I’ll never feel great about dropping a guy. You invested something in these dudes and you want to give them some time to prove that you aren’t an idiot. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and move on. So let’s move on and see who’s out there worth consideration:


1. Cam Newton: If he is out there still he is a must add. He probably isn’t, but hey, there’s no harm in checking. Well, unless you get fired for looking at fake football at work and then there is harm.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick: He’s looking like the real deal in Chan Gailey’s new rock em sock em offense. With a good running attack led by Fred Jackson, a good change of pace guy in Spiller, and and emerging receiving group, he should be able to continue putting up startable numbers with good matchups.

3. Matt Hasselbeck: He’s an injury risk no doubt, but got the job done against the Ravens last week and has some pretty nice offensive pieces to work with right now.  He’s looking safer than some of the other QB fodder out there.

4. Rex Grossman: T-Rex is going to throw picks and drive you crazy, but he’s putting up the fantasy points. He’ll continue to be a matchup play, but is worth a backup spot.

5. Mike Kafka: We have a Harvard grad and a Northwestern grad on that list. I doubt that has happened all that often in fake football periodicals, if ever. The quarterback for the Eagles will always have value and if you own Vick you have to be a little worried, even if he returns from his concussion by next week.

6. Blaine Gabbert: This is for you crazy deep 2 QB leaguers. Sunshine has got the goods to play, but of course will go through growing pains. Amazingly Cam Newton and Andy Dalton have already showed they can play in this here league and Gabbert could be next. Luke McCown has looked God awful and Gabbert at least didn’t crap himself and curl up into the fetal position when called upon.

7. Jon Kitna: It’s being reported Tony Romo has a punctured lung. Most doctors recommend not flying with your internal breathing apparatus cut open, but right now it seems like he might still play. If you are a Romowner and have room, it might behoove you to grab Kitna.

Running Backs:

1. Daniel Thomas: It’s hard not to see Thomas as the lead back after Sunday’s game. All the talk of him tip toeing around and not running hard and Sparano not liking him all went out the window against Houston. He’s not going to blow the league away with his skills, but he was running tough and showed good vision on Sunday as the one cut and go type instead of the Reggie Bush type. He’s #1 on this list because he is the surest bet to be the go to guy for the season.

2. Ben Tate: He’s most likely owned, but I had a couple questions about picking him up, so I guess he’s out there in a few leagues. Kubiak said today that Tate would be the guy until Foster is fully healed. Of course he gave no timeline for that, but it looks like Tate will get the start next week in New Orleans. He’ll be a good start there for sure and who knows what will happen after that.  He’s a must grab if he’s floating around out there.

3. Jonathan Stewart (Same disclaimer as above) He amazingly caught 8 passes on Sunday which matched his numbers from last season! We really need to see the Panthers in a game where they don’t have to pass every down (which may not happen) before we know how Deangelo Williams and JStew will break down, but the fact that Stewart got 8 receptions makes it worth grabbing him even if you are in a very shallow league. I doubt the Panthers will have many leads and whoever is in on passing downs will have value.

4. Roy Helu: Helu is built perfectly for the Shanahan system, but his rookieness has held him back. Tim Hightower is more seasoned and a better pass blocker and that was very much needed by the Native Americans, but if Helu continues to learn the system and excel, it will be hard to keep him out of the game, like it was on Sunday.

5. Delone Carter: Adding guys in the best position to become the main running back is the way to run your bench and Carter is one of those guys. He took over whole possessions for Joe Addai last week and the more the Colts lose the more they’ll want to know what they have in Carter.

6. Dexter McCluster: It’s really hard to like any player on the Chiefs right now, but McCluster has the ability to do a lot of things and his upside can be generated by his ability, not how good his team is. He could possibly transcend his teams crappiness the way JC Superstar did. I do feel better about adding him in PPR than non, but he’s worth a look in both.

Wide Receivers:

1. Mike Thomas: If he’s dropped after his 3 reception 29 yard day, grab him before you would any of these guys. Blaine Gabbert targeted him a couple times when he took over for McCown and he’s still the #1 receiver there.

2. Denarius Moore: If he had Tom Brady throwing to him I’d give my first born to get him on my team, but he doesn’t. Right? Ok, so you have a crazy good receiver that, as long as they keep starting him and throwing him the ball, can easily be a starter on your fantasy team. He may have the most upside out of all these guys if they give him the targets he deserves.

3. Eric Decker: Eddie Royal is most likely out a few weeks and with Decker’s big game on Sunday we should see Decker continue to get opportunities. If Lloyd is out again he is a #1 option, but even as a #2 receiver he will be up there in PPR leagues and serviceable in non-PPR.

4. Mike Sims-Walker: MSW has 7 targets and we are just in the 2nd quarter of this Monday Night game. Could we have our #1 receiver in St. Louis? Hard to say, but a speculative add isn’t out of the question.

5. David Nelson: I’ve been trying to figure out who the true #2 receiver in Buffalo is and it looks like I’ve found my answer; one Dave Nelson. The guy is 6’5″, 217 pounds and is in an offense that spreads the ball out in the passing game. He’s a big target. I think he’ll continue to get work, but it could be a little spotty so don’t drop Andre Johnson for him just yet.

6. Brandon LaFell: The reason I like LaFell here is because I don’t like Legedu Naanee. LaFell is a better talent and should start to see more targets than him, and even if he doesn’t, he’s averaging 15 yards a reception, so you know Cam is looking for him down field. Add that to him being targeted in the red zone 3 times last week and Newton’s surprisingly great play and I think you’ve got to make a preemptive strike here.

7. Jerome Simpson: I’m not super high on Simpson, but he’s sure getting the job done so far.  If the tremendous amount of targets keep heading his way, 9 in each game, then he can retain his value. I think AJ Green will start to dominate those targets, but with Jordan Shipley out for the season we may seen his numbers stay up there which would make for a decent add.

8. Titus Young: Young is young. That is probably what will hold him back for now. That and Nate Burleson. But he did have a nice game and he runs a 4.4 40 which goes well with Stafford’s grenade launcher arm. He’s going to be inconsistent, but he has a lot of raw talent.

Tight Ends:

1. Fred Davis: It’s often hard for tight ends to duplicate numbers from week to week and especially when you have another tight end out there cramping your style, but Davis has put back to back big games up and he’s getting the targets as well. That’s a must add.

