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  1. B-Real says:

    Hey Doc,

    I need two RBs between Chris Johnson, S. Green, and Kevin Smith. What do you think?

    Also, is it crazy to start B. Celek over J. Witten?

    Thanks again,

  2. Zandercage says:

    Okay, championship week for me, standard scoring –

    Pick ONE at RB to go with Arian Foster – Felix Jones, L. Blount, CJ Spiller, Ben Tate, or J. Stewart

    At FLEX – one of the RB’s not chosen above, Harvin, Antonio Brown or Celek?

    If I win, I’ll buy you a shot.


  3. B-Real says:

    Also, forgot to add this is my championship week. Same here about the shot!

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B-Real: PPR or no?

    @Zandercage: I’m worried about Jones right now but if he could get back to practice his upside is pretty good. Right now to be safe I’d lean Spiller and Stewart

  5. B-Real says:


    Sorry, standard scoring….not a PPR.


  6. Ripping Toes says:


    Need help with my Flex this week (pick 3):
    RB- D.Brown, R.Helu, L.Ball, J.Battle, S.Morris
    WR- St.Johnson, M.Crabtree, Mi.Williams(TB)

    I have McFadden and Ingram also but guessing neither plays this week. Not a PPR league, standard scoring roto league.


  7. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Doc,

    1 point PPR. Pick 2:

    Sproles, Kahlil, or Stevie? Thanks!

  8. DANgerous says:

    Dang you got Nicks way down at 20. Hard to start him. You got Percy ranked high. Nervous….my instincts say go with Nicks….talk me out of it. Much love

  9. Branden says:

    hey doc! made it to the championship! who do you like between floyd and nicks? nicks on revis island and I feel like floyd will be getting a lot of man coverage with beatable matchups in a high scoring game what do you think? thanks doc!

  10. DRazz says:

    Got a tuff one this week. Been riding the Beast all the way to the Championship this week but now he’s going against the 49 ers…..oof.
    I have two RB starts, the first being McCoy. My gut is telling me to keep Lynch in but I got Benson and Blount on my bench. Whatta u think?

    Also in my 3rd wr spot I have L.Robinson in with A. Brown and Bey on my bench.

    Need your input brutha!

  11. Plainview says:

    I need to pick 2RBs, 2WRs and a Flex from :

    Cedric Benson
    Santana Moss
    Dwayne Bowe
    Antonio Brown

    I was planning to sit Brown because of Big Ben’s iffy status but I need help with the other. It comes down to Bowe, Benson or Moss (since Spiller has WR eligibility). Who do you think should sit?

  12. Nick says:

    Hey Doc, last question…since Big Ben is down, Im thinking of going with D Thomas (denver) at WR3 and K Smith at flex. My RBs are kinda beat up (Helu, F Jones and K Smith) but I think there all worthy of a start over T Smith, Holmes and A Brown, right?

  13. Red Solocup says:

    Whatup Doc….I need help at #3wr (ppr, 6pt td) I’m startin Megatron and Julio – my options are Wallace/LRob/D.Thomas/DeSean – if it matters, I have Whitten at TE and my opponent has Romo. Thanks!
    Rock out with your Doc out!

  14. zandercage says:

    Thanks Doc.

    One more – Wallace or Harvin? Charlie Batch sucks.

  15. TheRealTaz says:

    Hey Doc, two questions:

    Of my flex options, you have James Jones ranked highest. Others are Donald Brown, Burls, and Breaston. While he has the most upside, which of those four is probably safest?

    Also: if Felix Jones can’t play, is Sammy Morris better than any of them? Ditto for Jerome Simpson if Green is out (unlikely anyway).

  16. trick dad says:

    is CJ spiller in the right place in the flex ranks? hes ahead of kevin smith in ur RB ranks.

    dez or spiller at WR? non-ppr
    other league: marshall or spiller at WR? ppr


  17. CL says:

    Doc! Happy Holidays!

    10 team, 1pt PPR, return yards…

    I’m starting Kevin Smith CONFIDENTLY over Beanie this week, right?

    Also, you have LRobinson & Crabtree ranked the same, so who do you like more? Cowboys in a shootout with the Eagles? Or SF getting on Seattle secondary?

  18. stumanji says:

    Champ week! I’m starting Spiller and Felix at RB (have lost DMC, Forte, and Demarco this season).

    Best WW pickup: James Starks, Sammy Morris, Jamie Harper (I’m assuming you meant Harper and not Ringer at #51).

    If Felix sits, I’d have to play Tolbert or one of the above at RB2. If Stevie Johnson sits, I’d have to play Tolbert, one of the above, or Manningham at Flex.

    Can’t say I’m feeling great about taking home the crown.

  19. stumanji says:

    Also, Texans @ Indy or GB vs Chi?

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @CL: Yeah, Beanie has been bluh lately and Whiz said it’s because he is still banged up.

