G’day mates.  We have reached week 16 hopefully still intact.  I had a good run of luck last weekend and won 2 of the 3 Razzball FanDuel Leagues, while Nick D won the other, congrats!  This week we have two 10 team leagues with the regular $45 prize to the winner and one 20 team league with the prizes for 1st: $50, 2nd $30 and 3rd $20.  So join up and see if you can take me down and kick me in the ribs.  Why would you do such a thing?

With only a few teams left in my draft and trade leagues, I’m even more active in FanDuel, so if you want to take me on in a one on one game I’ll make a game and give you the link.  And, here are this week’s leagues — League 1, League 2, and the 20 Team League.

Here are my initial thoughts on a team.  These are usually tweaked throughout the week, but the core stays fairly constant —

Michael Vick: You just can’t deny the guy (unless you sell puppies).  He has 8 rushing touchdowns and 20 passing touchdowns in just 10 games and is averaging around 330 yards rushing/passing per game.  That’s a bunch. Minnesota will have trouble with him just like every other team.

Ray Rice: The Browns started the season pretty well against the run, but they are losing defenders left and right and Rice is playing well.  I also like that the Browns are giving up over 60 yards receiving to running backs for the last half of the season.  Mr. Rice knows all about catching the ball.

Darren McFadden: He is getting vultured at the goal line, but I have been so impressed with his speed, agility, and more importantly, his ability to run through tacklers.  I don’t see the Colts being able to contain him.

DeSean Jackson: Even in a down game DJax returns a punt for a walk off touchdown.  He is the Boo Boo to Vick’s Yogi, the Rocky to his Bullwinkle, the Scooby to his Shaggy.

Wes Welker: He had been on a tear until he ran into Woodson and the Packers stout pass defense.  The Bills have a good pass defense, but Brady won’t want another down game and I think the Bills will be able to pass on the Pats and should keep Brady throwing.

Mike Williams: This game pits Buc Williams and Hawk Williams against each other and there is a chance this could cause a worm hole to develop on the 20 yard line.  Be careful if you are in Tampa Bay on Sunday.  The Seahawks pass defense is hot garbage (why would garbage be hot?) and Williams should have plenty of opportunities.

Zach Miller: I hate that Jason Campbell is as accurate as a drunk baby trying to hit a urinal cake, but Miller is healthy again and fairly cheap in FanDuel.  He was on the verge of a big game last week and I think Campbell will need to pass quite a bit in this game.

Shayne Graham: He’s been accumulating decent points lately and Buffalo likes to give up field goals and he is pretty cheap.

San Diego Chargers: I’m having trouble deciding on a defense, but with this team I need a cheaper defense and SD gets the pick six king, Carson Palmer.

  1. barker says:

    for my RB and flex spot currently filled with felix @ ari and lloyd vs hou would you make a change for any of the following

    ronnie brown vs det hightower vs dal goodson @ pit mason @ cle choice @ari

    and for TE would u go celek vs min boss @ GB gronkowski @ buf

  2. cruisinkc says:

    Which RB should I start this week? J-Stewart, Marshawn Lynch, or Ryan Torain?

  3. barker says:

    drop lance moore for joe webb in a ppr

    and is grossman worth a spot start in a 2 QB league over ryan and garrard

  4. barker says:

    in my first comment it is a ppr league

    thank you doc

  5. Brent says:

    Making choices like this are what the finals are about!

    Matt Schaub, Kitna, or Big Ben?

    Thanks Doc!

  6. WillieMayesHayes says:

    Hey Doc,
    Z. Miller, B. Celek, or O. Daniels @ TE?

    M. Ryan vs. Saints or Kitna @ Arizona?

  7. Chris says:

    All +1 PPR:

    Steve Johnson vs NE or Britt @ KC?
    Big Ben vs CAR or Ryan vs NO?
    Britt @ KC or Austin @ ARI or Ward vs CAR?


  8. beantownmp says:

    @Doc: .5 PPR Need 2, maybe 3, if you like any of these guys over D.Brown in my flex:

    Bennett, Knox, Benn, B.White, Burleson, Bess, Morgan, J.Jones, Ford, or Nelson.

    My WR situation is in shambles. We start 3 and the only surefire guy I have is Jennings. I need the biggest bang potential as my opponents team is stacked. I made it to the finals with the 9th lowest scoring team in a 12 team league! Thanks for the help homey.

  9. amscalone says:

    start ben on thursday, or risk waiting on rodgers against the giants without a backup plan?

  10. Steve Mc says:

    Thanks for the response. To follow up from yesterday, the best avaialble defenses are the Chiefs, Titans, Jags. Would you go with any of them over the Falcons or Giants?

  11. Demetrius says:

    Hey Doc…WHEW is all I can say. The WR advice has been the difference. In keeping with that theme (standard league):

    Which 3
    1.) Roddy White, Nicks, Welker, VJAX

    Which 1
    1.) V.Davis or O.Daniels

    Which 1
    1.)Shaub 2.)Cassel

    Thanks Doc for all the help.

  12. emceeperiod says:

    Question for everyone (sorry it will be long):

    My team for championship game, 1PPR:

    K. Collins v KC (may pick up Grossman or Garrard)
    Bradshaw v GB
    McCoy v MIN
    Wayne v OAK
    Buc Williams v SEA
    Roddy v NO
    Tamme v OAK
    Flex- JC v TEN

    Thinking about starting Torain v JAX or Felix v ARI instead of Bradshaw v GB.