2. Lance Kendricks: You can’t be too fickle with tight ends or you will be chasing points all over the place. Opportunity and ability should win out in the end. Lance has both and will eventually make good on both.

3. Ed Dickson: Ed is still going to lose some targets to Dennis Pitta, but seems to have a strong hold on the majority of the targets right now. I like the Ravens offense to get him regular red zone looks.

4. Jermaine Gresham: He had a down game after a good one week 1. Shizz happens. With Andy Dalton showing he can actually play, Gresham should benefit.

5. Brent Celek: Week 1 Celek had 3 targets, week 2 he had 7. I believe he will be used more this season, but we’ll have to see if this becomes a trend or if it’s just an aberration.

6. Evan Moore: All this guy does is score touchdowns. Of course he only had one target last game. If you are feeling risky he can be spot started to hope he snags a TD for you, but that’s about it right now.

  1. Iceman says:

    No Dallas RBs?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Iceman: Jones should go next week. Choice and Murray will cancel each other out even if their touches go up.

  3. I Am the Liquor says:

    Hey Doc- Would you trade Andre for Chris Johnson? .5 ppr
    My team: 2 WR, 2RB, 1 FLEX
    QB- STafford, Ryan
    RB- Mendenhall, Felix, Addai, Karim, Carter, McCluster
    WR- AJ, Marshall, Lloyd, Decker, McCluster, M Thomas

  4. Magic says:

    I was offered AJ Green for Daniel Thomas. I need a WR3 and Thomas is on my bench… I’m very tempted.

    Also was offered Andre Johnson + Felix Jones for Forte and D. Thomas. (0.333 PPR)

    I’m leaning toward the AJ Green deal so I don’t have to give up Forte. Thoughts?

  5. Deerock00 says:

    This might sound crazy but got to ask… I have Percy Harvin on my bench, 2 TE Finley and Gonzalez that I’ve been switching back and fourth. But one could go… Would it be worth it to drop one and pick up someone like Thomas or Moore. They all have put up very mediocre numbers, well except Gonzalez yesterday.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @I Am the Liquor: I think with your team I would.

    @Magic: I really think DT will have more trade value later, but if you feel good with your starters I could see doing it.

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Deerock00: Don’t get trigger happy there. I’d hold.

  8. busta says:

    Lost Charles for good and Austin for awhile in non-ppr. Here’s my roster:

    QB: Stafford (BigBen)
    RB: McFadden/Mathews (MBush/Hightower)
    WR: Austin(O)/Boldin/S.Johnson (J.Simpson/Collie)
    TE: Graham
    K: Bryant
    IR: Charles

    1. Team that lost Vick has Cutler for backup but might want a QB. Would you try BigBen for an injured Steven Jackson (his highest drafted RB)? Otherwise he has Sproles/Best/Addai.
    2. Team that may lose Romo has no backup QB. He’s got Rice (probably untouchable)/Deangelo/Ingram/Lynch/RBush. Ben for Ingram?
    3. BigBen for Beanie Wells? Other team has Shaub and no backup (so unlikely).
    4. BigBen for Blount? Owner has Freeman/Kolb….could also try Mathews or Hightower for his Mendy or Blount (he has Tolbert).

    WW question: would you burn the #2 ww claim on a guy like Decker/Nelson/Moore at WR or Jones/McCluster at RB? I haven’t heard a single positive word out of KC’s offense so I’m thinking no on either of their RB’s. Which WR would you target if you’d spend the claim (active league)?

  9. Amishfrank says:

    do you like davis over jimmy? graham’s a beast but brees just likes to spread the ball so much

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Amishfrank: I’d stick with Davis.

    @busta: I’d try Ben for Best (probably a no go) then Ingram. I could see going Moore with the #2 pick.

  11. Alex says:

    Drafted about a month ago and looking shallow at WR with Collie as my WR2 and Mike Thomas as my WR3. Would you offer to trade Frank Gore for Dez Bryant straight up to the owner who just lost J.C.? That would still let me start Ray Rice and a Beanie/Starks combo. Other receivers he has I could target are Moss and Stevie. Any help is appreciated

  12. Alex says:

    That would leave me with Fizgerald/Sims-Walker/Bryant at WR and playing Mike Thomas with matchups. Thanks Doc

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Alex: I wouldn’t make that trade straight up. I could see trying to grab Stevie if you think you could get him for less.

  14. Alex says:

    Thanks Doc. Would you try to offer Beanie or Starks for Stevie? my WR situation is coming up ‘short’ (bad Mike Thomas joke. Glad I don’t write for this site)

  15. Alex says:

    Actually, disregard that. I will try to buy low given his hammy and Romo’s broken ribs. I’ll try to offer Beanie straight up and if that doesn’t work toss in a wr3 or 4.

  16. Matt says:

    Do you think either Helu, Moore, or Nelson is legit enough to spend a #2 waiver spot on? Or should i save it for someone thats a safer bet to contribute? 10 team league non-ppr

  17. Projectbass says:

    . 5 PPR

    How do you rank Daniel Thomas, McCluster, Pierre Thomas, and CJ Spiller?

  18. and1mcgee says:

    Denarius Moore or Devery Henderson? ppr

  19. Dominic says:

    PPR Dynasty league, Brandon Pettigrew or Fred Davis?

  20. and1mcgee says:

    @Dominic: Fred Davis

  21. The Sequential Hermpaphrodite says:

    Would you drop Owen Daniels for Fred Davis? Davis has gotten more targets so far.

  22. DSimms says:

    Which RB tier should I target if I try to trade a package deal of MSW+Mcgahee?

  23. Vik says:

    @Doc – Standard Yahoo league, I was offered Cam Newton and Ingram for Freeman and Tate. Should I take it?

  24. DKAS says:

    Pick up questions: Helu or Mcculster
    Keller or Fred Davis.

    I’ll be dropping Sidney Rice and back up Defense, it is a 10 team ppr league and I already have hightower. Thanks

  25. JStein says:

    Really love the site. Have learned a ton!

    2 qb league. 14 teams so its super deep with a 2 flex positions. PPR

    Would you trade fitzgerald/mccoy for stafford?

