Sorry for the late rankings. The holiday season has caught up with this poor old farm boy.


  1. Michael Vick (PHI vs. MIN)
  2. Tom Brady (NE @ BUF)
  3. Drew Brees (NO @ ATL)
  4. Peyton Manning (IND @ OAK)
  5. Philip Rivers (SD @ CIN)
  6. Aaron Rodgers (GB vs. NYG)
  7. Matt Schaub (HOU @ DEN)
  8. Jon Kitna (DAL @ ARI)
  9. David Garrard (JAC vs. WAS)
  10. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT vs. CAR)
  11. Josh Freeman (TB vs. SEA)
  12. Matt Ryan (ATL vs. NO)
  13. Joe Flacco (BAL @ CLE)
  14. Eli Manning (NYG @ GB)
  15. Jay Cutler (CHI vs. NYJ)
  16. Rex Grossman (WAS @ JAC)
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF vs. NE)
  18. Kerry Collins (TEN @ KC)
  19. Matt Cassel (KC vs. TEN)
  20. Drew Stanton (DET @ MIA)
  21. Tim Tebow (DEN vs. HOU)
  22. Sam Bradford (STL vs. SF)
  23. Jason Campbell (OAK vs. IND)
  24. Chad Henne (MIA vs. DET)
  25. Troy Smith (SF @ STL)
  26. Alex Smith (SF @ STL)


  1. Arian Foster (HOU @ DEN)
  2. Darren McFadden (OAK vs. IND)
  3. Ray Rice (BAL @ CLE)
  4. Chris Johnson (TEN @ KC)
  5. Michael Turner (ATL vs. NO)
  6. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT vs. CAR)
  7. Jamaal Charles (KC vs. TEN)
  8. LeSean McCoy (PHI vs. MIN)
  9. Steven Jackson (STL vs. SF)
  10. LeGarrette Blount (TB vs. SEA)
  11. Adrian Peterson (MIN @ PHI)
  12. Rashad Jennings (JAC vs. WAS)
  13. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE @ BUF)
  14. Ryan Torain (WAS @ JAC)
  15. Peyton Hillis (CLE vs. BAL)
  16. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG @ GB)
  17. Felix Jones (DAL @ ARI)
  18. Cedric Benson (CIN vs. SD)
  19. Matt Forte (CHI vs. NYJ)
  20. Fred Jackson (BUF vs. NE)
  21. Knowshon Moreno (DEN vs. HOU)
  22. Mike Tolbert (SD @ CIN)
  23. Marshawn Lynch (SEA @ TB)
  24. Ronnie Brown (MIA vs. DET)
  25. Brandon Jacobs (NYG @ GB)
  26. Thomas Jones (KC vs. TEN)
  27. Donald Brown (IND @ OAK)
  28. Brian Westbrook (SF @ STL)
  29. Tashard Choice (DAL @ ARI)
  30. Jonathan Stewart (CAR @ PIT)
  31. Danny Woodhead (NE @ BUF)
  32. Ryan Mathews (SD @ CIN)
  33. Tim Hightower (ARI vs. DAL)
  34. Pierre Thomas (NO @ ATL)
  35. Maurice Morris (DET @ MIA)
  36. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ @ CHI)
  37. Brandon Jackson (GB vs. NYG)
  38. Michael Bush (OAK vs. IND)
  39. Shonn Greene (NYJ @ CHI)
  40. Toby Gerhart (MIN @ PHI)
  41. Ricky Williams (MIA vs. DET)
  42. Joseph Addai (IND @ OAK)
  43. Reggie Bush (NO @ ATL)
  44. Anthony Dixon (SF @ STL)
  45. Christopher Ivory (NO @ ATL)
  46. Willis McGahee (BAL @ CLE)
  47. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams (TB vs. SEA)
  48. Keiland Williams (WAS @ JAC)
  49. Mike Goodson (CAR @ PIT)
  50. Jahvid Best (DET @ MIA)
  51. Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI vs. DAL)


