: I’m leaning OD

    @Matt: Yeah, I’d lean Kitna over Ben this week.

  27. Dracula says:


    Daniels or Cooley?

  28. Wilsonian says:

    Bored at work, so I’m going to help Doc out.

    @Dracula: Daniels

    @Urs: NE if ARod is out; Daniels

    @Nick: Stay with ATL, the AZ/CAR game could be a crapshoot like that DET/CLE game last year

    @herschel: Celek

    @russ99: Moore

    @Jake: Britt

    @AdamH: If CHI/MIN is played outdoors, I would consider Collins, but it’s a tough call

    Head’s starting to hurt, and obviously wait on the call from Doc, but these are the moves I would make.

  29. keithr says:

    palmer, campbell, collins or smith as QB2 (start 2)- yikes

    pick up O. Daniels or Z. Miller as Gates insurance?

  30. Mike says:

    pick up Ryan Mathews or Ryan Torain? or both and drop Ivory

  31. keithr says:

    Also, pick 3

    Welker, Fitz, Garcon, Floyd

  32. cplat says:

    Hey doc,
    Need you to pick two for WR

    Britt, Crabtree, Derrick Mason, Mike WIlliams, or Lance Moore?


  33. Joel says:

    Doc: non ppr, td heavy, Torain or Blount in the flex? I’ve got to say I’m leaning Torain pretty heavily.

  34. Damion says:

    still bummed about losing in opening round by .19. All ray rice had to do was pick up 1 yard….instead he gets taken down for a loss. oh well.

    vick or ryan?
    mccoy ray rice blount or tolbert
    floyd buc williams austin bowe??
    OD or Celek
    have akers at K
    and picked up Zona for D
    Going for 5th place. woo hoo….

  35. Hitts1 says:


    1st round of the playoffs this week . At 11-3, I ended up with the best record and the highest points scored in the league, but have to play a Wild Card team with only one less loss and just a few less points scored. (The other division winners barely had .500 records but get to play each other in round 1). So I need your help:

    1. Pick one at flex: L Blount, F Jones, K Britt, or J Best?
    2. Defense (Yeah, I know, but every point helps): Cowboys or maybe Cards/Panthers off of waiver wire?
    3. Kicker (lol…same as above): Bironas or Janakowski?

  36. stumanji says:

    If Rodgers can’t go, options are limited. Collins or Campbell?


  37. Wilsonian says:

    Another “if Rodgers can’t go” question…

    Kitna, Cassell, Freeman, Collins?

  38. stumanji says:

    Am I crazy to sit Mendenhall against the Jets? I would start Foster & Moreno at RB.

    Wayne is entrenched at my WR1. Options for WR2 and Flex: Colston, Bowe, Floyd, VJax, Britt, Mendenhall, JStew.


  39. dc says:

    Kitna or Freeman? Both have really good matchups.

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Kitna

    @stumanji: Collins

    @Hitts1: Close, leaning Blount right now, Cowboys, Sea Kow

    @Joel: I still like Blount

    @cplat: Britt and Buc Williams?

    @keithr: All have good upside. I’d sit either Welker or Floyd. Leaning Welker.

    @Mike: I’d lean both.

    @keithr: Collins, OD

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dc: Kitna

    @stumanji: Tough, but I’d probably sit him for JStew in flex and go Colston as #2.

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Kind of liking Dallas. Tough week for Ds

  43. Gary says:

    Wats up Doc? bet u havent heard that one !! I need one WR and a flex out of these 4: Holmes, Floyd , Torrain or Goodson? thanks

  44. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: yeah, that’s kind of what I figured about Dallas. Hearing rumors of sexy Rexy possibly getting the start for WAS.

  45. captnkirk says:

    Pick 3 – Wallace, Welker, Williams(TB), Floyd, Holmes or Garcon

    Pick 2 – Peterson, Hillis, Blount, Stewart(Car) THANKS in advance!