    QB: mccoy; hasselback
    WR: fitz; welker; l. moore; amendola; d. moore; avant; s. rice; b. lafell
    RB: Mendenhall; Blount; Spiller; Hardesty
    TE: M. Lewis; F. Davis

    I feel like I’m super deep at WR and can risk going for stafford. I know mccoy is going to throw up some 5 point games; haven’t been impressed. What you think, is it too much to give up?

    Thanks for any help!!!

  26. M2L says:

    Pick up question: 12 team PPR legue.
    Do I use my # 1 waiver on J Stewart or R Helu
    My RB

  27. M2L says:

    Pick up question: Do I use my # 1 waiver on J Stewart or R Helu?
    My RB

  28. Charles Owner says:

    None of the RB’s are available on my waiver. #Lame.

    Any suggestions or buy low candidates for trading?

  29. Jeff says:

    I had a big trade proposed to me. Jamaal Charles was my #1 RB and didn’t have much backup depth.

    I give up: Mike Wallace & Lance Moore
    I get: Michael Turner & Jacoby Jones.

    My WR Depth is: Calvin Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Sidney Rice, Mike Thomas.

    Fair trade? Should I take it?

  30. RJ says:

    i need to pick up a tight end for next week due to the Hernandez injury. Would you free up a roster spot by dropping LaDainian Tomlinson or Lee Evans?

  31. fred haase says:

    Nice write up per usual…

    Greg Olsen or Fred Davis in my 12 team PPR(14 roster spots)? Would like both… but have AHernandez as well and he is too dynamic to flat out drop methinks.

  32. Randy says:

    Well I was able to get Helu. :)
    I have another issue.
    Hernandez is my TE. Kendricks is my back-up (nervous after tonight’s game)
    Should I drop Kendricks for Marcedes Lewis, Pettigrew, Dickson, Gresham or hold?

  33. swalmy says:

    Hey doc looking for qb. Got to pick for week 3 Ben. R. Rex. Or hasselbeck ? Flex option as well . Ryan Matthews, James starts Eric decker? .5ppr thanks

  34. swalmy says:

    Or chad henne ?

  35. G says:

    What are your thoughts on Nate Washington.

    I’m done with Knox, that leaves me two spots to get:

    Nate Washington
    Eric Decker
    Brandon LaFell

  36. Randy says:

    #25 con’t…
    Pettigrew isn’t available.

  37. t2green2 says:

    Doc, Was offered Lloyd and S Jax for (my) Decker and Benson…….Pull the trigger and dont look back, right?

  38. debar says:

    drop any of jacoby ford, robert meachem, sidney rice for any of fitzpatrick, daniel thomas, delone carter, denarius moore?

    is fred davis better ros than either owen daniels or dallas clark?

    rest of team is: cutler | ap, blount, hightower | jennings, burleson

  39. Jeff says:

    Julio Jones
    Denarius Moore
    A.J. Green
    Eric Decker

    pick one in a PPR with Miles Austin down and Percy not dependable :(

    WW starts at 9AM

  40. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    I posted this last night and got some good feedback,but if I accept this trade I would be basically rebuilding my entire team,so I want as much feedback as possible….it a 10 team ppr h2h keeper league.

    I lost Charles and coluld use another RB.This is an offer I was sent….

    I get Schaub,Bradshaw,D. Williams and Brandon Marshall and give up Stafford,Charles,D. Thomas and Meachem(Thomas and Meachem were ww p/u’s from last wk).

    It looks good for me except that Stafford has looked SO good so far and still has more upside than Schaub(right?).plus I’m 2-0 so far w/ little contribution from Charles.Also,a RB coming off a serious knee injury worries me a lot.Theres a good chance that I wont keep Charles next yr anyway.

    here’s my current roster….

    WR-C. Johnson
    BN-D. Thomas
    BN-Mike Thomas

    I appreciate your help….thnks.

  41. Purple Jesus says:

    howdy. romo (if playing w/ internal trauma) or newton week 3?

  42. Johnny Ringo says:

    In need of a QB in a 14 teamer after only getting Orton/Cassel at auction. Thoughts on getting Freeman/Julio Jones for Tolbert/Jordy Nelson?

  43. Ray says:

    Drop Ryan Grant for Helu? Looking like Grant won’t hold any value unless Starks gets hurt.

  44. Rags says:

    I haven’t seen any Cardinals games. Thoughts on TE King? Two TD’s in two games. Better than Olsen or Kendricks?

  45. schlitzy says:

    Who would you prefer this week if Romo can’t go – Rexy or Kitna?

  46. Pepe Silvia says:

    Standard 10 team league, no PPR, no return yards. I really, really don’t like voting to veto trades, but this one just seems laughably awful. Am I overreacting?

    Team 1 gets:
    Philip Rivers

    Team 2 gets:
    Josh Freeman
    Plax Burress
    Darren Sproles

  47. Mungfisher says:

    What do you think it will take to land CJ2K in a trade? My team: Vick, Ray Rice, Ryan Matthews, Fred Jackson, McGahee, Helu, Daniel Thomas, M. Wallace, B. Marshall, Steve Johnson, N. Burleson, A. Collie. CJ2K owner hurting at WR.

    Also, Henne (@ Cle) or Kolb (@ Sea) to fill in for Vick this week? Or should I just roll with Kafka?

  48. schlitzy says:

    One more- 12 team league where I’m weak at RB (Tolbert is my #1) but I have Andre Johnson and Mike Wallace (we only start 2 WR), is Wallace and McGahee for CJ a good offer? Guess I am asking for your thoughts on CJ going forward. With Wallace out my WR2 would be mix/match between Denarius Moore and David Nelson. Could grab MSW off wire. Thanks.

  49. Ryan says:

    What defense would you rather start in week 3? Chargers (vs. Chiefs) or 49ers (vs. Bengals)?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Rags: Yeah, he’s just not getting enough targets yet. The TDs are nice, but he’s not going to get 16.

    @Ray: I can see that. The upside move is Helu.

    @Johnny Ringo: Not a huge upgrade, but a good enough one to make the trade.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: I’d hate to lose Stafford in Dynasty. Schaub is good, but not elite. I could see it working for this season, but don’t like it as much long term.

    @Purple Jesus: Wow, my first tough Cam start question! I’m going to lean Romo as long as he practices and looks good. Any hiccups and back to Cam.