  1. Roddy White (ATL vs. NO)
  2. Calvin Johnson (DET @ MIA)
  3. Reggie Wayne (IND @ OAK)
  4. Vincent Jackson (SD @ CIN)
  5. DeSean Jackson (PHI vs. MIN)
  6. Andre Johnson (HOU @ DEN)
  7. Greg Jennings (GB vs. NYG)
  8. Marques Colston (NO @ ATL)
  9. Hakeem Nicks (NYG @ GB)
  10. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI vs. DAL)
  11. Mike Wallace (PIT vs. CAR)
  12. Mike Williams (TB vs. SEA)
  13. Wes Welker (NE @ BUF)
  14. Miles Austin (DAL @ ARI)
  15. Dwayne Bowe (KC vs. TEN)
  16. Brandon Lloyd (DEN vs. HOU)
  17. Steve Johnson (BUF vs. NE)
  18. Jeremy Maclin (PHI vs. MIN)
  19. Kenny Britt (TEN @ KC)
  20. Brandon Marshall (MIA vs. DET)
  21. Santana Moss
  22. Deion Branch (NE @ BUF)
  23. Pierre Garcon (IND @ OAK)
  24. Santonio Holmes (NYJ @ CHI)
  25. Lance Moore (NO @ ATL)
  26. Hines Ward (PIT vs. CAR)
  27. Anquan Boldin (BAL @ CLE)
  28. Josh Morgan (SF @ STL)
  29. Sidney Rice (MIN @ PHI)
  30. Anthony Armstrong (WAS @ JAC)
  31. Mike Williams (SEA @ TB)
  32. Joe Webb (MIN @ PHI)
  33. Derrick Mason (BAL @ CLE)
  34. Braylon Edwards (NYJ @ CHI)
  35. Johnny Knox (CHI vs. NYJ)
  36. Steve Breaston (ARI vs. DAL)
  37. Davone Bess (MIA vs. DET)
  38. Mike Thomas (JAC vs. WAS)
  39. Jacoby Ford (OAK vs. IND)
  40. Mario Manningham (NYG @ GB)
  41. James Jones (GB vs. NYG)
  42. Blair White (IND @ OAK)
  43. Arrelious Benn (TB vs. SEA)
  44. Donald Driver (GB vs. NYG)
  45. Percy Harvin (MIN @ PHI)
  46. David Nelson (BUF vs. NE)
  47. Chad Ochocinco (CIN vs. SD)
  48. Danny Amendola (STL vs. SF)
  49. Jabar Gaffney (DEN vs. HOU)
  50. Michael Crabtree (SF @ STL)
  51. Brandon Gibson (STL vs. SF)
  52. Kevin Walter (HOU @ DEN)
  53. Robert Meachem (NO @ ATL)
  54. Andre Caldwell (CIN vs. SD)
  55. Ben Obomanu (SEA @ TB)
  56. Emmanuel Sanders (PIT vs. CAR)
  57. Jacoby Jones (HOU @ DEN)
  58. Nate Burleson (DET @ MIA)
  59. Eddie Royal (DEN vs. HOU)
  60. Louis Murphy (OAK vs. IND)


  1. Jason Witten (DAL @ ARI)
  2. Vernon Davis (SF @ STL)
  3. Jacob Tamme (IND @ OAK)
  4. Marcedes Lewis (JAC vs. WAS)
  5. Rob Gronkowski (NE @ BUF)
  6. Zach Miller (OAK vs. IND)
  7. Tony Gonzalez (ATL vs. NO)
  8. Owen Daniels (HOU @ DEN)
  9. Chris Cooley (WAS @ JAC)
  10. Kevin Boss (NYG @ GB)
  11. Kellen Winslow (TB vs. SEA)
  12. Benjamin Watson (CLE vs. BAL)
  13. Jimmy Graham (NO @ ATL)
  14. Randy McMichael (SD @ CIN)
  15. Brent Celek (PHI vs. MIN)
  16. Brandon Pettigrew (DET @ MIA)
  17. Greg Olsen (CHI vs. NYJ)
  18. Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN @ PHI)
  19. Todd Heap (BAL @ CLE)


