Last week was a bit of a cluster fudge (mmmm fudge clusters) at FanDuel, caused by the Eagles game getting postponed and some funky rules.  I feel like they did an admirable job cleaning up the mess, and it actually makes me even more confident in playing their games.  Anyway, here is this first league for this week – League 1.  I’ll put up more as/if they fill.

This week I’m trying to select players on teams that are highly motivated to win.  Makes sense, right?  So here they be —

Aaron Rodgers: The Packers need a win and bad.  The Bears are saying they will play their starters, but there is no way they can have the same motivation as the Pack. The only way they have anything to play for is if the Panthers beat the Falcons and the Bucs beat the Saints and I just don’t see that happening.  Rodgers dismantled the Giants and could do the same against a Bears team without much to play for.

Steven Jackson: SJax is hard to stop at any time, but it’s hard to imagine how hard it will be to stop him when he is motivated.  The Seahawks have been giving up a load of rushing yards this season and I think Mr. Jackson is just nasty enough to take them.

Michael Turner: The Falcons do not, I repeat, do not want to lose to the hapless Panthers, lose the #1 seed, and lose any momentum/self respect they possibly could have going into the playoffs.  Turner already scorched the Panthers once this season and I think he’ll do that again.

Brandon Marshall: He’s coming on late in the season and the Patriots still suck at defending the pass.  They will also rest any players with a tweak or a tickle.

Miles Austin: The Dallas quarterbacks targeted Austin 13 times last week and the Eagles should be resting many of their starters.  Whoever QBs the Cowboys should give Austin plenty of opportunities to make plays.

Mike Wallace: The Steelers need a win to wrap up the division and the #2 seed.  A loss could drop them down into the depths of the playoffs.  Wallace is the sixth ranked receiver in fantasy.

Jacob Tamme: The Colts are in a must win sitch, which is great for Tamme.  I like all the Colts to one degree or another, but the Titans are weak against tight ends and Tamme is a lot cheaper than Witten who I like just a little better.

Garrett Hartley: Dome, Saints have something to play for sorda, go.

New York Giants: I like a lot of defenses for Sunday, but the Giants are cheap, are in a must win game and are facing the Redskins,  Yeah, Grossman hasn’t been horrid, but he’s still Grossman.