These be the Wide Receiver rankings for Week 3, see?

Week 3 Rankings

  1. Andre Johnson (HOU vs. DAL)
  2. Miles Austin (DAL @ HOU)
  3. Randy Moss (NE vs. BUF)
  4. Roddy White (ATL @ NO)
  5. Reggie Wayne (IND @ DEN)
  6. DeSean Jackson (PHI @ JAC)
  7. Calvin Johnson (DET @ MIN)
  8. Greg Jennings (GB @ CHI)
  9. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI vs. OAK)
  10. Brandon Marshall (MIA vs. NYJ)
  11. Santana Moss (WAS @ STL)
  12. Wes Welker (NE vs. BUF)
  13. Anquan Boldin (BAL vs. CLE)
  14. Hakeem Nicks (NYG vs. TEN)
  15. Marques Colston (NO vs. ATL)
  16. Steve Smith (CAR vs. CIN)
  17. Chad Ochocinco (CIN @ CAR)
  18. Mike Sims-Walker (JAC vs. PHI)
  19. Steve Smith (NYG vs. TEN)
  20. Donald Driver (GB @ CHI)
  21. Jeremy Maclin (PHI @ JAC)
  22. Dez Bryant (DAL @ HOU)
  23. Austin Collie (IND @ DEN)
  24. Malcolm Floyd (SD @ SEA)
  25. Terrell Owens (CIN @ CAR)
  26. Percy Harvin (MIN vs. DET)
  27. Johnny Knox (CHI vs. GB)
  28. Hines Ward (PIT @ TB)
  29. Demaryius Thomas (DEN vs. IND)
  30. Mark Clayton (STL vs. WAS)
  31. Mike Williams (TB vs. PIT)
  32. Kevin Walter (HOU vs. DAL)
  33. Eddie Royal (DEN vs. IND)
  34. Dwayne Bowe (KC vs. SF)
  35. Michael Crabtree (SF @ KC)
  36. Louis Murphy (OAK @ ARI)
  37. Devin Hester (CHI vs. GB)
  38. Derrick Mason (BAL vs. CLE)
  39. Jacoby Jones (HOU vs. DAL)
  40. Mike Wallace (PIT @ TB)
  41. Bernard Berrian (MIN vs. DET)
  42. Steve Breaston (ARI vs. OAK)
  43. Lee Evans (BUF @ NE)
  44. Devery Henderson (NO vs. ATL)
  45. Nate Washington (TEN @ NYG)
  46. Robert Meachem (NO vs. ATL)
  47. Mario Manningham (NYG vs. TEN)
  48. Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ @ MIA)
  49. Mike Thomas (JAC vs. PHI)
  50. Roy Williams (DAL @ HOU)
  51. Pierre Garcon (IND @ DEN) (GTD)
  52. Josh Morgan (SF @ KC)
  53. Jabar Gaffney (DEN vs. IND)
  54. Mike Williams (SEA vs. SD)
  55. Greg Camarillo (MIN vs. DET)
  56. Legedu Naanee (SD @ SEA)
  57. Braylon Edwards (NYJ @ MIA)
  58. James Jones (GB @ CHI)
  59. Danny Amendola (STL vs. WAS)
  60. Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK @ ARI)
  61. Mohamed Massaquoi (CLE @ BAL)
  62. Jordan Shipley (CIN @ CAR)
  63. Deon Butler (SEA vs. SD)
  64. Josh Cribbs (CLE @ BAL)

  1. hideousmutants says:

    Here’s what I have now:
    QB: McNabb (w/ Big Ben waiting)
    RB: Turner, SJax, JC, McCoy
    WR: Wayne, Colston, Floyd
    TE: Finley

    Given that lineup, would you do this trade:
    McNabb, Colston, JC
    Schaub, Hester

    Seems like too much to give to get the upgrade from McNabb to Schaub. Problem is he’s got NOTHING else and he’s looking to move Schaub to try and get as much talent as possible. JC is hard to trade right now because he’s number 2. Could also try something simpler.

