There are no must haves this week, but these guys might be able to help you in the right spot.  Hopefully you don’t need any of these dudes since your team is stacked and one win away from greatness!

Rashad Jennings: MJD’s ailing a bit and the Jags need a win badly against the Redskins and their poor run defense.  Jennings could see a lot of work in relief of MJD.

Derrick Ward: It looks like Foster will go, but if you saw what happened to Adrian Peterson and you own Foster, pick up Ward to play it safe.  Well, even if you didn’t see what happened to AP.  They have too good of a matchup to miss out on.

Mike Sims-Walker: He came up big last week even after his limbs were bent into the wrong positions.  This week he gets the Redskins pass defense and should be able to do a little work.

Jacoby Ford: He just continues to make big plays and the Raiders will surely be trying to come from behind against the Colts.  He is boom or bust, but his boom is hard to ignore.

Rex Grossman: Yesterday I said I couldn’t trust him even in a nice matchup against the Jags, but if you are the risk taking type, his upside is pretty high.

Tashard Choice: He had a bounce back game against the Redskins with 84 yards and a TD and has a good matchup against Arizona next week.  Felix Jones will continue to get a few more touches, but Choice will get enough work to be considered.

Donald Brown: Last week Javarris James was on this list and he ended up getting one carry for zero yards.  It’s hard to trust him, but unless James got 1 touch last week because Caldwell lost a bet, it seems like Brown is back in the good graces.

Anthony Armstrong: With that gunslinger Sexy Rexy at the helm, AA had 100 yards receiving and gets the Jags next week.

Jimmy Graham: In the never ending carousel of tight ends to give a shot on your team, James Graham made a circus catch for a touchdown and caught another touchdown without acrobatics, but it counts the same.  If Drew Brees likes you in the red zone, that’s a good thing.  He’s a high risk/reward guy, but has a nice matchup against Atlanta.

Josh Morgan: He’s had nice games the last two weeks with Alex Smith back at the helm.  He’s been the #1 receiver in targets instead of Crabtree.  The Niners get the Rams in a must win game.

Maurice Morris: He proved a lot last week by running hard and well as he topped 100 yards and scored a touchdown.  Miami isn’t the easiest matchup so you have to temper your expectations, but he should get plenty of work.

  1. Hennessey says:

    Hey, Doc.
    In a 1-PPR league, I have ideas, but I’m not too sure who to start.

    We start/I have:
    2 RB: Foster(@DEN), Charles(vs.TEN), McFadden(vs.IND)
    2 WR: Wayne (@OAK), V-Jax(@CIN), Nicks(@GB)
    1 RB/WR: ______

    So, there are 6 guys and 5 spots for the RB/WR options. Who’s the odd one out in a 1-PPR?
    If Foster plays he’s a must-start. DMC is facing Indy so he’s a must-start (over Charles, yeah?). V-Jax has a good matchup…but benching Wayne or Nicks is not an easy decision, so I don’t know which 2 to take there. And would it be Charles in the flex spot, or one of the remaining WRs?

    This week is part one of the 2-week championship matchup, and it’d be nice to get off to a good start. I appreciate any advice you have and all the advice you’ve been giving that’s gotten me this far in the first place! (I literally printed out your PPR rankings and used it as my guide to drafting, with my decsions only being which position to take next.) Thanks, Doc!

  2. Gambler says:

    Please rank my receivers for this week:

    Calvin Johnson @Mia
    Vincent Jackson @Cin
    Hakeem Nicks @GB
    Jeremy Maclin vs. Min

  3. Abo says:

    Who do I start at flex this week? Options are Joe Webb, Choice, Bjax.

  4. Rosie says:

    I have J.Webb for a flex play and my opponent was complaining that his duel eligibility was unfair. The commish basically said “yahoo is allowing it..”.
    I told my opponent that if he coordinated a league vote and everyone said it was unfair, I would ask the commish to change Webb to Holmes.
    Turns out that Webb didn’t make a difference (I would have won with anyone from my bench). And, the guy never coordinated a vote.
    Now I am in the finals. I want to win, but I have been in this league for 10 years with the same guys and I dont want any hard feelings. Advice?

  5. cplat says:

    I was looking at picking up MSW, would he be a better play over Britt or Derrick Mason?

  6. keithr says:

    In the finals (thanks CJ, Foster and JC!) and we start 2QB…I’ve been rolling with Freeman and Palmer but I really feel as if using Palmer is playing with fire. I can pick up Tebow, Rex or Collins to replace him.

    However, I’ve benched him one other time all season and that was the game he scored 40 pts (causing me to come in 2nd in both wins and points during the regular season and $500). If I bench him again in the finals and lose(another $500) because if it I will be a broken man.

    So, are any of the three worth the potential torment? Thanks!

  7. Ethan Stein says:

    I made it to the finals. Playing against someone who scored 1 more point in total during the season, yet had a 6-7 record (6th seed) and I had a 10-3 record (1 seed)

    At the two RB slots I have Ray Rice and Jaamal Charles. At the two WR slots I have DeSean Jackson and Reggie Wayne.