    His team:

    Vick v MIN
    Forte v NYJ
    Morris v MIA
    Lloyd v HOU
    Harvin v PHI
    Floyd v CIN
    Marcedes v WAS
    Flex: Lynch v TB

    Yahoo! default projections has me favored by 10pts. He is the 6 seed and I’m the 1 seed. Vick is always scary though. He is offering a deal. Split the winnings, no matter who wins. I probably won’t take the offer unless he gives me more that a 50/50 share. At least a 55/45 split. If I were to beat him straight up I would win $650, 2nd place gets $100. If I split it 55/45 then I’d get about $420 to his $330.

    This dude has been blowing through people with his crappy team in the playoffs just because of Vick. Also, I’m playing Vick in the championship in 3 other leagues, so if Vick has a huge game I could lose every league. If he gets hurt in the first quarter, I’m making duckets.

    So the question I pose to the readers of this blog, and Doc, is…what would you do?

    a) take the $420-$330 deal
    b) shoot for the $650

    All advice welcome, including whether you’d start Torain or Felix over Bradshaw and which QB I should start. Or just pick a or b.

    Thanks everyone.

  13. Chris says:


    Normally I would say just play out the championship, but that is a HUGE difference in money between 1st and 2nd. I think you have to seriously consider a split.

    If I was him though, I would be insulted by your 55/45 guaranteed proposal. Yeah you’re the higher seed, but like you said he’s been blowing through people, and the playoffs are a brand new season. I would propose that you two split 80-90% of the money evenly and the winner takes the rest. That way you get your near split, but still have something to play out the championship for.

  14. Rim says:

    Championship week, a bit unsure about following:
    Pick 2 Hines Ward, Mike Thomas, Zach Miller (Oak), ben Obahmanu, James Jones.

    Chicago or Dallas D?

  15. emceeperiod says:

    He was the one who offered the split though too, so he is probably worried. I’m riding a 10 game winning streak, and this dude barely snuck into the playoffs. Interesting idea though. I may offer the 55/45 deal and if he doesn’t go for it then maybe $325 each and winner gets $100 extra.

  16. emceeperiod says:

    Oh, and crappiest thing about this is that I drafted Kolb as my starting QB. He picked up Vick the Saturday before Kolb got hurt. If Kolb never got hurt or if I had a shot at Vick on waivers, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  17. DDT says:


    Semi-Finals this week.

    Who gets my WR/FLEX start: AP, Tampa Mike, or Tashard Choice? I also have Gerhart as a handcuff in case the Vikes and AP play the same stunt they did on Monday night.

  18. trick dad says:

    doc…please rank the following WR’s for this week in a PPR league. Thanks!

    M Williams SEA

  19. D Gross says:

    Which QB to start:

    Big Ben
    Matt Ryan
    John Kitna

  20. Greg says:

    @Doc and Co – I’m balls out this week playing Tebow. I’m thinking about benching AP bc the Eagles are so good against the run. I could see AP sharing carries with Toby G.

    How do y’all feel about rolling with Blair White instead? Figure Oakland is gonna pay attention to Wayne, Garcon, and Tamme so White might benefit…

  21. Howbone says:

    Select two of the following with the most upside as flex plays in a PPR league

    Felix Jones
    Hines Ward

  22. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, pick 2 of the following 3:

    Cedric Benson vs SD
    Tashard Choice @ ARI
    Kenny Britt @KC


  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @barker: I’d stick with Jones and Boss

    @cruisinkc: Torain

    @barker: Grossman has decent upside, but I would rather play the other two. Will you use Webb? I’ve got him pretty close to Moore.

    @Brent: Schaub

    @WillieMayesHayes: That’s close. I’m leaning Kitna and Miller.

    @Chris: Johnson, Ben, Austin

    @beantownmp: I’d go Morgan and Ford for potential.

  24. barker says:

    i was maybe thinking webb for week 17 against the lions
    my other WR are fitz wayne roddy maclin

    what are your thoughts on lloyd for this week

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @amscalone: It looks good for Rodgers. I’d stick with him.

    @Demetrius: I’d sit Nicks. OD, Schaub

    @emceeperiod: I’d go with Garrard and Torain. That’s a pretty big chunk of change and I agree that a huge Vick game could put you behind the eight ball and end up killing you overall. The rest of his team is pretty craptastic, but Vick will put up good to great numbers against Minny. I’d think about the deal. I’d probably consider my own financial state most into my decision.

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: AP

    @Rim: Chicago, Thomas, Jones

    @trick dad: Walker, Bess

    @D Gross: Kitna

    @Greg: I’m more against Tebow than last time. White wasn’t doing much before Collie went down. APs upside is 1000x more.

    @Howbone: Jones, Woodhead

    @herschel: Benson/Choice

    @barker: Makes sense. I’d drop Moore for him. I like Lloyd’s matchup a lot. Tebow will be hit and miss, but he should give Lloyd enough targets.

  27. MrR8DER says:

    I have B Marshall, VJax, R White & AJ…PPR

    Looking to sit AJ out of the 3…Crazy? He is going against C Bailey in a meaningless game w/ a bun ankle.

    Thoughts anyone? Please advise.

  28. AWallen90 says:

    In the championship need advice for:
    WR, 2 spots to be filled here are my options:
    Danny Woodhead
    Desean Jackson
    Brandon Lloyd
    Derrick Mason
    Kenny Britt

    Also for RB 2 positions I have:
    Maurice Morris

    For TE I’m thinking Marcedes Lewis over Chris Cooley

    Thanks for the advice guys.

  29. AWallen90 says:

    EDIT: I also have Brandon Jacobs for RB

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @AWallen90: Britt, DJax, Turner, Blount, Lewis

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