    @Jeff: Green

    @debar: I’d drop Ford and Rice for DT and then whoever you need more QB/WR/RB.

    @t2green2: yep

    @G: Nate almost made the list, but I’d lean Decker

    @swalmy: All three have decent matchups. Between Rex and Ben for me. Leaning Rex because I think that will be a shootout. And Starks.

    @Randy: Yeah, Kendricks is pissing me off. I’m holding, but Dickson would be my choice if you want to switch out. TEs are tough.

    @fred haase: Thanks. Davis.

    @RJ: They’re close so I’d drop whichever position you feel is deepest.

    @Jeff: It’s fair, but I’d only take it if you are in Non-PPR.

    @Charles Owner: CJ, Ingram, SJax, Foster

    @M2L: Stew

    @JStein: Thanks. I think it’s fair in a 2 QB league. That’s a huge upgrade for you at QB.

    @DKAS: Keller/Helu

    @Vik: Yep

    @DSimms: Really depends on the trade partner’s needs. But it will be hard to get a RB2 there and that’s what you’ll want to go for. I’d try for Ingram.

    @The Sequential Hermpaphrodite: I’m holding OD for now.

    @Dominic: Davis

    @and1mcgee: Moore

    @Projectbass: 1 Daniel Thomas, 3 McCluster, 4 Pierre Thomas, and 2 CJ Spiller

    @Matt: In a ten teamer it’s close. Really depends on how good your team is.

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ryan: Chargers

    @schlitzy: Wallace straight up is what I would give. I still like CJ. He’ll get back on track, especially with the passing game showing life.

    @Mungfisher: Kolb to be safe. I’d start with Marshall and McGahee

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Pepe Silvia: It’s not that fair, but not vetoable.

    @schlitzy: Rexy

  53. timSTi says:

    @Doc: .5 ppr:
    Ford or D.Moore?
    Winslow or Davis?

  54. Lubey says:

    Hey Doc,

    What is your take on the future of Austin Collie? He had ten targets last week but only 3 catches. So true about never wanting to drop a guy. All the wavier receivers are available execpt for Thomas. I feel like I should hold but what is your expert opinion?? PPR, start 2 wr-Wallace/Manningham and my bench has Thomas and Collie. Thanks!!

  55. trick dad says:

    trade hightower for starks & moreno? lost JC and have no RB depth now!

  56. rascal says:

    10 team redraft league and I have RBs of Mendenhall, McFadden, Moreno, Ingram, McGahee, and Stewart. WRs are Holmes, Lloyd, Harvin, Steve Johnson, and Burleson. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, and 2 RB/WR.

    Ingram and Moreno are pissing me off, but I think I should hold them for now. Thoughts on them going forward?

    Also, would you trade Burleson, Holmes, and Stewart for Roddy White and Rice (guy is starting Floyd @ Flex, and he owns DeAngelo)? I offered Harvin in place of Holmes, but I’m thinking he comes back wanting more.

  57. DDT says:


    Two questions:

    1). Would you drop Bess, Benn, or Sanders for either Decker or Moore?
    2). Do you rank Decker or D. Moore above Lance Moore?

  58. DDT says:

    Amendment to the questions: non PPR.

  59. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Non PPR:
    DeAngelo, J-Stew, or D.Thomas .. Need 2 of those 3 for bench depth.

  60. Denys says:

    i don’t know if it’s been asked, but – rank in order of replacement for Charles:

    Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster, La’Ron McClain.

  61. Sach says:

    lost Jamaal, pick up Helu or McCluster?
    drop meachem or Harvin for D. Moore or E. Decker?

  62. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Hi, 10 team league w/flex: howd you evaluate Ben Tates trade value w/an arian foster owner? Would you expect a WR2 or WR3 (.5ppr) in return

    also, who do you recommend cam or fitzp for the week?


  63. trick dad says:

    which side in non-ppr?
    romo, forte and sims-walker for
    rivers, greene, ingram, and julio jones

  64. Jeremy says:

    time for a weekly defense swap. should I take the cardinals vs the seahwaks or the chragers against the chiefs? seahawks are more turnover prone in the early going but the chargers seem to have a better overall unit

  65. MattW says:

    @Doc: Doc,

    In a 2QB non-PPR league, I think I need WR talent…I have:

    Reggie Wayne
    Jacoby Jones
    Jacoby Ford
    Sydney Rice
    Danny Amendola

    I was thinking of giving myself more depth by trading:

    V-Jax and Danny Amendola


    Brandan Marshall and AJ Green


  66. strugz says:

    In a PPR, I just sent Cam/Devery for Bradford/Steve Johnson (Buf). Also, gave Hightower/Fitzpatrick for Ahmad. How’d I do?

    Stafford = QB
    Run DMC, Forte, Foster/Tate = RB
    Maclin/Britt = WR

  67. Joel says:

    Start McCluster at WR3 over Collie and Rice, right? (Yahoo).

    Also, should I try to trade Arian Foster for Chris Johnson?

  68. Rags says:

    I’m stacked at RB with McFadden, Hillis, Starks, Tolbert, DeAngelo, and Carter. Need WRs though. Non-PPR.

    Would you trade Hillis to JC’s owner for either Bryant or Britt? I’d ask for Bush as a cuff to McFadden too.

  69. nostrathomas says:

    Would you drop dallas clark for fred davis?

  70. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Doc,
    Below is my current roster as Im in a PPR league with a flex. I was thinking about losing Grant/Ridley/M. Lewis for JStew or Helu and Grant/Ridley/M. Lewis for Sims Walker or Denarius Moore

    What moves should I make here? Below is my roster. Fitz is also a QB option as both my QB’s are question marks right now.

    Apparently I need to do something as I have the most points scored in the league and am 0-2!


    Bradshaw – Flex

    Andre Johnson
    Roddy White
    Santonio Holmes

    J Ford
    M. Lewis

  71. Kwadjo says:

    Need to replace Miles Austin with another WR. Here are my options:

    Denarius Moore
    Dexter McCluster (qualifies at WR on ESPN)
    Eric Decker
    M. Massoquoi

    Who’s the pick?

  72. Ryan says:

    Which RB do you like more in week 3? Jahvid Best @ Min or Ben Tate @ NO?

