Week 4 Running Back Rankings for your consideration —

There are many RB injuries, so be sure to check the status of your guys.  I’ll update these as I learn more.

  1. Chris Johnson (TEN vs. DEN)
  2. Arian Foster (HOU @ OAK)
  3. Cedric Benson (CIN @ CLE)
  4. Frank Gore (SF @ ATL)
  5. Michael Turner (ATL vs. SF)
  6. Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC vs. IND)
  7. Darren McFadden (OAK vs. HOU)
  8. DeAngelo Williams (CAR @ NO)
  9. Rashard Mendenhall (PIT vs. BAL)
  10. Ryan Mathews (SD vs. ARI)
  11. LeSean McCoy (PHI vs. WAS)
  12. LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ @ BUF)
  13. Ronnie Brown (MIA vs. NE)
  14. Peyton Hillis (CLE vs. CIN)
  15. Ray Rice (BAL @ PIT)
  16. Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG vs. CHI)
  17. Chris “Beanie” Wells (ARI @ SD)
  18. Justin Forsett (SEA @ STL)
  19. Jahvid Best (DET @ GB)
  20. Jonathan Stewart (CAR @ NO)
  21. Shonn Greene (NYJ @ BUF)
  22. Joseph Addai (IND @ JAC)
  23. Matt Forte (CHI @ NYG)
  24. Laurence Maroney (DEN @ TEN)
  25. Brandon Jackson (GB vs. DET)
  26. Kenneth Darby (STL vs. SEA)
  27. Marshawn Lynch (BUF vs. NYJ)
  28. Ryan Torain (WAS @ PHI)
  29. C.J. Spiller (BUF vs. NYJ)
  30. Clinton Portis (WAS @ PHI)
  31. BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE @ MIA)
  32. John Kuhn (GB vs. DET)
  33. Ricky Williams (MIA vs. NE)
  34. Ladell Betts (NO vs. CAR)
  35. Mike Tolbert (SD vs. ARI)
  36. Jason Snelling (ATL vs. SF)
  37. Correll Buckhalter (DEN @ TEN)
  38. Willis McGahee (BAL @ PIT)
  39. Maurice Morris (DET @ GB)
  40. Christopher Ivory (NO vs. CAR)
  41. Tim Hightower (ARI @ SD)
  42. Mike Hart (IND @ JAC)
  43. Darren Sproles (SD vs. ARI)
  44. Michael Bush (OAK vs. HOU)
  45. Bernard Scott (CIN @ CLE)
  46. Brandon Jacobs (NYG vs. CHI)
  47. Mike Goodson (CAR @ NO)
  48. Rashad Jennings (JAC vs. IND)
  49. Javon Ringer (TEN vs. DEN)
  50. Le’Ron McClain (BAL @ PIT)
  51. Sammy Morris (NE @ MIA)

  1. Abe says:

    How low are you on Best? I’m pretty worried because it’s a nagging injury and he makes such sharp cuts. Right now I’m trying to trade him for Brandon Marshall but would you trade him for even less (Nicks, Steve smith, etc.)?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Abe: I wouldn’t go that low.

  3. MikeD says:

    Howdy, I need RB help and Im trying to trade for Beanie. Would u give up Jennings for him? My other WRs are RandyMoss, Knox, both MikeWilliams’. Other RBs are Shonn, Jahvid, BJGE, Spliller, Fred Taylor and Jackson

  4. frolfer says:

    I currently have one two many players on my team. Need to drop one so I can grab a kicker, but I cannot decide who to let go. As you can see my RB’s are really banged up this week.

    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R, 1 W/T

    Ray Rice
    Jahvid Best
    Knoshon Moreno
    Marshawn Lynch
    Laurence Maroney
    Shonn Green
    Ricky Williams

    Zach Miller
    Owen Daniels

    Calvin Johnson
    Hakeem Nicks
    Louis Murphy
    Michael Crabtree
    Dez Bryant

  5. 2Legit says:


    Schmidt suggested I start DMC and Forte between these RBs for non ppr

    DMC, Forte, Mathews, and Hillis

    But you have both Mathews and Hillis ahead of Forte?

