Here be the Running Back Rankings for week 2.  Cower in their greatness!  — For every position click it or ticket.

  1. Adrian Peterson (MIN vs. MIA)
  2. Chris Johnson (TEN vs. PIT)
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC @ SD)
  4. Frank Gore (SF vs. NO)
  5. Ray Rice (BAL @ CIN)
  6. Steven Jackson (STL @ OAK)
  7. Ryan Mathews (SD vs. JAC)
  8. Arian Foster (HOU @ WAS)
  9. DeAngelo Williams (CAR vs. TB)
  10. Jamaal Charles (KC @ CLE)
  11. Michael Turner (ATL vs. ARI)
  12. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT @ TEN)
  13. Brandon Jackson (GB vs. BUF)
  14. LeSean McCoy (PHI @ DET)
  15. Darren McFadden (OAK vs. STL)
  16. Cedric Benson (CIN vs. BAL)
  17. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG @ IND)
  18. Joseph Addai (IND vs. NYG)
  19. Pierre Thomas (NO @ SF)
  20. Knowshon Moreno (DEN vs. SEA)
  21. Matt Forte (CHI @ DAL)
  22. Jahvid Best (DET vs. PHI)
  23. Shonn Greene (NYJ vs. NE)
  24. Ronnie Brown (MIA @ MIN)
  25. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams (TB @ CAR)
  26. Marion Barber (DAL vs. CHI)
  27. Jonathan Stewart (CAR vs. TB)
  28. Justin Forsett (SEA @ DEN)
  29. Tim Hightower (ARI @ ATL)
  30. Peyton Hillis (CLE vs. KC)
  31. Jerome Harrison (CLE vs. KC)
  32. Clinton Portis (WAS vs. HOU)
  33. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ vs. NE)
  34. Felix Jones (DAL vs. CHI)
  35. Brandon Jacobs (NYG @ IND)
  36. Ricky Williams (MIA @ MIN)
  37. Reggie Bush (NO @ SF)
  38. C.J. Spiller (BUF @ GB)
  39. Fred Jackson (BUF @ GB)
  40. Thomas Jones (KC @ CLE)
  41. Fred Taylor (NE @ NYJ)
  42. Darren Sproles (SD vs. JAC)
  43. Correll Buckhalter (DEN vs. SEA)
  44. Chester Taylor (CHI @ DAL)
  45. Leon Washington (SEA @ DEN)
  46. Donald Brown (IND vs. NYG)
  47. Larry Johnson (WAS vs. HOU)
  48. Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI @ ATL)
  49. Michael Bush (OAK vs. STL)

  1. genghis chone says:

    PPR, point per 25 kick/punt return yards.

    Trying to choose between Harvin (sucked last week but I still like him, is apparently the NFL’s only WR1/KR), Nicks (basically a shoo-in unless he’s not playing), Best (aside from TDs, bad week last week, possibly playing a better D with a worse QB now) and Amendola (sweet matchup against non-Asomugha Raiders CB, had like 3 red zone targets last week, returns all punts and some kicks) for a WR spot and a flex spot. I am really tempted to go with Amendola alongside Nicks for the above reasons, any objections? Thanks!

  2. Matt B says:

    in a PPR who do you like out of: Gaffney, Breaston, Mike Thomas, Mike Williams TB.

    I need RB and can get Charles + 1 above for Fitzgerald + Sproles

  3. Hugh says:


    Pick 2 to start (non-ppr, WR and Flex):

    Tony Gonzalez, Peyton Hillis, Johnny Knox, Mike Wallace, Willis McGahee, Jacoby Jones, Leon Washington

    I have a claim in on B-Jax (for Leon) and Naanee (for Tony G) – If I don’t get Naanee, should I grab Clayton, Aromashadu, or Williams (SEA), or Zach Miller for Tony G?

    Last one.

    If I don’t get B-Jax, would you drop Leon or Tony G for Naanee? or for Clayton, Williams, Aromashadu, Miller, etc…



  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt B: I like Williams.

    @Hugh:I would go for Naanee and Aroma after BJax. and drop Leon and Gonzo

  5. Gambler says:

    2 defensive questions:

    1. Which defense do you like for this week: Oak (Stl) or Pit (Ten)

    2. Which defense do you like for week 3: NO (Atl), SF (@KC) or Was (@Stl).. (Just want to avoid the waiver for next week agh)

  6. mapwheel says:

    I’m surprised you don’t have Bradshaw higher after what we saw the Colts do in week 1; or rather, what we saw the Colts NOT do–stop the run. If Bradshaw can put up half of what Mr. Foster put up, he would seem like a borderline top-ten guy. Have any thoughts on that?

  7. paulzone says:

    would you rather have thomas jones or donald brown?

    jones was recently dropped…i own brown with matthews, thomas, bradshaw, moreno

  8. Cullen says:

    Alright a couple tough decisions this week:

    At tight end, Heath Miller vs Owen Daniels (I’m leaning towards Miller)

    and I need to start two Wide Receivers out of the following 7: Steve Smith (Car), Hines Ward, Dez Bryant, Mike Williams, Eddie Royal, Mark Clayton, Percy Harvin (I’m leaning toward Ward and Smith)

    And then at the flex either one of those receivers, Javhid Best, or LT (I’m leaning towards Bryant)

    Any thoughts?