  73. Mark says:

    How do you compare Jacoby Jones and Doucet to D Moore, Decker, and Danarion Alexander? I own Jones and Doucet and want to pick up Moore and Decker, the only problem is out league only allows 20 moves and I’ve already used 4. Would you use a move to upgrade one or both of those WRs? What about Helu, D Carter, or McCluster? Any of them better than those group of WR? My only backs are Hightower, Forte, and Foster and could use some RB depth. Once again, limits on moves is my biggest problem. Thanks Doc!

  74. TJ says:

    Hey Doc,
    Can you please rank (non-ppr)

    WR’s:Holmes, manningham, Sims-Walker, D Moore, J Nelson (start 2)

    QBs: Ryan, Fitzpatric, Newton (tempted to hold all, but only start 1- who to drop?)

    RB:9 Hightower, Ingram, McLuster (for bench depth)

    Thank much

  75. DWU BWEEES! says:

    How much of an improvement is Matt Ryan over Freeman? Is Ryan worth Sanchez and Greene or Starks?

  76. MikeB says:

    I’m finally parting ways with P Manning. I have White, Carolina Smith (the real deal), L Moore and Stevie. So considering Johnson’s groin would it be advantageous to add depth with Nelson? Also available are D. Moore, Decker, Simpson, and Jacoby Ford (don’t need him yet so the injury is not a concern).

  77. Tony says:

    Rolling with Stafford/Cam QB, Mendenhall/Forte at RB, Roddy, Marshall, Lloyd at WR. 10 team non-ppr, non-keeper. Qb depth on the wire is Grossman/Hasselbeck level, and I have the opportunity to move Marshall/Cam for Calvin Johnson. Should I make the move?

  78. Jeff says:

    Doc – fantastic site.

    Are either Meachem or Sidney Rice worth dropping for Mike Thomas or Denarius Moore?

  79. Joel says:


    in non-ppr, my wrs are santonio, manningham, meachem and lance moore. QBs are Stafford and Big ben.

    I can trade Big Ben for maclin and Bradford. what do u think?

  80. Plainview says:

    12 Team Non-PPR – I’m really hurting at WR but have Cam and Brady at QB. Looking at guys in my league who are hurting at QB, some possible WR trade targets would be : Steve Johnson (Buf), Branch, DeSean Jackson, Maclin, Bowe, Santonio Holmes, Megatron.

    Also, I’m playing the poor guy who has Bradford/Henne at QB this week but he also has Britt and Vincent Jackson at WR – my other option is to wait a week and try to deal with him.

    Let me know what you think – thanks.

  81. D Fresh says:

    Lost Charles in my td league. I also have SJax, FJax, and Ingram

    td=6pts, 100+yrds=3pts

    who do i pick up? McGahee, J Stewart, Helu, Kuhn

  82. Anon says:

    Can’t you losers make your own fantasy decisions and leave Doc alone?

  83. Amigo Miguel says:

    Howdy Doc! I’m really struggling at tight end, juggling Pettigrew and Kendricks for now. I’m hoping to target Graham in a trade, and wondering if Ingram is too much to give away? Thanks!

  84. Doc

    Doc says:

    @D Fresh: I’d lean Stewart

    @Plainview: I’d let Cam do his thing against the Jags and then try to get VJax.

    @Joel: that’s fair.

    @MikeB: I’d get Nelson

    @Jeff: Thanks. Yeah, I’d drop Rice for Thomas.

    @Tony: Hmm. It works for your team, but I think you could be selling too low on Cam. But CJ is CJ. It’s worth it.

    @DWU BWEEES!: I think QB depth is too good to make that trade. Fitz, Rex, etc… can work for matchup plays as well as Ryan week to week.

    @TJ: I’d try to trade Ryan for a RB or WR.

    @Mark: WR’s are easier to come by and with a move limit I would probably hold off for now unless you are desperate.

    @Ryan: Tate in non PPR, Best in PPR

    @Kwadjo: Moore

    @Mr2Bits: I’d lose all three for Stew, Helu, MSW

    @nostrathomas: Any chance to trade him on name value? I would if not.

    @Rags: I’d probably do that for Britt, but I wonder if you could deal Tolbert?

  85. Nico says:

    Would you trade Shonn Greene for Dwayne Bowe in a .5 PPR league? Greene hasn’t done a whole lot and Bowe may get an increase in looks (though also probably less TDs). Pull the trigger?

  86. timmy riggins says:

    @timmy riggins: Hi, 10 team league w/flex: howd you evaluate Ben Tates trade value (hold/sell?) and in a trade w/an arian foster owner Would you expect a WR2 or WR3 (.5ppr) in return

    also, who do you recommend cam or fitzp for the week?


  87. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Hi, 10 team league w/flex: howd you evaluate Ben Tates trade value (hold/sell?) and in a trade w/an arian foster owner Would you expect a WR2 or WR3 (.5ppr) in return

    also, who do you recommend cam or fitzp for the week?


  88. MattW says:

    @Doc: In a 2QB non-PPR league, I think I need WR talent…I have:

    Reggie Wayne
    Jacoby Jones
    Jacoby Ford
    Sydney Rice
    Danny Amendola

    I was thinking of giving myself more depth by trading:

    V-Jax and Danny Amendola


    Brandan Marshall and AJ Green


  89. Joel says:


    one other trade Q. I have both Gronk and Fred davis, but only start one TE. If I could move Gronk and Ingram for Starks and Moreno, leaving me with Fred davis as my TE1, would that be too much to give or a good trade for me?

  90. herschel says:

    @Doc: i know its hard to say until more info comes out about his shoulder, but assuming he starts, who do you like this week in ppr leagues?

    felix jones vs wash


    bjge @ buf

  91. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I’d like CJ there and yes.

    @strugz: They’re close, but I think you did well.

    @MattW: Don’t like it for you. Especially in non ppr

    @Jeremy: I’d lean Chargers

    @trick dad: Forte

    @timmy riggins: WR2 and I like both, but I’m leaning Cam

    @Sach: McCluster for short term points, Helu for long term. And no.

    @Denys: McCluster is the only one I want. Jones will get the early downs and McClain will take some from him.

    @timSTi: DT, Stew

    @DDT: I’d drop Benn and Sanders for Decker and Moore and I like Lance more :)

    @rascal: Sid Rice is droppable right now so I would want to upgrade that part before I would think about it. I like Ingram, worried about Moreno.