    Whom should I put in the flex RB/WR slot? Or should I take one of the above out as well and add two of the following players. My options for the flex: Vincent Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, or Joe Webb.

  8. Tom Thumb says:

    Please help!

    Big Ben vs. CAR
    Kitna @ Ari

    WR: Pick one
    Sid Rice @ Phi
    Blair White @ Oak
    Driver vs. NYG
    Henderson vs. ATL
    Gaffney vs Hou
    Jenkins vs. NO


  9. Plainville says:

    Doc – I made it to the final game and have a tough match-up. Here is my roster – problem is who to start at TE, Flex and what D/ST to roll with:

    QB – Vick
    RB1 – MJD
    RB2 – Lesean McCoy
    WR1 – Roddy White
    WR2 – Hakeem Nicks
    TE – Pettigrew or Aaron Hernandez
    FLEX – Torain, Marshawn Lynch, Mike Williams (TB) or Santana Moss
    D/ST – Rams, Chiefs or Redskins

    This is the third time in five years that I have been in the final game after dominating the regular season and playoffs – lost the other two. Any thoughts are welcome. My opponent has a stacked team so I need every point I can get.

    Thanks for all your help.

  10. Mike F says:

    Peterson or Torain?

    Jets or Bears D?

  11. genghis chone says:

    2 QB league. Some dude just dropped Cutler, is he a must-add? Tough matchup in the fantasy Super Bowl against the Jets, but my other QBs are Roethlisberger, Eli Manning and Collins. I have guys to drop, but would you consider starting him over those guys? Thanks!

  12. herschel says:


    Two questions:

    1) Which def/st this week? Dallas at zona or Miami vs detroit?

    2) PPR league, who to start at flex? K. Britt @ KC or S. Moss @ Jac?

    Thanks for all of the help this season!

  13. struggler says:

    PPR – who to start:
    QB Freeman or Kitna
    Flex – Pick 2: Nicks, Manningham, Welker, Choice, Don Brown
    TE – Tamme, Miller, A-Her

    My opponent has Manning and G-men D so I’d like to run Nicks out there. He also has Branch. I’m not sure if that helps make the case for Welker?


  14. DANgerous says:

    youve been my doc holliday to my Vick in a box & Brokeback Mountianers team, I am playing for first in both leagues. My questions for you is the following….

    I have ROTH-Burger, Freeman, or I can pick up Kinta? Im leaning Freeman here, but Kinta is so tempting

    RB-J-stew, Choice, or torian….need 2? My gut says Jstew and choice, my brain says choice n torian

    DEF- Miami vs DET, NYJ VS CHI or Should I pick up Philly vs Minn

  15. Hennessey says:

    @Abo: Choice has Arizona’s D. Might split carries with Feliz Jones, but BJax is no sure thing with Starks there and Green Bay faces a tougher D. Webb is too unproven. You probably weren’t asking me, but I’d go with Choice.

  16. Hennessey says:

    @Hennessey: Felix

  17. beantownmp says:

    @Doc: I need some serious help this week. This is my roster, and I made the. I haven’t been able to walk all day from the horseshoe up my ass.

    McCoy, LT
    Jennings, Bennett, Bess
    Flex- J.James

    Knox, Kitna, Starks, Goodson, & Meachem

    I’m putting a claim in on Choice. Brown is also out there. Top WR’s are Armstrong, Benn, White, Morgan, Ford, Burleson, Nelson.

    It’s a .5 PPR. WTF should I do haha? My luck is running out. Opponent has Rice, Vick, VJax, Fitz, Colston, Tolbert.. ouchhhh

  18. papa says:


    Need to start 1 QB, 2 RB & 2 WR to win the championship

    What would you do?
    Aaron Rodgers
    Kerry Collins
    (or Garrard or J. Campbell on waiver wire)

    Rashad Jennings
    Marshawn Lynch

    Vincent Jackson
    Mike Williams
    Kenny Britt
    Sidney Rice
    or Mike S-W

  19. top87 says:

    Flex Spot in PPR:

    Felix J

  20. Isles Guru says:

    For all the marbles …..

    PPR – Marshall or Britt. ( I have Chris Johnson at RB. I don’t know if that should affect the decision.)

  21. Steve Mc says:

    PPR league championship, have vick, ray rice, hillis, and roddy white locked in.

    My other WR are crabtree and knox, Morgan and James Jones are available. Go after one of them?

    Flex – Tolbert or Felix Jones or another WR?

    TE – Miller or Watson?

    D – Giants or Falcons?

    Thanks man love the site you have helped me to playoffs in 3 out of 4 leagues and the championship game in 2!

  22. Greg says:


    Ya got me to the finals against Isles Guru! don’t forget I always buy you whiskey so give him the bad advice, k?

    Balls out….PPR League

    Freeman or Tebow?

    —final shot of whiskey coming your way once I’m off work. We can’t drink and work! and fyi thanks for all your help this yr!