  9. Drew Crew says:

    I need to pick 2 out of Foster, Charles, and McCoy. 1 ppr. Feel like i gotta go with JC and Foster, but McCoy’s match-up is almost too good to pass up.

  10. Dakota says:

    Just got this trade proposal. Thoughts?

    Matt Forte for Antonio Gates (I have Forte right now).

    It’s a 2 RB, RB/WR league and my TE is Carlson (who I’m luke warm on).

    My other running backs – Turner, Addai, Carnell Williams, Marian Barber, Donald Brown.

    My WRs – Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (Car), Mike Williams (TB), Mike Wallace, Gaffney, Lee effing Evans.

  11. friar says:

    In my 10-team 0.5 PPR league, I’ve been offered Steven Jackson, Tony Gonzalez, and my choice of MSW, Harvin, or Maclin in exchange for Miles Austin, Antonio Gates, and my choice of Reggie Bush or Cadillac. I have three questions:

    1) Should I do this trade? My RB situation isn’t ideal and it’d be great to get a first round talent like Jackson, but I’m worried it might deplete my WRs too much. My current roster is 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex from:
    RB: DeAngelo, Addai, Bush, Cadillac, Jacobs
    WR: Andre Johnson, Austin, Bowe

    2) If I do this trade, which of the possible players should I choose to give and receive?

    3) I’m tempted to make a counter proposal of Austin, Gates, and Cadillac for SJax, Welker, and Cooley/Zach Miller (his choice). Would that be a better trade for me? Is it fair?

    Thanks so much! You guys are great.

  12. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Definitely start Bradshaw over Forte this week in PPR league?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gambler: Pittsburgh, Was

    @mapwheel: I see Jacobs taking work away from him.

    @paulzone: I rather have Jones if you want to use him. But Brown for the long term.

    @Cullen: Miller, Ward, Smith, Best

    @Drew Crew: it is tough, but I just like the other two more.

    @friar: Your trade would be better, but they might not do it. But all you can do is try. I like that first trade ok, but it’s not a must. I’d see if you can get a little more.

    @Dakota: Tough. Is it PPR? Forte is going to get a lot of passes his way this season. If it’s not i could see doing that.

    @Joe B: Yeah, it’s close, but that’s the way I’m going.

  14. friar says:

    @Doc: Thanks, Doc. You were right, he didn’t go for my offer. He countered with Austin, Gates, and Addai for SJax, Welker, and Z. Miller (his original offer also still stands). Would I be selling too low on Addai if I did this?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @friar: It’s close, but I would go for it.

  16. Enos says:

    Maroney was traded to Denver a few days ago. You have him listed as NE.

  17. paulzone says:

    @Doc: i missed out on jones for brown (i am thinking longer term). however, the owner dropped Larry Johnson for Jones. I was targeting LJ as a sleeper this year once Portis gets hurt. I like him more than Brown. What do you think?

  18. LMack says:

    Beanie move up if hes 100%?

    Oh and hate to be “that guy” but you have Maroney on the Patriots.

  19. Mo says:

    I got offered Turner, Flacco and Mason for Rivers, Benson and V-Jax. Thoughts on the trade?

  20. So, if you had Mendenhall, Mccoy, Bradshaw, and Brandon Jackson, which 3 of the 4 would you start in a PPR league?

  21. Brent says:

    How does McFadden’s ranking change if Bush doesn’t play, would you rank him over Brandon Jackson?

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Enos: Fixed, thanks.

    @paulzone: Seems like LJ might stay there. I have him on a few teams for that reason. Just like Brown’s upside if he gets carries in that offense. LJ’s not as much.

    @LMack: Yeah, he would move up. Fixed, thanks.

    @Mo: Mostly depends on what happens with VJax. I like Rivers quite a bit more than Flacco. I think I’d hold.

    @Ballistic: Give me an easier one! I would sit PT against the Niners on the road. But that’s a tough one.

    @Brent: In PPR for sure. It would be pretty close. But yeah.

  23. Angelo says:

    I am looking for a starter for my flex position and WR position. I have a feeling LT will be a good pick this year for my flex position, but if you had to pick two who would it be. LT, Brandon Lloyd, Terrell Owens, and Mark Clayton

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Angelo: Lloyd will be a sneaky play if Royal is out so keep an eye on that. I’d probably lean TO/LT

  25. mark says:

    Who should I start this week? BJAX is staying until Monday. The PT + Gaffney trade went through. Also, why is Gaffney so far down? Just because of the 2 other receivers?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mark: I think how you have it is right on. Yeah, Gaffney is getting crowded out a little. If Royal doesn’t go he gets a boost.

  27. KMar says:

    would you trade brandon jackson and TO for colston and jahvid best?…non ppr and i have ray rice/ryan matthews as my no 1 and 2 rbs…

  28. Mike says:

    I have AP and Brandon jackson starting. Who should be flex?

    J stewart
    Chester Taylor

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @KMar: If Colston really helps your starting WRs I would do it.

    @Mike: JStew

  30. KMar says:

    as of now , my receiving corps is
    jennings, hines ward, santana moss, TO and sidney rice.. so i think colston would definitely be an upgrade

  31. Macco says:

    T.Jones at 40 is way too low. Still he’ll split carries with Charles and look up Jones’ last game vs. CLE!

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