    Can you please advise why? Should I go with DMC and Mathews then??

  6. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Is Cadillac worth a waiver claim? Or should I put in a claim on Donald Brown?

    I’d have to drop either Kuhn or Ivory. Thanks

    12 team .5ppr

  7. Joel says:

    Doc: BIG PROBLEMS. Now SJax is saying he may have to sit out. My RBs are Sjax, Best, Bradshaw and barber. I only have on additional roster spot, and both Darby and Torain are on the wire. i want Torain for the future. Would i be crazy to start Torain over Darby if SJax is out?

  8. Doc, buddy.

    Do you think Vick will put up Schaub numbers this year? i can trade Schuab n’ Ward for Vick n’ Matt Ryan. Thinkin of using Ryan as trade bate for a top receiver.

    its a 2 quarter back league..i have brady< hasselbeck n" Bradford already.


  9. Art Vandelay says:

    You’d start Torain over Best this week?

    Also, what do you think about Sanchez vs. Smith going forward (multiple QB league)? Tomato to-blah-to? Or do you think Dirty Sanchez has a chance to be significantly better?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MikeD: Tough call. With those RBs I could see doing it.

    @frolfer: I’d probably drop OD.

    @2Legit: I worry about the Bears run blocking. In PPR I’d move him up, but I like Mathews and DMC more in non ppr.

    @timSTi: I’d probably drop Ivory for Brown as long as you don’t own PT.

    @Joel: Yeah, that’s tough. I’d probably start Darby if SJax is out.

    @Uncle MOwglie: I like Schaub more. Your plan looks contingent on too many things. I’d go straight after who you want.

    @Art Vandelay: Best hasn’t practiced this week. I worry that if he does play, he’ll leave te game and leave you with zilch. So unless we hear differently I’d play any warm body over him.

    I’d lean Sanchez. Has more upside.

  11. dingbat says:

    Got to start two at flex:

    Kevin Walter (@OAK)
    Brandon Jackson (vs. DET)
    Jahvid Best (@GB)
    Michael Crabtree (@ATL)
    Marshawn Lynch (vs. NYJ)

    I’ve got Walter and Jackson penciled in right now, but I’m looking at Lynch as well.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dingbat: I’d probably go with your first thought there.

  13. Don Tom says:

    I’m a Turner and Snelling owner, should I drop Snelling for someone like Torain, Blount, McCluster, Kuhn. None of these guys I would be starting, really just sitting on them for value I suppose. What do you think Doc?

  14. ASAOK says:

    Team is doing bad, so definitely need this week. Would you drop D. Mason or J. Harrison for Henne? Right now Flacco is my only qb going this week

  15. Angelo Brown says:

    Would you trade Jamaal Charles, Michael Vick (which I dont need due to the fact that I have Tom Brady) , and BenJarvus Green-Ellis for Ray Rice and CJ Spiller?

  16. Joel says:

    OK. Darby it is. I have one follow up Q. wrs are Austin, welker, maclin and ward. Rbs Best (ugh) SJax (ugh), Bradshaw,Barber, Torain and Darby. Q: would you trade maclin for Hillis? what do you think of Hillis? would you trade welker for him?

  17. Shonn Greene or Ryan Matthews

    What side would you be on for a trade?

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Don Tom: I’d stick with Snelling.

    @ASAOK: I would drop Mason for him.

    @Angelo Brown: Yes

    @Joel: I wouldn’t trade either for him.

  19. Doc, trade just changed, Beanie and Tolbert for Matthews and Harrison…still taking Matthews?

  20. Angelo Brown says:

    Thanks Doc for your advice. I appreciate it

  21. Mo says:

    You rock, Doc. Always good advice.

    Which two of these three for WR3 and flex?
    Mike Wallace, Lance Moore, Maroney, Hightower

    Many thanks, my fantasy football friend.

  22. Mo says:

    One more question, Doc. I was just offered this trade:
    He sends MJD and Sims-Walker for Roddy White and Hightower

    I have Chris Johnson and Hillis as my starting RB with pretty much nothing else (Cadillac Williams, Maroney).
    WR are Miles Austin, Wallace, Lance Moore, Santana Moss.