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT vs. CAR)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (PHI vs. MIN)
  3. San Diego Chargers (SD @ CIN)
  4. Chicago Bears (CHI vs. NYJ)
  5. New England Patriots (NE @ BUF)
  6. Dallas Cowboys (DAL @ ARI)
  7. Baltimore Ravens (BAL @ CLE)
  8. New York Jets (NYJ @ CHI)
  9. Green Bay Packers (GB vs. NYG)
  10. Miami Dolphins (MIA vs. DET)
  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB vs. SEA)
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC vs. WAS)
  13. St. Louis Rams (STL vs. SF)
  14. New York Giants (NYG @ GB)
  15. Kansas City Chiefs (KC vs. TEN)
  16. Detroit Lions (DET @ MIA)
  17. Indianapolis Colts (IND @ OAK)
  18. Arizona Cardinals (ARI vs. DAL)
  19. San Francisco 49ers (SF @ STL)
  20. Atlanta Falcons (ATL vs. NO)


  1. David Akers (PHI vs. MIN)
  2. Matt Bryant (ATL vs. NO)
  3. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK vs. IND)
  4. David Buehler (DAL @ ARI)
  5. Nate Kaeding (SD @ CIN)
  6. Shayne Graham (NE @ BUF)
  7. Neil Rackers (HOU @ DEN)
  8. Adam Vinatieri (IND @ OAK)
  9. Dan Carpenter (MIA vs. DET)
  10. Garrett Hartley (NO @ ATL)
  11. Mason Crosby (GB vs. NYG)
  12. Shaun Suisham (PIT vs. CAR)
  13. Josh Brown (STL vs. SF)
  14. Rob Bironas (TEN @ KC)
  15. Jay Feely (ARI vs. DAL)
  16. Josh Scobee (JAC vs. WAS)
  17. Billy Cundiff (BAL @ CLE)
  18. Robbie Gould (CHI vs. NYJ)
  19. Ryan Succop (KC vs. TEN)
  20. Jeff Reed (SF @ STL)

  1. Nick says:

    @Doc: Flex for the championship game. Do you like Choice, R Brown or Westbrook? I could also pickup someone off waivers like R Jennings (as it looks like MJD is still have problems with his knee)..

  2. dentist says:

    Doc, would you roll Daniels or Boldin in a ppr this week? Boldin is in freezing ass Cleveland, but Daniels is Daniels.

  3. 24hourjack says:

    doc….Armstrong or Woodhead at flex this wk?….non PPR.

    btw….I made the playoffs in all five of my leagues(including a keeper league team I took over at 0-5)and have a shot at the championship in two of them,and the advice I have badgered you for all season is definitely a big reason why,so thnks a lot.

  4. Steve Mc says:

    PPR – Tolbert or Felix Jones?

  5. nate says:

    You always come through for me, Doc. Couple of tough choices this week:

    PPR: start VJax, L.Fitz, or B.Marshall? I’m really torn here cuz I think Fitz will get a ton of catches but Vjax and Marshall could be good, too. Wish I could play them all but other starters are Witten and Megatron and I think they are must starts in PPR.

    This one is really hard for me to decide on:
    Non-PPR RB3: F.Jones, Benson, or Tolbert?

    I’m not sure why everyone has Jones ranked so high this week. I would love to start him but I have some concerns. I know the matchup is good but Choice looks so much better and actually got more touches last week. I see them cancelling each other out, somewhat. I’m leaning Tolbert b/c he scores TDs and also I can see the Chargers getting up big and running the ball a lot. Bengals will likely have to throw more so Benson might not do much.

    What do you say, Doc? Merry Christmas!

  6. dingbat says:

    Where’s Santana Moss? Dude’s been great the past two weeks, and he’s facing Jacksonville this week.

  7. Steve Mc says:

    Also, Chiefs D over Giants D?
    Caldwell over Knox?

  8. mapwheel says:

    @dingbat: he’d probably be ranked in the low 20’s. Dude finally looks healthy.

  9. dirtyd says:

    Oy, Cassel or Cutler? Tebow, Grossman, and Collins on waivers. <- I think these would be overthinking it. Thinking Cassel has a good game. With Cutler you just don't know…

  10. Matt says:


    My flex options are Forte, Fitzgerald, Brandon Jackson or Webb (I have R. Jennings & D. Ward to insert in case MJD or Foster can’t go). I’m inclined to go Fitzgerald, but he’s burned me so many times this season, and I hate for him to kill me in the superbowl…What should I do? Thanks

  11. DP says:

    If MJD is out, do I start Rashad over Hillis or Bradshaw? Also, which two out of Nicks, Greg Jennings and Bowe? Hate my matchups for Super Bowl Weekend.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    Everyone Grab Jennings if he is available

  13. dirtyd says:

    Jennings over Torain in .5 ppr?

