Howdy folks and welcome back after a week away!  I apologize if your FanDuel dreams of becoming rich and living like the Kardashians were thwarted by my lack of article production (fat chance), but I was traveling on holiday (Just like the Brits. Cheerio!).  Luckily I was back in the saddle again last weekend and boy was it a doozy!  The Colts won, the Packers lost, and an NFL player was arrested on drug related charges.  Okay, well maybe only the first two were surprising.  As always the pecking order and value of many players were sufficiently shuffled so as to provide us with some tasty morsels from which we shall now dine upon.  Bon appetit!

But before you dig in join us in a 20 team league if you want!

QB Kyle Orton $5,500

QB Rex Grossman $6,300

QB Matt Moore $6,400

Neckbeard looked great against a Packers team forcing the most turnovers in the NFL and had he actually got one of his 299 passing yards into the endzone, would have had an above average day.  I like him this week against a horrific Oakland secondary.

It seems like every week Grossman is listed here but with a string of good matchups, low price, and the knowledge that his team will be throwing often and early due to deficits there isn’t really any way around it.  He’ll get it done against the Vikings.

Although he won’t be mistaken for the quarterback of the future, Moore has certainly given the fans in Miami something to cheer about with his solid play leading to many exciting, although ultimately disappointing, games.  Fantasy wise he plays the Patriots this week and as with any QB carrying an ounce of skill in their cannon, becomes worth a serious look as the potential for season high stats are there.  Just look at what Chad Henne did to them in week 1.

RB Khalil Bell $5,300

RB Willis McGahee $6,200

RB Kevin Smith $6,200

RB LeGarrette Blount $6,300

We watched on Sunday as a changing of the guard unfolded right before our eyes as Marion Barber became a second half spectator.  Bell proved himself more than capable of stepping in and handling the workload and I can’t see any reason why the Bears won’t at least evaluate their young talent over the last two weeks.  He’s dirt cheap and efficient in the passing game to boot.

Receiving only 7 carries against New England, McGahee should come into the game against a wretched Buffalo run defense completely rested and ready to make you some dough.  Monitor his status as the week progresses but as of this writing it’s believed he’ll be good to go.

Kevin Smith will benefit more from the matchup than anything else if he can stay healthy for a full game.  The Lions and Chargers should engage in a fast paced, high scoring affair which works to the strengths of the shifty and agile running back.

You’ve been burned by Blount before, and against Carolina no less!  Why then should you trust him?  Well, I don’t really have any good answers except the numbers indicate this is about as good a value as they come.  I can’t even say I’m officially sold but he’s $600 cheaper than he was last time around and that matchup is just sooooooo scrumptious.

WR Demaryius Thomas $5,700

WR Steve Breaston $5,700

WR Titus Young $5,500/Nate Burleson $6,000

WR Jabar Gafney $6,200/Santana Moss $6,400

Thomas represents a Victor Cruz prototype to me.  He’s exploded onto the scene and just like Cruz represents tremendous value until his price tag catches up to his talent level.  I’ll have him on a majority of my teams again this weekend.

I expect the entire Chiefs passing game to have a good Sunday against Oakland, but between Dwayne Bowe (expensive) and Jon Baldwin (unpredictable) I think Breaston represents the greatest potential value at his low price tag.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a line like 6-100-1 from the solid veteran.

The last two pairs of receivers are interchangeable in my mind and their value stems largely from the matchups they’ll be facing.  The Lions will have a shootout with Matthew Stafford and Philip Rivers slinging the ball across the field, and the Skins face a depleted and worn down secondary in Minnesota.  If I had to take two I would go Young and Moss, but I’ll be playing a healthy mix of all four players in my lineups.

TE Brent Celek $5,600

TE Greg Olsen $5,000

Welcome back 2009 Brent Celek, we’ve missed you for the past season and a half.  Seriously though, this guy is a beast and with the Dallas Cowboys developing an inborn fondness for not playing defense Celek should have another good showing.

Remember when Greg Olsen was tearing it up at the beginning of the season and then quieted down for the past couple months?  Remember when Cam went ham on Tampa a few weeks back?  I see all the signs for a perfect storm beginning to brew.

K John Kasay $5,000

D Kansas City Chiefs $5,000

D Tennessee Titans $5,000

I’m a firm believer that the Saints cannot be stopped and Kasay at $5,000 looks pretty good to me.  The Chiefs and Titans both play turnover prone squads and could easily score a touchdown or two from Interception returns.

Questions?  Comments?  Belittling?  Stop on by and let it out here.

  1. Cbass says:

    Thanks for the advice Jones! Tip of the cap.

  2. Chris says:

    Really enjoy this article weekly. I’ve become a Fanduel addict and I often find myself using a handful of your value picks each week. This week I’ll be going with Neckbeard, Bell, Demaryius, and Celek on a lot of my teams.

  3. CrazyGabey says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

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