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Week 3 Rankings

  1. Adrian Peterson (MIN vs. DET)
  2. Chris Johnson (TEN @ NYG)
  3. Ray Rice (BAL vs. CLE)
  4. Frank Gore (SF @ KC)
  5. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC vs. PHI)
  6. Pierre Thomas (NO vs. ATL)
  7. LeSean McCoy (PHI @ JAC)
  8. Steven Jackson (STL vs. WAS)
  9. Jahvid Best (DET @ MIN)
  10. Michael Turner (ATL @ NO)
  11. Darren McFadden (OAK @ ARI)
  12. Arian Foster (HOU vs. DAL)
  13. Cedric Benson (CIN @ CAR)
  14. DeAngelo Williams (CAR vs. CIN)
  15. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT @ TB)
  16. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG vs. TEN)
  17. Joseph Addai (IND @ DEN)
  18. Matt Forte (CHI vs. GB)
  19. Jamaal Charles (KC vs. SF)
  20. Mike Tolbert (SD @ SEA)
  21. Clinton Portis (WAS @ STL)
  22. Ronnie Brown (MIA vs. NYJ)
  23. Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI vs. OAK)
  24. Brandon Jackson (GB @ CHI)
  25. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ @ MIA)
  26. Shonn Greene (NYJ @ MIA)
  27. Marshawn Lynch (BUF @ NE)
  28. Marion Barber (DAL @ HOU)
  29. Tim Hightower (ARI vs. OAK)
  30. Fred Taylor (NE vs. BUF)
  31. Carnell “Cadillac” Williams (TB vs. PIT)
  32. Thomas Jones (KC vs. SF)
  33. Jonathan Stewart (CAR vs. CIN)
  34. Justin Forsett (SEA vs. SD)
  35. Felix Jones (DAL @ HOU)
  36. Fred Jackson (BUF @ NE)
  37. Ricky Williams (MIA vs. NYJ)
  38. Donald Brown (IND @ DEN)
  39. Laurence Maroney (DEN vs. IND)
  40. Peyton Hillis (CLE @ BAL)
  41. Correll Buckhalter (DEN vs. IND)
  42. Jerome Harrison (CLE @ BAL)
  43. Willis McGahee (BAL vs. CLE)
  44. Darren Sproles (SD @ SEA)
  45. Jason Snelling (ATL @ NO)
  46. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE vs. BUF)
  47. Correll Buckhalter (DEN vs. IND)
  48. Keiland Williams (WAS @ STL)
  49. Brandon Jacobs (NYG vs. TEN)
  50. James Davis (CLE @ BAL)
  51. John Kuhn (GB @ CHI)
  52. C.J. Spiller (BUF @ NE)
  53. Isaac Redman (PIT @ TB)
  54. Earnest Graham (TB vs. PIT)
  55. Mike Goodson (CAR vs. CIN)
  56. Steve Slaton (HOU vs. DAL)
  57. Toby Gerhart (MIN vs. DET)
  58. Michael Bush (OAK @ ARI)
  59. Kareem Huggins (TB vs. PIT)
  60. Christopher Ivory (NO vs. ATL)

  1. Mateo says:

    Doc, would you trade Vick for Mendenhall? I have Cutler as my other QB and my RB’s are Shonn Greene, Moreno, DeAngelo, Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert.

  2. Daniel says:

    20th… A truly sad day for Jamaal Charles owners everywhere.

  3. Shippity says:

    lol. here I was pondering tolbert v charles when I see doc has his rankings posted. needless to say I’m not any closer to deciding. probably shouldn’t sweat a decision that close even if they are the most entertaining to think about.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mateo: I would make that trade.

    @Daniel: tis

    @Shippity: I actually have a pretty good feeling about JC getting more work this week, but SF does have a stout rush D.

  5. Calogero says:

    I have to make the disclaimer that I think you have some of the best advice on the internets, and I hate to pick nits….

    but given Beanie’s status of being “not in football shape” http://blog.azcardinals.com/2010/09/23/beanies-potential-workload-and-the-defenses-meeting/ in addition to the Cardinals strange insistence on using Hightower in goal line situations, I have to think Hightower’s the back to play out of Cardinals backfield this weekend.

    I’d say Hightower has potential to put up anywhere from 5 (if the Cardinals get dominated and abandon the run or he fumbles) to 18, while Beanie could legitimately put up as few as 2 to maybe 15 points max. I think if the Cards have a lead to salt away (which they really should at home vs. Oakland), then Hightower is the back they’ll feed since they won’t to risk Beanie’s health if a win looks imminent. That plus the homerun ability he showed last week and his goalline work make me think their rankings should be switched.

    I’d still obviously want Wells going forward, but for week 3 in particular I think Hightower has a much better shot at being a solid Flex.

  6. Angelo Brown says:

    My last question…. I have L.T, J.C Mark Clayton, and Demaryius Thomas. I have one flex position to fill, one RB, and one WR position position to fill. Out of the four who would you bench?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Angelo Brown: Clayton

    @Calogero: Yeah, if it looks like he’ll be limited I’ll move Hightower ahead of him.

  8. ELaw says:

    2 flex positions:

    I have JC, Hightower, Walter, Clayton, Bowe…who should I start?