  46. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR flex help for this week:

    S. Moss @ DAL
    T. Choice vs WAS
    D. Bess vs BUF
    K. Britt vs HOU
    M. Crabtree @ SD


  47. captnkirk says:

    Oh yeah Jason Witten or Vernon Davis – I know a good problem to have

  48. Joel says:

    Doc: survivor Q: DAL over WAS at home, or OAK over DEN at home?

  49. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Who to play this week…? Did I mention that I love fantasy football playoff time? Which 4 do I play?

    T Hightower (Can he do it again?)
    R Torain (Will he get goal-line touches?)
    G Jennings (No Rodgers?)
    M Wallace (Revis Island?)
    S Rice (Who’s the QB?)

    Also… Winslow or Pettigrew at TE this week?

  50. Wilsonian says:

    @captnkirk: you might be the only person in the world of fantasy football in leagues larger than 4 teams with a problem that nice. I hate TEs…I’m sure Daniels will let me down big time this weekend.

  51. Clark Kent says:

    R.Fitzpatrick, J.Campbell, A.Smith, or K.Collins at the QB2 position?

    also, Z.Miller or O.Daniels at the TE? Thanks!

  52. Alex says:

    Dearest Doc,

    PPR league.

    I have a WR slot open and a flex. Options are Percy, Big Mike Williams, Goodson, Best, Rashad Jennings.

    I’m leaning toward seeing how Percy and BMW do in practice, but if everyone is healthy I prefer BMW in the WR3 and Goodson as a flex, because Hasselbeck will keep throwing no matter what and Goodson is getting more consistent touches/success than Best/Jennings and has a great matchup.

    I’d love to hear your input, sweet prince.

  53. Lubey says:

    Yo Chet

    Torain or VJax?

  54. Child Please says:

    2-team .5 ppr league
    How do you rank these RBs?
    Brandon Jackson, Choice, Starks

  55. cplat says:

    Asked earlier, but I did not clearify which Mike Williams (Sea) was the one, so pick two

    Britt, Mike William, Crabtree, Derrick Mason, Roy WIlliams

  56. Dan says:

    1 ppr, Should I start pettigrew, cooley, miller, or celek?
    Also vjax, hines ward, or woodhead? I need two of these.
    Thanks doc!

  57. Drew Crew says:

    lance moore or kenny britt in ppr this week?

  58. Dan says:

    I forgot one more, 2 of the 3, Schaub, Kitna and Garrard? Thanks!

  59. bluety says:

    Vick or Brees this week????

  60. bluety says:

    49ers def. or Sea def. this week

  61. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Child Please: Choice, Starks, BJax

    @Lubey: Torain

    @Alex: I could see going with Williams, but I like Best’s matchup a little more. Best should get 15 touches or more and Goodson should get 10-15. I like both matchups, but Torain just ran over TB.

    @Clark Kent: Collins/OD

    @Joe B: I’d watch the Minny QB situation, but I’d probably sit Wallace and play Pettigrew.

    @Joel: I like Dallas

    @captnkirk: Vernon Davis

    @herschel: Choice

    @captnkirk: Welker, Holmes or Garcon/Peterson, Hillis

    @Gary: Holmes/Torain

  62. B-Real says:


    Pettigrew, Hernandez or O.D at TE?
    Def-Packers, oakland, Patriots, chargers?
    WR-V Jax, Fitz or Britt?


  63. Slim says:

    @ Doc, got my playoff game but have decisions after finishing #1.

    QB Matt Ryan or Matt Shuab
    RB Pick 3 out of Mcfadden, Mandenhall, Moreno, Blount, Benson, Choice
    WR Pick 3 out of White, Buc Williams, Britt, Rice, Santana moss, mike Wallace.

    Def NE, Phi, Mia?