    @trick dad: I would

    @Lubey: As long as the targets are there I’m going to recommend holding a little longer.

    @timSTi: Moore/Davis

  92. rascal says:


    10 team redraft league and I have RBs of Mendenhall, McFadden, Moreno, Ingram, McGahee, and Stewart. WRs are Holmes, Lloyd, Harvin, Steve Johnson, and Burleson. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, and 2 RB/WR.

    Ingram and Moreno are pissing me off, but I think I should hold them for now. Thoughts on them going forward?

    Also, would you trade Burleson, Holmes, and Stewart for Roddy White and Rice (guy is starting Floyd @ Flex, and he owns DeAngelo)? I offered Harvin in place of Holmes, but I’m thinking he comes back wanting more.

  93. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nico: It’s close. As long as you are in more need for a WR yeah.

    @Joel: Too much

    @herschel: BJGE is so off and on with touches it’s hard to recommend him, but if Jones is on and off the field like last week I’d have to lean BJGE

  94. rascal says:

    Sorry, didn’t see your response. Please ignore/delete my previous post.

    He has Michael Bush, which would be a good handcuff for McFadden.

  95. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: thanks, who do u like more .5ppr:mike williams tb or AJ Green?

  96. Gavin says:

    Lost Charles. 14 team non-PPR. 3rbs 2wrs.

    My Lance Moore for his D. Thomas? Or start one of my other RBs ?

    My other RBs: Gore (starting), Wells (starting), D. Carter, Karim, Spiller, Helu

    My other WRs: Wallace, Harvin, Burleson

  97. Joel says:


    quick followup to #89 above:

    if instead I did Gronk and McGahee for Starks (leaving me with mendy, Starks, Ingram and Tate at RB, and fred davis instead of gronk at TE),would THAT be too much?

  98. principal blackman says:

    Austin Collie or Denarius Moore?

  99. Harley says:

    @Doc: .5 ppr. I need a WR3. Right now I have MSW and Lance Moore for that spot. Mccluster (eligibile at RB and WR) is available. So is Branch and D. Moore. I would be dropping Collie to get 1 of them. I was leaning Mccluster because I feel like he is the safest but also has huge upside. Thoughts?

    Also, I have Aaron Hernandez at TE (who could be out anywhere from 2-6 weeks according to reports). Pick 1 between Pettigrew, Fred Davis, Keller and Chandler. Thanks for your help!

  100. Lubey says:

    Do you think Starks, Tate, and Collie is too much for BMarsh??

  101. Baloney Sandwich says:

    PPR League/10 teams

    *Who should I drop to pickup either Denarius Moore or Eric Decker?

    *Does it benefit me to add one at all??

    Michael Vick
    Mike Wallace
    Jeremy Maclin
    Jordy Nelson
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Peyton Hillis
    Owen Daniels
    Jahvid Best

    Danny Woodhead
    Deion Branch
    Ben Tate
    DeAngelo Williams
    Matt Hasselbeck
    Willis McGahee


  102. STRAWberry says:

    Ryan Fitzpatrick (aka Peter Fitzinner) or Cutler the rest of the way?

  103. Big League Chew says:

    With Romo Questionable at best, who’s my best choice?

    Freeman, Cutler, Hassleback?

    I also lost Charles, so who’s best (I already have Gore and Forte)?

    Thomas, Tate, Helu?

    I’ve Got P. Manning stashed is he worth holding on to?

  104. Megatron Lives says:

    Hey, Doc. Busy board. I know you normally do the Def rankings tomorrow, but the WW gets dry pretty fast. Some nice matchups this week. [email protected], Car vJax, Tenn vDen, Cinn vSF. Can you give me a mini-rank? Thanks!

  105. agarthered says:

    I’ve got

    Benson vs SF
    Bradshaw vs Eagles
    Deangelo/Jstew vs Jags
    Starks vs Green Bay

    what 3 out of those 5 rbs do you start?

    Also have AJ green vs sf or Boldin vs Rams which one?


  106. Doc

    Doc says:

    @agarthered: Tough. I’d lean Bradshaw, Starks, JStew and Boldin

    @Megatron Lives: Yeah, some good ones. It’s between Car and AZ for me. Really close, but I’ll edge toward the home team.

    @STRAWberry: Close. I don’t think either is an every week starter, but I’d lean Fitz just because of his o-line.

    @Baloney Sandwich: I’d hold

    @Lubey: It’s close enough to be determined by your team makeup. If you feel good about your RBs after the trade I’d go for it.

    @Harley: Davis. I’m back and forth on McCluster, but I agree. He’ll get touches which you can’t always rely on for WRs.

    @principal blackman: Moore has better upside.

    @Joel: That would be fair.

    @Gavin: I’d do that quickly.

    @timmy riggins: Williams

  107. Robert says:

    @Doc- Sorry if this has been covered. To replace Jamaal Charles: R. Matthews, F. Jackson, B. Tate, or J. Starks? I am leaning toward Jackson for the long term, but maybe Tate for this week??? Thanks

  108. Colin says:

    Doc ya gotta help me please! I’m torn, I have the number 1 waiver and I need a solid WR3 to compliment Megatron and Nicks.

    Do I pick up, Denarius, McCluster or Decker? Please help!

  109. Colin says:

    Looking at your WR rankings I suppose you would say Moore. Derr.

  110. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    Gates/Garcon/freeman for tate/daniel thomas/aaron hernandez. 1 ppr which side?

  111. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Zona vs. Seattle this week or SF vs. the Bengals?

  112. Mark says:

    I have Stafford, Romo, and Newton in a 12 team 1QB league. Which should I trade and what should I look for in return? Best offer I’ve gotten is Aaron Hernandez for Newton, but I feel that’s not enough value in return. I’m worried about Romos injury and Stafford being prone to go down at any time, but I gotta trade one of these QBs, right?

  113. Justin says:

    I have Chris Johnson, A. Foster,Fred Jack,Stev Jack & Mathews at RB.. Bowe and Steve Smith WR… Owen D. TE QBs Fitz and Schaub..

    Should I trade to get Gronkowski or Trade for elite WR?? If so who? Fred J, Mathews, S. Jack?