    @trick dad: Thanks, I’ll check that. I like Spiller and Spiller which is scary.

    @TheRealTaz: Brown is safer for touches. I just hate his matchup. But I’d lean him for the safer play. If Jones is completely out I’d go with Morris.

    @zandercage: I’d go Harvin if batch is playing.

    @Red Solocup: That’s a tough call. It’s between LRob and Thomas for me. I’m feeling better about Thomas’ targets of late though.

    @Nick: agreed

    @Plainview: Tough. I’d probably sit Bowe

    @Branden: Dang, that’s tough. I’d probably feel a little safer with Floyd.

    @DANgerous: I’m with Percy. He’s been too good of late.

    @Nuke LaDouche: Sproles, Kahlil

  21. CL says:

    Doc: Thanks. What about LRobinson vs. Crabtree? PPR.

  22. stumanji says:

    Starks isn’t in your top 54? I know he’s been stinky and inured but he should be somewhere in the high 30s, no?

  23. cowboy says:

    should i play Denver d vs Bills, Chiefs d vs Oakland, Panthers d vs Tampa, Jaguars d vs Titans or Cardinals d vs Bengals this week? thanks in advance.

  24. Brett Wells says:

    Hey Doc,

    I need two RBs between Chris Johnson, S. Green, and Kevin Smith. What do you think?

    Also, is it crazy to start B. Celek over J. Witten?

    Standard scoring league.

    Thanks again,

  25. HotRod says:

    PPR – Kahlil Bell or DeAngelo?? Apparently MB3 is banged up, didnt practice yesterday… I see the panthers getting ahead early (good for DeAngelo) and the bears getting down early (good for Bell)…your thoughts? I am leaning Bell due to the PPR aspect…

  26. cam says:

    i have lynch, helu, and felix jones and can start two this week. khalil bell, hillis, kevin smith, lance ball, and blount are all available on FA wire. what would you do? don’t like lynch against SF. helu and jones nursing injuries. please help.

  27. Drew Crew says:

    any chance you’d consider Bell over Gore in ppr?

  28. tomhimself says:

    .5 ppr championship babyyy!!!

    pick 1

    beanie @cincy
    jeremy maclin @dal
    brandon lloyd @pitt

    im leaning maclin but still thinking about beanie

  29. topps says:

    Me: Tebow, Marshall, Rice, AD, Graham, Flex, WR
    Op: Brady, Nicks, Harvin, McCoy, RBush, Gates, Green

    So 2 from: KSmith, Wallace, DThomas

    Does your opinion change based on who starts for Pitt?

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @topps: Smith and Thomas if Ben doesn’t go.

    @tomhimself: I could see going Maclin.

    @Drew Crew: There is. He’s riskier though and I’d probably still go with Gore.

    @cam: Bell and Smith are the upsidiest in PPR. Lynch and Smith would be where I would lean.

    @HotRod: Bell

    @Brett Wells: Green, Smith, would still lean Witten but it’s not crazy.

    @cowboy: Don’t love any of them but would lean Chiefs.

    @CL: Crabs

  31. ilikestuff says:

    I need to pick three out of these 4:

    Demarius Thomas, DeAngelo Williams, Santana Moss, Hakeem Nicks

    They’re all about the same to me, so I’m trying to ask myself 2 questions – Which of these 4 players have the highest likelihood of:
    1. a total stinker?
    2. a huge, championship-winning game?

  32. DeepDowntheMiddle says:

    PPR championship choosing between Harvin and AHer for the flex. Thanks for your work all year

  33. Nick says:

    @doc: ugh, yahoo says “dont trust Helu” over twitter…im debating throwing K Smith at RB2 behind F Jones and moving Holmes or A Brown into my flex for what I think is a sure 7-10, whereas my 3 RBs i was going to start could all lay eggs for my championship game (F Jones, Helu, K Smith). Add Shanny at head coach and who knows with Helu. Hes projected 15 pts, grr

  34. J Gonzo says:

    Need to choose between the following for championsip:

    Romo v Ryan?
    LeGarrette Blount v Chris Johnson? Or have option to use 4 WR: Nicks, Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, and Brandon Marshall OrJulio Jones

    Standard Scoring league with fRB?WR flex option


  35. gallon says:

    Standard League, NonPPR..

    RB2: Gore or Smith?
    WR (Need 3/Odd men out): MWallace, DThomas, SHolmes, LRobinson, BLloyd?

    Thanks for all your help!

  36. principal blackman says:

    Hey Doc, it’s my semi-finals week and I need some sit/start help in my ppr/return yardage league:

    I have to start 3 WRs:

    Nicks @ Jets
    Brown vs Rams
    White @ Saints
    Marshall @ Pats

    I’m leaning towards benching Nicks, since he is going to be on Revis island.