  9. hacienda says:

    Ack. I’m struggling with my RB2. Given that Harrison is hurt/limited/fumbling, any chance you’d start Hillis over B.Jackson and B.Wells in PPR this week? None of these feels like a good play, but based on your rankings would you really go with Wells?

  10. bartaksu says:

    why the low ranking on Mendenhall? Is that more a reflection of the QB situation, the run blocking or Tampa’s D? Or all of the above?

  11. 24hourjack says:

    I’m dealing w/ the problem i anticipated when i used early rd. picks on Aaron Rodgers and Dallas Clark,and now my RB2 options are all “RB2” options on their actual teams………..I’m attempting to work out a trade,but the owners in my league refuse to let me rip them off-they’re being very unreasonable if you ask me….

    anyway,how would you rank these RB’s,this wk. and overall for the season?….

    Tim Hightower

    Thomas Jones

    Willis McGahee

  12. 24hourjack says:

    sorry Doc……i forgot to mention its a 12 team Yahoo H2H standard scoring league.

  13. 24hourjack says:

    one more question…. I think i can land Shonn Greene for Percy Harvin….

    at this point,it seems like an even trade,since both players have underperformed,but personally I see Greene as more likely to start putting up big numbers than Harvin,thats why I’m trying to buy low on Greene…..

    so whats your overall opinion of this move?

  14. Dave Nyce says:

    Hello Doc got a trade question for ya.

    Espn Scoring – Everything standard but 6pt for thrown TD and half a point per reception. 10 Teams

    QBs- J. Flacco, B. Roethlisberger
    RBs- R. Rice, A. Foster, LT, F. Jones(Dal),
    WRs- M. Austin, R. White, W. Welker, D. Driver, L. Naanee, Sid Rice
    TEs- A. Gates
    Def- Cowboys, Bengals

    Been 2 tough road games for Flacco and I’m not sold on his demise just yet but have been offered an interesting trade.

    QBs- M. Vick
    WRs- Megatron, D. Thomas (Den)


    WR- M. Austin OR R. White

    Would you do the trade and which reciever would you rather keep Austin or White?

    Thanks Doc

  15. Joel says:


    Non-PPR, 1 pt. per 20 yds gained. I’ve been offered best and megatron for Foster and Boldin. I have to do it, right?

  16. Dave Nyce says:

    Forgot to add:

    He also has J. Cutler… Who do you like better for the year Cutler or Vick?

    Thanks Doc

  17. Joel says:

    Doc, with regard to my trade question in #16, it has been changed to Best and Welker for Foster and Boldin. would you do that? Its non-ppr, 1 pt. per 20yds, 5 pts for TDs.

  18. mapwheel says:

    Oh man, Darren McFadden should have a good matchup this week. So dynamic on the field. I also really like his music, especially “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I don’t think it is a slam dunk. i liked it better with Megatron. I think Foster could be more consistent in non ppr.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ELaw: JC and Hightower

    @hacienda: I may move Wells down if it looks like he’ll be limited. Your options aren’t good there. Even if Hillis gets all the work he has the Ravens. And I think Davis will probably split with him anyway. I’d lean toward BJax.

    @bartaksu: Pretty much all of the above. But I still think he’s in the RB2 range.

    @24hourjack: I’d rank them in the order you have. So much depends on the health of their handcuff. I hate when people are unreasonable like that.

    @24hourjack: I’d do that. Good move.

    @Dave Nyce: Yeah, I’d do that trade. White and Austin are really close. I’d lean toward trading White. i prefer Cutler, but that’s just because I’d like to see more out of Vick. It could go either way.

    @mapwheel: I like when he sings it note for note.

  21. Joel says:

    so Doc, you’d take Foster over Best rest of season? My one worry is that Houston is so much of a passing offense, whereas I can imagine most of DET’s scoring will involve best.

    also, would you rather have Welker or Boldin in non-ppr? welker seems to be getting td passes this year.

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Yeah, I think it’s really close (hence my not really answering the question!!). Best Welker have more upside. I think the Foster side is a little safer. I usually lean to the upside side more though.

  23. Joel says:

    Doc, just wanted to let you know I pulled the trigger on the deal. My other RBs besides Foster are Sjax, Bradshaw, Greene (after your great advice earlier this week that I should get him), Barber and RickyWilliams. I figure with SJax and Bradshaw I’m pretty safe, so I wanted to go for the high octane Best addition. Watching the game last week, i could almost feel the Philly defenders panicking every time he got the ball.

    Thanks again for all the great advice.

  24. Jimmy says:

    Malcolm Floyd @sea
    Megatron @min
    Mark Clayton vs was

    i need 1, non ppr

  25. MR says:

    My weekly 11th hour question to fill last starter for the week. This week need my question is about which RB on my roster I should start alongside AP. My choices are Jackson (GB), Hightower (ARI), Bradshaw (NYG), Forsett (SEA). Was leaning toward Jackson but now wavering between all of them depending on what time you ask. Thought!

  26. Nick says:

    Doc, Start or Sit:

    QB: Cutler or Flacco?

    RB3: Portis or Tolbert?

    Much appreciated.

  27. margaritamama says:

    Doc: New England D or Arizona D week3?

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: Nice!

    @Jimmy: Gotta stick with Megatron

    @MR: Going with Bradshaw. Bears rush D has been stout.

    @Nick: Cutler/Tolbert Portis is questionable

    @margaritamama: New England

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