  114. swalmy says:

    Who do I start? 2Rb 3 Wr 1flex
    Fred Jackson
    Ryan Matthews
    j. Starks
    l. Mccoy

    roddy white
    b Marshall
    m. Wallace
    lance Moore
    Sydney rice
    d bess
    Philly d ? Or find a good match up?

  115. El Gato says:

    Trade question – 14 team keeper league

    Ryan Matthews/Roy Helu for Peyton Hillis/McCluster?

    Which side for this year and beyond?

  116. Tom C says:

    Drop Reggie Bush for Roy Helu or Delone Carter? I have Ray Rice, Shonn Greene, Beanie, and Mark Ingram

  117. Pav says:

    Wassup Doc!

    Im in a Non PPR league, and no punt return yard points except for TD’s.

    Should I drop JACOBY JONES to pick up NATE WASHINGTON?


  118. blaster says:

    Who would you start in a PPR league this week at the RB spot?

    Blount, Green-Ellis, or McCluster?

  119. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Robert: I agree.

    @Colin: Moore

    @Broadstreetbrawler: Leaning the Tate side as long as the Gates owner has a strong backup.

    @Mr2Bits: Zona

    @Mark: Yeah, I’d trade Romo and I still like him a lot. You’ll get more value for him. And no, AHer wasn’t enough.

    @Justin: I’d see who you can get for SJax

    @swalmy: I’m working on the rankings now. Need a little more time with the matchups.

    @El Gato: Pretty close. I like the upside of the Mathews side more long term though.

    @Tom C: I would hold out to see how DT progresses.

    @Pav: I wouldn’t waste a waiver priority on that move, but would after he clears.

  120. MJD Took A Knee says:

    10Team NonPPR QB/3WR/2RB/TE

    QB: Stafford – Ryan
    WR: AJ – CJ – VJ – Burleson – Meachem
    RB: Forte – Best – Matthews – DeAngelo – Moreno
    TE: Fred Davis – Hernandez

    Not sure I want to drop Hernandez but I need to drop someone for a kicker. I am leaning Moreno to drop? Or Meachem.

  121. pigskinporker says:

    12 team ppr league. Trying to replace Jamaal Charles. $200 FA budget.

    How much would you bid on these players?

    Daniel Thomas
    Roy Helu

    I need to make sure I get one of these two.

  122. Zach says:

    drop pierre thomas for helu or mccluster? Thanks!

  123. JPE says:

    Doc, who would you prefer as a backup plan for Vick: Hasselback, V. Young or Henne? Thanks!

  124. WDE05 says:

    Hey Doc…

    Quick question. 16 team standard non PPR scoring league.

    I have Vick as my QB. I have been offered Kolb, Gore and Finley for Vick, Ingram and Watson.

    The guy offering the deal also has Newton, so I’m considering countering and asking for him instead of Kolb. Big gamble obviously that Cam can keep putting up big numbers, but it would also be a big upgrade at RB and TE.


  125. Nick says:

    @Doc: drop Lee Evans in a 10team for D Moore or Decker? I have MSW & M Thomas already. I’m going to put in a waiver in for Stewart, dropping Helu (just picked up for J Charles). LT & Collie are also on my bench, but there not droppable even in a 10 team right?

  126. Nick says:

    @Doc: Decker gone. Go with Moore over Evans or maybe hold Helu and dump Evans for Stewart if nobody claims him?

  127. Get off my Ditka says:

    @ Doc,

    I’m a charles owner, how much is McCluster worth in FAAB. We have $100 available all year, and i already spent $31 on Cam Newton (i had Josh Freeman as my QB).

    Other RB’s are : Best, Greene, Beanie, Carter, Helu, Spiller
    Other WR’s are: VJAX, Harvin, Lance Moore


  128. exactly says:

    hey doc, got a couple questions for a ppr league:

    1. need a back up for a. hernandez: dickson or e. moore? I’m leaning towards dickson.

    2. my backs are rice, forte, hillis and greene, d. carter, j. harrison…My wrs are s. johnson, m. thomas, amendola, meachem, l. moore, g. little.

    Which of these trades would you offer:
    a. hillis for britt
    b. hillis for b. lloyd and b. tate
    c. hillis for harvin and tolbert
    d. hillis for s. holmes and tolbert
    e. hillis and s. greene for megatron and ingram


  129. Radiohead says:

    Doc, how would you rank WRs who were drafted or are currently owned — guys like Burleson, J. Nelson, Branch, AJ Green and L. Moore — versus waiver wire guys like D. Moore, Decker, D. Nelson, MSW and Washington? Would you drop any of them to pick up one of the waiver wire guys?

  130. Steve Stevenson says:

    Better matchups play alongside Eli: Henne, Hass, Sanchez, Dalton or Campbell?

  131. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Radiohead: I probably wouldn’t. If Hernandez wasn’t hurt I’d probably drop Branch, but his value should stay pretty good. D Moore has more upside than some of those guys, but he’s still unproven.

    @exactly: Dickson, E

    @Get off my Ditka: I’d give up to 10 bucks for him.

    @Nick: Dump Evans for Stew

    @WDE05: See if you can get Cam.

    @JPE: Hass

    @Zach: Tough. I like both, but playing time isn’t a given. I’m getting a better feeling about McCluster than I had earlier. Give him a shot.

    @pigskinporker: I’d go pretty hard for DT. I could see 50 and 25. It’s always hard to know what the other guys are up to of course. If you think that might not get it done I could see going higher.

    @MJD Took A Knee: You need a deeper league so you don’t have to drop these guys! I’d go with Moreno. He’s just looked rotten.

  132. Ogre says:

    I lost Charles. what do you think of mike williams-tb for best? williams is my 3rd wr (start 3)and i only have benson, moreno, and m bush (start 2) at rb. scared of a best injury but dont think i have a choice.

  133. Wilsonian says:

    So I just got an interesting offer, and want some opinions. Here’s my roster in a 0.5 PPR:

    QB – Rivers
    WR – Roddy
    WR – VJax
    WR – Smith CAR
    RB – CJ no K
    RB – Forte
    TE – Finley
    W/R – Starks
    BN – Holmes
    BN – Keller
    BN – DeAngelo
    BN – Ingram
    BN – Helu
    BN – Schaub

    I was just offered Stafford and Owen Daniels for Holmes and Ingram. I don’t really need either, but I’m still slightly intrigued. Do I do this and look for some waiver wire fodder? Guys like L.Moore, Meachem, J.Nelson, MSW, Simpson, D.Nelson, Burleson, JStew, McLuster, Carter are all available.