    McNabb and Turner


  2. Hey Doc! says:

    I think you might not like this trade, but I just offered Romo, Foster, and McFadden for Peyton and Forte. You might like it, but I’m not sure.

    I have Gore, Bradshaw, and Charles at RB and I think I improve at QB quite a bit with Romo’s OL being pretty bad. Plus Gore, Forte, Bradshaw, and Charles at RB with Peyton at QB could be better than Romo, Foster, McFadden, Bradshaw, and Charles.


  3. bartaksu says:

    @hideousmutants: why do you feel the need to upgrade at QB? You’re giving up way too much (you may have a lot now, but injuries are a biotch). If anything, I’d look to swap a RB for a WR, that’s clearly your teams weak point.

  4. Abe says:

    12 team league – how good a player would you package with Jay Cutler in exchange for Rivers/Romo/Schaub? (I was thinking about packaging cutler with maclin or mike tolbert)

  5. Jim Parkey says:

    Malcolm Floyd.

    Not. Getting. Much. Love.


  6. timSTi says:

    12tm .5ppr

    Who to start at my flex this week?


  7. Nicked Up says:


    Are you worried about H. Nicks this week against the TEN pass D as well as emergence of Mannningham again? I have H Ward, Knox, and Bowe to spell him at your word. Please advise.

  8. Beau says:

    Tought matchup call for me this week. I’ve got Andre and Jennings cemented in wr spots, and then have to pick to RB and a flex from the crue of mendenhall, bradshaw, foster, best, JC, and Nicks. Leaning towards mendenhall, bradshaw, and best who have better matcvups. Any thoughts? Playing the matchups too much?

  9. Ian says:

    10 team PPR and return yardage, 3WR + flex league…

    I have Cutler and Vick and they share a bye week. A Flacco owner is offering Crabtree for Vick. I could pick up McNabb for my bye week (he faces Detroit), but I wouldn’t mind holding onto Vick for the upside. Also, Vick has a decent looking playoff sched. compared to Cutler.

    My WRs are Andre, Calvin, Harvin, Royal and Floyd so I don’t necessarily need the WR depth (yet).

    He also has Smith (NYG) and Dez Bryant whom I may be able to get instead of Crabs. What would you do?

  10. Harley says:

    Thoughts on Zach Miller vs. Ari or Tony G. vs. NO? For both this week and the season…

    I was high on Miller coming into year with Campbell, but he didn’t produce, he might be better with Gradkowski but who knows. I don’t think its worth keeping one on my bench.

  11. Commish Cauda says:

    Need some trade help…12-team, 0.5ppr

    My QBs are Favre and Kolb. I picked up Garrard after losing out on Vick in waivers.

    I’ve been offered the following:

    McNabb & Vernon Davis
    Jermichael Finley & Derrick Mason*

    *Could substitute Naanee or Mike Williams (TB) instead of Mason

    While Favre may have a nice match-up this week, I don’t like his long term prospects. And, of course, Kolb is worthless right now.

    (1) Should I make this deal or run with Garrard in the short term and hope Favre or Kolb comes back from the dead?

    (2) If I make the deal, which WR should I send back? Mason, Naanee or Williams?


  12. Derrick says:

    Got an offer today and I need your opinion…

    My team:
    QB – Vick, Palmer
    RB – Best, P. Thomas, MJD, McFadden, Hightower, FJax, Ringor
    WR – AJ, Demaraiyus Thomas, Crabtree, Gaffney and Shipley
    TE – Miller
    Def – TB
    K – who cares

    I was offered Randy Moss for Crabtree, McFadden and Hightower. I am kinda leaning towards doing it. What do you think?

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @hideousmutants: I’d hate to give up JC now. McNabb has shown some game and gets St. Louis. I’d hold off.

    @Hey Doc!: Don’t like it for you. Romo will turn things around TD wise. He’s still up there in yardage and has a couple unlucky bounces on INTs.

    @Abe: I think that would be a good combo for one of them.

