Should you be reading this triumphantly don’t chill that victory sixer of High Life (O’Doul’s for the young or recovering) just yet. Conversely, if you’re reading this repugnantly don’t remain in the corner apathetically making excuses when the week 4 bell sounds. Injuries pounded a few lineups while other guys have underperformed, which re-sods the IDP fairways in patches. The key is to just keep seeing pitches and attempt to produce quality at-bats each week. OK, that’s my quasi-motivational blurb involving 3 sports (4 if you count drinking) other than American Football. Onto the rankings and a quick accountability check on past some IDP prognostications (baseball references used to salute the former American pastime):

Juuust a Bit Outside:

Aldon Smith (SF –LB/DE) Playing time just isn’t there right now. Mr. Smith currently only sees 3rd and long snaps, which isn’t conducive to doing it well in IDP leagues. He still possesses a ton of talent and is worth monitoring in deep leagues; however, my optimism was chugged right out of the half-full mug I once gleefully gazed upon.

That’s a Homer Simpson Because the Pitcher Just Said “D’oh!”:
70% of the Sleepers Post – 1) For the most part these guys are out-producing their draft position, which is good. 2) My head has swelled so much I just banged it on the molding of my doorway, which is bad. Facetiousness aside, I hope you invested a few bucks in this bunch of defensive football players.


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  1. Lubey says:

    Yo Brodes.
    Whats the deal with Paul Pos? He has been pretty bad so far this season and a guy in my league just dropped him. Is he a bust in JAC or has he just been unlucky so far? I have Hawthorne, Bishop and Barnett. Would you drop any of them for him??

    2 solo, 1 assist, 5 sack/int, 2 force/recover

    BTW-Props for the sleeper article and Morgan Burnett

  2. Brodes

    Brodes says:

    @Lubey: I’d take Pos over Hawthorne. Thanks!

  3. Brodes

    Brodes says:

    NOTE: The filterable rankings are temporarily unavailable. Please bear with us momentarily.

  4. Brodes

    Brodes says:

    @Brodes: We’re cookin’!

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