  23. Nate says:

    Doc, I’ve got the proverbial “good problem to have” heading into the championship round of the playoffs. Most of my RBs have great matchups.

    Out of this group, which three would you start in a PPR league?

    Danny Woodhead (@Buffalo)
    Law Firm (@Buffalo)
    Tashard Choice (vs Arizona)
    LaGarrette Blount (vs Seattle)
    Ronnie Brown (vs Detroit)
    Derrick Ward (@Denver, and only if Foster doesn’t go)

    And do you like Woodhead enough against Buffalo to consider slotting him in at WR over Danny Amendola? (vs San Francisco) It’s a PPR + return yardage league, and Amendola has averaged 18.36 points a week since I picked him up because of that, but I think Woodhead may be able to outperform him against Buffalo. Do you agree?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: Hah, congrats. i go Freeman there. Nice matchup at home and has been consistent. Tebow has more upside, but I just don’t trust him. If you are really wanting to play it risky I could see Tebowing it, but I wouldn’t.

    @Nate: Firm, Blount, Woodhead or Ward if no Foster. I’d just play Woodhead as your RB and keep Amendola in.

    @Steve Mc: Tough call on the WR. I’m guessing Revis will be on Knox, which would be my first choice. It’s risky, but I would try Morgan. I like Felix, Miller, and anyone besides those teams. If Flynn is still there I’d go with the Giants. Glad I could help. Good luck!

    @Isles Guru: That is tough. I am leaning Marshall against Detroit.

    @top87: Felix

    @papa: Rodgers if he goes, Garrard if he doesn’t, MJD unless we hear something bad about his health, and Forte, VJax, and Williams if it’s TB.

    @beantownmp: I’m not 100% sure what you are asking.

    @DANgerous: I like all those D’s, but if Webb is in there you have to go with Philly. I’d go with Choice and Torain. I can’t start anyone against the Steelers in good conscious. I’d lean Kitna.

    @struggler: Kitna, Nicks, Welker, Tamme

    @herschel: Tough call. Miami has been playing well. I’d give them a shot. In PPR I think I would lean Moss.

    @genghis chone: i don’t like his matchup enough to start them over those guys. I’d probably go with Ben and Eli.

    @Mike F: I’d go with AP if he practices. Bears

    @Plainville: AHer, Torain, Chiefs I guess, not any good options there.

    @Tom Thumb: Kitna, Rice

    @Ethan Stein: I like VJax

    @keithr: That is tough. I would rather play Grosman than Palmer and that is saying a lot. I could see going with Collins, but he doesn’t have too much upside.

    @cplat: I’d play him over Mason.

    @Rosie: I see no reason at all to feel bad about playing him at WR. And it’s not like he is all that good. His upside is a rushing TD and a bunch of interceptions. But saying that, it’s completely up to you and how you want to deal with the people in your league.

    @Abo: I have a feeling we might see Ramsey if Favre can’t go. Webb is not a NFL quarterback right now. I’d lean Choice right now.

    @Gambler: CJ, Nicks, VJax, Maclin

    @Hennessey: hard to bench any of those guys, but I’d lean to benching Nicks against a tough GB D and flexing JC.

  25. sal says:

    Doc! just missed your follow up..

    Rank em for this week 2 qb league- Garrard, Tebow, Rex?In that order?

    Is Garrard the only one worth starting over Cutler?

  26. papa says:


  27. Highlander says:

    we start 2 RB’s 2 WR’s and one flex, who should i go with out of these:
    AP, Arian Foster, McFadden, Bradshaw, Vincent Jackson, Nicks, Calvin Johnson , Syney Rice or Harvin?

  28. Highlander says:

    One more Doc, which WR: Harvin, Floyd , Knox, Holmes or Ford? i was leaning Holmes but he now has turf toe among other negatives

  29. MrR8DER says:

    I have B Marshall, VJax, R White & AJ…PPR

    Looking to sit AJ out of the 3…Crazy? He is going against C Bailey in a meaningless game w/ a bun ankle.

    Thoughts anyone? Please advise.

  30. Jake says:

    Hey Doc, I need help with my rb’s. I need help choosing between: Moreno, Tomlinson, Jacobs, D. Brown, R. Jennings. I have to start 2 but I’d like to start one at flex. Oh, and it’s for my league championship…no pressure. I’m in it bc of Vick, Calvin and Roddy. Thanks!

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jake: I’d go with Brown and Jacobs unless we get good news on Moreno or MJD sits.

    @MrR8DER: I would have trouble sitting AJ. He’s had a bum ankle most of the season.

    @Highlander: Yeah, that’s tough. I’d still lean Holmes out of the group.

    @Highlander: McFadden, Foster, VJax, CJ, AP

    @sal: Garrard, Rex, Tebow and probably.

  32. MrR8DER says:

    Who do I sit then?

  33. MrR8DER says:

    B Marshall , R White or V Jax who’s the odd man out?

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MrR8DER: Marshall

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