  14. xtremehulk says:

    Hey Doc,

    In my ppr:

    I grabbed Rashad Jennings to force my opponents hand into starting Choice, now Im considering starting him. Do I start over any of the following?

    Chris Johnson, Michael Turner, Wayne, Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Colston

    I am strongly considering benching Colston or Turner for him.


  15. xtremehulk says:

    @dirtyd, definatley if MJD ruled out

  16. xtremehulk says:

    @DP, i say yes over Hillis and roll with Nicks and Jennings.

  17. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Do you like Freeman more better than Garrard since MSW is not playing?

  18. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: curious as to why you ranked balt def over miami def? i have to decide between the two


  19. aj says:

    i have maclin, desean jackson, and lesean mccoy starting. My opponent has mike vick. Should i adjust my roster so vick doesnt cancel out a bunch of my guys. He has a decent lead over me already with mike wallace and mendenhall having good games. on my bench i have brandon marshall, blount, hillis, ahmad bradshaw, ronnie brown.

  20. Abo says:

    Need to start two out of Felix, Choice and Rashad Jennings. What do I do?

  21. Paulpaul says:

    Welker or Felix jones at flex?

  22. Nick says:

    @Doc: Jennings or Westbrook this week. Dixon is down, MJD is down…don’t know which way to go…

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Paulpaul: Welker in PPR

    @Abo: Jennings, Felix

    @aj: I could see starting Blount over McCoy for that reason.

    @timmy riggins: Mainly because Hillis is hurting. But I do like Miami too. they are close to a toss up.

    @MJD Took A Knee: It does make it closer. A bit of a toss up now.

    @dirtyd: I’d go with your gut with Cassel

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Jennings

    @dentist: I’d go with Boldin, but it’s close

    @24hourjack: Congrats! I’d lean Armstrong in non-ppr.

    @Steve Mc: Jones

    @nate: It’s tough, but I’d sit Marshall. I’d go with your gut there. It’s very close.

    @dingbat: He’s up there now.

  25. Peter says:

    Hey Doc,

    Made it to the finals in 2 leagues (thanks for all your help!) and have some decisions to make.

    Pick 3 Receivers: Megatron, Greg Jennings, Buc Williams, Vincent Jackson

    Pick 2 Receivers and a Flex: Greg Jennings, Buc Williams, Vincent Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and the lone RB option, Rashad Jennings

    I asked you last week about hedging with such similar teams, so I’ll understand if your answers differ for the two teams.

    Thanks a lot!

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Peter: I’d sit Williams. VJax, Jennings, Jennings

  27. xtremehulk says:

    Doc you forgot me!

    In my ppr:

    I grabbed Rashad Jennings to force my opponents hand into starting Choice, now Im considering starting him. Do I start over any of the following?

    Chris Johnson, Michael Turner, Wayne, Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Colston

    I am strongly considering benching Colston or Turner for him.


  28. DSimms says:

    Hey Doc, has there been a final word on MJD’s status? I saw Jay Glazer said out but if MJD plays on sunday do I play him as he will prob be limited, play jennings or skip both and play ronnie b?

  29. G.O.B. says:

    Doc, do you start VJax over DeSean this week in PPR?

  30. herschel says:

    @Doc: assuming r. jennings starts on sunday, who do you start at PPR flex?

    rashad jennings vs wash
    santana moss @ jac
    kenny britt @ kc
    tashard choice @ ari

    assuming jennings?

    thanks again.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Yeah

    @G.O.B.: Very close. Leaning VJax

    @DSimms: No final word, but it doesn’t look good at all for MJD. I’d lean Jennings either way.

    @xtremehulk: That’s a tough bunch to crack in PPR. I could see going with him over Colston though.