    I know Mcfadden, Moreno, and white are obvious choices but everyone else seems similar so kinda nervous. any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

  64. swingkungfu says:

    fresh off my first round bye, andre johnson will of course be my lock for starting WR, but who are the other two i put in out of boldin, buc williams, sidney rice and vincent jackson.

    also, i’m wondering whether to stick in torain or green-ellis in place of ray rice. i love rice, have had faith in him all season, but it’s the chance to go into the championship game and i wonder if i can risk mcgahee vulturing his TD’s in a league where TD’s are pretty significant.

  65. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cplat: Britt,

    @Dan: Pettigrew, VJax, Woodhead

    @Drew Crew: Britt

    @Dan: Schaub/Kitna

    @bluety: Vick

    @bluety: Nobody on waivers? I guess Seattle.

  66. Emily says:

    Brandon Marshall or Sydney Rice?

  67. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Emily: Tough one. I like Rice, but I’m worried about the QB situation. If Webb goes I’d probably lean Marshall.

  68. B-Real says:


    Vjax, Britt, or Fitz?


  69. B-Real says:

    And thanks for last week, you were right about Fitz.

  70. Hi Doc – Trying to decide what to do about my WR3 position. I am already playing Colston and Holmes in WR1 & WR2. My choices for the 3rd spot are: D. Driver or S. Rice – but worried about their QB situations. Could pull of off the waiver: V. Jackson, Bennett, Armstrong, Benn, or Obomanu. Thanks!

  71. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B-Real: Tough call. Leaning Britt for the upside, but Fitz is safe. If Floyd doesn’t play I’d go VJax.

    @FFootball Gal: I’d probably lean VJax.

  72. Jimbo says:

    Dear Doc,
    I have a few quetsions for you

    RB: Blount or Forte
    Tight End: Owen Daniels, Zach Miller, or Pettigrew
    Defense: San Diego, Baltimore, Green Bay, Arizona, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, or Oakland


  73. Jimbo says:

    Oh and one last category. I just need one of the following for a WR3:
    Lance Moore, Jeremy Maclin, or Danny Woodhead

  74. swingkungfu says:

    doc you totally skipped over meeeeeeeeeeee!

  75. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Slim: Schaub, McFadden, Moreno, Blount, Williams, Britt, Wallace, NE if Rodgers doesn’t plays

    @swingkungfu: VJax, Williams, I’d still lean Rice

    @Jimbo: Maclin

    @Jimbo: Blount, Miller, Arizona

  76. B-Real says:

    I need a def.
    Dallas, Oakland, or Arizona?

  77. B-Real says:

    RB out of M. Goodson, J. James, B. Jackson, M. Lynch. I know..they suck..but I need one out the four.

  78. dentist says:

    77 lineup questions isn’t enough. i don’t want you to get soft, so here’s #78… for a shot at the big game, would you flex jstewart, vjackson or zmiller in a ppr. he’s got rodgers so it’ll be embarrassing if i screw this up.

  79. Brad says:

    What do you think of starting Joe Webb assuming he starts as a sneaky WR3 play since he has eligibility there??

  80. B-Real says:

    R. Matthews or M. Goodson…Help me please.

  81. B-Real says:

    TE-Pettigrew, Scaife, or O.D.?


  82. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B-Real: O.D.

    @Brad: He is a good WR3 this week

    @dentist: Sorry I missed this. Hopefully you went VJax cuz I would have said JStew!

    @B-Real: Dallas and Oakland are both good with Groosman/Tebow. I’d lean Dallas.

  83. B-Real says:

    QB-Collins or Big Ben?


  84. B-Real says:

    Also, how much are you feeling D-Jax this week? I have Britt on my bench, and I already had V-Jax to put up some good numbers.

  85. B-Real says:

    TE- O.D. or M. Lewis in my other league?
    Thanks and much love!

  86. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B-Real: OD, DJax, Collins,

  87. dentist says:

    Doc, luckily I got VJackson in there. You’re still my primary physician.

  88. B-Real says:


    Which Def. do you like this week?
    Eagles or Chargers?


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