    @timSTi: Really tough. Taylor has a nice matchup but you have no clue what Belli will do. I’d lean LT.

    @Nicked Up: I don’t think the pass D is as good as their numbers. Nicks is fully healed (he says at least). And they are at home. I’m still high on him.

    @Beau: Agreed.

    @Ian: I’d try to get more out of Vick. He should have a decent game against Jax and his price could rise.

    @Harley: This is the week I’m giving Miller his lats shot. I do think he’ll be better with Gradkowski in there and they’ll have a week of practice. If he can’t get it done then I’m looking for other options.

    @Commish Cauda: It’s a fair deal and won’t kill you if McNabb slows down. I’d do it and grab Williams since he is the #1.

    @Derrick: Yeah, McFad is the wildcard there, but Moss is a huge upgrade for you.

  14. Commish Cauda says:


    Thanks. Who would you rather have moving forward? Vick or McNabb?

  15. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    @Doc (and anyone with an opinion)

    Made the apparent mistake of drafting Flacco (8th round & my starter) and Kolb (11th/backup) as my QBs in a 10 team league.. With Vick getting snatched pretty quickly, the best FA options are Freeman and Orton.

    Option A: Stick with Flacco
    Option B: attempt to make a trade for either Cutler (backup to Brees) or Eli Manning (backup to Rodgers), and looking at my team, what could you see as a potential offer for one of these guys?
    Option C: pick up Orton or Freeman as a starter, or at least pick up one (and which) to back up Flacco?

    My team as of now (which looks incredibly strong aside from QB:

    QB: Flacco
    RB1: C. Johnson
    RB2: Rice (traded for A.Foster & Naanee)
    WR1: Austin
    WR2: Jennings
    WR3: S. Smith (NYG)
    TE: Finley
    FLEX: Forte (usually)
    DEF: Cincinatti
    K: Who Cares

    Bench: Bradshaw, M. Wallace, M.Williams (TB), Garcon

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Commish Cauda: I think McNabb is safer, but Vick has more upside. I’m leaning Vick.

  17. dingbat says:

    @Commish Cauda: I say definitely make that trade. I don’t see much difference between Finley and Davis, so you’re basically trading a WR2/3 for a possible QB1. I’d send back either Mason or Naanee.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: For this week I’d grab Orton and see what Flacco does against the Browns. If he does well i could see playing matchups with those two. If he craps out I’d look to trade.

  19. Commish Cauda says:

    Thanks again. I ask because I have another deal on the table:

    #1 from before:
    Give: Finley & Mason
    Get: McNabb & Davis

    new #2:
    Give: Garrard, DeSean Jackson & Finley
    Get: Vick, Welker & Winslow

    I give up Finley in both deals. In #1 I get the QB I need but get to keep Jackson. In #2 I get the higher upside QB (Vick…and I do also own Kolb), but take a slight step down from Jackson to Welker.

    FYI…Jackson is my only true stud WR. We start three, and my other WRs are Mason, Naanee, Walter and Mike Williams (TB).

  20. DSimms says:

    Doc got offered santonio holmes and owen daniels for santana moss whaddya think? my TE is zach miller now and santana usually takes flex or a back seat to randy moss and megatron.

  21. BAM says:


    So, in my WR3 slot, I’m down to deciding between Mike Thomas and Joey Galloway. Usually, I wouldn’t even consider a 38 year old Galloway but he had a good week last week and with McNabb having a good matchup again this week, I get the feeling that Galloway may have a game.

    On the flip side, I’m in a return yardage league and Thomas helps there…not to mention he’s getting a good number of targets per game.




  22. TRADE says:

    Do you think this trade looks fair?

    I give DMC/R Mathews/Knox for his MJD/Dez Bryant

  23. nick says:

    @Doc: start DT over Ward this week? I don’t like the # of passes to Ward with Pitt’s QB situation but DT has a touger matchup…which players gonna have the better day!?

  24. Commish Cauda says:

    ***K. Moreno out for Week 3…Buckhalter starting***

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    New post is up on Moreno being out.

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