    What are your (or any commenter’s) thoughts?

  134. paulzone says:

    Decker or MSW?

    0.5 ppr, 10 team league, 3 pt bonus for 100+ yds

  135. paulzone says:

    would you offer vick/bradshaw for the following:

    rice, cj, mccoy, forte, mcfadden

    current squad:
    qbs: vick, stafford, newton
    rbs: gore, bradshaw, starks, greene

    If you see a better offer, let me know. But I do know I need a stud consistent RB1. My RB’s are all RB2 at best.


  136. Ryo1549 says:

    I have a dilemma…I am in a 12 team deeper league with 2 flex spots. I was blessed with Jamaal Charles as my RB1 and Sidney Rice on the bench..yay!

    Here is what my team looks like now:

    QB: Stafford, Ryan, Cutler (yeah 3 qbs, trying to trade stafford not working)
    WR: Vjax, Greg Jennings, Marshall, Collie, S. Rice,
    RB: Helu, Lynch, Karim, K. Hunter (yes this sucks)
    TE: Jermaine Gresham
    FLX: Percy Harvin
    FLX: Ed dickson

    Being a deep league, there isn’t crap for RB on the waiver wire. Best RBs left are Hardesty, Ringer, Murray, Choice.

    1. Should I drop Collie or S. Rice to take a flyer on one of the waiver RBS?

    2. Should I panic and trade one of my WRs for a RB?

    3. Should I ask for less in trade for one of my QBs to get a mid tier RB (Daniel Thomas, Hightower, Law firm etc)

    Thanks for any help.

  137. HotCorner306 says:

    Do you see any reason to start Fitzpatrick over Stafford this week in a 2QB league? Brees is my #1.

  138. Steve Stevenson says:

    L. Moore was just dropped. In a league where we start 2 RB, 2 WR and a Flex, I’m carrying only 3 WR (Wallace, Marshall and Smith-CAR) and most of my bench depth is RB. Would you drop either Spiller or D. Carter (RB 6 and 7) for Moore, or hold them for now and look for trade opportunities later in the season?

  139. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Steve Stevenson: I think I’d hold for now.

    @HotCorner306: No

    @Ryo1549: I’d drop Rice and Lynch for Ringer and Choice and try to trade Ryan for Thomas or Ingram.

    @paulzone: I would for any of them.

    @paulzone: MSW

    @Wilsonian: You don’t need it.

    @Ogre: For sure. If they go for it.

  140. friar says:

    How would you rank the following guys for a flex position the rest of the season?

    Bowe, Bryant, Best, Britt, Tolbert, and Mike Williams (TB)

  141. Ryo1549 says:

    Thanks for your help Doc!

  142. herschel says:

    @Doc: who are you liking for def/st this week?

    dal vs was
    was @ dal
    hou @ no
    ari @ sea
    ten vs den


  143. trick dad says:

    should i trade hightower and jets D for starks, moreno and pats D? my rb depth shallow after losing JC.

  144. ry0324 says:

    Who should I try to get in a 1 PPR League, David Nelson or Dexter McCluster listed as a WR or should I try to get both? $200 budget & i have $196 left.

  145. heluhelu says:

    How would rank these free agents for the ROS in a 1.5ppr: Sproles,Tate,Thomas,Deangelo.

  146. Tex says:

    Great site! 10 team non-ppr league. Should I attempt to trade Tate to the Foster-owner for Fred Jackson? What about Hightower for FJax?

  147. strugz says:

    In a PPR league can you pick two for my bench please? I’m looking for the highest upside later on rather than this week:
    Amendola, Lance Moore, Decker, D. Moore, Nelson

  148. quarterssss says:

    receivers are lance moore, dwayne bowe, mike williams, mike thomas, and sidney rice. should i pick up eric decker and whom should i get rid of. should i start him this week.

  149. quarterssss says:

    it is a ppr league

  150. Doc

    Doc says:

    @quarterssss: I’d drop Rice for him. How many do you start?

    @strugz: Nelson and Amendola

    @Tex: Thanks! @Tex: I’d do either of those.

    @heluhelu: Thomas, Tate, Deangelo, Sproles (tough call there)

    @ry0324: I’d go for both

    @trick dad: I would

    @herschel: Arizona is safest, Dallas is riskier with more upside

  151. quarterssss says:

    i have 3 wrs and w/r. joseph addai is only rb available for that w/r position

  152. quarterssss says:

    also would you start the lion defense or san diego defense this week

  153. busta says:

    Sounds like you were not super high on Simpson earlier – it sounds like he had enough dope to get us all super high now though!

  154. busta says:

    Sounds like you were not super high on Simpson earlier – he had enough dope to get us all super high now though!

  155. Elred says:

    would you trade Roethlisberger for Roddy White straight up. Its a PPR league. We start 2 QBs. I have bradford and Orton.

  156. Sara says:

    Jimmy Graham was just dropped in my league (8 people non-PPR, fairly inexperienced) and I’m planning on dropping Dallas Clark for him. However, I’ve also had my eye on Fred Davis. Any advice either way?

  157. TBone says:

    that’s funny Doc, you said,

    “I’m not super high on Simpson, but he’s sure getting the job done so far.”

    One thing’s for sure – Simpson is definitely super high!!!!

  158. TBone says:

    I forgot to ask you Doc,

    Who do you drop – Collie, Burress, Grant….

  159. Justin says:

    QB- Fitz, Schaub
    RB, C.J,Foster,Stev Jack,Fred Jack,R Mathew, McCLuster
    WR, Bowe, S. Smith-Car,
    TE- Owen D

    Trade Fred Jack, Stev Jack, Fitz for Brees and Mendenhall?

  160. quarters says:

    Ppr league. Three recivers and one flex league. Who do i start. Dwyane bowe.. Mike williams.. Sidney rice. Big game last week. Mike thomas. Lance moore. Big game last week. Joseph addai

  161. Justin says:

    Should I trade B. Marshall & Chris Johnson for Gore?

    Gore would start in my slot.
    My other RBs are Foster and McCoy.

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