    I also have to start 2 RBs:

    McCoy @ Cowboys
    McGahee @ Bills
    KSmith vs Chargers

    I’m obviously starting McCoy, but I am totally at a loss as to who to start between McGahee and Smith. I’m leaning McGahee against a poor Buffalo rush D if he is healthy, but your ranking of Kevin Smith as the 10th overall RB this week gives me pause.

    Thanks for all your help this season. I owe you a shot if I finish in the money.

  37. Captain Kirk says:

    @ Doc

    Thanks for the help all year, i’m in the championship in two leagues.

    Got three questions: both leagues are 0.5 ppr

    1.) QB – Start Matt Ryan or Tim Tebow

    2.) RB – Start C.J. Spiller or Felix Jones

    3.) DEF – Start SEA vs. SF
    WAS vs. MIN

    Thanks again

  38. Mungfisher says:

    Yo Doc,

    I need to decide between Khalil Bell and Kevin Smith at the flex. PPR. Who you like now that Barber is officially out?

    ‘Nother question. I’m actually leaning Vick over Tebow this week (though it’s a close call). Does Tebow’s value increase substantially if McGahee sits? Enough to make the Vick or Tebow decision not so close a call?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for all your help this season.



    Postscript: I’m in the money this year already and the whiskey’ll be on me when it’s paid out.

  39. principal blackman says:

    Also, Doc, my TE situation has been a mess ever since Fred Davis got popped taking performance inhibiting drugs. Jake Ballard was doing an okay job filling in, but now he is down, and in my 14-team league the options are extremely slim. Would you go with Shockey vs TB or with Cook vs Jacksonville this week?

  40. Robert says:

    PPR league, WR question.

    Was starting Bowe at WR2, benching Floyd, but with VJax possibly limited and the Detroit Pass D being awful, is Floyd a better bet?

    Could also slide Floyd in to my flex spot, but that is currently occupied by Shonn Greene. Been going with Reggie and Rice at RB 1 and 2, Shonn in the flex.

    Thanks. Merry Christmas, too.

  41. TheHighlander says:

    PPR league, need one WR and a flex from: Harvin, Dez, Crabtree, Helu, Spiller or Beanie? Thanks

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @TheHighlander: Spiller, Dez

    @Robert: With VJax playing the late game I think you have to stick with Bowe.

    @principal blackman: Gonna lean Cook after his big reception game last week. Merry Christmas!!

    @Mungfisher: Both of those are darn close. I just like Smith’s ability so much more than Bell’s that I have to lean his way still. Vick at least seems like a safer play because he’s a better QB but you know how Tebow gets his points no matter. I think Tebow will run well against the Bills poor rush defense and that’s what has me leaning his way even if McGahee plays.

    @Captain Kirk: I like Seattle, Spiller, and Tebow.

    @principal blackman: I’d probably play Nicks now that Manny is out. It’s close though. I think Batch will target Brown but he’s ancient. I’m leaning Smith with McGahee hurting and Lance Ball there to take over if he tweaks anything. Good luck!!

    @gallon: I’d sit Lloyd and Wallace. I’d probably lean Gore for safety. Smith would be the upside play.

    @J Gonzo: Romo and I start the WRs sitting Nicks

    @Nick: Tough call. I think Helu is still startable. I’d probably stick with Smith and Helu with Jones hurting. I could see going with Holmes over Jones now.

    @DeepDowntheMiddle: I’d lean Harvin still.

    @ilikestuff: I’d probably sit Nicks.

  43. Marty Funkhouser says:


    1. Need to pick a WR and a FLEX from: Dez, Wallace (Big Ben out), Santana Moss, CJ1K, Kahlil Bell (Barber out), Lance Ball (if McGahee’s out).

    2. In a league where sacks count for 2 points, you still liking the Titans D over the Broncos D? The Titans’ performance against the Colts last week scares me.

  44. principal blackman says:

    Thanks a lot, Doc!

  45. Branden says:

    hey doc!

    If you will kindly pick 2
    antonio brown, james jones, malcom floyd, torrey smith -standard thanks again doc!

  46. Brandon says:

    I can’t decide between these guys: AP, Spiller, Mathews, and K. Bell (now that barber is doubtful).

    It is a PPR league and I get to choose 3 of them. It is hard for me to bench AP but he is the only one who really isn’t a dual threat. Thoughts?

  47. B-Real says:

    Hey Doc,

    Championship week!

    With Big Ben out, should I start Mike Wallace with confidence or consider santana moss or S. Holmes?

    Also, celek or witten?

    Thanks again,

  48. Jason says:

    Stevie Johnson
    Kevin Smith
    Jermey Maclin
    Looking for best chance to get consistent points. Already had foster give me a good foundation.

  49. Mark says:

    I am in a fix… final for my fantasy league and I am up against the guy who has the best of all… so my question

    Week #16

    Steven Jackson OR DeAngelo Williams … who to pick

  50. TheHighlander says:

    Which 2 RB’s from: Helu, Greene, McGahee, Felix Jones or Kahlil Bell?
    Stafford or Romo?

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