  32. FirstBowl says:

    So got Rashad Jennings, CJ, L McCOy and Blount need two also would you play the third one over J. Freeman or Eli Manning in a 1 point ppr league where qbs get 4 points for passing tds rb gets 6 for tds in the flex spot?

  33. Fletch says:

    S. Johnson or Marshall?

    Also, with MJD out would you roll with Jennings over AP this week?

  34. Overpaid Felons says:

    Thanks to your help I am in 2 chamionship games.

    Need more advice:
    Flex WR/RB: Pick 1 Larry Fitz, Joe Webb, Ahmad Bradshaw.

    TE: Cooley or Owen Daniels

    Pick 2 WR: Colston, Miles Austin, Kenny Britt

    Thanks Again!!

  35. Matt P says:

    If MJD doesnt go, who will be the best flex replacement in a standard league, Rashad Jennings, Buc Williams, Britt, Westbrook, or Thomas Jones?

  36. MR says:

    Doc –

    You hear anything about the health of AP for this weekend. Trying to make decision between AP, Bradshaw and Blount – need to pick 2.


  37. Romorue says:

    Doc. I am leaning towards starting Rashad Jennings over
    Blount and Torain. He seems more explosive than both, and it should
    be all him. I Aldo figure with MSW out he could be a used a lot in
    the passing game. What do you think. Thanks.

  38. G.O.B. says:

    Doc, I have another question for you. I’m worried about Peterson not being able to play this week. If he doesn’t go, who should I throw in there: Gerhart, Jennings, or do I risk it with Moreno? I don’t trust Moreno much, especially since he’s tweaked also. What are your thoughts?

  39. Matt says:

    I have 4 players and 3 spots:
    Bradshaw, Jennings, Tolbert and Fitzgerald.
    Who sits? This is for the championship.

    I have Vick, deshawn Jackson and nicks in the other 3 spots.

  40. aj says:

    Which 2 start?
    Lesean mccoy, rashard jennings, blount, hillis

  41. beantownMP says:

    @Doc: Choice or Brown at flex in .5 ppr?

    Need 2 in same .5 ppr league: Knox, Bess, Morgan, Bennett, Bennett, or Ford.

  42. aj says:

    i can only start two.
    Lesean mccoy, rashard jennings, blount, hillis

  43. Whiskey Diet says:

    Whats good Doc,

    Would you start Woodhead or Sidney Rice at WR? – ppr

    Also at TE, you startin Tamme or Cooley? – ppr

    time to win one

  44. Mike F says:

    I have Peterson and Hillis starting RB, bench one for Torain?

    Winslow or Gronkowski at TE?

  45. Trick dad says:

    Doc you are the man! In the championship this week and my opponent has mjd. I picked up Jennings on your recommendation earlier so now he’s screwed. Thanks!!

  46. Mark says:

    Doc…..Super Bowl Week!! Need to start 2 rb’s/2 wr’s or 1 rb and 3 wr’s.

    Already have A Foster & R White locked in at their respective positions, so I need to more players.

    Have to choose between L Blount, R Jennings at RB and A Johnson, K Britt at WR.

    Johnson has been hurt all week and has to go against Q Bailey on Sunday. Picked up Jennings off of waivers and got an early Christmast present when I heard MJD might not be active on Sunday.

    Can you address which two you would start – and address if your choices would change if Johnson can’t go and/or MJD is active.


  47. Slam says:

    I couldn’t have made it this far with out your expert help, but I need to ask too much of you again…My league is set up with 2 rb spots, 3 wr spots, and 1 flex w/r… I have Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks, Greg Jennings, Ahmad Bradshaw and Vincent Jackson…Who can I bench?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Thanks for all your help!

  48. Art Vandelay says:

    Help! Need a flex play fill-in for the championship game because of MJD’s injury. Pick one: Knox, Hightower, M. Bush? (Sub-question: roll with Hightower tonight assuming that MJD won’t play?).

  49. nick m. says:

    Assuming MJD sits, which 1 player am I benching out of this group in PPR: Rashad Jennings, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Lagarrette Blount?

    And would you play Kitna tonight over Schaub for fear that Andre Johnson sits tomorrow?

  50. Wilsonian says:

    Trying to help my Pops win his league. 0.5 PPR…who do you play?