    PPR League.

    What do you think?

  23. D Gross says:

    Which of the 3 RBs do you start?
    McFadden, Ray Rice, Matt Forte, Ahmad Bradshaw, Lesean Mccoy?

  24. KCC26 says:

    I can guess what your answer will be based on your rankings, but I’m trying to decided on 2 of Green-Ellis, Torain, Ivory, and Sproles to start this week (one replacing Charles on bye, one flex). League counts return yards (though only 1 point per 50 yards). They’re ranked higher, but arent Torain/Ivory at far greater risk of doing nothing than Green-Ellis/Sproles. I need to win this week! haha. Thanks!

  25. Thanks Doc. I want Bolden.

    in other news..i’ve had D’Angello sittin on the bench all year. I have foster startin this week and i’m a lil weary in throwin d’angello in for MCCOy, or S.Jackson (if he plays).

    Whats your thought process for having D’angello ranked so hi this week? Should i feel confident starting him?

  26. dingbat says:

    @Doc: Even though you’ve got Lynch ranked higher than Jackson?

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bigwormsherm: Yeah

    @Angelo Brown: No problem

    @Mo: Moore and Maroney

    @Mo: I’d go for it.

    @D Gross: McCoy, McFadden, Rice (looks like he’s ok)

    @KCC26: They are less risky.

    @Uncle MOwglie: Love his matchup.

    @dingbat: I like Lynch to get more carries, but BJax has more upside.

  28. StillClueless says:

    Flex Spot – start Brandon Jackson or Darby?

  29. Mo says:

    Thanks, Doc. I’ll pony up for a whiskey.

  30. 24hourjack says:

    my RB situation overall is kinda’ pathetic….my options for RB2 this wk are Hightower and McGahee….

    assuming Ray Rice starts,who would you go with,Hightower or McGahee?

  31. DannyBoy says:

    Hi, I have two situations that I think you can provide guidance on.

    Team 1: I have Ray Rice but my other options are pretty thin. I have McCoy whom I am starting but the other choices are Darby, Moreno (who’s hurt), Maroney, Lynch, Khun, and Greene. If Jackson doesn’t play I’ll throw Darby in there – that’s why I picked him up.

    Would you start Maroney, Greene, Khun over Rice? LT2 seems to be gaining traction every week.

    Team 2: stronger team at the moment. However I need to pick a WR and a RB/WR/TE flex spot. I am starting Desean Jackson, however I have Malcom Floyd, Calvin Johnson, Hines Ward, LT, and Chris Cooley.

    I am thinking of sitting CJ against GB – they will triple team the poor guy even with Best starting. I am thinking I’d put Floyd in the WR2 (I have Philip Rivers as QB which is also nice!). And in the flex starting LT.

    Also, I am starting Aaron Hernandez over Cooley this week – I know McNabb will come with a vengeance but Philly is a great pass D. And Miami is awful against TEs this year. What do you think?

  32. should i trade my McCoy and Hasselbeck for LT and Bolden? non ppr.

    thanks Doc.

  33. p.s.
    this league starts 3 wrs.

  34. cards4ever says:

    Standard league – 6 players- week 4

    Should I start Benson and McFadden (or) Benson and Mendenhall
    Also Jennings, MEgatron, Nicks or Jennings, MEgatron, Clayton

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @24hourjack: Hightower

    @DannyBoy: I like Greene. I can get behind that. I agree. Really like Hernandez this week.

    @Uncle MOwglie: I like McCoy too much.

    @cards4ever: Leaning McFadden/Nicks

  36. don says:

    mcfadden and ben jarvus green ellis over ray rice and jahvid best this week….. i also have a flex play and im startin clayton

  37. Dirtdog says:

    PPR – Hightower, Spiller or Portis

  38. Sunny says:

    I’m being offered Big Ben and Aaron Hernandez for Chris Cooley and LT. Should I take it? I already have McNabb and Farve. My running backs as of now are Best, LT, Kuhn, and Snelling

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