    Jennings, Bradshaw, Forte, Benson, Torain (pick 2).

    Thanks man!

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick m.: Austin

    @Art Vandelay: I could see going with Bush since he is getting goal line carries.

    @Slam: I’d probably bench Bradshaw, but it’s tough.

    @Mark: I’d lean Britt and Jennings. Jennings and Blount are about even if MJD doesn’t play. AJ’s injury is scaring me.

  52. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    Do I dare start Rashad Jennings over Steven Jackson?

    Who to choose between Miles Austin and Garcon?


  53. Matt says:

    I have 4 players and 3 spots:
    Bradshaw, R. Jennings, Tolbert and Fitzgerald.
    Who sits? This is for the championship.

    I have Vick, deshawn Jackson and nicks in the other 3 spots.

  54. jfersh says:

    Pick 3 of 4: JC Superstar, Rashad Jennings, Choice,
    Bradshaw Also..have Andre Johnson – do I play Knox at 1p OR wait to
    see if Andre plays and start A. Benn @ 415p vs. Seahawks if he

  55. Overpaid Felons says:

    What about me? #34?

  56. Doc

    Doc says:

    @FirstBowl: I’d play Freeman, CJ, McCoy

    @Fletch: Marshall and to be safe I’d play Jennings

    @Overpaid Felons: Fitz in PPR, Ahmad in non, Colston/Britt, OD for upside, Cooley for safety

    @Matt P: Jennings

    @MR: AP has practiced and they say he will go. To play it safe I could see sitting him there.

    @Romorue: It’s a bit of a tossup with Blount, but I think you are safe doing that.

    @G.O.B.: Jennings

    @Matt: Tough call. I’d sit Tolbert or Bradshaw. I’d lean sitting Tolbert.

    @aj: McCoy, Jennings.

    @Whiskey Diet: Woodhead and Tamme

    @Mike F: Winslow. I could see going with Torain over Hillis. Worried abut him holding up. In PPR I’d stick with Hillis though.

    @Trick dad: Hah, I do my best.

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): I’d stick with SJax and Austin.

    @jfersh: Yeah, I’m worried about Knox. I’d go with your plan. And I’d sit Choice.

  57. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Jennings,Torain

  58. Doc

    Doc says:

    Barber will play. This hurts Choice.

  59. Matt says:

    Thanks. Merry Christmas

  60. Cheez_Whit says:

    Rashad Jennings is most likely active in everyone’s championship game. He was probably picked up this week unless someone handcuffed him in deeper leagues. He will be remembered forever after tomorrow, either good or bad…depending on if he sinks or swims in your title game!!!

    Would you sit Akers tomorrow in that weather for Josh Scobee??? Yeah a Kicker question for the finals.

  61. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Got cute and started Kitna. Should have stuck with Ryan or Flacco. Amazing

  62. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheez_Whit: Tough to say with a kicker, but I would rather have better weather for my kicker.

    @Matt: Merry Christmas!

    @MJD Took A Knee: It’s a kick in the nuts. I think he would heave ended with a couple touchdowns and 250 yards, which would have been ok, but now, ugh.

  63. Matt says:

    Fitzgerald kills me when he’s out of my lineup and when he is IN my lineup…I’m screwed

  64. Steve Mc says:

    PPR – Caldwell, Knox or Crabtree?

    Also just wanted to point out to everyone that they are calling for blizzard like conditions tomorrow night in Philly so that could really hurt the Eagles passing game and any other games in northeast could be affected

  65. Hennessey says:

    @Steve Mc: But it could sure help both defenses. Glass half-full, it’s Christmas!

  66. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt: Insane

    @Steve Mc: I’d lean Knox.

    @Hennessey: Well, Phillys D for sure.

  67. Trigger Hippie says:

    I am in the big money game. All year I have been running
    steven jackson, lesean mccoy and darren mcfadden. Now suddenly,
    with my season long handcuff, (yes,i have been hovering over mjd
    like a vulture all season) I am tempted to sit steven jackson or
    lesean mccoy for rashad jennings. DO I DARE!? Rest of my team – Tom
    Brady, Colston, Vjax, Cooley, Jets, S.Graham.

  68. Mark says:

    Should I start R Jennings over L Blount?

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